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Book Club Kit: Untamed

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I read Glennon Dolye's Untamed several months ago, so it was nice to revisit the text via this Book Club Kit.

Overall, compared to other BCK, the one for Untamed is low on frills and heavy on text. It is completely made up of Reading Group Guide questions and prompts. They are very dense but apt to lead to productive discussions.

Because of the nature of the book, being a memoir/self-help blend, the guide actually could be used well by an individual reader who wants to spend time self-reflecting, and perhaps journaling, after finishing it. 

It does seem like a bit of a miss though that Glennon didn't include anything personal for her readers in the BCK. A note from the author would have been a very nice touch.
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Thoughtful, pointed questions. The formatting appeared off on my Kindle version with the colorful cover inserted oddly in some places but it didn't detract from the usefulness of the kit.
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Glennon Doyle's book isn't just your typical self-help memoir. She asks readers to dig deeply into choosing their hard suggesting that we can do hard things. Her storytelling ability is comedic, charming, and genuine. Glennon uses the metaphor of a cheetah in her memoir and threads this theme throughout the book. Shares of the life she left behind in the pursuit of one that made her happy--one with her wife Abby and three children. What I loved about this memoir was that she didn't spend a single chapter blaming anyone for her suffering. She owned it and talked about how she was able to--and continues to--work through it.
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Book Club Kit: Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Publisher: Penguin Random House Library Resources
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Release Date: February 11, 2021

I have not yet read Untamed by Glennon Doyle. It is on my to be read pile and I'm looking forward to diving into soon.

This book club kit is the perfect companion to the book. It asks thought provoking questions that let you take a deeper dive into the book.

I think this will definitely enhance the reader's experience with reading Untamed!

I'm so grateful to Glennon Doyle, Penguin Random House Library Resources, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this ARC ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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I love these Book Club Kits! I find them very helpful even though I don't always read them as part of a book club.  It helps me think deeper about the book than I otherwise would have done!!
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I reviewed the Book Club Kit for Untamed.  This book club kit includes discussion questions and activities to enhance your book club.  I thought the discussion questions were quite deep and required reflection.  They would be excellent for a book club.  I also really liked the suggested activities like writing a letter to your truest self.  

I would definitely recommend this Book Club Kit for Untamed.
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Fantastic discussion guide to go with a fantastic book! It's lovely to have such well-thought-out questions to use to further dive into what I've read, whether with a group or individually.
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This book club guide is just a list of discussion questions, but there are a TON of detailed questions.  I think any group that uses this would have a great discussion.
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Useful even if you aren't in a bookclub. Great discussion questions for a club. Good things to think about if you are reading it independently.
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This Penguin Random House Book Club Kit is such a great idea. It's short and concise, spicing up your book club meeting without making a literal plan or taking up your entire time as a group.

This kit consists of:
- a list of inventive, poignant questions; I love how thought provoking and open they are, welcoming many different points of view in your group. This list is divided into sections, just like the book. There are so many of them you probably can't get through all in one book club session, but pick and choose!
- self-development exercises, such as writing a letter to yourself. I liked these a lot, and I think this will make for a more transformative experience than just a book club meeting.

That being said, I wish there was more. Just something more - a letter from the author, more suggestions, games, DIY, recipes, something.
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I loved getting to look through this fun Book Club Kit for Untamed by Glennon Doyle. 
I haven't read the book yet but looking over this kit definitely has me wanting to check it out!
The packet is beautiful with artwork that compliments the book's cover art. 
It includes great discussion questions with a lot of thought put into them and a number of calls to action based on the book. 
Thanks to Penguin Random House Library Resources and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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Even if you aren't in a book club, you can use this to do some critical thinking. It helps you think about the meaning of the story. It's broking into parts which is awesome!
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Book Club Kit: Untamed is one of a new series of brochures and supporting materials available for fiction and nonfiction titles from Penguin Random House Librarian Resources.  Released 11th Feb 2021 by Penguin Random House, this entry is filled with interesting background history to enhance the personal or book-club reading experience for Glennon Doyle's memoir, which was published in March 2020. This brochure is 6 pages long and includes book discussion questions and some guided discussion exercises for group discussion. 

I enjoy the extra resources and enhancements the larger publishing houses are able  to employ to support their publications. I also appreciate that most library systems can provide quite a lot of extra support and guidance to their patrons and groups. These materials would be appropriate for online/remote discussion groups, formal education (modern history, sociology, culture, politics, gender/diversity studies, and allied subjects), and for enhancing personal reading of this memoir. 

Four stars. Compact, succinct, and with beautiful typesetting and simple graphics. It does -not- include the original book, just the discussion and support materials (which are very abbreviated and no-frills). Available free from the publisher's website.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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This memoir was overhyped and Doyle didn't bring anything new to the table. It felt a bit meh and I also did not appreciate the format/tone the book was written in. Maybe if it were a bit personal and focused more on her experiences it would have been impactful. Unfortunately, this was not my cup of tea.
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So many cute ideas for a book club!  Also, the discussion questions will add such depth to the story!
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Probably the weakest of the book club kits PRH has provided on NetGalley recently. Nothing additional added other than the questions. I do appreciate that they were broken down by their corresponding part of the book, but the questions posed didn’t make me want to read Untamed and I feel it was a lacking kit overall.

Thanks NetGalley and Penguin Random House for the opportunity to review.
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Amazing inspiring and thought provoking questions that are PERFECT for any book club meeting. Highly highly recommend.   I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Thanks to the publisher for providing this book club kit! I found this to be very useful to have. I think the suggested questions are thought provoking and they’re nicely separated into parts (part 1 questions, part 2 questions...).
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This book club kit is a valuable companion to the book. The questions in it are great for book clubs, but also for your own personal journaling. There are some very meaningful questions in this kit. I hope it will become a standard to create and provide book club kits with every book. To strengthen community and to deepen your reading journey. I'm glad I received this as an ARC.
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My book club read Untamed a few months ago and this discussion quite would have been golden to have! I enjoyed reading and reflecting on the questions it poses us to ponder. Thank you for this. I may need to revisit this book club discussion with my other members.
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