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The synopsis does an absolutely fabulous job of letting you know what this book is about. Two adults, one a mother, the other a teacher, an ex-husband and a daughter. In some ways, it is the story of how the dynamics of a relationship can change over the course of time, it is also something much more special than that as well. 

Lou and daughter Edie are in for a fabulous time in Italy. Lou is a parent helper for the group led by Nick, conductor for the orchestra and choir. It soon becomes apparent that there is more to Nick's musical abilities that Lou realises. But, she is ordinary in comparison to him, untalented beside her daughter and ex-husband. 

During the course of the story, I began to realise how low Lou is when it comes to her perception of herself. She compares herself to those around her and finds herself coming up short. Nick has talent to spare but keeps it hidden, instead, he focuses his energies and his love for music on the children he teaches. 

To a certain extent, the story is about the adults finding themselves, or maybe finding confidence in themselves. The author definitely knows how to write chemistry between the characters, this is woven brilliantly into their stories and of those close to them. 

As well as the chemistry, the music, the fun, the food there are also some gorgeous description and not just of Nick! The scenery of lakes, mountains and general area is wonderful. There is a mention in the authors note about how she achieved the descriptions during the lockdown, well worth reading by the way.

A wonderful story that is a romance but is also about finding comfort in one's own skin, making up your mind to stop doubting and to take a risk or two. A gorgeous story that I read over a couple of sitting while sitting outside in the sun. It is one for fans of contemporary fiction and romance and one I would definitely recommend.
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I loved this story so much, such a heartwarming, romantic summer read. I escaped to Italy, to enjoy a music camp by Lake Garda. The descriptions, the food, the language, the music. It really felt like you were there. Music is of course central to the story. I don't think I will now be able to listen to Good Riddance by Green Day without thinking of Lou. The music throughout brought the story to life. Full of loveable characters, but my favourite is Nick, the music teacher. The only words I have to describe him is just wow. The chemistry just flies off the page. I loved my Italian escape. Just a delight to read. 

I was excited to learn there is a #ItalyEverAfter playlist on Spotify. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Boldwood Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Leonie Mack is very good at letting us taste a piece of Italy in this book. The descriptions of the landscapes are truly spectacular and vivid, and I felt like I was immersed in those beautiful places and able to smell and taste the local flavours.
Italy Ever After is a nice read of two people who have to learn to love and appreciate themselves before being able to be together. 
Music descriptions are magnificent and Edie is an added bonus to the story.
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This story is full of great characters and has a gorgeous backdrop of Northern Italy. It’s a wonderful warm-hearted read and I loved seeing Lou regain her self confidence as she supported her daughter, Edie on the music camp. The chemistry between Lou and Nick is brilliant, gently simmering away behind the music story and the writing, so emotional as both characters learn to move on from their respective pasts.
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Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC for my honest review. 

What a cute read! Perfect for the summer. It’s a great contemporary romance plus it’s set in the beautiful country of Italy! Lou and Nick were great characters and I loved their banter. At times I giggled out loud. Perfect if you are looking for a light summer RomCom to read on your deck or by the beach.

Thanks to Netgalley and Boldwood Books for the digital ARC! All my opinions are mine and I recommend picking this one up!
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I unfortunately was unable to finish this book. The cover and description attracted me to this book. I love Italy and thought this book would be a great take me back there story. My problem was Lou. Why did she have to be so self deprecating. It was very obnoxious. Also the age gap was continuously mentioned even though it was only 5 years difference.
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Italy Ever After was a nice easy read after a long stressful day but I never got very attached to the characters. Sarcasm was used a lot and it didn't always jump off the page and sometimes felt forced. Recommended easy read.
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I found Italy Ever After to be a nice read with some nice characters but felt there was something lacking. The book just didn’t really grab me and quite a lot of the book just dragged. Sorry but this wasn’t for me. Thank you to NetGalley, Boldwood Books and the author for the chance to review.
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I love Italy, it's a place I'm desperate to visit and Leonie brought it to life. 

