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I am sorry for not reviewing fully but I don’t have the time to read this at the moment. I believe that it wouldn't benefit you as a publisher or your book if I only skimmed it and wrote a rushed review. Again, I am sorry for not fully reviewing!
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DNF I didn't realize going into this book that is was a sequel. The book kept referring to events in the previous book.  I didn't like the main character.  I just found her annoying.  Maybe if I had read the first book, I would have liked her more?   Maybe one day I'll read the first one and try this one again.
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This is my first book by Ellen -- and this book is not a sequel but Dana Barry first shows up in her book  - Love Sold Separately - I would not have known that without doing my research.  If you did not read the first book, no worries, this book makes it as a stand alone!  What's to love about this book -- everything!!  Cool storyline, lots of laughter and just the perfect book to put on your Summer TBR!!
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As I sat down to read this novel, I was expecting something along the lines of a cozy mystery but The Rooftop Party was so much more than that. It included elements of romance and also moral dilemmas by the protagonist which nicely came together in time for the satisfying conclusion.
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This was an entertaining book, although the characters were never quite believable. It would be a fun summer read.
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I don't generally relate to the main character, so I don't care if they're unlikable, and Dana is not endearing. She's a mess, but not a charismatic mess, just a mess. When she appeared to be a murderer, I didn't hold my breath, because she was too obvious (and I found out this is a series, which NetGalley doesn't mention). The real murderer was unlikely and brought in at the moment of reveal, when the murderer lingered while they discussed the whys and hows. Up until that point, the book was moving along swiftly, albeit with a mess of a main character (how does she have friends?), and even the last minute climax doesn't make it a dealbreaker. It's a fun read if you don't need clues / hints in a whodunit. I received a digital copy from the publisher Mira through NetGalley.
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Dana  Barry, how did I miss your first story?  This is actually the second in a three part series featuring the host of a home shopping show, but can be read and enjoyed on its on as I can cheerfully attest.  The over the top Dana who loves her cocktails and assorted drugs lives bigger and bolder and demands attention.  Attention she wishes she wasn’t getting when the Boss falls to his death.  So off she goes to discover the truth and we love her adventures along the way.  Not really a murder mystery, not really a rom com but a buzzy hybrid,  roll on book three!
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3 for neutral, didn’t realize it was same character as Love Sold Separately, which I had a hard time getting into.  Will definitely update, if able to get into both.
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Drunk and high, Dana Barry finds herself a possible killer. Accosted by a company party, the Shopping Channel host hopes to pitch an idea to the company's CEO, Ivan. He will accept her idea for the show's change - in exchange for sexual favors. She manages to escape his aggressive behavior, and promptly passes out. When she awakens, she is shocked to find that Ivan has fallen to his death. In fact, he was pushed.

The lead detective on the case is none other than Dana's boyfriend, Ari. Their relationship is already undergoing growing pains, and now that Dana just might be a suspect, their relationship is on a tight high-wire. Dana may have hated Ivan, but did she hate him enough to cause his death? Why can't she remember? Dana employs previously honed detective skills to find the killer, even if it means that she herself is responsible.

Having not read the first book in this series, I am just getting to know Dana. I admit that it was a little disconcerting to read of a character that freely mixed drugs and alcohol, so this would be a good place to put in a trigger warning in this review. 

Dana had a lot on her plate, even before Ivan's fateful fall, including a challenging relationship with her demanding father, and her current job and acting aspirations. With the murder and her investigations, Dana is more than overwhelmed, even if it meand alienating people in her life.

Since there is likely to be a third book in this series, I will at some point very soon read the first book, Love Sold Separately. Dana is an intriguing, real-life character, and with humor intermingled with mystery, this book, The Rooftop Party, proved to be an excellent read.

Many thanks to MIRA and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion,
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The Rooftop Party by Ellen Meister is an intriguing women’s fiction with a touch of suspense. The mystery, a corporate rooftop party that turns into Dana Barry’s biggest nightmare, is a background story to her trying to make a better life for herself. Dana is a feisty, wisecracking, weed smoker; traveling on a journey that is filled with laughter and a few tears along the way. 

