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Lo siento, this review is sooooo late, but I’m finally catching up with everything I lost track of this summer. 

Jules is a fairly typical Catholic school kid: he plays soccer, has a great friend group, and is trying to get into a good college. Because of his strict homophobic father, coming out is not an option, which is why Jules plans to wait until college. 

But plans don’t always go as… planned. Luckily, Jules has support from his friends and his older sister and his Twitter crush Mat, a Vietnamese-American teen who lives in Los Angeles. The two boys talk all the time, but falling in love with someone who lives fifteen hundred miles away is completely bananas, right? They’ve never even met in person! 

There’s a strong cast of secondary characters, and quite frankly, I would read a spinoff with most of those kids. I have a special place in my heart for Lou, whose voice I could hear based solely on written words.  

And how could I not mention Mat? Even though he’s not a POV character, he’s still an integral part of the book. He’s an amazing boyfriend—supportive and caring—I loved the way he and Jules shared their respective cultural background with each other.  

This book is an homage to a Latinx adolescence in Texas. The characters frequently lapse into Spanglish, and the descriptions of food had me ready to hop on a plane. This native Californian even smiled at Jules hating on In N Out. 

Okay, I’m going to try to keep this vague to avoid spoilers, but as a mom, I appreciated the conversations about safe sex. Sure, kids learn about all that in health class, but it’s always refreshing to see it modeled in the media they consume. 

I would absolutely recommend Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun. There’s some pretty heavy content with Jules’ accidental (self) outing, but there are plenty of lighter moments, like the constant banter with Jules and his friends. Jules’ “St. Caucasian” description of his school’s soccer opponents has lived in my head since I first read this book; it makes me smile all the time. Jonny Garza Villa is an amazingly talented author, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. 

I received a digital ARC of this book from Skyscape/NetGalley.
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This book was everything I wanted and more. Can't believe I've waited so long to read it but I'm glad I finally did! My heart is warm and I don't even know what to say other than beg you to give this one a chance, I'm obsessed with Jules and Mat, they're now one of my favorite characters.
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I really enjoyed this book! I had no idea what it was going to be about going into it but I absolutely adored it.

The story follows Jules, a gay Latino teenager who accidentally comes out on Twitter during a drunken night. He also meets another gay teen his age online and they form an instant connection! Jules is also dealing with stuff like college apps, a disapproving father, and being miles away from his only online gay friend.

I really loved the friend group in this story. I am always a SUCKER for Found Family, and the way this character finds family in his best friends and sister. I don't know which one of his friends I like more!

I also really enjoyed how this story covered online dating and long-distance relationships. The main character and love interest met over Twitter, and I feel like it's becoming more and more common to meet up with friends that we've met over the Internet. I love how this book tackled this experience!

I didn't give the book 5 stars because of a few minor things. The main character gets into a fight with his best friend for a stupid reason imo. And the main character also has a hard time trusting his boyfriend with the problems in his life (this is so hard for me to understand bc I go to my boyfriend with all my problems lol). And also, the end trailed a little too long for me.

Overall, I really recommend it!
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This was a different type of read for me as this was my first foray into a LGBTQ novel. I have many friends in the community and support it wholeheartedly so I figured I would check this one out!
Julián Luna has a plan for his life: Graduate. Get into UCLA. And have the chance to move away from Corpus Christi, Texas, and the suffocating expectations of others that have forced Jules into an inauthentic life.

Then in one reckless moment, with one impulsive tweet, his plans for a low-key nine months are thrown—literally—out the closet. The downside: the whole world knows, and Jules has to prepare for rejection. The upside: Jules now has the opportunity to be his real self.

Then Mat, a cute, empathetic Twitter crush from Los Angeles, slides into Jules’s DMs. Jules can tell him anything. Mat makes the world seem conquerable. But when Jules’s fears about coming out come true, the person he needs most is fifteen hundred miles away. Jules has to face them alone.

Jules accidentally propelled himself into the life he’s always dreamed of. And now that he’s in control of it, what he does next is up to him.

