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This cookbook is awesome! I was amazed at how much you get out of it in comparison to other cookbooks. Rose went out of her way to get every little detail of each recipe and explains exactly why and how each recipe should be followed. The introduction was super informative and the cookies I made from these recipes Were so yummy! You can tell she really spent the time and effort to make each recipe and the cookbook as a whole perfect. Would definitely recommend this cookbook and it would be the perfect gift for your baker friends and family.
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Yummy, Yum, Yum!!!

This is the first Beranbaum cook book I have read, but it won't be the last. The Cook Bible is the latest in a series of food "bibles". Beranbaum makes this book easy to understand for the even the most novice of bakers. She explains aspects and techniques of baking in a simple way that a lot of cookbook authors use to make themselves sound smart. Her recipes are extremely easy to follow and most of them have pictures to help you see the finished product. They are also broken in groups such as Dropped, Bar, Holiday and so forth. Some of the recipes, I have to admit, are well above my baking skills.

Now lets look at some of the recipes I was capable of making. The Cranberry Chocolate Chippers were the first cookie I tried because I had all ingredients on hand. Oh boy, they were amazing. I'm not usually for a cakey cookie, but wow, the richness of the chocolate and the chewy of the cranberries was so good. My family liked them so much that they wanted more immediately. Next came the Lemon Jammies. These cookies were a little more challenging but still tasty all the same.

Again, this book gives easy instructions for the novice baker. I am definitely going to pick up some of the other bible cookbooks by this author and definitely recommend you pick this book up for anyone just starting out in the cooking world, newlyweds, or anyone interested in making yummy cookies. This book comes out November 23, 2021, so it would make a wonderful holiday gift as well.

Thank you to NetGalley and Mariner Books for the Advanced Copy!
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The Cookie Bible is a must-have book for any cookie-lover. Legendary baker Rose Levy Beranbaum provides recipes for many timeless classics, such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and melting moments, and some more uncommon cookies such as tahini crisp cookies and lemon lumpies. 
Beranbaum’s tips and tricks are very helpful and I like that she advises of advance preparations, such as cutting the butter into cubes half an hour before starting the baking process. The instructions are easy to follow and very detailed, such as how thick the dough should be rolled out, making it possible for any novice to create delicious cookies. The book is very well thought through and includes photos and helpful tips for baking in general, labelled “baking gems”. 

There are so many recipes that sound delicious, I didn’t know where to start. I tried out the walnut sablés, which were great. Next I baked the Scottish shortbread cookies, which were absolutely scrumptious and an instant favourite. I made them two days in a row to ensure that everyone in my family had enough cookies for the weekend. I also baked the cocoa powder brownies, which were so airy and tall but also very fudgy. It’s now one of my new favourite recipes. I have baked them five times (so far). 
Next I made the lemon jammies and tried them with sour cherry jam and lemon curd. Both were delicious. The chocolate chip cookies also turned out great, as did the chocolate sablés. I look forward to trying out many more recipes from the book. 
I had not weighed whole eggs or egg yolks before, because I’m lazy, but for consistent results it’s an obvious step in the process. 

I decided to write this review now, however I will definitely try out more recipes before publication in November, which I’m sure will result in even more praise for this book. I will definitely buy the book and most likely some of Rose Levy Berenbaum’s other books as well. 

The Cookie Bible is definitely a must-have baking book to add to the collection, a book worth coming back to for many different occasions, such as bake sales, holiday gifts, or a little Sunday project.
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Ever since I could remember I bake. Mostly for my family, nothing comercial but I do with such a passion. It’s hard to find a recipe book with the same passion and targeted for those home bakers. I absolutely loved this book and it will certainly be on my top shelf (where I keep all my special recipes) the tips, the details, everything. This upcoming Christmas, Santa would definitely have some tasty cookies!
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Way back in 1988, I was working in corporate America, coming home to take care of my young family, and when they had settled for the evening, I would pull out my copy of The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum and read it with the devotion worthy of any cultist. 

You see, my dream was to go to New York and study pastry. I never dreamed I'd ever be able to do that, and The Cake Bible was as close as I was ever going to get to the level of master education in a subject I adored. But I did get that chance, and everthing I learned from Beranbaum's book gave me the edge I needed to earn a blue ribbon and launch my career. 

You may not want to attend a culinary school after reading The Cookie Bible, but I guarantee you will receive the same master class education I received, and more. 

