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Unfortunately, this was a miss for me. I feel a Cookie Bible should include more mainstream recipes for those looking to get into baking more. Also, this book includes a shocking number of recipes with nuts in them! In this day and age, it would probably be beneficial to remember that a large portion of society now has nut allergies. Overall, a fine read and the pictures are beautiful. However, it was lacking for me. My thanks to the publisher for the advance reader in exchange for my honest review.
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THE COOKIE BIBLE by Rose Levy Beranbaum
Nonfiction, cookbook
Thoughts: Wow. Just…yummy wow. This is definitely not a cookbook for anyone who wants to lose weight, but oh my, are the recipes ever delicious looking! I will definitely be digging deeper into some of these. The author lays out the golden rules of baking cookies and ingredients – as well as equipment needed and more.

There are chapters dedicated to cookies rolled out by hand, dropped or piped, shaped by hand, holiday cutouts, bar and cake cookies, meringues and candies, as well as a chapter on extras like making your own duche de Leche, candied peels, lemon curd, jam and more. Some of these things are gluten free, but most are not. And there are no substitutions for GF within the recipes. But still… yum.

Each recipe gives you the number of items it makes, the prep and baking times, ingredients by both volume and weight, tips (she calls them gems), variations, and storage. They are clear, concise, and easy to follow. And delicious! 

Recommendation: I received this as an ebook but I will definitely be adding it to my “buy this” pile and getting copies for friends and family. It is definitely a keeper and a perfect addition to any cookbook collection.

Disclaimer: I received this from Netgalley in hopes of giving a review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by anyone.

Vicky 2/25/21
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Delicious! Yum! This is a terrific Cookie Book. Now is the time for Comfort Food and I can’t think of anything more comforting then a warm homemade cookie. What I liked about this book over other cookie books is it had new and different recipes. I always like to try new things. 

My favorites are Freedom Treasure Cookies (this is a basic dough recipe and then you add in all the extras you have like nuts, chocolate, coconut, dried fruits; an excellent idea), Cloud Nines, Caramel Surprise Snickerdoodles, Miss Swallow’s Perfect Lemon Cookies, and Pecan Tassies. 

I already made the Scottish Shortbreads in a Tart Pan. They are very easy to make a came out tasting so good. 😊 

Thank-You to the author’s brother for suggesting adding a recipe for Dogs. He is definitely right, I want to make these for my Jasper whose birthday is coming up. The little bones are so cute, too. 

I really appreciate that Scale Measurements are offered. I have an inexpensive digital scale and it does make a difference when baking. I always use it when baking and suggest doing this. 

The pictures are especially well done and are an added element to the book. 

For now bake for yourself and family. If you keep using this Cookie Book, I think you will notice very shortly your friends and neighbors will be visiting more often. 

Thank you NetGalley, Rose Levy Beranbaum, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for an ARC of this Book. I really appreciate it.
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Love the recipes. Especially mrs. Swallows perfect lemon cookies. They were delicious. Don’t mind me, I’m a sucker for lemon flavored food. I’d recommend this cookie book!
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This book was received as an ARC from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I was blown away seeing the many varieties of cookies in this book. All of them look absolutely delicious and super easy. I know this will be a hit with our community and it will definitely be an exciting future cooking demo topic. I also love how they put a small snippet called Baking Gems as their tips. It's like they are giving a gift to you with each recipe and you don't see many chefs do that in their cookbooks, they just call them tips. 

We will consider adding this title to our TX Non-Fiction collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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I received this ARC on NetGalley for review, and my kids are so happy I did!! I love making cookies but I’ve been in a delicious rut of making the same chocolate chip cookies. As soon as my kids saw what I was looking at they were over my shoulder making comments on which cookie we should try first. 

 Mrs. Beranbaum makes each recipe so wonderfully easy to follow. She has each recipe written out so you can use different equipment (food processor/stand mixer/ by hand) as well as something she calls baking gems (tips about the recipe). Within the first section she blew my mind. She mentions preheating the oven for a certain amount of time. I had never even thought to do that. Generally the second my oven is to temp I am sliding my food in. Mrs. Beranbaum wants you to succeed and has made an entire book of delicious cookies. This may be the only cookie cookbook I ever buy! And I will definitely be purchasing this for my baking friends. (Such a great gift idea- sheet pan, cookie cutters, cute towel and this cookbook)
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I love that this book offers so many tips for baking. I am a home baker/hobby cookie decorator and I love getting all the tips that sometimes take years to learn by mistake. Also... cookie recipes? Win/Win!
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Date reviewed/posted: February 24, 2021
Publication date: November 9, 2021

When life for the entire galaxy and planet has turned on its end, you are continuing to #maskup and #lockdown to be in #COVID19 #socialisolation as the #secondwave is upon us, AND it is a loverly minus 26 degrees, snowy and icy where I am currently stuck living, so superspeed readers like me can read 300+ pages/hour, so yes, I have read the book … and many more today.

