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In the third installment of the Coulter Shaw series, The Final Twist by bestselling author Jeffery Deaver, Shaw goes to San Francisco to search for a courier bag that has father was trying to find before he died. This courier bag should contain evidence of a corrupt company that is behind some previous murders (most likely including Shaw’s father), and some planned murders. Shaw must work hard and investigate clues to prevent the murder of an entire family.

Jeffery Deaver is the favorite author of most thriller aficionados who have read his books. He is a master storyteller and has written several successful series. He is also a master of character development; he creates characters who seem real; his imagination is unbelievable when it comes to scenarios that will keep readers on the edges of their seats, and in The Final Twist, Deaver clears up some mysteries that have been ongoing in the series.

Deaver’s writing style is easy to follow, and well-organized. He knows how to reel in his readers and keep them interested. Coulter’s experiences in this novel are fascinating, and one thing leads to another as readers are mesmerized as the story unfolds. There are dozens of twists and turns, and as is Deaver’s style, the dénouement doesn’t come until the very end. As always Jeffery Deaver novels are highly recommended.

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I am a big fan of Jeffery Deaver.  I like the new character of this new series, Colter Shaw.  The plot and storyline are just too long and convoluted.  Too much going on for me to enjoy.  I find it very different from Deaver's earlier novels. If you haven't read any Deaver, I would suggest you pick up any of his earlier works.
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Love Colter Shaw. Hope this is not the last book in the series. Deaver writes everything well. This novel has a lot of unexpected turns
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The third book in the action-packed series featuring Colter Shaw picks up just hours after the harrowing event of THE GOODBYE MAN (second book in the series). Note: I started this series with this book and I did not feel lost picking it up out of order. It does standalone, but you might have more fun reading the three books in order.

Colter Shaw is tracker finding people for money. He grew up with his survivalist father and he finds himself following clues his father left in order to find a missing courier bag with evidence that will bring down a shady private espionage company responsible for a lot of deaths and evil shenanigans.

Being that I live in San Francisco, I enjoyed that the novel takes place in the City. It was fun seeing Colter Shaw running around all over the city in a race against time thriller to avenge his father’s death, bring down the evil BlackBridge organization, and prevent an entire family from being killed. There is also a big secret in that courier bag Shaw must prevent from getting into the wrong people’s hands.

Colter Shaw is also being chased a cadre of sadistic killers working for BlackBridge.

Jeffery Deaver packs in a lot of action, thrills, and twists in this book, which was a lot of fun to read.
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Only Deaver can write books that twist and turn every which way and leave the reader waiting for the next installment.
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3.5 Hearts This is the third in the Colter Shaw series. In this one we follow Colter to San Francisco where he wants to take up where his dad left off on a whistleblower case. The evidence went missing years ago and Colter wants to do what his dad wasn’t able to do and find the evidence and bring BlackBridge Corporate Solutions to its end.

There are a lot of characters in this book and most of them are after Colter, hoping to stop him before he finds the evidence that will bring everyone down. But Colter knows not only is the company’s downfall at stake, now an entire family is slated to be murdered. 

The story was very action packed and seemed to have a twist or turn every few pages. This is a good suspenseful thriller, well written and a page turner. 

On a personal note, I lived in the Bay Area for over 2 decades and it was fun to know where Colter was while he traveled around the city. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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This third in the Colter Shaw series picks up right where the previous book left off and continues the story line that has permeated the other installments. Colter Shaw is on a mission, searching for clues that will help him figure out what his father was trying to uncover in order to avenge the death of one of his friends. Set mostly in San Francisco, Colter is joined there by his estranged brother, Russell, who decides to help Colter on his hunt. It's complicated and full of lots of action along with details about how the Shaw family lived and how he grew up as the son of survivalists. 

As always, Jeffery Deaver's writing draws in the reader and the book is fast-paced with lots of interesting descriptions about a myriad of subjects. I like Colter as the main character and the way he approaches situations and problems.  Not sure that there will be more titles featuring him, but I'd definitely want to read any that follow. 

Thank you to NetGalley and G.P. Putnam's Sons for this e-book ARC to read, review, and recommend.
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Third novel in the Colter Shaw series.  Wraps up an over arching plot from the first two books.  Good location use and a terrifying evil plan unmasked.  I really mean it.  A terrifying plan.  I wanted to scream at the character to do something right D*MN NOW while reading.

