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I loved this book!  It teacher the art of love, compassion, trust and friendship.  I loved the story that Warren and Angie weave.  

I do wish there was an epilogue to complete their story…  unless there is another book coming!
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My goodness what a book. Moments like this got me in all my feels. 
It started off a little slow. I almost didn't expect to like this book at all but the more i read. The more i fell in love like our main characters and heck every character in this book that were so beautifully written that they almost feel real. 
Thank you Netgalley for this amazing book and the authors amazing job i loved reading this and cannot wait to read more from them. 
I'd recommend this book to the hopeless romantics out there.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publishers, and the author for giving me the opportunity to review this book. This book was a quick read for me that I really enjoyed. The descriptions of the island was what had me hooked. There was friendship, lies uncovered, and a beautiful location. Everything I want in a book!
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Netgalley shelf app is the worst! I would have loved to review this book but it isn't available in a format I can read on ANY of my devices

The star rating does not reflect the book because I was not able to read it
but I have to give stars to close this page
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I tried getting into this book but it wouldn't hold my attention to many descriptions of Hawaii. DNF

*******************I received an ARC for my honest opinion from Net Galley.******************************
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Ahhhh! I absolutely loved this book. Besides the fact that it’s co-written by one of my favorite actors, it’s honestly just a really great book! A very sweet romantic story that’s the start of a new series set in Hawaii. This book takes place in Oahu and the authors do a wonderful job making you feel like you are there. I loved this book and I can’t wait for more. Thank you Rosewind Books for providing arc in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was just not for me. I was really looking forward to it because it's set in Hawaii and since we're in a pandemic and unable to travel, it's great to be able to read about new places/traveling/exploring, etc.

The story was just messy and all over the place. The book is separated in three parts with part one and three narrated by Andie and the second part narrated by Warren. I was kind disoriented when the second part started at over 60% of the book and at that point the story felt repetitive but also disconnected (like you could tell someone else wrote it since the writing felt inconsistent). 

The book was pretty good throughout part one even though I couldn't really connect to Andie or any of the other characters. It really felt like the authors were building various characters in the same setting so they could later on write books on those characters. A lot of events taking place after part two seemed to not have a purpose (like when someone in Andie's family gets sick) and I really struggled to finish since the book didn't feel realistic anymore. The ending was also overly cheesy for my taste.
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In a year-plus of limited ability to travel, how often did you wish you were on a beautiful beach and even better yet one in an exotic tropical distant locale like Hawaii?  While it still may not be possible for many to go physically, with the recent book release of MOMENTS LIKE THIS ~From Kona with Love ~ by Kristoffer Polaha and Christine Brae aka Anna Gomez, the authors effortlessly transport the reader to the waves and sand of the island of O’ahu.  Vicariously through their characters of Andie and Warren, one gets a glimpse behind the scenes of the workings of a coffee plantation learning how everyone’s favorite morning beverage goes from berry to bean to cup.  But the best part is tagging along on their weekly Friday sightseeing Moments Tour highlighting the best the island has to offer — from running rocks to body surfing, from sunset beach luau dinners to shave ice afternoons — a tangible escape is created full of adventures and romance.  Just as Maui has its famous Road to Hana, so Polaha and Gomez have created a Moments Tour for Oahu.  The emotional whirlwind that sweeps the couple off their feet is threatened though by each of their pasts, deals made, family secrets, and relationship baggage coming to light and exposing their brokenness.  But if any place can use its enchanting magic, healing spirit, and sweepingly majestic setting to save a once-in-a-lifetime love and to profoundly heal their souls it is the sublime awe inspiring islands of Hawaii.

Polaha and Gomez have also added special and unique touches to their co-authored debut.  They have worked in tandem with their design team to create cover and spine art that will go hand in hand with each additional book published in the series to formulate a surprise visual upon completion.  Spoiler alert—there’s going to be 4 more books — so readers can sigh a sigh of relief knowing that they will not only get to follow Andie and Warren’s story but also Andie’s ‘Hawaii family and friends’ paths.  It is also predicted or foreseen that the series will be adapted to Hallmark movies based on Gomez’s hopes of her books becoming films as well as Polaha’s storied Hallmark and screen acting background.  (Hallmarkies can insert excited jumps and anticipatory delighted celebrations here).  Knowing this it only made it easier to envision Kris and one of his previous female costars and friends Jill Wagner or Nikki DeLoach as Andie and Warren.  Plus centering the series around all the various characters in the book, each taking turns with roles in the spotlight depending on the book, is reminiscent of the beloved Evergreen Hallmark series during Christmas.

If a reader wants to be swept away to Honolulu, surrounding themselves in island breezes in a place which lends to centering oneself in the present while appreciating every surreal moment — especially during a tough year like this when there may be a need to escape a heavy reality  — look no further than this new feel-good bestseller MOMENTS LIKE THIS ~From Kona with Love~.
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This is a well written novel with several interesting main characters and a setting in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. The authors describe Hawaii so well that it is an integral part of the story. Along with the beautiful setting there is friendship and romance and a story that will keep you interested until the end.