Dana is the Shopping Channel’s most popular host, but things are about to turn sour when the company suffers from possible financial ruin. Dana comes up with an idea to save the company, but not everyone sees it that way. At the party, Dana gets into an argument with the CEO who is more interested in Dana than her ideas for the company. During a disagreement, Dana suddenly passes out. When she wakes up, she learns the CEO is dead after falling from the roof. Dana is frightened of what might have happened during the time she blacked out. She wonders if she could have killed the man. She decides to look into things, but she can’t let her police detective boyfriend, Ari Marks, know or it could compromise his job as well as her innocence. Dana has her new assistant, Ashlee St. Pierre, a former pageant girl from Tennessee help her in finding out what happened to Ivan Dennison, the CEO. 

Ms. Meister wrote a wonderful, emotional and heartwarming story that should not be missed. Although the murder mystery played a small part of the story, readers were kept on their toes as to who did it; I miss-guessed a number of times. This a tale was rich with chemistry, fun dialogue, strong friendships, and endearing characters giving Dana peace of mind with her job, a chance for a future with Ari and closure with the death.  I highly recommend The Rooftop Party to other readers. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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Grasped by the whodunit aspect of this story - I then realized that this is the 2nd book in a series. Yet, still can be read as a standalone.

Dana is the top seller on the Shopping Channel. She wants to pitch a line of skin wear to the CEO of the company. This, however, is with her supervisor's wariness. (Her supervisor, Eleanor, originally tried to pitch her line of skin creams). (The SAME product line that Dana wants to pitch).

Determined that at the company's rooftop party (to make this pitch to the CEO) Dana may not be prepared for what is ahead. She attends alone - without her boyfriend, Ivan. Soon after the party begins, the lights go out and the new CEO is pushed (?) off of the roof. 

A number of characters (if not all) present themselves as "not so perfect".

SO, whodunit???

Many Thanks to Harlequin/MIRA for a very good read!!!
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This book is a crossover between a cozy mystery and a rom com and just an overall good time. Dana can be a bit much at times and she makes some questionable choices but she is mostly just a zany character that you can't help but root for. Meister did a great job of balancing the mystery with Dana's chaotic personal life. This book is 336 pages but it flew by because there is so much going on. There was a lot of different sub plots that I enjoyed but I have to say that I really loved all the parts of the story that had to do with The Shopping Channel. I haven't watched much home shopping tv before but this book felt very realistic and gave me a whole new appreciation for anyone in that career. The Rooftop Party is the second book in the Dana Barry series and while things are referenced that happen in the first book I am still intrigued enough that I want to go back and read it. I do have to give some trigger warnings for sexual harassment, being drugged, miscarriage, and a toxic parent. This book is light and fun but it does touch on those topics so please be aware. If you are looking for the perfect summer read then I think this book is a real contender. Especially if you are fan of romance and mystery like I am.
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THE ROOFTOP PARTY is a slow burn murder mystery/rom-con that I was instantly hooked on from the very first page. It’s been a long time since I read a Ellen Meister book. I have no excuses as to why, just too many books to read I suppose. Once I started THE ROOFTOP PARTY I was kicking myself for waiting so long to revisit one of my longtime favorite authors. The pages are filled with mystery and twists and turns you never see coming. Don’t you love when an author can hook you, throw you on an emotional roller coaster and then spit you out at the end? You just sit there wondering what the heck just happened! That is exactly what happened to me while reading THE ROOFTOP PARTY.

THE ROOFTOP PARTY is filled with twists and turns and had me staying up way too late one night to finish! It is very easy to follow and I really enjoyed Ellen’s writing. The story does drag just a bit, but overall, I really enjoyed it. The plot of THE ROOFTOP PARTY is excellent but also crazy. I was instantly pulled in to the story and couldn’t wait to see how it ended. The situation Dana gets into is so unbelievable but you can’t help but feel for her. Nothing good ever comes out of drinking and Dana’s troubles are exactly what I mean! THE ROOFTOP PARTY is insanely good! More like a train wreck where you know that looking at it isn’t going to be good but you can’t tear your eyes away!