The Cookie Bible is another brilliant entry in Rose Levy Beranbaum's Bible series. 

With attention to the smallest of details, Beranbaum guides you through the vast world of cookies. From drop cookies (her My Dream Chocolate Chip cookies are worthy of poetry) to the very popular macaron - and Beranbaum's are otherworldly, to Maida Heatter's Palm Beach Biscotti, my personal favorite, and one I made in my career every week for 20 plus years. Some recipes are perfect for beginners, and others will be a challenge for even dab hands. 

What sets this book apart from any other cookie cookbook is each recipe is arranged as though you're in an educational setting. Each component listed. The pans you'll need as well as any special tools to accomplish the recipe. Ingredients and their measurements, both weight and measure. Each step is detailed for success. Tips and tricks to help you along the way. You can not fail. 

A special section in the beginning details everything you could possibly need to achieve success, right down to Rose's favorite plastic wrap. 

If you're a fan of Rose Levy Beranbaum's other books, you know the treat that awaits you. If you are only beginning to bake, you could not have found a better book to guide you on this journey. 

Regardless, this is a master baking class taught by the master herself. I recommend you make the first cookie in the book, get a glass of milk, tea or coffee, and read through the book for your next cookie adventure. Enjoy!
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The Cookie Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum is loaded with cookies recipes and worth having in your cookbook collection.  As the author says “Cookies are fun, and they make people of all ages happy”.

The book starts with an introduction about cookies.  There is a section entitled Golden Rule for Baking the Best Cookies which has tips such as using a measuring cup with an unbroken rim for dry ingredients.  A section entitled Baking Gems which includes a tip to chill your cookie dough if you find your cookies spreading to much on the baking sheet.  She has a section about the methods for mixing the cookie dough, types of equipment, and discusses the ingredients (types and measuring). I loved that she posted a box showing the yield of juice and zest from one orange and one lemon.  She indicates that the speed timing in each recipe is based on using a Kitchen Aid Mixer, and may need to be adjusted depending on what the baker is using.  My only complaint about the book is I wish they had pictures of the cookies for each recipe, individually.  Some do, and others are in a compilation of cookies.  Examples of cookies from each section include Lemon Lumpies, Piped Churro Nuggets, Pecan Tassies, Raspberry Almond Cookies, Gingerbread Folks, Chocolate-Cherry Almond Brownies, Brandy Snaps, and how to make Lemon Curd. 

The recipes are separated into the following sections:

Rolled by Hand
Dropped or Piped
Shaped by Hand
Rolled and Cut
Holiday Cookie Cutouts
Bar and Cake Cookies
Meringues and Candies
Extra Specials

Each recipe is broken down into several sections as well as has information about cooking in grams and Celsius.  The sections include:

How many the recipe makes.
Synopses about the cookie and recipe.
Oven Temp
Baking Time
Special Equipment
List of Ingredients
Preheating the Oven
Mise en Place (Putting in place.)
Make the Dough
Shape the Dough
Bake the Cookies
Cool the Cookies
Baking Gems
Variations of the Cookies
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Of course expectations are high with any title by Rose Levy Beranbaum, and I'm pleased to say her newest addition does not disappoint. This thing really is the cookie bible - everything from simple drop cookies to complex macarons, from familiar holiday classics to unique extras like goat's milk caramel. It's very well organized and encyclopedic in it's approach, but certainly not dull. One of my pet peeves to do with cookbooks is a lack of photos, and that is certainly no problem here - the pages are chock full of glossy close-ups for nearly every recipe. Whether you have a particular cookie in mind or are searching for some inspiration to try something new, this book has got you covered.
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I must preface this review by admitting I am the WORST cook in the world.  My baking is better but whilst it might taste ok, it generally looks like the dogs dinner!  However, even I found recipes I could tackle within these wonderfully laid out, glossy pages.

I love watching MasterChef, GBBO and the like but always struggle to get anything resembling their masterpieces out of my oven!  But these recipes are broken down into manageable chunks.  There are hints and tips on basic techniques and equipment.  There are handy sections so you can tackle something to your level without feeling stressed about anything - I loved all the traybakes and bars.

A great book for the intrepid novices and the master bakers alike!
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Wonderful, clear inviting photographs accompany the neatly laid out recipes for a wide variety and number of cookies. Most recipes cover multiple pages with table format ingredients that are easy to read and find.

