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4 stars

i was totally shocked at the IVF story as i had no clue about it. 
It is a story about a couple who shared their journey with us through graphic illustrations.

I must say that the story line is very amusing and entertaining to learn!
Thank you so much for this beautiful arc, it is very innovative for me!
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DNF. The story was relatable for the many who have struggled with infertility. Unfortunately, the layout was cumbersome and hard to read.
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I missed out on this on Netgalley but sought it out on my own because I really wanted to read it. As someone with extensive first-hand experience with trying to conceive myself, I thought this was incredibly realistic. They didn't shy away from tough topics, difficult thoughts, hard talks, or all the challenging feelings that come along with trying to get pregnant and struggling. Although this might seem discouraging to someone just beginning IVF, I think it's good to get a realistic sense of what to expect and to know what may go wrong along the way, so that there are fewer shocking surprises and disappointments. I bought another copy and gave it to a friend of mine, and she was surprised by it but ultimately appreciate the glance into this experience.
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An interesting graphic novel detailing the trials and tribulations faced by a couple going through IVF. It was an eye-opening account of the same that's strips away the clinical conversation around it and centers human emotions at its core. Recommended.
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This graphic novel, written by Kelly & Luke Jackson and illustrated by Mara Wild, is the kind of heart-warming tale that we could all do with in times such as these (for anyone reading this many years hence, I read this book during the Covid 19 Pandemic).

"Two-Week Wait" tackles the tale of Joanne and Conrad, a couple who, unable to conceive a child through the most common of methods, resort to the medical marvel that is IVF.

For a layperson such as yours truly, who has the most basic of knowledge in biology, the novel makes the concept of IVF accessible, thus overcoming the first hurdle such undertakings have to begin with - the explanation of the concept.

Where it shines, however, is the story of the protagonists. The repartee between them is often witty, and the more sombre moments are handled rather delicately. The Jacksons make the ordeal of their protagonists real through the deft writing, aided by Wild's marvellous illustrations, which are quirky and detailed in equal measure.

The colours Wild uses make for a sober experience as one clicks through the pages, far detached from the usual bevy of shades the format is known for.

It'll leave you with a wide smile, this one.
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This graphic novel did a great job of exploring the emotions and stress that occur throughout the not at all straightforward process of in vitro fertilization.   The coloring was great - the muted pinks and blues were symbolic of both the focus on pregnancy and the emotional palate of the story.  the characters experienced a lot of shame, sadness, anger, and embarrassment on their journey and the art and writing were very clear eyed and empathic.  A great story to help understand the real impact that trying to have kids can have on people.
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'Two-Week Wait: an IVF story' by Luke C. Jackson and Kelly Jackson with illustration by Mara Wild is a graphic novel about a serious topic that affects 1 in 50 couples.

Conrad and Joanne meet at university and think they have plenty of time to get pregnant and have a child, until they try and realize there are difficulties.  Then begins a difficult and costly journey.  As they see others around them getting pregnant with ease, the self-doubt and negative feelings set in.

This is a fictionalized story, but has the ring of truth.  The struggle this couple feels is real, and perhaps knowing that others feel the same would be helpful for friends and family struggling with the same thing.  I like the art.  It's got a subtle and subdued color palette that goes with the serious nature of the story.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Scribe UK and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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This graphic novel did a great job capturing the message, I felt the struggles people get through in real-life, and although I couldn’t relate I felt empathetic and saw this topic in a whole different perspective.

The artwork, color scheme and dialogue come together perfectly. When reading I felt like I was watching this situation happen.

This had it all, it was a mix of emotions plus informative. I recommend it even if you are not going through the struggle of conceiving.
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I received this book as ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

I loved the colors of this graphic novel, I think the simple trait convey all the emotions of the journey the 2 main characters have to do.
Delicate, struggling and a bit bittersweet for all the people that tried, are trying and will try to have children in this difficult way, I think it' s  a mirror for many people.
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Sweet, heartbreaking, hopeful, and an overall touching read. Drawn well and written perfectly. So glad I came across it.
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Hello, Hi, I hope we are all doing well!

It’s been a busy June and I have been reading a ton of good books this month (at least so far we still have half the month to go)! Earlier this month I was wanting to pick up a graphic novel and was going to be spending some time in the car waiting outside of the vet’s office while one of my cat’s was at a check up. So I decided to look through my Netgalley shelf to see what I had going on! When looking through my shelf, I saw that I had this graphic novel waiting for me and I decided I would give it a read while I was waiting!


Conrad and Joanne are happily married, working pretty good jobs, and just generally enjoying their lives but one day they start to think about having a baby! They both think that this could be an exciting time for their lives and their family however, things are not coming as easy as both Conrad and Joanne thought and after a year they visit a doctor to get some help. This begins an incredibly long journey for both Conrad and Joanne as they continue to try to have a baby and the family they are dreaming of.

I honestly really enjoyed Conrad and Joanne’s story, I feel like it’s not what I would typically read but I really enjoyed reading about their journey and appreciate that it was shared. When I first started this graphic novel I thought this was going to be a very happy tale of starting a family but I feel like it shows the very real struggles of what starting a family can be like for many people. The Two Week Wait will definitely hold a special place in my reader heart and maybe someday my shelves!

