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Breaking Out

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So many good things in this book, where to start? It’s a sweet, slow-burn romance with hockey! It has lots of diversity, bi-rep, fun family antics (and not so fun family stuff too), depth, heart, and a lovely storyline that weaves through the everyday lives of everyday people with their flaws and strengths. The sports aspect doesn’t overpower the main romance, but is a vital part of the story and provides action and excitement.

I loved the two mains, first I fell for KJ, with her prickly outside and heart of gold inside, but Adrienne really shone throughout the story. She has an empathic, forgiving soul but also takes no bullshit from KJ or anyone else. I love how she shows that her son is extremely important to her without losing her self-identity. 

They start out with some tension between them, but that changes into respect and friendship and finally something more than friendship. Adrienne and KJ don’t have a super hot sparks-and-panties-flying romance, their love evolves slowly and naturally. They both have history and issues to deal with, and the storyline addresses them in a sensitive and thoughtful manner.

They get together soon enough in the story that we see them together as a couple for a while, with tons of wonderful vignettes of family life. None of the characters are perfect, and even the supporting cast is interesting and well-fleshed out.

A wonderful read that ends on a sweet, happy note and left me smiling.

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