For those that love baking cookies, this book has a wealth of information.
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I love this cookie book. I have made several of the cookies and they were great! This is a perfect book for a newly married couple!
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This book lives up the it's name!  There are SO MANY amazing recipes in this cookbook!  The pictures are beautiful and make you want to grab a cookie off the page for a bite!  I love the way the recipes are written, it is so clear and concise.  I really appreciate all the tips she gives, I want to circle and highlight them!!  This cookbook makes me excited to bake again!
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Rose Levy Beranbaum couldn't have chosen a better title - this really is the Bible of cookies. This recipe book is jammed FULL of the widest variety of cookie recipes I think I've ever seen. It's packed with hundreds of different bake ideas.
I've read many many baking recipe books and so I was surprised at just how few of the cookies in this book I'd heard of. it's full of new and original bakes to try that I've rarely come across in the huge quantities of cookbooks on my shelf. 
I'd say this this cookie book lends itself more to the experienced baker rather than a beginner, but having said that, all recipes have a broken down step by step process to follow. it's also a bug bear of mine when there isn't a photograph for every single bake in a recipe book - but that's just personal preference.
I like how each recipe has 'baking gems' hints to help you, and has a dedicated section to things you need to prep or have ready beforehand. So often you can get caught out when baking if you've not done something in advance  - this book will prevent that happening! I'd recommend this cookie book for the simple fact that you are guaranteed to find a whole handful f bakes you've never heard of (but want to try) no matter how many recipe books you already own.

Thank you to Mariner Books and Netgalley for an eARC of this book to read and review
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There are a lot of cookie recipes in this cookbook. However, there are not enough images. Honestly, this cookbook just looks like a running list of cookie recipes pulled from the internet.
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Very lovely and well-done cookie book.  Will definitely be right up the alley for anyone loving slightly fancy or crispy cookies.
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I absolutely love this cookie bible book! I am an avid baker, specializing in cookies and breads, so this one spoke to me. It is full of hard to find yet super easy to make recipes that will delight and amaze everyone. I have been looking so long for a cookie recipe book like this. 

Not only are the recipes clearly laid out, they are easy to follow and understand. I was impressed with how the recipes gave measurements in both weight and measuring sizes (such as cups, tsp, and Tbl). The photos that accompany the recipes are beautiful and mouth-watering. 

I cannot say enough good things about this. I believe every baker will either preorder or run to the store on publication day to get their hands on this.
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As a former baker, I always look for different takes and variations to baking cookies or other desserts. Let me tell you that this book is precisely that! There are so many different cookie recipes that all scream “make me!” with immediacy! 

As for the book itself, the instructions are straightforward to follow. There are pictures of items to see how everything should look, so that’s a definite plus. I went ahead and preordered this book because it’s pretty awesomely perfect. I’d honestly recommend this to beginners and pros alike. It’s five stars from me! 

Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for this eARC in exchange for an honest review!
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What a delightful cookbook!! This cookbook actually includes SO MANY helpful basics at the beginning that I have not seen in other cookbooks before (and I have several that are just cookie based). I also like how each recipe was laid out. I think this would be a great book for any budding baker (even kiddo ones who can follow instructions and have someone in the kitchen with them) as well as any adult who loves to bake cookies. The recipes included great ideas and wonderful photographs!
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Chocolate chip cookies, brownies oh my. What's not to like in this fantastic cookie cookbook. Rosy Levy Beranbaum has done it all in this complete volume. There is no one better to help you reach cookie glory than this author. She knows her job and she knows how to teach you to bake better and more interesting recipes. I will always use her cookbook for cookies because I know that every single recipe has been tested and retested before it even made it into the book. That's how I know that I can bake without worry.  Get this book and let the baking begin!!
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This is a classic cookbook by highly respected baker and cookbook author, Rose Levy Beranbaum.  The recipes sounded delicious, from basic to complicated cookies.  I really liked the way the chapters were divided, rolled, dropped etc.

I’m like forward to trying the lemon cranberry squares, the three nut ovals, and the melting moments, amongst others.  I’m going to buy this book to refer to!  5 stars.
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This looks like a fun cookbook. The recipes reflect the title - this is definitely a bible of cookie recipes. My only complaint - I can't open the downloaded PDF file and viewing on the Netgalley app (on my teeny tine phone screen) isn't conducive to reading. Would have made it much easier if this could be sent to reading device.
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