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Coming from a person that has been single and depressed, I really related with this book. Thoughts of suicide and locking myself away in my room after a guy broke my heart apart are common themes that I relate to in this book, however, I’ll be able to look at my love life differently.
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What is alike about this book it’s the author's honesty about her journey in singleness, being over thirty, Christian, and single many times it seems like a bad thing. I like that Jennifer Leigh Morse takes many misconceptions, not only about the reasons but also the many unsolicited advice. In this book more than simple or practical advice, you will find that singleness it’s not a disease we need to be healed. We can also learn from her red flags as she calls them in the moment of dating or meeting someone. She focuses on God and got through a painful process of healing and renovation in her relationship with God and after a while, she meets the man how is now her husband.
In a world, we are constantly, daily bombard by the fact we need certain things; and especially a man, house, and children. What happens when that’s not our reality? I think this book can help you see what was missing and maybe some of the mistakes you probably have been making.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free digital copy for review, all opinions are my own.
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Jasmine's book gives her experience on finding her heart rhythm. I had recently read 'You can heal yourself' by Louise Hay. Heart Rhythms felt like an extension of that book. As Jasmine's experience further helped me resolve that we can improve our own health and life situation. Though I was not single, rather married early, this was the take away for me from this book. Whereas Louise was neutral, Jasmine is more Christian. Jasmine's book refers to various Bible verses. Being a Christian myself, Jasmine nudged me closer to the Bible, to find my heart rhythm.
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Ms. Leigh writes incredible thought provoking essays on the art of being single with relatable experiences that will keep you saying yes to, movies that talk on the subject and so much
Heart Rhythms is for the single woman longing for marriage and living in fear because of a ticking biological clock or questions from family and friends, it's an encouragement to hold on and not settle because you don't want to be alone and i would really recommend this book endlessly to my single ladies looking for that pep-talk. I know this book is bound to be re-read again  and anyone in general.
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Heart Rhythms gives encouragement to women who are single but still desire to be married. While the pressure these days to get married isn't as intense as it used to be, many women still feel "less than" when they don't have their own family. I appreciated the author's viewpoint on this - that a woman should find her own path without feeling rushed to do so.

Much of what the author bases her story on is her faith. God has given her a purpose, and she is to pursue that purpose. If God chooses to send a husband, then He will in His time.

This is an excellent reminder for all women.
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