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Regardless of religion, we all love cookies. This one is the only book you’ll ever need to make all of your cookie dreams come true. This one includes baking basics and also the three best methods for mixing, which will forever change your cookie creations. Honorable mentions and shoutouts go to: Cranberry Chocolate Chippers, Lemon Lumpies, Caramel Surprise Snickerdoodles, Churro Nuggets, Bourbon Balls, Brownie Doughnuts, and more!!
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I really enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to start baking! This author has a lot of helpful tips. These recipes are great for beginners and experienced bakers alike.
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Fun book with a short description of varied cookies that can be created. I loved the pictures and the forward from the author, otherwise this is a typical cookie cook book in my opinion.
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Let’s start with what I liked:
-It’s rare for cookbooks to give measurements in both metric and US imperial so I was really happy about that! It made it much easier to not have to convert everything.

-I liked the baking tips with each recipe for things to substitute or add in

-Nostalgia: I saw the bourbon balls recipe and instantly felt nostalgic for Christmases with my Nanny! I think she made rum balls instead of bourbon, but I was so excited to try making these and reliving some childhood memories

-Who doesn’t love seeing delicious pictures of cookies

Now the things that I didn’t like/frustrated me:
-Each recipes gives a baking time but that’s far from an accurate timeframe of how long it actually takes. Maybe I’m being picky but I prefer a total time estimate for the overall process

-This feels waaaaay more intermediate than for beginning bakers so not what I expected or hoped for. Even the “easy” recipes require a minimum of 3 hours total baking time so this is not a “I feel like whipping up some cookies and need inspiration” book. It is purely reference for making specific types of cookies that you want an expert’s perspective on

-Like someone else said, it lacks good instructions; it’s all over the place and made me constantly paranoid I was forgetting things especially with the “add flour mixture, mix” “now add the lemon mixture and mix” in the instructions and the separate mixes being somewhere else in the recipe (just tell me what to do in ONE SECTION) and please don’t make me use so many different bowls for 3 ingredient mixes that will be added to the big bowl immediately after anyways?! (If it’s wet vs dry or something needs to be chilled/heated before adding that’s one thing but this was insane)

-Some recipes require a bit more pre-planning which is fine but just be warned that it’s not told to you in the beginning and I like to know before deciding on a recipe what I should be planning for (again this goes back to the lack of a total timeframe).

-As someone with ADHD, I found the amount of info per recipes overwhelming, especially considering the instructions were not written very well (it was info overload for my poor brain 😫)

Overall thoughts:
This book is neither good nor bad; it just wasn’t for me and has its place in the world for anyone who wants a reference book. If you enjoy baking but want to challenge yourself and are okay with large time commitments, or you want a specific be-all-end-all reference book then you’d love this! But if you’re a beginner like me who just enjoys baking casually and whipping something up in the span of a couple hours or less, look elsewhere. In the end, I did only make 1 recipe from this because I was so overwhelmed/over-stimulated/frustrated with how the recipe was laid out that I had no desire to go any further, and will stick to my basic chocolate oatmeal cookies and snickerdoodles!
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I made several recipes out of this book, and they were all excellent.. I think this would make a really great gift for anyone who enjoys baking
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Call me the cookie monster. I can pass on cake and some other treats. But cookies? We all have room for a cookie, right? There are so many recipes in this book! There are classics like chocolate chip and oatmeal, and some that I can’t wait to try like Pecan Freezer Squares and Brownie Doughnuts. Some of the recipes require some pre-planning and are a little fancier than dump in a bowl and bake. I am sure that anyone who reads this will find their new favorite cookie in these pages. The pictures have me drooling and planning my next baking day!

