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I enjoyed this book. It was full of questions and twists.  I was hooked,starting with the line, "She's not my mom".
Jess makes it her mission to solve the mystery and get herself in a heap of trouble in the process. A wild ride but is neatly and satisfyingly wrapped up in the end.
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I love books about relationships and this one is excellent.

I got so wrapped up in trying to figure out the ins and outs of everything and had to keep turning the pages.

The trauma detail is sensitively handled and adds to the understanding of the characters.

Well written and interesting book.
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I thought this book was ok, but certainly not the 'utterly addictive crime thriller packed with gripping twists' it was described as.  I do like a book that's told in different timelines, and this one has chapters titled 'now' and 'before' so that appealed to me, but I didn't like the main characters, Jess and Morag, or their unbelievable fascination with each other.  I wouldn't recommend this book.
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A brilliant plot and beautiful writing !! I though the author did a amazing job in telling her story !!! A great read !!
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Jess has had more than her share of emotional and physical health problems this last year and was still finding life very hard. While at the park with her young daughter, they meet Morag and her daughter Daisy. Daisy waits until her mummy is out of range of hearing her, before whispering to Jess, that Morag isn’t her mum. The little girl looks frightened, and Jess isn’t sure what to do now. She knows that she can’t just let the little girl go but can’t tackle Morag about it either.

A strange relationship begins between the two women, one desperate to fit in for her daughter to start school with children she knows and the other determined to dig into her new friend’s past. But poking the past becomes an obsession. The story is told in the present time, and a gruesome investigation by the police, and in the past with chapters from both women.

I liked how the author toyed with me, revealing little by little of the two women’s pasts. The intrigue of the present-day story had me racing through those pages to find out more about them both.

The story keeps that edginess throughout that had my heart pounding with the choices that they made. It is frustrating and heartbreaking in so many ways, with a brilliant storyline that will make you count your blessing. I constantly had mixed feelings about the characters in the story, but that is a human fault judging people before we know the truth.

I wish to thank the publisher and Net Galley for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.
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Have Been following M. A. Hunter since the missing children case files series which i loved so assumed i would like this one too and though i enjoyed the story and it junping from morag to jess was easy too follow there was just something about it that i struggled too get into it was a bit slow for me so has takem a while for me too get through it though it waa one of them books i was determined too finish as i wanted too know how it ended
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This thriller is paced at breakneck speed.
A psychological family thriller that takes your preconceptions and expectations and crushes them under perfect prose.

Must read.
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The Before and Now timelines in this story confused me at first but once I figured out the structure between the 2 characters and the present time, I was hooked on this complex story. I could never have imagined how it would all end, but a very satisfactory ending. I haven't read any other books by M A Hunter but will definitely look out for more. 
Thank you to Netgalley for providing an ARC
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3.5 stars. This was an enjoyable and suspenseful thriller full of secrets! Although a little predictable, there was a lot of action happening and it kept me intrigued to find out how it would all end.  The two women, Morag and Jess, who have just met are both hiding past trauma and secrets of their own but they find themselves deeply suspicious of each other, They make many assumptions about one another, which questions, are they full of paranoia or are they right to be weary?
This was a really suspenseful book that I found enjoyable and would recommend for anyone who likes a good, easy thriller to curl up with on a weekend :-)
Thanks to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK and One More Chapter for a copy of this book in return for my honest and voluntary review, I enjoyed it :-)
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3.5 stars

Jess - who lives in the London suburbs - has been wheelchair-bound for six months, since an epidural needle slipped and paralyzed her legs just before she gave birth to a stillborn son. Jess is still reeling from the double tragedy, but tries to keep life as normal as possible for her four-year-old daughter Grace. Thus Jess is watching Grace frolic at the playground when a little girl grasps the arm of Jess's wheelchair and nervously whispers "She's not my mum."

A moment later a fifty-something woman with a Scottish accent trots into view calling "Daisy? Daisy?" The woman apologizes to Jess for her daughter being a nuisance, and introduces herself as Morag. Grace and Daisy run off to play, the mothers start to chat, and they discover that Grace and Daisy will be starting school together next week.

Morag, apparently eager to help Daisy make friends, asks about arranging a playdate. She then says she's parched and suggests they all go to a nearby refreshment stand for juice and cake. Jess, whose husband Charlie has been pushing her to get out more, reluctantly agrees. However Jess can't forget Daisy's four little words - She's not my mum - and views Morag with deep suspicion. Morag is old to be Daisy's mother; evades explaining why she, her husband Angus, and Daisy recently moved to London; and appears anxious. Moreover Daisy is quiet and subdued, almost as if she's afraid to speak.