The title, The Final Twist, may indicate an end to a three book and, I think, two short story series but I hope not. I would not at all mind spending more time with these characters.
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The Final Twist by Jeffery Deaver,  
Colter Shaw is in San Francisco following clues his father left behind before his death.
Ashton Shaw, Colter's father, fought against corrupt corporations, including one named BlackBridge Corporate Solutions.
One of the company's employees,  turned up evidence of some kind of serious wrongdoing,  stole it,  hid that evidence and now is dead also. On the verge of being killed, he's saved at the last minute by a man who turns out to be his brother Russell.
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I love Jeffery Deaver's Lincoln Rhymes series and the new Colter Shaw series is every bit as good. This is the third installment in the Coulter Shaw series but don't worry, you don't have to have read the other two to enjoy this one. Great characters and a fast moving plot will have you reading late into the night like I did. Highly recommended
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"The Final Twist" finds Colter Shaw in San Francisco searching for the evidence his father sought to destroy a corporate espionage firm responsible for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deaths. Colter comes full circle in this book as he must confront his past to live to see his future. Jeffrey Deaver is a master of serpentine thrillers and this one is no exception. The relentless pace of the action keeps you on your toes as Colter's search pits him against sadist enforcers with unlimited funds and power. I loved the history of every neighborhood Shaw went to from the grittiest, poorest sections to the elite Nob Hill district. Another excellent read from one of my favorite authors!
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I have always enjoyed reading the novels of Jeffrey Deaver. The plots are complex, the characters well drawn, and there are lots of unexpected developments to keep the plot spinning forward. While I enjoyed reading his new The Final Twist, courtesy of NetGalley and publisher PenguinRandomHouse I felt the writing was tired, the plotting predictable. This book would be considered a great genre novel if it were written by anyone else. As a Jeffrey Deaver novel, I had higher expectations.. In fairness, it may be my expectations were too high for what really is a very good novel..

Summarizing the plot is difficult, as there are numerous twists, turns, red herrings and dead ends. Colton Shaw, who readers first met in The Never Game and The Goodbye Man is a professional reward seeker,  takes on a very personal case - one which his father took on many years ago - exposing a corporate espionage firm responsible for the death of hundreds, perhaps thousands. The case takes on a new sense of urgency as Shaw not only learns of a plot to murder an entire family in forty-eight hours, but that the solution to his father’s mystery might have disastrous results for the nation..

The book is a lot of fun to read and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to stay up all night and read. I just don’t think it is Deaver’s best novel
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When trouble comes knocking, it always seems to zero in on Colter Shaw.  This time Shaw is taking on the mission his father started many years ago.  His target?  Finding a missing courier bag that can bring down a corporate espionage firm responsible for so many deaths, he can't begin to count them all.

Following the crumb trail his father left, Shaw plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the enforcers of this company, flying from one neighborhood to the other, each place riskier than the last.

To ensure the safety of a family that is being targeted, Shaw must pick up the pace.  Luckily a figure from his past steps in, literally and lends a helping hand.  What does this bag contain that is so completely devastating?  Read this epic tale of danger and espionage and find out for yourself.
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Colter Shaw and his brother Russell reunite to solve their father's quest in Final Twist by Jeffery Dealer.
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4.5 stars, actually.

This action-packed adventure, the third in a series featuring Colter Shaw, begins as the self-described "reward seeker" is trying to follow clues left by his late father, Ashton, a well-educated man who, with Colter's mother Mary Dove and their children, left mainstream life to opt for a survivalist existence. Over the years, Ashton fought against what he considered to be corrupt corporations, including one named BlackBridge Corporate Solutions. One of that company's employees, it seems, not only turned up evidence of some kind of serious wrongdoing, but stole it; that man, now dead, apparently hid that evidence and Colter hopes to find it.

But almost before his investigation gets started, Colter is attacked by some very bad guys; on the verge of being killed and bringing the series to an abrupt end, he's saved at the last minute by a man who turns out to be his brother Russell. That comes as a total shock to Colter, who hasn't seen or heard from his brother in more than 10 years. The two of them meeting up after all this time and getting to re-know each other (well, as much as their secretive lives will allow) is a big part of the story that follows.

