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Architect-turned-cartoonist Gemma Gené brings to life her relationship with her pug Mochi in this endearing collection of illustrations that is Living With Mochi. Mochi is an omnivorous, adorable, scene-stealing star, and his parents know this about him and clearly love to celebrate it, except maybe when he steals half of the bed at night, along with a pillow and half the duvet. 

Gené shares her stories of love and family, food and sleep, with whimsical illustrations that show the cute pug at his best and and at his worst. There are good days for Mochi—when he gets to eat ice cream, when he gets to snuggle with his Mami, when he gets to play with his dog friend Ben at the park. And there are the bad days for Mochi—when it’s raining, when he has to spend time alone, when he has to go to the vet (although to be fair, it doesn’t seem like that’s a great day for the vet either). 

Even though Gené had been dreaming for years of a black pug, she took one look at Mochi and knew that he was the one. Mochi knew it too. And then he threw up on her. (He vomits easily, especially when there is a change in his environment.) 

Living With Mochi is a realistic portrayal of life with a beloved pet. There are boundary issues, they beg you for food (their own as well as yours), they sit on your lap as well as your laptop, they sleep on your feet or your head or your face. (I may know a little about this type of relationship. He’s an orange cat with all the cuteness, but the way he rules our household is very much like how Mochi rules his.) But isn’t that what pet ownership is all about? The love that warms your heart and heals you from the pain and indignities of life? 

Living With Mochi is a celebration of the love we share with our pets and the light they bring to our lives. This charming book is a perfect gift for pug lovers especially, but all pet lovers can relate to these stories. And Mochi really is cute. He will steal your heart, just like he did Gené’s. 

Egalleys for Living with Mochi were provided by Andrews McMeel Publishing through NetGalley, with many thanks.
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These book has an adorable cover. I am not a dog owner but understood the jokes in this book from exposure to other peoples dogs and their stories of dog ownership. Cute story.
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An adorable and humorous look at life with a truly special dog.  Although this book was aimed for Pug lovers, many of the situations portrayed are universal for dog lovers.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book for review.
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Living With Mochi by Gemma Gené is a light, off-the-wall comics collection about a very human-like dog and his humans. I liked this book, though some of the jokes seemed a little repetitive, and I will always be down for giving silly animal shenanigans a read. As a fellow pet owner, I related to many of these humorous observations and would probably enjoy reading more about life with Mochi at some point.
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This book got archived suddenly before I could download, I will be unable to review the book. If I get a chance to read the book, I will update the review
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If you are a lover of dogs this is a comic compilation for you! 

With the sweetest and softest tone, Gemma Gené shares with us her love story with her beautiful Pug dog, Mochi.

An illustrated insight to what it means to be a dog owner, understanding how the little and crazy things are the truest representation of love and wellbeing.

Excellent for all ages and thoes looking to have a fast and cute read!
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A collection of comics about a pug named Mochi, his humans, his likes, and his dislikes.

A fun collection of comics about dog ownership life and what a dog is likely thinking. Several of these made me laugh out loud. Anyone who has had a dog, been around dogs any amount of time, or just likes occasionally looking at pictures of dogs should find something to enjoy in this book. A fun all ages comic about a pug with a lot of personality.

Notes on content: A few pages show Mochi barfing. One page Mochi points out to another male dog that certain parts of his anatomy are missing. Mochi likes to follow his owners to the bathroom when they are showering or using the toilet, but the humans are strategically positioned behind the shower curtain or clothing.

I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A delightful collection of comics chronicling the relationship of cartoonist Gemma Gené and her pug Mochi. The art is simple but adorable, and the trials and tribulations of living and loving Mochi will be familiar to any pet owner. Perfect for dog lovers and those who enjoy lighthearted humor.
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I don't even know what to say about this. Well 5/5 stars at least.
This was just such a funny, cute, and lighthearted read. 
And like mochi was hilarious and reminded me of my cat. 
I shall provide some images and hope that they work.

First, this IS my cat. Whenever I'm reading a book a physical book she comes and lays her head on the book, on my hand, or sits on the book :p And when I'm reading an ebook on my laptop, well this leads into the next photo.
<img src=""/>
So yes, whenever I am on my laptop SNICKERS comes and sits on like the trackpad or whatever and just makes it impossible to read or do homework. Speaking of homework, she loves sitting on my notebooks and homework :p
<img src=""/>
Next, whenever I get food, snickers has to come over and sniff it or lick it. Well, she never actually eats it buttttt it's the same concept.
<img src=""/>
These next ones are actually actually my cat. Okay, she doesn't really sleep on my head, but she tangles my hair? I used to always find her in my laundry basket. She loves sitting or sleeping on my clothes like if I leave a hoodie on the floor. SEE on top of any paper. Yep, of course on my lap. YES WHENEVER WE ARE GOING SOMEWHERE SHE GOES IN OUR SUITCASES AND BECOMES SUPER ATTENTION SEEKING CAUSE SHE KNOWS WE ARE LEAVING. or she does the complete opposite and ignores us cause she is petty and mad.  Yup, the laptop again. 
<img src=""/>
<img src=""/>
okay and this one is just perfection and funny 
<img src=""/>

sooooo I highly recommend this because it was so entertaining and umm if you like dogs or CATS. alsooooo this reminds me of a book I once read called my pet human? 
oh yes, [bookcover:My Pet Human|22718720]