I requested and received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley, the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review.  

From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸.

The ultimate cookie cookbook, from the best-selling author of The Baking Bible Rose Levy Beranbaum

This is your must-have cookie book, featuring nearly every cookie imaginable, from rustic Cranberry Chocolate Chippers to elegant French macarons, and everything in between—simple drop cookies, rolled-and-cut holiday cookies, brownies and other bars, pretty sandwich cookies, luxurious frosted or chocolate-dipped treats, and much more. 

With legendary baker Rose Levy Beranbaum’s foolproof recipes—which feature detail-oriented instructions that eliminate guesswork, notes for planning ahead, ingenious tips, and other golden rules for success—it’s easy to whip up a batch of irresistible, crowd-pleasing cookies anytime, for any occasion. Standout classics and new favourites include: 
***Rose’s Dream Chocolate Chip Cookies
***Lemon Lumpies
***Black Tahini Crisps
***Peanut Butter and Jelly Buttons
***Double Ginger Molasses Cookies
***Caramel Surprise Snickerdoodles
***Mom’s Coconut Snowball Kisses
***Chocolate Sablés
***Gingerbread Folks (with a special sturdy variation for gingerbread houses)
***Pecan Freezer Squares
***Brownie Doughnuts
***Brandy Snap Rolls

Plus “extra special” details including homemade Dulce de Leche, Wicked Good Ganache, Lemon Curd, and more.

Never read this book before bed as you will be wanting cookies, cookies and more cookies. These are some seriously yummy recipes that will keep you busy this coming holiday baking time.  Yes... holiday baking... I am reviewing this nine months before it is reviewed so I am pregnant with cookies!  The recipes are well written and understandable by cooks of all levels and the photos make the cookies very appealing to myself and other lovers of bakery goods out there.  The Double Ginger Molasses Cookies are on my to-do list this afternoon mostly because I know hubby does not like them and will not eat them like he ate ALL of the hot crossed buns I made yesterday!

As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I simply adore emojis (outside of their incessant use by "🙏-ed Social Influencer Millennials/#BachelorNation survivors/Tik-Tok and YouTube  Millionaires/snowflakes / literally-like-overusers etc. " on Instagram and Twitter... Get a real job, people!) so let's give it 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 (Am I the only person on the planet who does not like chocolate chip cookies?)
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I received a free ARC of #TheCookieBible courtesy of #NetGalley, Rose Levy Beranbaum and the publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

I often flip quickly ahead to browse recipes and pictures in a new cookbook, but I read this one cover to cover in a single sitting and bookmarked 13 recipes I want to try. In other words, I loved this cookbook and I think it has a place in every home baker’s cookbook library. Rose provides excellent general  technical advice upfront, and specific tips and suggestions with each recipe. The pictures are beautiful and so tempting! Each recipe is broken down so well and organized to help set you up for success. I am a convert to measuring by weight (vs volume) and I love that the author has provided both to make this accessible, yet gives gentle nudges to the superior method. (Seriously folks...getting a kitchen scale and switching to measuring by weight is life changing.  Easier, more consistent fail proof baking, and fewer dishes to wash. Do it! I will not buy another cookbook that doesn’t include weight measurements.)

Within the first day of having this ARC, I made her chocolate chip cookie recipe. A classic with a brown butter twist, and a good test run of a new cookbook. The recipe was clear and precise and easy to follow. And the cookies turned out great! Can’t wait to give the other 12 recipes I bookmarked a go.
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A very nice and well-rounded cookbook! I personally liked the categories in which it was divided. The photos were great and there are some classics and also unique recipes in here! I definitely have a few on my list that I would like to try now! I would say this is a great cookie and baking resource for beginners and even more experienced bakers! I definitely learned a few things!
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I received a free ARC of this title courtesy of #netgalley, Rose Levy Beranbaum and the publishers.

