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Driving Stevie Fracasso

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Everyone is writing a book these days. Freelance journalism is dead and there's hundreds of great writers out there blogging to scratch a living and they're all writing books. Barry Divola used to write for Rolling Stone and now he has a book.

It's funny! It's touching and sad. It's very Nick Hornby or John Birmingham. It's a little autobiographical. It's nostalgic, maybe retro.

Rick McKellen is fired from his freelance job, broken up with & made homeless the same day. An editor of a new magazine catches wind and enlists Rick to write a story about his older brother Stevie Fracasso, ex rock & roll cult band singer and known recluse with a fear of flying. So begins Rick's Ultimate Road Trip from New York to Austin TX and back in September 2001 in his exgirlfriends stolen 1985 Nissan Stanza.
Not that any of this happens until the 30% mark. You have to hear about Rick's disastrous dating history first.

Perfect for people my Dad's age, who think no good music has been released since 1980 and were alive for the Golden Age of music, or rock n roll or vinyl. Nerdy as heck. But funny
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