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Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage

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I enjoyed this book. Having a main character that doesn’t conform to the norms of how characters in the genre look, and having a different career was a refreshing change. And it is this difference & career that forms a great deal of the back-story for the main character, Lizzie, but her story includes so much more than she, or we, expect. 
Set in an idyllic sounding village, the descriptions were a little Disney-fied for my liking (how many animals can you spot in one go?! It was as if the author wanted to have it so idyllic she went into cute wild animal over-drive I was almost imaging Snow White with all her animal friends). That said, it was an enjoyable book about families, loss and hidden secrets that will eventually come out. Again, I felt the storyline a little too far-fetched, but went along with it anyway, it is fiction after all, and I did enjoy reading it - I read it over two nights as I found myself reading well beyond the time I should have as I was hooked into the story & wanted to find out what happened. 
A good read, if a little unbelievable at times, I found myself rooting for Lizzie as she begins to find her real story and along with it finds romance.
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Lizzie is distraught that her parents died before they could reconcile from a rift caused...well-no spoilers from me.  She's also stunned to discover that they owned Streamside Cottage in Leafton, which is totally not what she would have expected from her urbane parents.  So what to do?  She heads to Leafton, where she finds stony faces until she meets Ben.  I liked the tidbits about tattoos which open each chapter (I learned quite a bit).  While the plot is a bit trope-y in spots, it's bigger than I expected as Lizzie learns about her family and herself.  She's a good, relatable, sympathetic character.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  An excellent read I very much enjoyed.
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Well this is the first time I've seen a tattoo artist as a main character.  I learned something about tattoos here - especially since I've had no exposure to them.  Lizzie is the main character, and when her parents died she learned of a cottage they owned - Streamside Cottage, so she went to stay there to find out more about it.  She gets a little more than she bargained for when her stay lengthens and she uncovers family secrets.  Did she really know her parents?  There's a little romance in the picture as well.

An interesting book and a good plot.  I enjoyed the story and liked the quirky, independent Lizzie.  This was well-written and kept my attention throughout.  I'd be happy to recommend it to friends.

Thanks to Aria & Aries through Netgalley for an advance copy.
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Thank you NetGalley, Samantha Tonge and Aria & Aries for the ARC of Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage. This is my personal review.
This is the first book I have read by Samantha Tonge and I am looking forward to reading more by this author.
Lizzie had not spoken to her parents in many years and when she received the heartbreaking news of the accident that took them from her, she starts to learn of secrets they had kept  from her. They owned Streamside Cottage in the small village of Leafton. She knows she must go and find out more of her parents’ life and why they never told her about this place.
You have to read this to find out all about the secret, mystery and romance in Lizzie’s life.
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That's how I feel as I finished up this novel five minutes ago and am still catching my breath. 'Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage' is a story that will stay with me for a long, long time. Lizzie's story oozes quality and shamelessly tugs at the heart strings. Honestly, if you're heart doesn't go out to her by the end, then sorry, your emotion chip needs resetting.
Is it possible for an inanimate object like a cottage to be both the cause of almost impossible heartbreak and the redemption? Well, to find out, you'll just have to read this new novel from the wonderful Samantha Tonge. Ms Tonge displays her customary high standard of character description and development. Everyone from Lizzie to Taz the kitten are so well designed; I could easily see myself living in the village, it sounds so beautiful!
My thanks to Aria and Netgalley for the reading copy.
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I received a digital ARC from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. It took a little while to get into the book but it was worth it as the plot developed and the stories unfolded. A good twist toward the end and a very enjoyable read.
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When Lizzie's estranged parents suddenly pass away, she learns that they have a secret cottage in the reading of their will.
Deciding that in order to move on and possibly answer questions left by her mum and dad, Lizzie goes to stay in Streamside Cottage to uncover the past.
A beautiful story in an equally fabulous setting. Bursting with interesting characters that kept me reading late into the night. 
I loved that even though it was an easy read with a happy end. It wasn't dikly sweet or typical. The characters were complicated and quirky. 
The writingbstyle was clever and landed you straight into Lizzie's shoes and innermost thoughts.
I absolutely devoured the book in two sittings and would love to find out where the fiesty Lizzie goes next.
An excellent Summer read!
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Thanks to Aria & Aries and Netgalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Estranged from her overprotective parents , tattoo artist, Lizzie thinks she has all the time in the world to be reunited until they are sadly killed in an accident.  A family cottage in the village of Leafton is left to her aunt in their wills.  A cottage which Lizzie knew nothing of but she rents it and slowly but surely, the cottage and the village begin to reveal their secrets.

Really enjoyed this book - partly told in flashback to give us a background.  Loved finding out about the past with Lizzie and thanks to the interesting narrative felt I was in the story with the characters.
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A really great read.I really enjoyed this story, Lizzie is estranged from her parents,and when an accident happens she decides to rent a cottage that belongs to her parents, and where lots of the secrets about her past are finally uncovered. She is a great character and her love of art and her job as a tattoo artist shines through the story, which is well written with an ending I wasn't expecting but was perfect. A 5 🌟read
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Oh my goodness what a fabulous read Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage was. Lizzie discovers her parents owned a cottage when their will is read. The cottage is left to her Aunt Fiona, Lizzie knows nothing about the house.

