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‘Work, Your Way’ is a good book if you are thinking in becoming a consultant or work as a freelance, or even if you are already doing those jobs and are interested in a different point of view. I have found good pieces of advice. It is a well-written and motivating reference with practical suggestions. In my view it was like talking with an expert mentor. Additionally, other consultants provided their diverse way of tackling the day to day issues, so there are a certain variety of professional outlooks. 

What I liked the most is the 'human' approach that she proposes: prioritize work with the client without neglecting our own health or our objectives, highlighting the need to find time to recharge our batteries, focus on improving professionally and studying if necessary, how to set up projects including budgets, meetings, ...

Thank you to Lisa Hufford, HarperCollins Leadership and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Si estás valorando trabajar como consultor y por cuenta propia, o ya estás en este mundo y quieres conocer otros puntos de vista, “Work, Your Way” es un referente con buenos consejos prácticos en los que se presentan diferentes aspectos a tener en consideración. No es una guía exhaustiva, y la lectura es bastante amena y motivadora. Encuentro que este texto es más bien una extensa conversación con una experta mentora que recoge sus sugerencias y opiniones. Además aporta la visión de otros consultores cercanos a ella, de modo que hay cierta variedad de enfoques profesionales. 
Lo que más me ha gustado es el planteamiento ‘humano’ que propone: priorizar el trabajo con el cliente sin descuidar nuestra propia salud ni nuestros objetivos, resaltando la necesidad de encontrar momentos para recargar las pilas, enfocarse en mejorar profesionalmente y estudiar si es necesario, como plantear los proyectos incluyendo presupuestos, reuniones, ...

Mis agradecimientos a Lisa Hufford, HarperCollins Leadership y NetGalley por la copia facilitada para realizar esta honesta reseña.
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A lot of business people turn their mind to being a consultant or setting up their own business at some point in their career. This book explains the future of work, personal branding and the freedom and flexibility that someone can introduce into their career by undertaking consulting. The book has action steps and strategies and examples, written in a chatty / conversational style. If you like business books that are chatty, and if you're interested in carving out your own path in business, this book is for you. The author talks about wanting to climb the career ladder, but wanting work /life balance, and how she went about making that happen for her.

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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