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This is an empowering self-help book for women and girls that uses yoga as one aspect of its teachings. It's full of personal stories, yoga poses, exercises, journal prompts and advice on a range of topics like anger, trust, faith, passions and more. I really appreciate the author's perspective and think many will find it very interesting and helpful. Colorful photos and illustrations accompany the text throughout.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.
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I found this book incredibly interesting. The meditations , activities,  journaling and yoga positions have been so helpful. I really like how the book us split up and the fact that the author tells her experiences and how they link into the exercises, meditations etc.
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Nice book. Was easy to read and the pictures were a big bonus. I will like to read more from Faith Hunter.
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This book was received as an ARC from Sounds True in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I loved everything about this book. Faith was so open about her personal life and how yoga and wisdom really affected her mindset and was such a powerful adjustment from how she grew up and all of the mental and physical abuse she took. As I read, Spiritually Fly, I actually felt Spiritually Fly. The language Faith used while writing this book put me at ease, made me smile, and I felt so refreshed like when I did a yoga workout for the first time. This book reminded me why I got into yoga in the first place and why it works so well. Thank you Faith Hunter for sharing your story and writing this book.

We will consider adding this title to our R Non-Fiction collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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Faith Hunter is a next-generation yoga teacher and trainer whose "Spiritually Fly: Wisdom, Meditation, and Yoga to Elevate Your Soul" expands upon her trademarked "Spiritually Fly Life Sutras," a set of seven foundational principles through which she weaves classical yoga wisdom, modern day spiritually-centered living, and embracing one's unique flow on and off the mat.

The name itself, "Spiritually Fly," is infectious in both spirit and practicality. While Hunter does a tremendous job of grounding this material in the vulnerability of where she's been, she keeps everything elevated and the book itself is one empowering flow from beginning to end.

While "Spiritually Fly" undeniably has lessons for everyone, or at least everyone who can embrace yoga, there's also no denying that Hunter's wisdom here specifically targets the empowering of women and girls. This soars home during her sharing of a life-changing trip, given and received, in Haiti.

Much of "Spiritually Fly" is centered around Hunter's well developed and obviously lived into sutras serving as the foundation of Spiritually Fly. Hunter provides us with yoga wisdom and movements, meditations, personal stories, and gentle guidance toward a more spiritually fly life.

While it's hard to imagine someone not interested in yoga picking up a book with yoga in the title, it's worth acknowledging that "Spiritually Fly" is, in fact, a rather immersive journey through yoga including moves both simple and more complex and terminology that may leave less experienced yoga practitioners rather befuddled. While Hunter moves slowly and compassionately and is frequent in her acknowledgement of physical challenges that may impact yoga movement, it's safe to say that "Spiritually Fly" is a book that demands both reading and the application of that reading.

Truthfully, if you're not going to apply "Spiritually Fly" you're probably wasting your time actually reading it.

Hunter beautifully shares the journey that led her to develop "Spiritually Fly," a journey that included being a young Black girl in the south and watching as her brother was dying from AIDS. She shares other journeys, as well, best left to the experience of reading "Spiritually Fly," but suffice it to say that it was largely yoga that put her on a healing journey and she's taken that yoga and infused it with the wisdom, spirituality, and actions that empowered her and now empower others.

There's a wonderful balance in the pages of "Spiritually Fly" as each sutra includes pages upon pages of exercises for working with mantra/meditation/breath/movement, yoga sequences, journaling prompts, and "Soulprints," or creative activities to help one infuse these sutras in daily living.

Throughout the book, there are full-color photographs of Hunter in poses herself, her own "super fly" energy radiating off the page and empowering regardless of one's place in life right now.

As noted, I'm not necessarily the target reader for "Super Fly" - a paraplegic/double amputee with spina bifida who's lived far past his life expectancy yet who's in the infancy of the yoga journey - but I found much to love here in both spirit and practicality and share with Hunter a love for the land and people of Haiti. While there are times I felt more than a bit lost as more of a beginner on the yoga journey, "Spiritually Fly" was still a great teacher and I have a feeling as my yoga journey continues it'll be a book I turn to time and again.
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This is an absolute treasure! Throughout the book, Faith Hunter offers a variety of methods, tips, and approaches to purifying the mind, recharging the soul, and letting go of unhealthy patterns to make room for the new. Faith Hunter is a phenomenal yoga and meditation instructor and her book is an excellent resource and tool.
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