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Book Club Kit: Mexican Gothic

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A bewitching modern Gothic novel, a very entertaining and deliciously creepy story.  A wild read, 100% worth your time.
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The Book Club questions felt basic and not at all incisive. If this was my book club book. I would want to write my own set of questions. Giving it three stars though as the paper doll idea is fun.
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I came across this book club kit at the perfect time: our staff book club at the public library I work at chose this title to read. The discussion questions were well thought out and added to our group discussion. Everyone enjoyed learning more about the historical details provided, not just about Mexico, but also Gothic stories. This was a great addition to our book club!
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So excited to read Mexican Gothic and follow the book kit! This is gonna be a great reread, as Mexican Gothic was already a spectacular book, but I am so excited to start following along with the playlist and the questions.
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Mexican Gothic is truly one of the best books I’ve ever read. I love how Silvia doesn’t stick to just one genre, but explores and anything she does is beautiful. But back to the guide. This guide gives an author note, discussion questions, a playlist, and a fun paper doll of Noemi. The paper doll is killer and really helps people visualize what she looks like in case they didn’t quite get the picture. It even describes the dress and style. Truly perfection!
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A fun kit that I would definitely bring to my book club on discord and offline. The questions are basic but expected. The best parts are the letter and information from the author herself. The addition of a paper doll of the main character is a cute addition if unnecessary. Mostly I just enjoy the character art of Noemi.
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Great resource with heaps of additional info and questions for bookclub! Loved the idea of the music playlist to set the mood
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insightful questions for debating, perfect to support my Mexican Gothic read.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange of my honest opinion
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I very much enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading others by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. For me, the book started off a little slow but once it got going it was just the right amount of spooky to keep me coming back for more. There are some things about the book that are a little odd, but somehow it works and pulls the story together, 
Noemi goes to join her cousin and her new husband at High Place. As soon as she arrives, she knows that something is not right. The more she learns about his family's past and the secrets they hold there, the more she knows that she must help her cousin. Will she figure out the house's secrets? Will she even make it out alive?
Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Random House Library Resources for the ARC!
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looking for an immersive book club experience? look no further than mexican gothic by silvia moreno-garcia! this kit is a must-have for any book club, packed with detailed descriptions, background history, and thought-provoking questions that will keep your discussions lively and engaging. but that's not all - you'll also get a music playlist to set the mood and a bonus paper doll of the protagonist, complete with all her stunning outfits from the story. whether you're a seasoned book club pro or just starting out, this kit is the perfect addition to your reading list. with little tasks that fit the book so well, like the dressing chapter, you'll be amazed at how much fun discussing a book can be!
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Book Club Kit: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a Must have! I bought the book when it first came out, and I will be buying this new version too. This kit is fully immersive. It is packed with detailed descriptions, background history, and great book club questions. I was really impressed by how thorough, and well done this kit is. There is even a music play list to listen to as you read and, there is a bonus. A paper doll of the protagonist, with all of her outfits worn in the story on display in full colour! This  is by far the coolest book club version I've ever read!
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This kit is a great add on to any book club! Especially for beginners and people who don't know where to start discussing, but also great for any sworn in book club.
I love that you get questions to discuss and little tasks that fit the book so we'll, like the dressing chapter! Amazing!!
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Very interesting. Made me appreciate the book even more. It’s probably a time for a re-read. I loved all the little details and notes. It’s very interesting to get a better understanding of what you have read.
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This book was unlike anything I’ve read before. Let’s start with the cover which is one of the most beautiful book covers I’ve ever seen. It immediately caught my attention and even if it sounded like a dud, I would have probably still purchased a copy to have in my shelf. It’s THAT gorgeous! I started and finished this book in October which seemed fitting with Hispanic Heritage Month and Halloween. This book definitely has a lot of dark elements to it, and I think fans of American Horror Story and The Last of Us would really enjoy this book. Please look into trigger warnings if you have any prior to starting this book. 

The fact that this is written by a female author of Mexican decent really brought this book home for me. You can tell that meticulous research was done about the location and the time period. The way she describes in intricate detail everything from the surroundings, to the history and the people, is done in a way that only someone with true passion and love for the culture can. The one thing that slightly disappointed me was the suggested soundtrack included in copy I received. All of the music was moody and appropriate to the theme but none of it was in Spanish. I would have loved for her to include some Spanish music, there are plenty with the same vibe that would have gone perfectly with the rest of the soundtrack. 

I was sucked into this book immediately and connected with the FMC from the very beginning. When things started to get really twisty and dark, I wasn’t expecting it to go where it did. It wasn’t what I was expecting, nor was it necessarily what I had hoped for, but nonetheless, the writing itself was fantastic. It was so easy to picture in your mind exactly what was happening. Even when the story got darker (and creepier than I typically prefer), I was drawn in because of the writing style and imagery. I literally had moments where I cringed and even had goosebumps. This is not your typical thriller, but I definitely think the book is worth a read especially if you prefer out-of-the-box psychological thrillers. 

I want to sincerely thank NetGalley, the author Silvia Moreno-García, and the publisher for allowing me access to an advanced copy of this book. I have actually already purchased a physical copy since finishing this……because……well…..the book is freaking beautiful and I really want to support latinas that are stepping out to showcase their intelligence and capability. There was a lot of beauty to be found in this book and already know of others that I plan to recommend this too, because I know they will enjoy it!
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I just reviewed Book Club Kit: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. #NetGalley
Great guide to use if you have a book club.  It even has some cutouts to print and color for decorations during your book club meetings.
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This kit is the perfect idea for a book club, it really helps to reflet on the book and its characters. I've loved the cute illustrations and I'm obsessed with the playlist!
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This was a cute idea I thought it was a book so this was my mistake and it was a kit. The idea is cute but not for me, thank you to NetGalley and publisher for providing me this.
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I read Mexican Gothic when it came out back in 2020 with some friends. Something like this would have been perfect. The music playlist is great, and all the little pieces that make up the book club kit definitely help to understand Noemi better.
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All in all a good resource, to be read after the book and to help you reflect upon its themes and the history that inspired such contents.
The book kit is divided into the following sections:
- A letter from the author;
- Discussion questions;
- The playlist, curated by the author;
- Author notes on the town of Real Del Monte;
- Illustration of the Doyle family seal, by Sara bardi;
- An essay on the history of the gothic genre, of which the novel is a modern example, titled "The Girl in the Mansion - How Gothic Romances Became Domestic Noirs";
- A Noemi paper doll to cut with four outfits from the novel and fashion notes on each one of them.
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The Book Club Kit for Mexican Gothic is a helpful resource to think deeper about the story by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and discuss the book with a group. There were more sections included in the kit than I originally anticipated; the author note was easily my favorite part of the kit. Discussion questions are typically the main thing I expect from a book club kit or reader guide, and while this does include questions, they are mostly generic book club questions and aren’t particularly tailored to Mexican Gothic. Still, they’re a useful set of questions and the other sections—all detailed below—make it worth picking this up. Even the generic questions about Mexican Gothic are helpful in that I fully anticipate flipping to these to help guide book club discussions on other books with only minor adjustments.

The Book Club Kit for Mexican Gothic includes the following sections: 
-	Introductory letter from the author
-	Discussion questions
-	Music playlist
-	Author notes on the town of Real Del Monte 
-	Illustration of the Doyle family seal
-	Essay titled “How Gothic Romances Became Domestic Noirs” that’s a history of the genre
-	Noemi paper doll to cut out with fashion notes from Mexican Gothic for each outfit

Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Random House Library Resources for the opportunity to review this book club kit!
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