As all this is sorted out, Colter gets an assignment on his day job, which basically is a finder of missing persons; in this case, it's a daughter who's gone missing. The reward money is minuscule - the mother can scrape together $1,750 at most - but he sympathizes and agrees to take the case (thus providing a secondary storyline for the book). Most everything else is action, all underscored by flashbacks to the intense, hard-core survival training the brothers got from their late father. 

So what prompted me to give this book fewer than the five stars I gave the other two ("The Never Game and The Goodbye Man")? Because for the first third or so it somehow felt disjointed - like I was missing something and couldn't quite figure out what. But then I realized it's been a while since I read the previous book - and if I'm honest, I have to admit that because I read so many books in a given year (141 in 2020), once I reach that final page and finish writing my review of any given one, I've forgotten most of what was between the pages. The good news is that I went back and reread those earlier reviews, and most of what I was reading now became much more clear. My advice, then, is this: If you haven't read at least one of the first two books in this series, do it before you tackle this one. You won't be sorry, because they're both terrific.

In the end, this one, too, is an exciting, well-written tale with an entertaining plot and intriguing characters that left me looking forward to the next installment. Thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley, for providing me with a pre-release copy to read and review.
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Colton Shaw is on the trail of evidence his Father was seeking about corrupt corporations.  His long lost brother, Russell, shows up to help.   There are a lot of powerful people who will do anything to get their hands on the information Colton is trying to find.  The story has lots of twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages.  This story is part of a series but could be read as a stand alone.
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Well, the Collter Shaw series just keeps getting better.

This one offers a twisty and complicated plot that simply keeps you engaged all the way through.  

I usually hate quirkiness, but Colter’s mix of math, ethics, and the ability to completely incapacitate a man in seconds is just a blast.   I also loved meeting Russell and – note to the author – he could totally rock his own series!

Tons of danger and mysteries that just demand to be solved.


*ARC Provided via Net Galley
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In this 3rd addition to the Colter Shaw series, The Final Twist by Jeffery Deaver, we find Colter in San Francisco following clues his father left behind before his death and also helping a mother search for her missing daughter.  Fast paced thriller with twists & turns and an unexpected appearance by a family member he hasn't seen in years.  Always look forward to a great read by Mr. Deaver!
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Jeffery Deaver's nlatest book features Colter Shaw and his older brother Russell. Colter works independently finding lst people. or nsolving crimes. His brother left home about 10 years ago but suddenly shows up to help Coltefr solve his. difficult care. Russell is secreative about what he does but it. appears that he is a secret agent. for the. US government. The brothers work. together to. solve a very diffficult case. The book is special becasue its moree than a crime solving novel. but also focuses on family relationships and how important they are. After the brothers s. He only says its work and he needs to leave. However olve the case Russell leaves again never saying why or where he is. going. Their is a suprise ending to the book
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In usual Deaver fashion, The Final Twist (G.P. Putnam 2021), a new series and separate from the long-standing and highly-successful Lincoln Rhyme character, is a fast moving, intricate, and original thriller. The main character--Colton Shaw--finds people, good or bad, no questions asked, for money. To become the most sought-after finder who regularly does what seems impossible, he draws on a background of survivalist training, defensive and offensive skills taught to him and his siblings by his father. In this, the first of the series, he is drawn into a mystery that also might help him understand how his father was killed in circumstances that he should have easily survived. To Colton's surprise his estranged brother shows up, a man he hasn't seen in a decade, not since their father died. For Colton and his brother, survival means questioning everything:

" the son of a survivalist, Shaw had a preliminary question: Just how safe a safe house was it?"

"No evidence of threat isn’t synonymous with no threat."

"Sanction was one of those odd words that had contradictory meanings: it could be either permission—as in you’re sanctioned to attack—or punishment, as in imposing sanctions."

I loved Jeffrey Deaver's NY criminalist Lincoln Rhymes. I read every one in that series and never got bored. I didn’t know if I’d like this new guy, Colter Shaw. Two pages into it, I did. Besides being an interesting character, tough and resilient, grounded in family, with a strong moral core, I learned a lot about survivalist strategies. He shares rules his father drilled into him that apply to life in general:

He hears his father’s voice: Never be blunt when subtle will do.

Never resort to violence unless you have no alternative."

Never assume your weapon is loaded and hasn’t been damaged or sabotaged since the last time you used it."

Never fight from a downhill position.

Never use a safe house that doesn’t have a trapdoor . . . 

You see why I embraced Colton and claim him now as a favorite character. What do you think?
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