The village of Leafton has that wonderful community feel and Lizzie feels at home after living in the buzz of London. She had led quite a sheltered childhood as her parents were overly protective, and I mean really over the top protective. Leaving home to go to Uni was an ey opener and this led to her starting to stand on her own two feet causing a rift between daughter and parents. Staying in the secretive property will give Lizzie a chance to find out more about her past and parents. But are the locals of the village willing to share their secrets?

This is such a wonderful read that I absolutely adored from the first few paragraphs. It is told in a now and past format, the way the past is told works well with the Now part of the story. It is told in gradual back steps through the years and links in with Lizzie's discoveries. There are more secrets to be unearthed than the obvious and these cause more than a few emotional discoveries and admissions for some of the characters.

I really liked how the author used a tattooist as the main protagonist. Even though tattoos are more accepted there is still a stigma attached. It would have been easy to give Lizzie a harder time as she does have artwork adorning her skin, but the author went down a more acceptable route and I liked how it was woven into the story with explanations. I am slightly biased about tattoos as I do have three of my own.

The sense of things being secretive and hidden was wonderful, at times with the sense that there was something much deeper to come. Weaving the locals and their stories into the story of Lizzie was a really good way of adding intrigue. While the locals are supportive there is a feeling that there is more that needs to be told.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it is one of family and accepting the past, of heartbreaking discoveries. While it is a rom-com and it has a nice romantic thread, this feels more serious as there are some more serious issues that are dealt with. It is one for those who like a romance with a touch more suspense to it and it is one I would definitely recommend.
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I was initially attracted to this book by the premise of estrangement and family secrets and I felt it was written in a way that was very believable and dealt with this still taboo subject sensitively and with depth. The narrative swaps between the present day with Lizzie trying to handle her grief and longstanding questions about what happened to her family aswell as her relationship with her boyfriend, then flashbacks to her childhood which initially seems so disjointed to the present she is in but as the memories continue you start to see the fracture lines beginning but also the changes in narrative to see all sides of the picture. I felt it was a wonderful story especially if you are interested in the history of buildings and villages. There are well developed characters with personal journeys which I found fascinating and there were many heart-gripping and emotional moments.
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TW: estranged relationship with mother & father, death of loved ones, accidental injury (protentional drowning), anxiety, alcohol addiction and emotional abusive marriage. 

I really enjoyed this book so much more than I was expecting! After seeing the reviews I had to request and after a while I finally got approved and devoured this book within one weekend. 

Our main characters, Lizzy and Ben were just so cute, as this is a romance book and self discovery I appreciated this book for not having petty drama between the two characters and more of a focus on the plot of discovery whilst developing the bond between the two main characters. I learned a lot from the tattoo facts on every chapter which was nice as I love tattoos and always been interested in them. The village was also great, no stupid secrets put in which was great and really made me have more respect and love for the residents in the village. 

However, the reason behind the estranged relationship of Lizzies mother and father was abit disappointing and I wished the consequences that happened to them didn't as I wished there was more development between them and Lizzie instead of being told through a series of flashbacks . 

But everything was delightful and I recommend this book for a quick read that is fluffy with romance.
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Great story about secrets, forgiveness, and finding yourself.
Elizabeth (Lizzie) has been estranged from her parents for six years when she hears the news that they tragically died in a swimming accident.  During the reading of the will she learns that they owned a second home, Streamside Cottage, that she knew nothing about.  The cottage was gifted to her aunt, who always seems to dislike Lizzie.  Determined to unearth all the secrets surrounding the cottage, and the reasons her parents stayed mad at her all these years, Lizzie decides to rent the cottage for a month.  The secrets she unearths and the answers she uncovers will change her life forever. 
I enjoyed the story and the characters from the cottage.  I was not a fan of her parents or Aunt Fiona.  The story is told in different time frames, some chapters in the present, others at different points in the past.  Each chapter of the past gives vague snips of things that happened and led up to the current situation.  I don't mind when an author does this, but the first half of the book the information was too vague and seemed more confusing than building a story.  The whole plot starts to come together half way and is wrapped up at the end,  
Overall a good read, making you realize you should appreciate family and not put off things that need to be said.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Oh my gosh, just go read it. A fabulous story that drew me in and wouldn’t let me go.
Definitely not one to miss out on.
Tattooist Lizzie has been a bit of a disappointment to her parents, who were rich businesspeople. After a childhood of fabulous lavish overseas holidays, she doesn’t want to follow in her parent’s footsteps. She wants to study art.
Following her parent’s untimely deaths Lizzie learns of a secret property that’s been left to her Auntie, Streamside Cottage. Her Auntie is tight-lipped about the details and just wants it sold. It’s always been a rental property, so Lizzie moves from the city to the countryside and rents it for herself hoping to delve into why it was a secret that her parents never told her about.
The village setting where Streamside Cottage was located was beautiful. I visualised it so well I felt like I was there.
I loved the handsome neighbour Ben. They had a good connection from the first meeting.
She digs into the history of the cottage and learns family secrets from the past. 
We learn of things that went on that explain quite a bit about why Lizzie wasn’t talking to her parents anymore. At the time I sided with Lizzie, but as I learned more throughout the story I began to understand her parents viewpoint.
It was actually quite a gritty story rather than a traditional romcom. 
And I learned a lot about tattoos, even enough to consider one.
Thanks to Aria Fiction and NetGalley for the review copy in which I give my honest opinion.
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I really enjoyed Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage. Lizzie Lockhart hasn’t spoke to her parents for years. She always thought she knew everything about them but when she received the sad news of their passing, it seems she unlocked a whole load of family secrets. This included Streamside Cottage, a place she didn’t even know existed. Leaving London and her life at Kismet Tattoo Parlour, she heads off to the countryside. Although the tight knit community seem to have secrets of their own they’re unwilling to share, that is until handsome neighbour Ben steps in and slowly Lizzie starts to piece together the past.

