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I enjoyed this book but I feel like it is a book where things could've been wrapped up in one slightly longer book rather than ending on a cliff hanger.
I love a second chance romance involving childhood friends/lovers. But the way these two parted was not good and I don't think they've really changed at all since that time in their life. 
I will continue to read part two as I'm interested to see how they try to resolve their dramas.
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⭐️⭐️/5 Stars

DNF around 55% 

The premise of this book sounded right up my alley! However, I just could not get into this book. The characters fell flat. And though the steamy scenes were well written I didn’t feel the connections from the characters so it wasn’t great.
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I really enjoyed this book! I’ve never read anything by Siena Noble so this was a nice, solid introduction to her work. I think Caleb and Kiera’s chemistry is out of this world- both romantically and sexually, and I love the fact that they’re childhood friends. It really felt that way throughout the book, I think that familiar comfort they brought to each other was palpable and realistic. 
The sexy scenes were absolutely scorching hot and I found myself blushing many times! One thing I will say I don’t like- and I’m hoping it changes throughout the series, is both of their insecure behaviors. So much time has past since they’d last seen one another but it seems like neither has really grown all that much. Hopefully that shifts as the series progresses. And I hope they communicate a bit better rather than just creating scenarios in their heads about what the other is thinking. Another thing I could do without is Kiera’s best friend, Ash. With Ash sometimes I can’t tell if I’m reading a young adult novel, or if I’m reading about literal grown adults. But regardless, I really loved this book!
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This was a book that I ended up not finishing due to lack of interest in content. For that reason I was unable to rate more than one star.
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This was ok, though it had potential to be so much more. I almost loved it but it just missed grabbing me by being too evasive and having that weird combination of too much of nothing going on. It was obviously trying to set the stage for some big secrets but what it failed to do was grab my attention in the moment because I kept thinking the male main character was a jerk, and the female main character was plain confusing. One minute she hates him but the next she loves him but the next she remembers to hate him again.  The couple is a train wreck and is not at all interesting or people I would champion to be together. I don't plan on reading anymore of the trilogy. #netgalley #highrisk
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I loved this steamy read. If you are a fan of brothers best friend love stories then this is the one for you.
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Young love that falls apart after her brother who was also his best friend dies.

They part ways acrimonously and six years later fate takes a hand in them reconnecting in a business meeting.

Their deep attraction is still raging hot, but past hurts make them wary and they enter into an exclusive, controlled, agreed contract to suit their sexual needs, which of course has a timed period to keep it all as emotionless as possible.


This is part of a series, so it ends on a cliffhanger, which is disappointing, but otherwise a very enjoyable read.
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This book has some serious and fantastic steam. I cannot wait to see what happens to Caleb and Kiera in book 2 of their story. 
This love-lust story begins when Caleb & Kiera were teen/YA life changing events that also tear them apart. As fate would have it they run into each other via surprise major work project. The sexual tension them is far too strong to be ignored. They make an agreement. 5 weeks of HOT & HARD dom-sub relationship. 
Caleb - has some scars (literally & figuratively) that he is hiding. He's not afraid to show control & take what he wants. But is he as loyal as he says he is? 
Kiera - major loss & heart break in her past, not as innocent or as confident as she appears. Will she be able to get over it or risk ruining things with Caleb forever?
I loved the flashbacks that were scattered throughout. It gave us insight & background on the couple without giving too much away. The steamy scenes made me squirm in my seat. I normally strongly dislike cliffhangers because I'm too impatient to wait & find out what happens next. But this was perfect. Just the right amount of suspense without me being annoyed that I have to wait. Not that I want to wait & what happens next. 
Minor spelling issues. Some of the monologues were a bit lengthy but not unbearable.
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The main characters Kiera and Caleb grew up together and eventually end up dating in college. They are so in love Caleb actually gives Kiera a promise ring. Right before Caleb is about to graduate and start his hockey career a very horrible and tragic accident occurs. Both MC's have their lives completely torn apart by the event. Caleb deals with the event by completely cutting ties with Kiera and moves away. To add insult to injury he mails her a severance check for $250,000. Fast forward six years later, Kiera and Caleb meet again and end up hooking up. Which leads to Caleb proposing that Kiera act as his submissive for six weeks, no strings, no heartbreak...cause that sounds like a great idea. 

