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I love how the book is broken down as it makes it easy to follow and understand. The 20 codes prompt a reader to think about how she can live her best life! The codes aren't new but they are great reminder to women on what we can do and what we should do to better ourselves as we work towards breaking those glass ceilings that are in our way! I love this book!
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The Woman Code is an easy to read guide for women that disperses great advice on how to relate well to yourself and others. It's an inspiring read that provides truths. It takes real-life situations the author has experienced (which I value in a self-help type book) and gives practical guidance on strategies and ways to resolve issues.

The book is divided into four groups of codes: Personal Codes, Emotional Codes, Spiritual Codes, and Professional Codes. Each code is introduced by great quotes/sayings/proverbs as a way to introduce the reader to the topic; my favourite being 'never cut, what you can untie' which relates to relationships.

I read this book cover to cover and found it slightly frustrating that codes featuring towards the end of the book are mentioned at the beginning. For me, the order of the codes could be re-organised a bit better. However, this is a minor gripe and the book works well for re-reading and also dipping in and out of.

From the outset Sophia A. Nelson makes reference to her Christian faith, which some people may find annoying. It doesn't dominate the book and shouldn't put anyone off; I didn't mind it and appreciated her 'setting her stall out'. I highly recommend this book, the advice is topnotch and is helpful to any female of any age. I wish I had read it as a younger women, but with more life experience I found it a useful way to self-reflect.
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I’ve read a lot of books on how to reach your ultimate “best-self” and this is another one designed for women. With 20 tips, you are given a guide to tackle to toughest on journeys. This was pretty good if you’re looking for something quick.
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Sophia Nelson gives women a code to live and be true to themselves and i learnt so much from these codes. What i liked were some tips she gave to unlock these codes
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This was a pretty okay book. It didn't give me any new information or really give me that many thoughts on it.
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I feel this book was written for me by learning how to put yourself first so you can love yourself and become a better person. This is a set of principles that should help women take control over their own lives from their wellbeing to their career, family and friends.
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Sophia A. Nelson gives women a lot to think about in this self-help book.   How to navigate better through our lives even during the pandemic.   We learn about relationships with family and friends and how to put yourself first so you can be a better partner, mother and friend to others.  Also talks about success in business and other aspects of your life.   Really enjoyed it!
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A book worth reading,

this is a collection of principles that should help women take control over their lives, from their wellbeing to their, to their career, family and spiritual life. The author focuses a lot on intentional living, on how one can start knowing herself better, building confidence, being brave, knowing her own value and doing the work in building a set of values that will simply make life easier.

In essence, to me, this was a book about boundaries, without the idea of boundaries being mentioned. Each principle is close related to this, from knowing ones value, from cutting people out of ones life if the relationship is not positive, to having difficult conversations. I liked how balanced and pragmatic the ideas were on these matters.

At the beginning this book was a happy surprise. I feel this is geared toward a mature audience, to women already having a career as the answers one should find here are for women already on the workforce, starting a family and balancing a complex life. At times there is some redundant talk and I wish the exercises were integrated in each chapter instead of being at the end, it would have seemed more of a guide than a lecture, which at times it feels like.

All in all this is a book worth reading, there are many insights one reaches only after a lot of introspection and so many of them are great starting points for one to examine her own life and move forward, better.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Are you looking for a book on female empowerment? Do you need to help building up your confidence and discovering your value? If so, then this book is for you.

The Woman Code is made up of twenty codes that are designed to prompt the reader into thinking about how to live her life in a more fulfilled manner. A few examples of her codes include choosing your thoughts and words wisely and making peace with your past. While these codes and topics may not be revolutionary, Nelson's delivery of them can be helpful to her readers struggling with these topics.

I rated this book a 2/5 because I found that I did not relate to the religious aspects in parts of the book and I also felt that we could have gotten more to the point.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my review
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Wow, I just loved this book. The advice is so sensible, concise and what anyone should be following. I really liked how the author gave anecdotes about her life and the codes and why they are so important. I have used some of the techniques already and they are really helping. A book all women should read!
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