I loved the main character Lou, she was really relatable. I loved watching her confidence rebuild. 

I devoured this book in a day, it was just what I needed to read on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. 

I love Leonies writing and this is the second book I've had the pleasure to read and review and I'm really excited to read some more.
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Unfortunaly I didn't really enjoyed this book. I wasn't drawn to the main characters and I just couldn't really like them. They are having a lot of struggles in their lives but  they aren't trying much to see their lives in another angle. They really frustrated me. Also I found the main female character Lou a bit dumb and this was not something I liked. But I really liked the fact that we travelled to Italy, I liked the nice descriptions and the story and the romance in this book is quite nice. I am giving the book a 3 stars out of 5.
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I was in search of a feel good holiday romance and this has definitely ticked some of those boxes. Mack had an absolutely wonderful way with words when describing the gorgeous Italian scenery. Italy is such a special place for me and her scene setting and the general premise of the novel was written beautifully. 

This was definitely an easy read and it gave me a perfect bit of escapism, however I didn’t love the characters and personally found the constant “age gap” references to be a bit dull considering there is only 5 years between the characters. Overall I’d recommend as a lovely book for by the pool or on the beach but the characters let it down for me slightly.
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In Italy Ever After, newly divorced mum & TV journalist Lou accompanies her talented 11-year-old daughter to music camp in Lake Garda, Italy with hopes of discovering her own untapped potential.  Between supporting her daughter and taking workshops on cheesemaking, Lou and hot music teacher Nick explore their attraction to each other. 

Leonie Mack is spectacularly skilled at crafting sexy, emotionally layered romances set in gorgeous, culturally rich locales.  Italy After After is the perfect read to kick off the summer!
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

Lou is not feeling her best, she’s just separated from her husband, she’s lost her confidence. But tries to remain positive for her daughter Edie. 

So, a chance to go to Italy with her daughter on a music camp, for a month, she’ll she’s more than happy to go. There with the change in surroundings and the stunning views of Lake Garda, slowly she starts to regain her normal self. 

Nick Romano, is her daughter’s teacher, he loves being back home. But being her and teaching the kids for the concert in Milan, for him brings back memories he’d rather forget. 

The summer camp is slowly coming to an end, as the time approaches to say goodbye to the  breath-taking scenery, gelato, will Lou and Nico say goodbye and leave their memories behind or has fate got something else planned?
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Italy Ever After by Leonie Mack is a fun, escapist read that will whisk you away to beautiful Lake Garda for a summer of romance.

Lou is still coming to grips with the emotional upheaval of a recent divorce when the opportunity arises to join her daughter Edie on a trip to Italy, where Edie will attend a music camp.  Lou soon becomes close to Edie's attractive teacher Nick, and the stage is set for romance.  But how will Lou cope when the holiday comes to its inevitable conclusion, and it is time to say goodbye?

While I was completely swept up in the virtual escape to beautiful Italy, I did find myself struggling a bit to fully immerse myself in the romantic storyline.  That being said, this book is a very pleasant diversion if you are looking for a bit of escapism.  3.5 stars