**I received a copy of The Cookie Bible from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are of my own.**
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Everything you need to know about cookies. My tummy was rumbling all the way through reading this book and I enjoyed it a lot. A recommended read
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This is truly a great book for anyone, novice to expert, to use to create a wide variety of cookies following the clear, easy to follow instructions.  The illustrations are gorgeous and made me want to try so many of the recipes,
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The Cookie Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum is the real bible! all so delicious. Made all the cookies possible
so easy to follow and a good read
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I love Rose Levy Beranbaum's Books and recipes.  If you love baking and love Beranbaum's recipes, you'll love this book.  

Just like the title, this book has every possible type of cookies and bars you can imagine including something you have not heard of and very intriguing.  This is a very detail-oriented book with lots of tips and information for both beginner bakers and the advanced.  Layout is great, there are measurements of both grams and cups, it's easy to read and presented nicely especially for long recipes with lengthy steps.  One thing I love about this book is there is variation section of each recipe where you can tweak recipes to your liking, not to mention every recipe includes mise en place, mixing methods, baking, cooling, and "Baking Gems" which are tips on ingredients, techniques, storage and etc.  I only wish there was a photo of each recipe, especially for recipes that are not familiar to most bakers and for visual learners.  

All in all, this is a very comprehensive cookbook that is well-written and full of great recipes for bakers of all levels.  I can't wait to add this book to my library when it publishes.  Highly recommended!  #TheCookieBible #NetGalley
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Between the beautiful photography and the wide variety of recipes, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  My two favorite recipes were the Brandy Snap Rolls and the Double Ginger Molasses Cookies - but you can't go wrong with any of the recipes!
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I think this is a great baking book for cookies and bars/other treat similar to cookies. I think the tips offered by the author are great and helpful especially for new bakers. The recipes are great and there's a great variety for different types of cookies. I personally prefer chocolate-y type cookies and am not a particular fan of cookies with fruit in them, so having that variety was very nice. One thing I would've liked is if there was a picture to go along with each recipe. I know that requires more ink and more pages and would therefore increase the price of the book, but I've always found that visual of knowing what the cookie is supposed to look like helps more than having to read through the recipe and understand from that what the end result will look and taste like. The visual aspect is an important part to cooking and baking and not enough books take advantage of that by incorporating pictures for each recipe.
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I usually wait until closer to the publishing date to review books, but I just could not help reviewing The Cookie Bible.  With inspiring photos, though I wish there were more, the cookbook features excellent recipes with easy to follow instructions.  The author takes the time to introduce basic methods, great tips and hints for success, essential ingredients, and helpful equipment.  The recipes are divided into logical sections, which I have listed below with some of the standouts.

Rolled by Hand: Cranberry Chocolate Chippers; Jumbles; Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies; Tahini Crisps; Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies

Dropped or Piped: Chocolate Phantoms; Florentines; Churro Nuggets

Shaped by Hand: Cream Cheese Butter Dough for Rugelach; Apricot Walnut Rugelach; Strudel Cookies

Rolled and Cut: Coconut Crisps; Lemon Jammies; Chocolate Wafers; Turkish Ginger Lime Cookies

Holiday Cookies: Gingerbread Folks; Spritz Cookies; Pizzelle

Bar and Cake Cookies: Cocoa Brownies; Baby Cheesecakes; Brownie Doughnuts; Whoopie Pies; Lemon Cranberry Squares

Meringues and Candies: Meringue Mushrooms; Lacy Susans: Bandy Snaps

Extra Specials: Dulce de Leche; Wicked Good Ganache; Lemon Curd; Raspberry Jam

I appreciated that the index was located in the front of the cookbook, for ease of use.  The instructions for the more specialized cookies were extremely helpful, as measuring and laying out certain cookies can be difficult.