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Netgalley. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
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I had never read any books by Ellen Meister before but as soon as I read the blurb and the murder mystery aspect of it - I was excited to get my hands on it. This was such a fun read and could easily be great for a summer beach read as it could be seen as both a mystery and rom-com in some ways. I felt that the interactions between Dana and Ari were handled really well and done in a very realistic manner, which made their relationship super easy to root for. I did realize part of the way in (and checked) that this is a sequel, but I don't think having not read that book impacted my reading or experience at all - and I'm not sure if I would go back to read the previous book as I really enjoyed this one on its own. The plot moved along really fast and I loved Meister's writing, it just made it one of those books that I had a hard time putting down since I was really enjoying it and wanted to know what was going to happen.
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Readers first met Dana Barry in Ellen Meister’s 'Love Sold Separately' and she's back in this novel The Rooftop Party. Dana is the Shopping Channel’s most popular host but it's in financial difficulty though Dana has a few ideas to hopefully rectify this. At their corporate rooftop bash to celebrate twenty-five years on air, she heads over to the CEO, Ivan Dennison to talk about a potential new skincare line but he is more interested in her than her suggestions. The next Dana knows of the event is that she passed out, but later learns that Ivan's body was found on the pavement below.

The Rooftop Party is a delightfully blended rom-com with a mystery that results in a highly entertaining read. The characters are interesting and I found Dana fun and feisty as she strove to figure out what happened to Ivan with the help of her funny new assistant Ashlee St. Pierre, a former pageant girl from Tennesee. I also enjoyed the company of Dana's New York City homicide detective boyfriend, Ari Marks.

The plot moved along at a steady gallop, and I enjoyed the backstage glimpses at a tv shopping channel. I didn't read the first book in the series, but I intend to grab a copy though you will still enjoy The Rooftop Party and won't be lost if, like me, you have yet to read book #1. I really hope there is a third book in the offing!

A special thank you to MIRA Books and the author for a complimentary copy of this novel at my request received via NetGalley. This review is my unbiased opinion.
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Okay, I'm just gonna say that I somehow missed that this was second in a series when I picked it up, and I didn't realize that I'd tried the first and it wasn't for me. Nevertheless, I already had this one, so I may as well give it a go, right? What I found is that I'm still not crazy about Dana, but I did find her more likable this time around, and for those who haven't read book one, the author does recap, so you won't be lost. I also liked the premise here, and I did find myself getting caught up in the whodunit. That's a bit of a slow burn, but I enjoyed trying to guess the killer's identity as clues trickled in. All in all, The Rooftop Party held my interest and I did not guess the killer til right before the reveal, and by then, we've pretty much got a whole picture of them, so the author did keep me guessing.
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If you are someone who enjoys watching the home shopping networks, Ellen Meister's novel The Rooftop Party is a must-read for you. It's the second novel featuring Dana Barry, a successful host on the Shopping Channel, who once again finds herself in the midst of a death at the network.

At a party for the Shopping Network staff,  Dana tries to convince Ivan, the new CEO, that her idea of selling a new skin care line is a great idea. Ivan wants to eliminate all the fashion product lines, the bread-and-butter of the Shopping Channel, and sell only electronics. This idea panics the staff as they assume most of their jobs will be eliminated.

As Ivan is hitting on Dana, and grabbing her, the lights suddenly go out and Ivan's body is found on the sidewalk below. Dana doesn't know what happened as someone put something in her drink, and all she remembers is someone pulling her away before she passes out.

Dana's boyfriend, police detective Ari, is called to the scene to investigate. Dana is desperate to find out what happened; what if she was the one who pushed Ivan over the edge? She must find out what Ari knows.