(all of the links are photos so check my review on goodreads if you want to see it-->
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This book without a doubt MY FAVORITE. This book is so freaking adorable. I love MOCHI. CAN I HAVE A MOCHI IN MY LIFE TOO :( this book makes me mushy. I kept smiling while reading this book. This book will make you realize that we should enjoy/celebrate our small achievements. We should find light even in darkest of days, At the end all that matter is hope. 

Thank you Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book and to provide a copy in return of an honest review,
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Happy Publication week! Available THIS TUESDAY March 6th! 

This graphic novel was absolutely ADORABLE and so relatable! We have a pug named Mr. Bojangles aka “Bobo” so I found myself LOLing at almost every single page of this sweet little book. ( See my Bookstagram @greeneyedgirl0704 link in the link tree in my bio for our Happy Publication wishes & Happy Easter picture to see him in all his glory.)

“Living with Mochi” is for dog lovers everywhere, it’s not just about Pugs, but if your dog has a quirky, one-of-a-kind personality I guarantee that you will see them within these pages! 

🐶 Does your dog think that they should eat their food AND get to share yours?

🐶 Would your dog say that the most valuable item in the house is the refrigerator?

🐶 Does your dog paw you for attention and casually ( or maybe more adamantly) remind you that they REALLY want a piece of that cookie? Sandwich? Potato Chip?

🐶 Do you feel bad about moving or getting up because your dog is asleep or comfortable on top of you?

🐶 Does your dog look at other pets like they’re below them and think that they are human? 

🐶 Does your dog find the pill in all types of food no matter how well you disguise it?

If so, this book is just MIGHT be for you. Pass it around the family, and even give it as a gift for a dog-lover that you know because this one is a hoot!!!!

5 ⭐️!

Thank you to Gemma Gene, Netgalley & Andrews McMeel Publishing for the advanced e-arc of this book.
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It was a funny and cute graphic novel. I saw my dog in several moments in this story because she acts the same as Mochi (she is not a pug haha). 
I appreciate each image in this book, you can see the love that the author has for her dog. I would love to see more of Mochi <3
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Thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing and to the NetGalley for opportunity to read this comic book!
It tells us story about Mochi’s life: how he was adopted, about his Mami and Papi, and other people that he likes, what he generally likes, sleep patterns, favourite food and about things that he dislikes.
This was so cute and funny. Adorable pug Mochi is what you need after a stressful day at work/school. It will be very pleasing and relatable for all dog owner. Artwork is so cute and very suitable to the story
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Cute, funny and relatable.
Mochi rules! 😎
My partner and I adopted two dogs five years ago, and I've seen many similarities between Mochi and them. Also I identify quite a lot with the author. My partner and I can remember all the dogs' names but we struggle to remember their humans' names 🙈.

Publication date: April 6th, 2021. You can pre-order the e-book and paperback.

Thanks to NetGalley, Andrews McMeel Publishing, and the author, Gemma Gene, for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This was delightful! It was like a love letter to Mochi in comic form. As someone who is obsessed with their dog I found this to be funny and very very relatable. Mochi and my English Bulldog, Lady Gwen, have a lot in common. A must read for dog lovers!
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All the comics are finny and quite cute, and at only 2-3 panels each they're easy to read when you have downtime and want something to read in short intervals.
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Oh this was so much fun!!! Made me miss the days when we had a dog [but not enough to actually get another dog!! THIS is much better - living vicariously through someone else! YAY! NO dog poop to clean up! LOL] and there was always someone to cuddle with!! 
Gemma Gene is a gifted illustrator and her first-hand knowledge of what being a pet owner is all about makes this such a fun and real read. I was sad when it ended [and immediately went and found her on Insta so I could have more Mochi] and look forward to more books about this adorable pug and his Mami and Papi!! 

Thank you to NetGalley, Gemma Gene, and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Living With Mochi is a super cute collection of comics about Gene's pug Mochi. Mochi is a very dramatic and loved pug and it shows the relationships, adventures, and mishaps he is part of.

The artwork is clean and inviting, with a cutsie flair that will draw in young readers as well. A great addition that will add some feel-good wholesomeness to any collection.
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This book was sent to me as an ARC on NetGalley. However all opinions are of my own/
This book was an easy 5 star for me. I felt every single word. Having a pug myself I was able to relate to everything that was expressed. It really does show how much our dogs mean to us.
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This is a cute and fun book. It looks like having a dog is a lot like having a cat. I liked the illustrations.

I recieved an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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