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A good depiction of the perceived life of a rock star.  This is the lifestyle we think of when we hear of a celebrity rock star.  Mix this with a free-spirited , extremely wealthy woman who just wants to exist in harmony with the planet and give back in her own way.  Emphasis on the insecurities we all have no matter what our bank account looks like.
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Complementary copy given for my honest opinion and review by NetGalley. 
I absolutely love this series. Sasha Marshall has a way of pulling you in and keeping you there throughout the book. This book takes you through Jagger moving on. It was heartbreaking but Maison is his true perfect mate.
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book given to me via NetGalley.  There's a woman the 6th book in the Guitar Face series by Sasha Marshall.This was a awesome book, well worth the wait! Jagger's story has the humor, angst, and love you expect from Sasha Marshall. Madison was perfect for Jagger. Getting to spend time with other favorite characters. Don't hesitate to get this book!
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Wow! Just Wow! This book grabbed me from the get go. I had no idea how much I would love it. Jagger and Maison were the perfect opposites for each other. Even though I hadn't read any of the previous books I wasn't lost. Story was fast paced. Characters as well as secondary ones were amazing!! They were varied and had characteristics that were swoony, irritating, and hilarious. Laugh out loud moments mixed in with the tearful ones made it for an emotional read. I mean come on, saving a horse from a strip club. Very unique with Maison's personality and life story. I cannot rave enough about this one. I am stalking this author now and will be getting the other books ASAP! You all need to grab this one
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I am late in coming to the Guitar Face series party, but after reading the blurb on There's a Woman I had to take the chance of not being totally confused by the characters, and it paid off in a big way. I totally loved this story and had a hard time putting it down so I could sleep.

What a pair of mismatched characters Jagger and Madison are. Jagger's heart is broken when the woman he loves marries his band mate (their story will be told in the previous books in this series and not having the background did not spoil my enjoyment of this book). My heart broke for his suffering and pain.

Madison is the wild child I would have loved to have been. She is from a very wealthy and influential family but has been the black sheep for years. She refuses to conform and travels the world using her money to do good. They meet on a plane as Jagger gets away from his band to take some time out for himself and Madison is called to a family reunion.

Madison is different to any woman that Jagger has ever met and he is instantly intrigued and fascinated by her and is definitely happy to see that they are staying on the same island. Although she has no idea who he is Madison is bowled over by this gorgeous man and she wonders if he is the man who her psychic Madam Zolna predicts she will meet and help.

This is one of the most different and interesting rocker romances that I have read in a long time. Jagger seemed like the typical arrogant rocker but Madison soon changes him and opens his eyes to the beauty in the world. Madison is a wonderful person, different in the way she lives her life, but her giving heart makes her want to help others and she never flaunts her wealth and connections.

Their story is very different but Sasha's brilliant writing will keep you turning pages and hope there will be a happy ending for these two. It is definitely worth more than five stars and has me wanting to dive into the other books in the series without delay.
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Shes back people! What a book!
I can't believe it's been nearly 2 years since I got introduced to the wonderful world of Sasha Marshall and the Guitar Faces series and I can confidently say it is my favourite Rockstar Romance series!! I squealed in delight when I saw we finally had Jaggers story and couldn't wait to dive in. 
I loved this story. Jagger was so broken after everything that went down in the previous books and wants to take some time to find some peace. Maison was an amazing partner for Jagger I loved her lifestyle and what she stood for. 
As usual we get some great laugh out loud moments provided from Kip and the gang. I'm glad we got talk about Jungle Peepers again. This story had it all for me romance, sauce, heartbreak, drama, monkeys and  horse theft what more could you ask for?!
The thing I loved most was that we got some actual lyrics to a song I absolutely adore that in a rockstar romance it really draws me in. Maison said "I now get why women love musicians. They ensnare us with their lyrics and chords" and this is so true so to have lyrics in a book is a mega plus for me I want to hear the words in my head and feel it in my bones, it brings a whole new depth of emotion to what they are portraying. 
If rockstar romances are your thing read this series!
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Hopefully I have your attention because I want to shout what a fantastic book this is. This is one for the ages especially if you’re a Guitar Face series follower. We finally have Jagger’s story and I have to say that it was like a fine wine…I just wanted to savor every moment of it and not have it end. If you can handle heartbreaking lows and then find yourself laughing out loud it will only touch on some of the extreme feelings that this author knows how to write. 

I have always loved Jagger (even while hating him at times) because he is a bad*ss rocker who has been through the loss of a friend and the loss of a love and he still is the sexiest man there is. There’s a woman set in his path when he’s at his lowest and she may be just what he needs. Maison is a gypsy woman who is out to fix the world with a loving heart she wears on her sleeve. At meeting Jagger for the first time she has no idea who he is but she likes what she sees and just maybe he is the man that Madame Zolna told her she would meet to help mend him.

I have to say that the Guitar Face series is my all-time favorite and with every book Ms. Marshall writes it is always a gut wrenching, heartwarming, laugh fest. Wait until you read about Kip and Jack along with the jungle peepers and you will see what I mean about being hilarious. I can only hope that Ms. Marshall keeps bringing us more stories from the guys and girls from Guitar Face series. Excellent job Ms. Marshall!!
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