Andie has given up her life for her job. She works long hours and never has time or energy to spend with her friends. Even her boyfriend leaves her once he realizes that her job is the most important part of her life. But Andie has an end goal in sight - after all of her hard work, she knows that she will be made a partner in the firm. She is devastated when she finds out that the job she had been working towards for so long was being given to the man that she had been mentoring and who had less skills but better connections. While Andie is trying to figure out what to do with her life, her best friend asks her to come to Hawaii from her home in Chicago to manage her coffee shop while her friend is in Europe. She jumps at the chance, takes a leave from her job, throws a few things in her suitcase and flies to Hawaii. When she gets to the coffee shop, she realizes that it needs a complete makeover to be successful and she starts to work toward that goal. On Christmas Eve, she meets Warren and there is an immediate attraction. They both are keeping secrets from each other and decide that they will spend time together without asking questions. Warren takes her to beautiful places on the Islands to learn more about the history as well as places off the tourist path. Their attraction to each other is very strong but when Andie finds out what Warren has been hiding - it severely threatens their relationship. What will she decide to do with the rest of her life?

This is Book 1 in a new series set in Hawaii. I enjoyed this book - especially the lovely descriptions of various areas in Hawaii and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

Thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book to read and review. All opinions are my own.
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Moments Like this is the first book in the From Kona with Love series. Anna Gomez with Kristopher Polaha writes a beautiful story of self-love and a spiritual journey in Hawaii. We start our story with Andrea “Andie” Matthews in the hospital after fainting in her boardroom when she finds out she’s been overlooked for a promotion that she worked all year for. When her friend Api needs Andie to take over her café while she is way, Andie takes this chance to take a well deserved break from a stressful life in Chicago and goes to Hawaii. With help from people she meets there, she revives the café and the coffee plantation. This is when she also meets Warren Yates, who takes her on mini adventures throughout the island and creates little moments for her to remember him and the beautiful island.

A bit of romance, a bit of self-care, a bit of family, and a bit of a travel log of sorts, this book was a joy to read. Gomez and Polaha’s writing is seamlessly woven together and the beautiful imagery of Hawaii truly brings it to life. Having not travelled to Hawaii I thoroughly enjoyed envisioning myself exploring the caves and beaches one day. This book was definitely something that will bring Hawaii to you. The budding romance between Warren and Andie was swoon worthy and heart breaking. It was a fun read, and something I would recommend if you’re looking for a romance and a bit of adventure this is definitely a book for you.
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This story was co-authored by Anna Gomez and Kristoffer Polaha and features a budding relationship between Andie and Warren.  Andie visits Hawaii to escape from the stress of her life in Chicago and meets Warren who also seems to be conflicted with his current life choices. When they meet, it’s evident that they like each other but are also holding on to secrets that have the power to make or break their friendship. 

I was transported to the beautiful setting of Hawaii with its lush scenery, gorgeous beaches and delicious coffee.  I enjoyed reading about Andi’s journey from being a workaholic to finding a more harmonious work/life balance, building friendships with the staff at the coffee shop and using her business acumen to transform the coffee plantation. 

The story itself is a bit of a slow burn but is ultimately one about facing challenges, taking chances and allowing yourself the freedom to learn and grow. At its heart is the importance of family and friends and finding love when you least expect it.
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This is my first time reading these two authors and it was a really great basic romance novel. I wasn't sure what to expect while reading but it really surprised me. Andie and Warren's story is about two complicated people who are trying to figure out what and where they're going to take the rest of their lives. I loved their adventures, them learning about themselves and slowing down their normally fast paced lives. I thought the writing was great and it was an easy story to follow along. However, I thought the story and build up was very slow moving. It was a fast and easy read but the story felt like it was dragging on most parts. Overall, I really did enjoy this book. It was definitely a different pace than I'm usually used to and more tame but it was a really great read that kept my attention and kept me wanting to continue to read.


I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review!
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The vacation I have been needing with romance, inspiration, and healing. I have been inspired to do my own Moment Tours and experience life and life outside my comfort zone. 
Thank you both so much! 
Side Note: I love Baze too (wink)!
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I received an ARC from Rosewind Books through NetGalley for an honest review.  Andrea “Andie” Matthews chose her career over love and thought she had made the right decision.  She became ill and then lost her job and basically lost her way.  
Her friend had inherited a coffee shop in Hawaii and asked her to come run it while she was away.  Andie finally agree to go, and she soon was making a big difference at the coffee shop. Warren Yates comes into the coffee shop on Christmas Eve, and they become friends.  Warren takes her on the Moments Tour, so she can see the island differently and these tours were amazing.  They weren't just seeing the places they were experiencing  the body surfing the running of the rocks, the things that the island offered besides its beauty.  
The author did an amazing job writing this book, because the spirit of Hawaii came through every page, the Hawaiian culture was felt, and the friendships and work it takes to make something work shown through even when some things go wrong, you stop and think and try again.  
It was a wonderful pick me up book because I got to visit the beautiful island of Hawaii and feel all that it has to offer which will get me through the rest of my long, snowy, and cold winter.
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This immediately captivated me. Andie had a hard year in Chicago and has the opportunity to go to Hawaii and run er friends coffee shop. However, life throws her another curve ball! She must decide what to do. Quick fun read. Can't wait for more in the series. Thank you NetGalley for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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