I couldn't get on board 100% with the way Caleb treated Kiera. I was also more than a little disappointed in Kiera's character who just returns to Caleb like it's no big deal. I kept waiting for the tension to break, for Caleb to be remorseful and sincerely apologize for his actions. I never felt that there was real closure on the past which made it high angst in my opinion. The entire time I was just waiting for the volcano to explode. Which it doesn't because the book ends on a cliff hanger. Bottom line, this book had too much angst and heartbreak for me to really enjoy it.
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Great romance that ends on a cliffhanger. I liked how the author weaved the backstory throughout the novel. Good read!
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Kiera Anders and Caleb Martin were a young couple in love until tragedy struck.

Now six years later, after seeking a fresh start in New York, she finds herself reunited with Caleb via work.

However, Caleb is not the man she once knew. Her brother's best friend, the man who had given her a promise ring and dedicated love, is gone. Instead, Caleb has become immersed in his wealthy family's lifestyle, whilst his playboy ways are lived out in the media.

No other man has made Kiera feel the way Caleb made her feel; either emotionally or sexually. And when Caleb offers her six weeks, can she say yes without risking her heart?

High Risk is my first time reading Siena Noble. And whilst I certainly had some slight issues with this book, it is still a solid three star read for me. It does end on a cliffhanger, with no sign of the second book yet, but it definitely intrigued me enough that I want to know what happens next, and where Kiera and Caleb go from here.

I did struggle to connect with the H. Caleb struck me as cold. He was meeting a woman he had all but turned his back on six years before, a woman who had worn his promise ring, but he seemed so immersed in his new wealth, and the women who came along with it. Even when he proposed six weeks of a BDSM dominant/submissive deal to Kiera, he couldn't remind her quickly enough that he didn't 'do relationships', they weren't going back to their past, and there would be no love or hearts involved.

That being said, the time they did spend together after this agreement made me feel like Caleb felt more than he was saying, and I certainly hope so! Beware that cliffhanger though...

I found the final chapter to be a little bizarre, and I'm not sure of its purpose. It seemed as though it was included in the wrong place in the book. For me, it didn't make sense. We get a current event, the cliffhanger of the book, and then the next -and final- chapter is a flashback to their past. I enjoyed reading the flashback, but a different placement within the book would have worked better for me, personally.

High Risk is definitely worth reading and I'm looking forward to seeing where Siena Noble takes this couple; hopefully to a HEA. 

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Love this. book, couldn't put it down.
Kiera and Caleb were friends and lovers until a tragic accident changed everything.  Fast forward 6 years and they meet again.  The chemistry is still there, but Caleb has changed.  He no longer wants a long term commitment, although he can't seem to get enough of Keira.  When he offers a five week period to be together, Kiera agrees.  But will five weeks be long enough, and whose heart will break at the end?
Love the characters, the steamy chemistry and the background story. Can't wait for book 2.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a fun read and an enjoyable diversion from my normal reading habits. Very hot and steamy - so anyone looking for a good erotica should enjoy this. I always like settings like this (a little Shades of Grey vibes) and thought the characters were sympathetic and relatable. Overall, I would recommend this.
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High Risk by Siena Noble was a wonderful story of the Life Style. Even if it was a bit over the top and dramatic, at least it shed light on a little known portion of the underground kink world. Like most entertainment avenues, the reality of the life style versus what is put down on paper vary widly. But this representation was something that could draw others in and give a somewhat actual presentation of a real-life lifestyle.
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This book does a good job of creating all kinds of feels including angst, sexual tension, and heart ache. There may also be a little BDSM included. The one thing I do not like is that it ends on cliff hanger and this is my biggest pet peeve. Kiera and Caleb had everything until fate threw them a tragedy. Caleb could not deal with the guilt so he pushed Kiera away. Fast forward six years and they meet again. Can they ever get over their loss or is this the end?
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I wanted to love this book. Brothers best friend, check. Lots of deliciously sexy scenes,  check. Unfortunately I couldn't connect enough to really enjoy it. I don't much care for the cliffhanger that wasn't really a cliffhanger. It all fell kind of flat for me and I found myself not really caring about the characters enough to want to find out what happens next.
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It wasn’t just a silly schoolgirl crush, Kiera was in love with Caleb. but a tragedy shattered that love. It is six years before they meet again. Caleb has gone on to become a playboy billionaire, while Kiera is an award-winning advertising copywriter with a bright future ahead. When they meet again over a conference table, the real question becomes whether that love can be rekindled.