Overall, as someone who has baked many cookies over a number of years, I would recommend The Cookie Bible to anyone wanting to make delicious cookies and bars.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy of The Cookie Bible by NetGalley and the publisher, Mariner Books.  The decision to read and review this cookbook was entirely my own.
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Loved this! I tried quite a few recipes and they were SO good. Highly recommend! We all know cookies are good but this makes them even better
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Just made the chocolate chip cookies from this book - delicious! I love whenever golden syrup can be added to a recipe! Add in brown butter and that is a fantastic cookie! Be sure to read the recipe fully before starting, the format is a bit more verbose than I expected
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I have been a big fan of Rose Levy Beranbaum's books for a very long time.  I went to my bookshelf to see just how many of her books I have.  I counted six and of these six, my absolute favorite is Rose's Christmas Cookies. I can't recall a Holiday Cookie Tin that has not featured at least one of her cookies.  I was eager to take a sneak peek at her newest book coming out, The Cookie Bible.

The Layout
Intro - brief description and a memory or an anecdotal story for the cookie.
Temperature, baking time, and equipment - organized into a table.
Ingredients - listed in volume and weight measurements also organized in a table, easy to see and follow.
Mise en place-steps that need to be done before making the dough ie. taking out butter to soften or bringing eggs to room temp.
Making the dough-If a particular cookie can be made in either a food processor or stand mixer, both methods are listed. I love this.  Followed by:
Forming cookies
Baking cookies
Cooling cookies

All her cookbooks are organized this way, meticulous and thorough. It's like getting a Master Baking class in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Each recipe finishes with Baking Gems, MORE valuable tips, and tweaks!

The Recipes

I flipped through the book to earmark recipes I wanted to try. This is where I felt like the book came up a bit short. The selection of cookies seemed just a bit dated. Today's cookies include new flavors and spices and eye-catching colors created by using freeze-dried fruits.  

Few recipes in this book jumped out at me and shouted MAKE ME! Perhaps because quite a few recipes in the book are also in Rose's Christmas Cookies.  Recipes I already make and love like Cloud Cookies, Meltaways, Lion Paws, and Spritz Cookies among others.  If I didn't have Rose's Christmas Cookies I might have been putting Post-Its on those very pages.  Recipes have been scaled back to yield smaller batches of cookies limiting how many cookies I eat, a good thing!

Read through the recipe before making it.  I found this book even more detailed than her older books (wow).  Explicit directions like when to take the butter and eggs out before making the dough or what type of flour to use for each recipe (it makes a difference).

I plowed through the first recipe, Dream Chocolate Chip Cookies, only to be stumped when I hadn't added the egg. Turns out that twenty minutes before making the dough, I was supposed to crack the egg into the mixer bowl, add the vanilla, and cover it so it can come to room temp. The egg should have been in the mixer when I creamed the butter and sugar.  Should have taken my own advice, and read the recipe first!

Lemon Poppyseed Madeleines were next up.  Once again, detailed instructions produced a tender sweet-tart Madeleine.  Next time, I would reduce the poppyseeds, a bit too much crunch.  I actually liked them more the next day as the syrup had time to absorb so the cookies weren't sticky to touch and the tartness had mellowed.

The Verdict

With all that being said. Here is my take. If you do not own a Rose Levy Berenbaum Cookbook, this would absolutely be a lovely addition to your kitchen.  This book will make you a better baker.  Filled with invaluable tips and technique information, it takes that extra step of explaining why specific ingredients and techniques work in a recipe.  Although there isn't a photo for every cookie in the book, the photos included are gorgeous.

Happy baking!
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Truly a delightful cookbook for those who are particularly interested in the humble but indulgent cookie. If you thought there wasn't much to the cookie, think again.
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Thank you to the author and publisher for providing me with a digital ARC of this title via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. 

who doesn't love a book dedicated to cookies! beautiful pictures, great recipes. a great way to have on hand for any baker
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Comprehensive cookie cookbook, focuses mostly on European, especially french ways of cooking and cookies. To be expected from a french style chef. I learned about many new cookies I had never heard of before! I doubt I will ever be able to make all of the cookies in the book. But I have found many I want to try. Recipes seem easy to follow. Pretty cookie photos too.
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This cookbook covers everything you need to bake fabulous cookies from simple to elegant.
Nothings been overlooked.  You need this book!
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