For Morag's part, she's uncomfortable with Jess's questions and senses that Jess views her with mistrust. Worse yet, Jess keeps looking at Daisy askance, as if she senses something is wrong.

After this initial encounter, Jess and Morag meet repeatedly, either by design - when Morag invites Jess's family to her home for a barbecue; or accidently - when the women are dropping their children off at school, shopping for groceries, or in a boutique shop. Jess becomes increasingly uneasy about Morag, does research online, and concludes Morag abducted Daisy. Jess confides in her husband Charlie, but Charlie - who's often harried and working late - thinks Jess is just being paranoid.

Actually Morag IS hiding something and trying to evade someone. Morag is uncomfortable with her repeated 'accidental' encounters with Jess and becomes convinced Jess has been hired to spy on her.

The tension between Jess and Morag escalates, there are further developments, and a homicide occurs.

The story switches back and forth between Before and Now, and is told in the alternating voices of Jess, Morag, and Detective Inspector Mike Ferry, who's investigating the homicide.

In the Before chapters we see what led to the murder. In the Now sections, DI Ferry is probing the crime with the Chief Super on his back to make an arrest. Ferry's unit had a recent run-in with Professional Standards and barely escaped with their jobs. Now the boss wants things done fast and by the book. But Ferry is having difficulty making sense of the death, and working with his detective ex-girlfriend just makes things harder.

The story is cleverly constructed, and tension builds as Jess and Morag's secrets are slowly revealed, and the details of the crime are unearthed bit by bit.

A positive aspect of the book is the depiction of Jess as a recent paraplegic who gets around on her own. Jess and Charlie can't afford an electric wheelchair and Jess has to hand push her chair's wheels to bring Daisy to school, do the shopping, take a train, bring Daisy to the playground, etc. Manipulating the wheelchair is painful and exhausting, and Jess's determination to be a good wife and mother - and perhaps get back to her job as a journalist - is encouraging.

Part character study and part police procedural, this novel will intrigue mystery lovers and armchair detectives.

Thanks to Netgalley, M.A. Hunter, and One More Chapter for a copy of the book.
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Jess and her daughter Grace are spending time at the park when another little girl whispers the words, “she’s not my mummy” to her. Jess is immediately suspicious of Morag and wants to find out what little Daisy meant.
Is there something sinister going on or is Jess imagining things? It turns out that Jess is on medication and has not been taking it. Is she spiralling into a paranoia episode or is Daisy really in danger?
Jess becomes obsessed, her family are worried. Morag is definitely hiding a secret but what is it?
When Jess is found following an incident at Morag’s house the police begin an investigation. 
This book is told in the Before and Now beginning from 3 days ago when Daisy 1st approaches Jess and Now as the police investigators try to find out what has happened and who is responsible.
I felt the story was just a little predictable and at times slow, I couldn’t identify with either female character and just felt they were a little flat. I wasn’t impressed with the police investigation and just felt it was slapdash and lacking. There was a previous investigation into the main police officer which kept being mentioned but never in detail, there is a failed relationship between him and a female officer which was also hinted at but not in detail (whether this is a follow on from a previous book I’m not sure as this is the 1st book I have read by this author)
That aside, I did find this a good read and am looking forward to discovering more from this author in the future
Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this title
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Another great book
Read in one sitting
It will keep you guessing to the end
Thanks NetGalley
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Jess meets five year old Daisy in a park with her mum Morag. Jess doesn't suspect anything is wrong until Daisy whispers, 'she's not my mum'. Jess then becomes paranoid and desperate to save Daisy as she is so sure of what she heard, or is she?

Hunter has a great writing style, I was intrigued from the first chapter and raced through the book. Hunter writes from several characters points of view and switches from past to present, his two main protagonists are both unreliable narrators which made me constantly try to predict what would happen next. I didn't enjoy chapters written from the detective's point of view as much and I did think the ending was rushed. 

Hunter includes physical disability which is central to the plot as well as mental health problems but please be aware of trigger warnings which also include a traumatic birth experience and infant loss.

I recommend this book as it is a well written and pacy thriller!