I love coming of age stories and I loved Julians story and how it propelled him forward by making that tweet that he initially thought would hinder him, but landed up being a step into a authentic life that he greatly wanted for himself. Mat was a very cute character as well and a great compliment to Julian. 
I really enjoyed this one. It was fast read and it was nice to open myself up to reading a different genre than I am used to.
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This book was alright but unfortunately, I didn't connect with this book like I wanted to. I didn't love it and at times, I wanted to get to the end quickly. Now, I feel like it might be because I wasn't in the best mood when I read this. However, this book follows Jules a teenage boy who came out with a tweet and has to figure out how to handle his father who was to say the least not happy with his son. Jules also has a long distance crush with a boy living in L.A. and that was cute.

(Thank you for letting me read and review an ARC via Netgalley)
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What can I say about this book? What can I say more strongly than I LOVED IT BEYOND MY LOVE FOR CAKE AND ICE CREAM. And that's saying something cause I'm a fatty. It was AMAZING.

I loved the characters (except for Jules' dad) and immediately fell in love with Jules and Mat. Like legitimately read the book with constant heart eyes because I just wanted everything for them. They were ones that you cheered for and just wanted them to make it and not fail. I loved Jules' friends who had a good amount of appearances and loved how supportive they were of him. And last but not least the family that supported him, that was just wonderful.

And Mat, oh Mat. I absolutely loved Mat. And his family. And his friends (what little we experienced of them).

Above all else, I loved Jules' and Mat's relationship. That absolutely blossomed out of adversity. It brought back so many memories of my own chatting with other LGBTQ people and making possibly real connections that because of this book, made me wonder whether any of those would've worked out had they been followed through and what they would've been like. Hindsight you know?

There was so much I loved about this book but when Jules and Mat meet, that moment, that scene, will live in my mind forever. It was simply beautiful and I teared up.

Aside from it making me want to get better with Spanish (it seriously put my 1 semester of Spanish to the test), it is one that I know I'll be revisiting time and time again and book talking to anyone within earshot.
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An unexpectedly hard hitter. As someone who's been in a long distance relationship (further even than Mat and Julián) I know the ache of that. I was really happy to see the boys get their happy ending. I also appreciated the journey of coming out in this - it happens differently for everyone. And as much as queer people deserve happy endings and gentle stories, they deserve to know they're not alone in their pain, either.
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What a debut! I LOVED this book. The characters that the author molded were so real and so fresh. I loved this world and couldn't stop cheering them on.
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this is definitely one of my favorite books that i've read this year!!! the characters were so relatable and acted and conversed like regular teenagers without feeling forced or cringey like a lot of other YA contemporaries out there. it was also really cool to see the author include many "gen-z" and pop culture references and fitting them so seamlessly into the story.
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This book is Peak Teen.

Jules accidentally outs himself while drunk, and he is immediately thrown into a whirlwind of family relations and friendships changing, a budding romance, all with a heavy sprinkle of finding out what his future will hold.

This was a challenging read on a few fronts for me, at least in the beginning. There's some heavy homophobia, but the one thing I really struggled with initially was how incredibly teen it was written. You know how some YA books almost feel like they're written by adults, for adults? This feels like it's written by teens, for teens. In a good way, though! Like that is some serious skill, and it works incredibly well. For a while I struggled with it because I had a hard time understanding a lot of the thought processes of Jules given that it's been a minute since I was 17, but once I realised that was the problem and it was just that the book was that kind of well-written it wasn't as much a problem as a luxury. It's a whole different beast to read a YA book that actually feels teen, you know?

So anyway, the romance didn't quite work for me. A lot of the time it felt onesided, like one was practically the others' therapist and had to accept some real shitty behaviour from their partner (doooon't just completely refuse to talk to your partner because you're mad at yourself!! this was one of the Very Teen things I had to rewire my brain a lil' for while reading this, and looking at it from an outside perspective I totally get the teenage thinking here, but as an adult it just sat very badly with me) but I am here for the realistic safe sex and discussions thereof! YA in general seems to shy away from that a lot, but not this one. An actual gem.

My favourite, though? All the siblings. Both Jules's sister (who I will protect until the day I pass) and Mat's were just.. *chef's kiss*. Absolutely the responsible adults this world needs who will protect and raise their siblings with love and respect. I loved them so much.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This book was so good. Honestly I quickly fell in love with Jules and Mat. I loved how the author incorporated Spanish and Vietnamese into the story. Also living in Texas I loved all the subtle references to HEB and Whataburger. I worried for a bit that this book might not have HEA but I'm so glad it did. Yes, this book deals with tough topics like homophobia and being rejected by your family but the author handled it well while keeping it realistic. I'm recommending this to everyone I know.
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I have heard nothing but good things about Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun. 
Unfortunately, my copy didn't work well on my kindle. I listen to my books via text to speech and for some reason, this book would stop every two pages. It was painful so I quit. 
Someday I will buy it off Amazon and try again.
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Heartwarming and heartbreaking in all of the best ways. I found myself laughing and crying while reading this book. This is a beautiful book and is definitely one that I will be adding to a re-read list. Thank you, Jonny Garza Villa for introducing us to this story.
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Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book. 