Many thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for an ARC.
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After the initial pages, I found myself not connecting with the story or characters, so I decided to pass on this book. Did not finish.
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I love Italy, so any book set there always draws my attention.  This story is about Lou, Edie and Nick.  Lou is just divorced from Phil, Edie's father.  Phil has always made himself feel superior by telling Lou she is talentless and useless.  So much, that she is now looking for her talent.  Edie plays the violin and has been accepted into music school when she leaves primary school.  Nick is her music teacher and has been coaching Edie and the school orchestra for a music camp and competition in Italy during the summer holiday.  Phil, in his style, has convinced himself that Lou is only encouraging Edie to make up for her own failings, not because Edie is talented and is reticent about the camp and music school, but is happy to give permission for the camp.
OK, that's the scene set, roll forward to the camp set in the beautiful Italian lakes.  Through Lou's attempts to find her talent, we get wonderful descriptions of Lake Garda and it's environs (I so want to go there)., the wonderful food and the people.  Without giving too much away, as the book progresses so does the relationship between Lou and Nick, but importantly, their relationships with themselves.  I would have read this in one hit if it wasn't for the fact that I ran out of battery.  It's a gorgeous book.
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Living and working in Italy, I absolutely loved seeing a romance that takes place here. Some of the books and movies that have done this in the past give off a fake vibe where you can tell the person has never been to Italy themselves. I was happily surprised to find this wasn't the case here, and resonated with the locations mentioned. And I also really liked that the book featured a main character who is a bit older than what you normally see, which added some additional emotional layers that I love to see in a good book. This is a great summer read especially.
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A good read which I finished in a couple of afternoons.

Loved the descriptions of places around Italy, at times I could really picture the scenery in my head and smell the olive groves. Conjured great memories of my time in Italy, hiking through the mountains, eating delicious handmade pasta, gelato and drinking fabulous wine.

Although there were definitely parts that dragged and started to feel a bit like flogging a dead horse. Yes, she has insecurities and so does he... neither of them feel good enough for the other, we get it. Hitting me over the head with it 100 times really isn't necessary. Other than that, it's a charming story of two people who learn to love and be loved.
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The first thing that drew me to this book was a cover it’s a cute and colorful. The storyline sounded good and I did enjoy this book. I really liked Lou but her constantly putting herself down got a little old. I liked Nick, he was a really nice guy, with some major issues from his past, but he became less timid when they were together. I love Edie and she treats her mother wonderful. I enjoyed reading about the landscape, the farm, the trails, all the sites, it really made you feel like you could see it in your mind. I wanted to hit Phil, wow what a jerk. Now the things I did not like was, I felt the story had so many slow parts to it and I kept thinking wow how much more of this book is there, and that’s not always a good thing to think when you’re reading a book. Then I got frustrated with the constant back-and-forth between Lou and Nick and I just was thinking, come on, get together already. I did love the ending and I’m always a sucker for a happily ever after. I was given this arc from  NetGalley for an honest review.
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Leonie Mack brought the promise of the exquisite italian setting alive. I enjoyed reading all her descriptions so much... the convent, the lake, the moutains, the food, the market! It felt so good to travel to Italy with her words and to dream of one day going there, enjoying the warmth of the italian morning sun on my face. I also really enjoyed the passion she wrote with about music: all those scenes were some of her strongest and offered a lovely addition to the story.

Lou, our modern romance heroine, travels to Italy following her daughter on her music camp and hoping this will be a journey where she finds her true self as well. She is struggling with her divorce and all the insecurities that life has given her over the years. She was a touching character, as despite feeling untalented and unworthy, she goes through life day by day and stands her own mostly for her daughter and thanks to the love they share.  Nick, the music theacher of said daughter will be there to help her see what she is unwilling to, and will be an overall sweet teacher (with a few struggles on his own).

If their romance was heartwarming (slow burn kind), i couldn't fully enjoy it. Until 80% of the story, their own personal struggles and the ex-husband being such an annoying human being stressed me out. After oh so many chapters, i was rooting for them but everytime something messed it up. They either got stuck in their own struggles or more annoyingly refused themselves any kind of bright future...

It was probably my fault for thinking this would be a breezy italian holiday romance and it turned out to be a romance with more pyschological layers. Leonie really wrote her characters feelings so well that it felt authentic and well thought but sometimes too overwhelming or too frustrating. I do enjoy reading those kind of romance as well but that was not what i needed. I was craving a romance holiday to take my mind of everything...

However, I think i will revisit this one later on when the world is right again as i really enjoyed Leonie's writing style and the authenticity of her characters and their journey.

This is a three and a half stars for me (what i enjoyed, i really loved but equally i really wasn't fond of some parts of the story).

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