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Maverick is the biography of the philosophies and ideologies of Thomas Sowell, one of the most brilliant men you've never heard of.  This is not the biography of the life of Thomas Sowell, but of his ideas and writings.  He started out leaning as Marxist but ended up with more conservative tendencies.  This book tracks his progression along with the thoughts of people who worked adjacent to Sowell.

This book is comprehensive and contains lots of great ideas and quotes.  It is full of brilliant men that I had never even heard of, who have had important and wonderful thoughts about economics, social justice, racial disparity in the United States.

This book isn't what I expected.  I was hoping to learn about Thomas Sowell's life as well as his philosophies.  This book focuses solely upon his writings and major idea frameworks.  It is good stuff, but if I really wanted to know about his major themes, I think it would be more profitable to start with Sowell's own written work.

Thank you to NetGalley and Perseus Books for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion.
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I used to believe that I am a pretty smart fella…a couple of advanced degrees, a voracious reader, sophisticated political views: I now stand corrected.  I just completed reading Jason L. Riley’s biography entitled “Maverick” that dives deep into the life and times of Thomas Sowell.  Both Mr.’s Riley and Mr. Sowell circle our planet a couple of orbit levels higher than me.  
This book is not so much a “biography” as it is a compendium of interests that this intellectual pursued during the past sixty years.  As somebody who admired Doctor Sowell’s maverick as a black conservative in a world that attacks (or ignores!) giant black conservative figures so as to marginalize them from the public discourse I expected to be a cheerleader as I read each chapter.  The book surprisingly focuses on many of his interests far beyond racial politics in America.  I had to slow down my speed reading when working through the chapters describing Sowell’s work on Economics.  
So this book can better be described  as a biography of his ideas.  As a side dish we learn a bit about his modest upbringing, his late “blooming” as a student, then a professor, then a public “thinker.” Riley keeps the narrative flowing and seldom leaves this reader behind.
Thanks to NetGalley for this terrific book.  Five stars, indeed!
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Thomas Sowell was a very popular economist. In fact his books are still very popular today. But just how did this man become a great economist? 
Jason Riley shares Thomas’s story growing up, to joining the marines for a short time, and then dives deep into his college education. 
If you have appreciated Thomas Sowell’s books, you’ll greatly enjoy this book.
Truthfully, I did not know much about Thomas Sowell until this past year. Reading his biography helped me see understand his background and why he believed the things he did and what changed his mind about. 

I graciously received an advance e-copy for review. All opinions are my own.
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This is such a comprehensive look at Sowell's work. I absolutely loved the context of Sowell's philosophies. I can't wait to buy this when it's published and go highlighter happy.
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Excellent book about Thomas Sowell including many extended quotes which gives the reader an understanding of Sowell's life, but also the development of his thinking throughout his career. Highly recommend this book.
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