This was such a lovely novel and I can highly recommend it. Thank you to NetGalley, Aria and the author for the chance to review.
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I felt a significant change in the author’s writing ‘voice’, in this book.  The style certainly resonated with me, and I simply had to finish it, which then left me feeling bereft.  I loved everything about this story and know it will stay with me for some time.
As the synopsis explains, Lizzie has been estranged from her parents for several years, she has no understanding of the reason why they took a disagreement to heart; it seems a distorted reaction.  Despite her attempts to reconcile being ignored, Lizzie is devastated to learn that they have both been killed in a tragic swimming accident.
When she learns of her huge inheritance, she is intrigued to discover that her parents have bequeathed a cottage to her aunt.  A cottage that Lizzie knew nothing about, and that comes with a condition that Lizzie mustn’t ever learn about its existence.
After her bereavement, Lizzie separates from her boyfriend and takes a leave of absence from her job as a tattoo artist, and seeks out Streamside Cottage, determined to discover what secrets are held there.
As a book blogger, I am fortunate to read a large number of books; 50 so far this year and we haven’t even reached the end of March!  It isn’t uncommon for me to enjoy a book, as I’m selective with my choices.  What is unusual, is to be so completely floored by the story and the style.  Samantha Tonge has just joined a rather elite club; a new preferred author, to add to my list.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

I finished this at 12 am last night. Lack of sleep. 

It’s been a long time since Lizzie spoke to her parents. But she thought that at least she knew everything about their lives. At one time they were all so close, until the time came when they weren’t. 
Receiving some heartbreaking news, she decides to uncover some secrets, find out did she really know her parents or not! The place she goes to uncover these secrets is Streamside Cottage, a place she never knew about, in the beautiful village of Leafton. 
So, Lizzie leaves London, her job and the place she called home, the tattoo parlour. 
The people of Leafton are not easy to find things out from, having things they want to hide themselves. Then there’s handsome Ben, who helps her in uncovering some truths. 
In order to put the jigsaw together of the family history, Lizzie has to acknowledge the truth of the past too. 

Have to say the ending was not what I was expecting. 

Recommend it.
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What a brilliant read, loved the setting at the cottage so much so I wished I could visit.
I liked lizzie's background of tattoos and her passion for anything artistic it was nice to read about an unusual occupation which I can relate to.
Loved the story and the mystery behind the cottage and couldn't put the book down until I had learnt the secret that Lizzie had unearthed
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I absolutely adore this author so much! The books are always a perfect escape and this is my favourite book yet.

I really want to go to streamside cottage after reading this gorgeous book. However, Tonge has taken me on emotional rollercoaster with this one.

There have been moments of tears reading this book. It has been impossible to put down and I have been completely unwilling to put this down for any real life jobs.

Lizzie and Ben are gorgeous characters and have really made this book a great read for me. They have seemed real and I absolutely want to know them.

This is without a doubt a five star read which I have been completely captivated by. This is a book I absolutely recommend you get on the TBR and if you haven't read anything by Tonge- shame on you this is a must!!!
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Brilliant! Easily my favourite from this author.

I love that we have a really unique main character, and not your standard run-of-the-mill rom com heroine, Lizzie is fabulous and amazingly creative. The book is full of intrigue, sentiment and memories, this story is one to tug on the old heart strings! Lizzie searches for answers, not knowing what or who she may find; this book brings everything you need in – mystery, romance, friendship, and a sense of community. We see the brilliant Lizzie evolve and connect with her past, in more ways than one!
I took great pleasure in losing myself in this book for a few hours. I was caught up in what was happening and just wanted the see how things would work out. Let me tell you, everything I expected, or thought didn’t quite work out as I imagined, which I love, I do enjoy being pleasantly surprised.
I often say how much I enjoy books set in rural, countryside, smaller communities with fun, locals and this book is exactly the type. Reading them makes me want to up sticks to a village somewhere everyone knows each other and welcomes you with open arms!
Pure escapism, what a happy couple of hours reading this book. I highly recommend.
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