Goodreads Rating: 5 Stars
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This was clearly a very personal story and I'm so glad I read it.  There are many couples, and individuals, that are wanting to get pregnant, but are struggling.  Luck and Kelly provide their personal experience that I think many in that situation could identify with.  This is a book to read if you are struggling to get pregnant or what a slice of life graphic novel/non-fiction.  I think this is an important topic that needs to be talked about more.  At one point I had thought about having kids, and one of my many worries was not being able to get pregnant.  I felt alone in this worry and felt like I couldn't talk about it to anyone.  If I had been able to read this book then, I believe I would have felt less alone. 

The art work was soothing considering the topic, and I think was a good choice.  The characters were expressive and the colour tones helped deliver the feelings of the topic.

have a hard time rating memoirs and non-fictions, but I did decide to give this a 3.  The story was well done, but is meant for a very niche audience.  As a graphic novel, the art style was nice and helped convey the message, but I wasn't blown away by it.
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This is my first time reading something with a topic like this one has and it was a really interesting read! It's unique and it talks about something that is rarely talked about so it's nice.
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This is a detailed and realistic account of the process a couple goes through while trying to conceive. I found it very informative, and at the same time it had a good balance of personal details about the couple. 

It did become uncomfortable for me to read for personal reasons, so I couldn't finish it, but I think that it's a really necessary read, and that others will benefit highly from what this book has to offer.

I'd recommend it to anyone remotely interested in having children, and also for people who are surrounded by people who have / are trying to have children.
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It was entertaining, it's something you can read in a while, the illustrations are very beautiful, I loved it in general.
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I've been given an arc through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

This was an emotional read, I shed a tear at the end. It felt very real and raw. Even though I am no way near being in that time of my life, I could feel the frustration, anger, sadness and disappointment as if they were my own emotions.

As for the general art style, I enjoyed it. The minimalistic choice with only a couple of colours and the watercolour aspect are original. It helps carry the tone of the story in a way.

Thank you Scribe UK for trusting my opinion!
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My Rating: 3.5 stars

This graphic novel follows Joanne and Conrad on their IVF (in vitro fertilization) journey.  After fifteen years of marriage, they are finally ready to expand their little family of two. A year later, Joanne is turning 35 and is still not pregnant. So, they decide to try IVF. 

What I loved:
First, Joanne and Conrad’s story is the story of so many couples struggling to get pregnant. Since we are not given too many specific details about their lives, it becomes easier for the general majority to identify with the characters. Additionally, I am glad that it touched on the shame and taboo that both men and women experience. Men can often feel emasculated. Meanwhile, women are often burdened by societal expectations to want and have children. This pressure is both external (from others) and internal (ourselves). Finally, I love that it shows how taxing and emotional the journey can be. The high levels of stress that may result from failed IVF cycles can test your marriage and make you question your role within it. You may feel broken and even start to wonder if you are failing your partner. This story reminds couples that they are not alone and will get through it.

Why it’s not for me:
I didn’t learn anything new about IVF from reading this. I have friends who have undergone IVF, so I am already familiar with the process and emotional toll it takes. At 160 pages this is not a deep dive into IVF. That’s okay; it just means that I am not the intended audience.

Who I recommend this to:
I think this is great for couples who are going through IVF or are considering it. Joanne and Conrad’s story demonstrates the effects that going through IVF can have on your marriage, career, finances, lifestyle, mental health, and other relationships. It is also great for anyone unfamiliar with the topic who knows someone going through IVF and would like more information or needs help being more empathetic.

Happy reading!

Thank you to Netgalley and Scribe Publications for providing me with a copy of this graphic novel in exchange for my honest review.
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Two-Week Wait is a personal journey of a couple that has difficulty conceiving and begins their journey of IVF treatments.
One of the things I liked the most about this story, is all of the information that was provided during doctor's visits. From statistics, to how procedures are done.
The exploration of all the different conditions and factors that play a part in fertility.

I myself have PCOS, which effects 6%-12% of women in the US. I was diagnosed when I was 15 and have spent half of my life wondering how/if it will effect my ability to have children.
A topics that is considered so taboo when such a large part of women and couples in the world relate to the topics.

There's a great divide of sex between couples and conceiving a child considered private, but awareness of not being alone, is so important. Feeling support during moments that can make you feel so terrible. This graphic novel and the story it tells is so important. 
Thank you for sharing this difficult journey for others to understand and relate to.

**Thank you to Scribe UK and NetGallery for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **
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Wow. This was a very difficult book for me to a good way. They could have done the story in a far more shallow, lighthearted way, but they hit all the emotional notes and tugged at all the heart strings. Well done, authors, for writing such a brave and powerful story about IVF and pregnancy. Hope to see more collabrations in the future.
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I quite like this book because of how informative and accurate it is. I think it would be a great graphic novel to read for people who are dealing with infertility, people interested in learning more about IVF or people currently going through it. The story felt very real and personal, which I also really liked. It was clear that the two authors were speaking from their own experience. The only negative thing that I would have to say about this book is that the art style was a little messy at times and the layout of the text was sometimes hard to follow, hindering the fluidity of the reading experience.
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