She turns to her assistant Ashlee, a former beauty contestant from Tennesee, to help her uncover what happened at the roof party. Ashlee is my favorite character in the book, she is such a hoot. She always has a hilarious way of saying things- such as "she squeezes a quarter so tight the eagle screams". Ashlee is one smart cookie, and always up for a scheme. She's Ethel to Dana's Lucy.

Another thing I enjoyed was Dana finding a great deal on an apartment on the West Side of Manhattan. When she saw how fabulous it was and what a steal it was, she snatched it up without consulting Ari, even though he would be moving in with her. That infuriated Ari, but as someone who lives in Manhattan, I know Dana made the right decision. You do not wait if you find a good apartment, that is rule number one.

The Rooftop Party is a rom-com mixed with a mystery that adds up to a highly entertaining read. I truly enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at a shopping channel, even though I don't usually watch them on TV. The characters are interesting, the plot moved along, and even though I felt the ultimate reveal of the murderer was a bit of a letdown, it is still a terrific book. I didn't read the first book in the series, Love Sold Separately, but I am going to buy it because I like these characters so much. (You will not be lost if you didn't read the first one.) I hope there is a third book coming; who knew working at the Shopping Channel was so dangerous?

Thanks to Harlequin for putting me on their Summer 2021 Women's Fiction Tour.
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I don't know why I struggled to like the main character so much. This book was cute, had all the right things in it. I am not sure if it was because I didn't read the first book so I lost some development? That being said, I would still give this 3.5 stars. 

Dana is a star! A very flawed selfish star, but a star. Life is turning around for her. She has the role, she has the job, she has the guy. Yet she somehow manages to sabotage it all. She wants it all, she wants it all on her terms even if she isn't going about it the right way. She was definitely hard to like.

The mystery itself though was great! When we find out who, it all comes together. I am happy the author steered well away from the obvious choices!

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC for review: all opinions are my own.
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I really loved this book! I wasn't sure what to expect when I started it, but as soon as I finished the first page, I was hooked. I haven't read the first book, and im not sure if I will, but I don't feel like that impacted my reading experience at all.

I'm the first to admit I don't like murder mystery type books. I can't stand characters who make dumb decisions, and i was slightly worried Dana would become one of them. Thankfully she didn't, and the murder mystery ended up being a much smaller plot point than I was expecting. When it did come up though, I loved it!

I also really loved the relationship between Ari and Dana. Sure, it was a teeny part of the book, but I still loved it. It was so nice to see a pair of adults act like adults, and actually talk about their feelings and communicate. The entire time I was rooting for them to resolve their problems, so the ending made me ridiculously happy.

The only reason this is getting 4 stars instead of 5 is because it lacked the emotional connection. I enjoyed reading it, but its not something that made me feel anything. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future books by this author though!

Thanks to Harlequin Publishing for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review!
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A fun premise with a horrible main character.

Dana is the Number One host on the Shopping Chanel, a temporary situation until she can be a star!  She channels all her acting talent into talking people into buying her wares. When a new owner takes over, there is a huge worry that the channel would end. During the company's rooftop party, Dana plans to pitch an idea that wild save the: skincare. But this boss doesn't care about ideas only unseeing if he can get lucky with her. She pushed off and make it clear she is not interested. Shortly after that she joins her friends and the lights go off and when they are raised, someone has pushed the new CEO off the roof. But Dana is unaware as she has blacked out. Now she needs the truth no matter where it leads.

I didn't like the main character. She made stupid decisions that just magically fixed themselves. Her boyfriend is a cop but every movement she laughs at his job by sneaking in places and breaking laws because she doesn't want to share the truth with him. I had no sympathy for her when she couldn't do a local play while doing her shopping channel job where she signed a contract stating she wouldn't. 

I enjoyed the mystery though. Ellen Meister weaves us through a variety of scenarios of who might have killed her boss. I personally had a guess and was glad the author did 't go for such an obvious choice. This was something I like, but we weren't given enough clues until the very end to figure out the actual killer. Make of that what you will. (I'm one of those that likes following clues to figure out the killer.)

Overall, this book is vapid and full of tropes. Not something I will ever reread.
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