A huge thriller to Netgalley, Harper Collins UK and One More Chapter for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unedited feedback.
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The Before and Now timelines in this story confused me at first but once I figured them out, I was hooked on this complex story. I could never have imagined how it would all end, but a very satisfactory ending. I havent read any other books by M A Hunter but will definitely look out for more. Highly recommended. I loved this book.
Thank you to Netgalley for providing an ARC
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Mummy’s Little Secret by M.A. Hunter

Two women
Two little girls
Two husbands
One murder

Secrets, lies, and
Four little words…

“She’s Not My Mum”

This book flips between past and present looking at the lives of two women who meet one day in a park while little girls are playing. The four little words Daisy utters set in motion a series of events that leave all involved changed forever. 

Intrigued by the idea of what I would do if a child came up to me and told me that the woman she was with was NOT her mother, I looked forward to reading the story. But, as I began to read and realized that it was not linearly told, then could not relate to the women or the situation, I found myself skimming to get the gist of it and some of the specifics. In the end I understood why the story was told as it was but never fully invested in the reading, story or outcome. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

3-4 Stars
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Mummy’s Little Secret by M. A. Hunter is the first book I have read by this author and so glad it was a stand alone book. I loved it and was hooked within the first few pages. Mummy's little lie is a  physiological thriller that kept 
me awake all night as I wanted to find out if she was the little girls Mummy..........

Who is her mummy? OMG!!

WoW I found this book full of twists and turns throughout and it had me guessing. All the characters were likeable and all played a good part within this new book. 

I highly recommend this book,. A very good read.

Big thank you to NetGalley and One More Chapter for providing an advance copy of this ebook.
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This book was ok. Not as good as the other series by this author. But good enough. It was thrilling and I did finish the book. I didn’t connect with any of the characters and I feel like that spoiled the story a little for me. The writing was ok and I really loved the before and after set up. This was a easy was for me to keep track of all the different povs. 
All in all it is a good book. Not the best by this author but definitely enjoyable. 

I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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A fast -paced thriller that I had to finish to find out just what was going on.. Great read for the end of summer last hoorah. I would definitely recommend to all readers who love mysteries.

Thank you to NetGalley and publisher for chance to read and review.
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A complex family drama/ thriller.

Well written and in depth.

It has lots of twists and turns and a lot of characters with a lot going on but everything is well covered.
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Mummy’s Little Secret was an explosive and fraught story with past traumas around every corner. This story broke me a little inside, call it the powerful narrative, the secrets that we try to keep locked away or the maternal instinct within me, wanting to protect those that are vulnerable. I’m going to try and do this review justice and explain exactly why this book altered me emotionally. The prose was flawless, the teasing of the plot was carried out like a highly trained string musician.

Mummy’s Little Secret is told over two timelines, two families, two main characters. Before and now. Jess’s family and Morag’s. Two completely different women, from different walks of life but one thing in common – they are mothers to five-year-old daughters. Grace and Daisy, two little girls full of life but Daisy utters four unforgettable words – She’s not my mum. Jess can’t forget it, what if this little girl has been abducted and held against her will. She would never forgive herself if she didn’t try to find out more. It’s the start of an obsessive journey that will end with regrettable consequences.

One word of advice? Go into this story with your mind completely open. Go into expecting a thrill and not being disappointed. The subject matter elicited a shiver of anticipation at several points, it was glorious. Reading this book landed me shin deep in domestic drama, a rollercoaster of familial ties that will gut the reader open.

Jess is a young mother. She wears her trauma on her sleeve. She is mother to five-year-old, Grace. She is also a recently bereaved mother of Luke, a baby boy that died during labour. The situation was further tainted when the epidural needle left Jess paralysed from the waist down. She’s on a cocktail of painkillers and anti-depressants to just get her through each day. Her marriage is struggling, life is very different, and she still hasn’t processed the death of her son.

Morag is an older mother to Daisy. She finds herself not trusting easily, they’ve moved several times in the last few years but hopes they can finally plant some roots in Northwood. She is suspicious of Jess’s interest in their family. Just what does she suspect them of?

Mummy’s Little Secret and M.A. Hunter took me by surprise. Jess’s character reminded me so much of myself. I too have suffered post-natal depression and struggled to find my place in a role that requires so much of myself. Her uncertainty and pain is something a lot of mothers can relate to but unlikely feel able to talk about. The opening of the novel sets the tone and the darkness quickly envelops every page and every word. The impending doom surrounds every character like an ominous fog…you know it’s there, but you cant see through it and it clouds your judgement.

Mummy’s Little Secret grips from the very first page, unyielding but with an undercurrent of tenderness. Hunter is always five steps ahead with the multi layered examination of blood ties and familial bonds.
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