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At the beginning, I was worried that there wouldn't be much meat to this book. The field of self-help/producitivyt is already jam-packed with books, and too many of them touch on only the basic ideas and never get any deeper than making your bed in the morning or the 80/20 rule. But I was pleased to find that there are quite a few helpful subjects that I don't often see in other books, such as enhancing your emotional vocabulary, mood tracking, ending emotional eating, etc. I plan on purchasing a physical copy of this book for my own future reference.
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This is a great book ! The ideas are clear and the advice is really good ! It's very empowering ! The organisation of the book is good too.
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Exercises one right after each other. The exercises can be built on each other if you want. Can do them in one go or do some at the same time or extend the period you do them. Can be helpful to people.
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Always on the lookout for a 'book so good it could change your life', Level Up by Michelle Riberio fits the bill. It is the mid-pandemic boost we all need to come out winning and ready to face the world. With exercises, examples, and scenarios, the guide allows for trying out practices to develop a tougher mindset. Mental endurance and emotional strength will be yours. Riberio's words will become mantras to transform anxiety into security.
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Thank you net Galley for the chance to review

While this is more of a self help it is filled with examples, alternatives recommendations, vs just  "speaking at you with frivolous information"
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If you are looking to do some inward reflection this is a wonderful book, to begin with. I love how the exercises are explained and how easy yet powerful each thing is within the book. 

This book really is a wonderful tool for both masters in this subject area and those just jumping in alike.
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Coming from someone who already has a Master's Degree in this subject, this is a really strong book. Even those of us with this degree can use this book as a good refresher. I like how the exercises are explained. I particularly like how this book is set up to guide the reader to be successful. It isn't too scientific but gives enough evidence of the "why". If you are looking to build resilience, actually reach your goals, and starting building the life you desire: this book is one to add to your collection. Do the exercises. Seriously. Not only was it fun, but it gives you lots of ideas of things to come back to and reassess down the road.
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I just reviewed Level Up by Michelle Ribeiro. #NetGalley 
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What an incredible reading journey that I just finished. I mean , actually reading. My thoughts are not finished , with all the enlightenment of information I received and created , through specific guided internal discoveries. 

If you are seriously looking to have a journey for self reflection and self healing, look no further than reading  Level  Up⬆️ by Michelle Ribeiro!!

This book offers up 120  mindful exercises to ponder, and steps to reflect and follow , through taking it to the next level guidance !!

You’ll be able to invest as much or as little time you need , for your self discovery time. 

It’s like having a best friend , to bounce scenarios off of , with contemplative thoughts , to improve yourself. 

Now, who wouldn’t want that??????

Reach your personal peak, with mental toughness, through a series of inspirational exercises and challenges. 

This is a book for everyone and should be on a higher educational mandatory reading list. 

Level Up , is a book , you’ll reach for throughout your life. 
I highly recommend this all inspiring book. 

Special thanks to NetGalley and Adams Media for  sharing this digital copy  with me in exchange for an honest review.
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This book contains 100+ exercises to help you "level up" in life. The exercises themselves are small and straightforward with a bit of info about each one.

This book is geared towards people who haven't had the chance to read much in the genre before. It contains many ideas and a few would definitely be useful to everyone who read it.

3 stars

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley. It doesn't impact my opinion in any way.
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I wasn't particularly inspired by this book, I think it oversold itself quite a bit in terms of helpfulness.
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This is my first Michelle Ribeiro and once I started I could not put it down. This book is an amazing read and the exercises are mind-blowing and I truly felt like I leveled up whilst doing them. It is a digestable book,easy to understand and very relevant for our times. I highly recommend it! Huge thanks to the publisher for my ARC in exchange for an honest review
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Pretty good. I did enjoy most of it. I struggle sometimes with books like this, but the voice used during the writing wasn’t condescending, which I appreciated.
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In a world much needing.un the way of improvement, strength, and resolve- this story has it all!  Thank you Net Galley fir the advance reader copy in exchange for my honest review!
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Level Up is a book that will assist you in being your best self. Inside you will find exercises, how to be more mentally sound/tough, and just an overall helpful guide on how to get the best out of life. 

I found this book to be incredibly helpful and will definitely be recommending it to friends and family. It’s encouraged me to actually get started on bettering myself as opposed to just thinking about it. 

Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for an eARC in return for an honest review!
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This book takes an empathetic approach and gives bite size approaches and allows you to have kindness and patience with yourself when dealing with life. This is so necessary for everyone to read in life. Highly recommend. Especially loved the reflection to true life to humanize my feelings and relate. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Very good. You'll get out of it what you put into it. This is essentially a long list of exercises grouped by category. I suspect most readers will pick and choose. Each one is well constructed. Recommended for those seeking growth.

I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
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Michelle Ribiero’s guidebook for mental toughness transcends its goal by being more than a self-help book, but a testament that anyone, anywhere, can achieve their goals with the right advice.

Nowadays, books centering on resilience come with the same tips and tricks for gaining psychological edges.

With enough material on the subject to fill a library, so much of what is published nowadays comes down to recycled, repackaged, and rebranded content from your favorite business school press...
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Not my usual type of book but I did really enjoy this one. It was clear cut and easy to follow. Definitely something to give a chance to if you want to improve your mindset.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy.

A simple and straightforward book that gives very insightful advice to maximize a persons potential.
A wide variety of exercises and an easy-to-understand format.

Unfortunately the book was missing the first 20% and some of the exercise's charts and guides, but everything that was included was very helpful.
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I felt that I gained some good exercises from Level-Up to help with stress in my everyday life.  This self-help book touches on various areas of your life - setting good habits, confronting stress, embracing failure - which together will hopefully make you more mentally tough. What I really like and found that helped me was how this book breaks down multiple exercises to do for each category. I have been applying a lot of the exercises questions as journaling prompts. I liked this one a lot and will probably purchase it once it is out. 

Thanks NetGalley for this ARC!
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