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I had to think about how to review this book for quite some time.   Had no idea how many stars to rate it.

For starters I absolutely adore Tess Stimsons writing.  She is a truly gifted storyteller...I read this in one sitting.  I could not put it down.

I loved where it started and how quickly the story progressed.. I thought the characters were so well drawn and realistic and I was literally holding my breath at some points.  I was so involved in the story.

Up until the last few chapters I was thinking I love this so much...this is a 5 star book...but everything from the meeting of the foundation just fell apart.   Every single story thread from that point, didn't work for me.  

 Alexa's actions became unfathomable and all characters that was so human before became caricatures.  Which was such a shame.

I also did not like Quinn's story at all...I just disliked her immensely.  Even though I really wanted to like her and connect to her.

The ending was so disappointing.. ..I really thought it was going to be a shock or a twist or something that makes you gasp but it bordered on silly.

Such a fantastic book up until the end.   It was a really breathtaking ride and then fell flat.

Love Tess Stimson's writing style though.

Thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The missing child trope has been done a lot and can be quite samey however this one had a bit of an edge and I found it to be dramatic and intense with a gripping plot that kept me engaged from start to finish
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Twisty and ever so tense, this one kept me guessing right to the end. Great twists and I liked the characters.
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This was an absolute brilliant  read. Atmospheric. Gripping. Edge of seat stuff.. Echoes of the disappearance of Madeliene McCann in parts.. Would make a great TV drama
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Loved it….!!! Really good fast paced thriller that had me hooked from the start, a must read for anyone who likes been kept guessing! Great for the beach!
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The story of Lottie's abduction is just all over the news. I feel very bad about what Alex have gone through for more than 2 years of Lottie's abduction! Her nightmares of what must have happened to Lottie is awful! How could anyone do this? Not to mention the abductor is totally unexpected! This book kept me guessing until the end! It's an intense read! I stayed late just to finish this. I regret not reading this any sooner! 
Thank you so much to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for the Advance Reading Copy. 
I will post a review on my website very soon! :))
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I just finished this last night and I am still thinking what did I just read?

Any novel about child abduction makes difficult reading, and this novel pulled no punches.  What this novel also did was took the reader through a rollercoaster.  

Alex is not suited to single motherhood and that much is apparent in novel.  But she loves Lottie and no mother, however awful, deserves to have their child abducted.

But some of the decisions Alex is makes you want to shake her.  But then Alex is all things a mother should be when her child goes missing, and with all the red herrings she finds herself trusting no one.

Stolen is an absolute bulldozer to your emotions that will take you to the end and think - what? how and never saw that coming
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Good read, enjoyable and keeps the reader guessing. I am a fan of the author and have read several of her books.
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I did read this mostly in one sitting, and it was an interesting book, but I did, of course, see most of the twists and turns coming.
Lottie goes missing at a beach wedding and all eyes are on her mother, and what she was doing.  How could a three year old go missing?  Where is she?
The book goes through all of the expected twists and turns and comes to what could be considered a satisfactory outcome, with a bit of suspension of disbelief. The characters were mostly believeable and three dimensional, but I did feel there was a certain something lacking.
If you want a quick, unchallenging, if slightly tense read, this is a great book. If you're looking for something meatier, maybe not.
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This was a very entertaining read by a talented author.  I enjoy Ms Stimson's writing, and will read more by her in future.
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This story will keep you guessing as to who could have take little Lottie. 

In the US for a wedding, Alex and her daughter Lottie are a long way from home. Lottie is a handful and Alex is grateful for the chance to be a woman again, not just Lottie’s mom. 

Things are going about as good as they can be expected, even better, until they’re not. When things take a turn, all hell breaks loose and Alex is forced into the limelight to plea for Lottie’s safe return. 

Read this book to find out all the sordid secrets that come to life when the cameras come on.
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Edge of the seat kind of book.
I really enjoyed this with its twists and turns and the fast paced storyline. 
The book is well written, good relatable and believable characters 
Thank you to netgalley and the publishers and the author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion
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Wow 🤩 what a rollercoaster of a read !! When I read the blurb on this book , I must admit I thought ‘oh no not another missing child book ‘ but this book had me gripped from the first page ! A great storyline that had lots of twists and turns and a great ending that you don’t see coming !
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What did I just read!?!  This book had my emotions - and my heart rate - all over the place!  The way it was written was addicting - short chapters all ending in cliffhangers.  Brilliant.  It kept me wanting to read.  I never wanted to stop.  I can honestly say I never saw the ending coming - though I'm not totally sure if I love the ending or not.  I also did not care for some of the minor elements that were added, that really weren't necessary for the story.  I felt some of it was too political to be enjoyed.  However, this book was more than addicting and I can't wait to read more by Tess Stimson!
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Stolen is a seductive, dark and enthralling read from Tess Stimson that will have you staying up late to finish it.
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Actual rating: 4.5 / 5

I listened to the audiobook via Borrowbox.

The details 
Read by: Indra Ove, Colin Mace, Aysha Kala, Beth Eyre, Josie Dunne, Stephanie Racine.

The narrators
What an excellent cast of voice actors. Even those that voiced multiple characters managed to create distinctive differences between them all. The narrators really had me gripped from the beginning and reeled me into this heady, pacy plot.

The story
I was riveted from the start, and of course that helped with the excellent narrators, but the story was top notch too. It was just what I wanted from this sort of domestic thriller: high stakes, the blame game, intense pace, captivating, edge-of-my-seat inducing. It had all of that and excelled in its delivery.

It was so haunting how the final mirrored the initial kidnapping! 

SPOILER: Although I think it was executed well, it left me feeling a bit iffy to use the trope of women not able to carry a biological child themselves so steal another's.... it kind of carries that stereotypical 'crazy lady' vibe and it didn't feel right. 

The ending absolutely shocked me!!!

Would definitely recommend this one.
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I found this book needed a lot of effort to read and keep reading.  It was over complicated and at times I was lost as it got confusing. I was not keen on the switch in time lines either.
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I enjoyed reading this review copy from NetGalley  and Avon Books. It’s plot and characters didn’t disappoint and it was difficult to put this down to get on with other things. Suspenseful and pacy.  I can’t find fault with it.
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A rollercoaster of a read! Incredibly gripping and haunting at times, this book covers the horror of child abduction and the terror felt by her family and friends. It's a twisting, turning read, brilliant!
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I could not put this book down - Tess Stimson writes so well and this is an absolute page turner!! Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.
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