The author uses the executive boardrooms and luxury bedrooms of Midtown Manhattan as a setting for this story of a fractured love. This business situation that draws the pair together again quickly fades into the background as the story evolves into one erotic coupling after another. It is midway through the book before we find Kiera always harbored a lust for “spankings,” which introduces a BDSM element.

Noble is adept at describing executive-level business life as well as the daily life of a Manhattan working woman. Sex scenes, that make up the bulk of the book, are hot and steamy.

The book is the first book of a series. It doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger, but an interruption. The ending is easily foreseen, and it could have been ended in a chapter or two. Just a reader’s opinion, of course.

The problem is what to read next. Book 3 is listed as published three weeks before this book. There is no Book 2 in evidence as of yet. Amazon says of Book 3: “This is the conclusion of the Risky Business Trilogy and should be read following Flying High.” There is no Flying High in the Amazon listings. The question is, is it worth trying to figure this out? My answer is no. This was a good book, but there’s no need to read further. My opinion, for what it’s worth.

I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review. The rating and opinions are strictly my own.
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Siena Noble is a new to me author and one I will be reading more of. This book has a bit of everything - second-chances, chemistry, heartache, intrigue, and some light BDSM. The writing style was enjoyable and I liked that this was written from Kiera's point of view as so many books lately seem to be dual-POV. 

I got really into Kiera and Caleb's story. As past lovers who were torn apart due to a tragedy and reconnected 6 years later,  I was rooting for them to get back together the entire time - the chemistry was hard to fight. Their relationship reconnecting has a natural progression. When they enter into a D/s relationship in secret because they don't want it to interfere with their business relationship it's intriguing. I was anxious that they would get caught....and who knows, they still may. There are several scenes that seem to foreshadow to something major and I can't wait to find out what it is - maybe something with the accident? Of all the memory flashbacks, the accident seems to be a bit underwritten. I wanted to learn a bit more about it as I feel like that may be pivotal to Caleb's aversion to relationships, and in turn, his relationship with Kiera.

I knew going into this book that it was part of a trilogy and ended on a cliff-hanger but forgot about that as I was reading as I got so pulled in that I was disappointed when I reached the end. Can't wait to read the next book and see what happens.
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Kiera and Caleb were in love but with a bit of Drama He pushes her away. However they meet again and guess what!! There is still heat and chemistry between them. They agree to a month together again to see how things are between them, will they be able to walk away at the end of their time. Steamy and lovely...if these are your to-go words, then you will love the book!
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Kiera and Caleb were lovers and friends that abruptly ended six years ago with the tragic death of her older brother Brian. Both left their hometown, and now have met up in Manhattan as Kiera is an account copywriter and Caleb is COO of his family's company that is using Kiera's company for their advertising needs. They rekindle their sexual affair with a steamy dominant / submissive relationship but they must keep it on the down low so not to effect their business relationship.

Interesting characters with history with each other. Looking forward to seeing how this is resolved in the second book.
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