Wow. That’s all I can really say about this book because there aren’t any words that could describe how this book made me feel. I went into Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun knowing that I’d likely love it, but I wasn’t sure just how much. And boy am I in love with this book! 

I saw in a review that this book is described as Simon meets One Day at a Time and that’s when I knew that this book would be something else. One Day at a Time is my favorite tv show that had meant a lot to me for so long and this book brought all of the feelings that I have for this show, all of the love and emotions, and made me feel things I didn’t realize I could feel for something else. All of the characters, their friendships and their love for each other warmed my heart and made me feel as though I was their friend myself, as if they were all real. 

I laughed, I cried, I had the time of my life. I fully expected this book to break my heart but instead it warmed it. Jules means so much to me, more than I could’ve expected. Mat was everything I could’ve wished for in a book character. And how they work together, their dynamic, just fills my heart with so much joy.
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I am the not target audience for this book... as a white mom to two LGBTQIA daughters this book broke my heart in so many ways. Seeing homophobia and abuse represented in a different way that what we normally see (Christian/Female) it was very eye opening. Even with all the heartbreak it is a very hopeful, it's gets better read.  The  authors note on triggers was amazingly done, you can 100% tell its from someone who understands the importance.  One of my favorite books of 2021.
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One of my favorite books of the year. A perfect depiction of teenagehood and desire. I loved the characterization and was really moved by how the author managed to capture the highs and lows of long-distance relationships in the 21th century. full RTC
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This book can have my whole heart 🥺 this book is precious, heartwarming, funny, frustrating, relatable to many, and just so dang good and incredibly important with amazing representation. 

The two precious cinnamon roll characters meet on Twitter and soon become inseparable, messaging and video chatting daily. Their feelings develop and they want to be together. They both are muddling through the murky waters of young adulthood including figuring out where they want to go to college, who they want to be, navigating difficult family dynamics, all while figuring out what they mean to each other and how they can continue doing it all together. 

I flew through this book and it’s one that will stay with me and be in my top favorites probably forever ❤️

I highly encourage looking into the CW’s of this book before beginning as there is some pretty heavy content and may be triggering to some.

In summary, read this book ASAP. It deserves all of the attention and praise ❤️
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teen fiction, queer interest, Latinx non-binary author (closeted Latinx gay boy from Corpus Christi TX meets Vietnamese gay boy from Los Angeles on Twitter, and they are just about the cutest long-distance couple ever)

I received an egalley of this from netgalley but wasn't able to download/open it, so had to wait a couple extra months for my library to receive it from the vendor. So this was a long-anticipated read, and I am so glad I finally got to read it!

The characters are instantly likeable and they provide a welcome dose of humor and sarcasm throughout. Parts of the story are partly drawn from the author's own experience (according to the preface), and all of it feels very real, especially the trauma of coming out to a (sometimes violent) father who will not accept that his son is gay.

Very sweet story full of (thankfully) very supportive friends. Recommended.
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I was expecting to enjoy this, but I didn't expect to have this many feelings about it. I cried, I laughed out loud, it was such a good read.

Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun follows Julián, a Chicano teen who accidently outs himself on a drunken night out with his friends. His friends are supportive but he struggles to get accepted by his homophobic and abusive father.
Despite a group of supportive friends, he struggles to find belonging in his hometown, especially with the expectations and homophobic beliefs held by his abusive father and the harassment he faces from other students after his coming out. Leaving behind the pain of hiding his truth for so long, Julian begins to accept himself. The exuberance he feels as this acceptance unfolds is so moving and the writing brings the reader into the character’s thoughts and emotions as the story progresses.
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4.5 stars, wow what a book! Villa was able to tell an amazing story with an ease of light-heartedness that's rare to find
  I thought both of our protagonists had distinct, relatable personalities.  Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun is a great publication for the LBGTQ+ community!
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