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The Financial System Limit

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A very good book about the financial system. How debt works. How debt works and has worked for and against various countries at various times. Highly recommended!
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One of the most fascinating book I've ever read ! It is like a travel in time, the numerous extracts of letters  from well introduced legendary people is cleverly linked to our emotions, as a reader. 
I am recommending this book, and will, It is a must in one's library and to be transmitted to next generations.
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<i>The Financial System Limit</i> is a provocative and concise work of macroeconomics that wrestles with the toll that private and public debt have on economic output. The author David Kauders is clearly an interesting, heterodox thinker. After describing what he sees as the problems of debt (in terms of the wasted economic activity on interest payments and subsequent deflationary pressures), he offers a few marginal solutions for moving forward to a radically different political economy beyond debits and credits. 

It was interesting to read a contrarian take on debt, especially given the current popularity of MMT. Kauders criticisms of MMT and Piketty's work are interesting. However, I would have liked to have seen greater depth on all issues in the book. The work races through too many weighty, complex issues without providing the rigorous examination they require. It makes the arguments and ideas of the work appear a little underdeveloped. Additionally, the work is written at a level where readers must have prior exposure to financial and economic terminology.
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