This is the ultimate cookie recipe book, particularly for nut lovers. Unfortunately, being allergic to nuts there were a lot of recipes that I wouldn't be able to personally sample nut that didn't stop me trying out a few varieties for the family. The recipes are spot on and I enjoyed the array of tips given at the beginner of the book.

The photos of the finished products give the reader and amateur baker and idea of what they are aiming for.

A book that belongs on any cookie baker's shelf and any parents out there. There's some child friendly recipes that will  keep little ones occupied and sweetened :).

With a mixture of light airy cookies, indulgent shortbreads and heavier biscuits, there's a cookie for everyone.
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I love this book! It is beautifully written, well researched and I can’t wait to make so many of the cookies.
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I don't review books I cannot read on my kindle.  First, I can't get it open. Second, if I go to the trouble of reviewing it, I should be able to keep it if I want.
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The recipes in "The Cookie Bible" look delicious and I can't wait to try some, like the Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies. I would say I am a decent baker, and I do weigh my ingredients when baking, but these instructions even suggest weighing the eggs, which might be too technical and off-putting for a lot of bakers--for example when I am baking my eggs NEVER get weighed.

Update: I tried two recipes. The Cranberry Chocolate Chip were excellent. Another, the Pumpkin Pecan were also tasty, but a lot of work for what little they yielded (I only got 14, despite measuring portions exactly as prescribed in the recipe). It was also a pretty involved recipe for a small yield. Definitely read the recipes carefully, some have a lot of steps
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I really enjoyed Rose's Cookie Bible. I was pleased that there were variations on so many of the cookie recipes. The option to add chocolate or a different flavor was really lovely, especially as someone who doesn't love chocolate (controversial, I know).

Something also wonderful was the appendix, which contained lists of recipes in these sections: "Flourless & Eggless Recipes, Recipes Using Only Egg Whites, Recipes Using Only Egg Yolks, Flourless Cookies, Eggless." I found that such a nice touch. So thoughtful.

There are so many recipes that I want to try that I'm going to go back through it after I finish this review and note all of them down. I'm pretty picky with what I bake, but this cookie book had a lot of recipes I'm excited about.

One more positive note: I found the heart bullet points in  the "Baking Gems" section of each recipe SO CUTE. They're exactly like the hearts in the Giant Jam Birthday Cookie (if you know, you know).

The one sad note of the Cookie Bible: there aren't photos for every recipe. I know it's such an extensive book, but it would've been lovely.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my opinion.
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I was approved for this cookbook earlier today, so I of course had to make a cookie this evening! I love it. There's so many recipes, I was able to find one that I had the ingredients on hand already (Scottish Shortbread), and they turned out excellent. 

Instructions are clear, metric and customary measurements, logical organization - this was an excellent layout for a cookbook and it might replace my previous go to cookie bible. Can't wait to try a few more soon!
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I've never heard that browning the butter to be used in chocolate chip cookies makes them taste better and have better texture.   This book has lots of tips and ideas that take your cookies from good to fabulous.   The basic recipe is there and then there are tips or ways of changing the recipe to make them different.  I like that the recipes give the measurements on cups etc.  Along with the weights.   What a great book!
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The Cookie Bible lives up to its title! The recipes are phenomenal, the instructions are accessible, and the tips walk you through the steps.

I am a novice when it comes to baking, and I find some recipes can be intimidating or vague. This compilation was easy to understand even for me. It was clear from the introduction that Beranbaum is passionate about the role baking can have in life, and this was only cemented by the beautiful recipes in this book.

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What an apt title! The Cookie Bible contains thorough recipes for just about every cookie or cookie adjacent dessert your heart desires. 

I bake a lot, and cookies are my favorite thing to make. But I’m certainly no expert, so I really appreciated how thoughtfully detailed each recipe is, containing variations and tips. I bookmarked so many of them already (I’m especially excited to make Hamentaschen and Blondie’s Blondies) 

The photos are beautiful. I wish there was a photo for every recipe in the book. Thank you NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the ARC of this book. Can’t wait to get baking.
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#TheCookieBible #NetGalley

This is definitely a comprehensive resource and I'm so grateful for it. Admittedly, I'm not much of a cookie person aside from homemade chocolate chip cookies, however most of my family have an insane sweet tooth that I'm happy to satisfy on occasion. The Cookie Bible is a very detailed book that contains Baking Gems which are super helpful and what I really like is that the recipes show measurements and weights. There are so many recipes I haven't come across before and am excited to try (Lemon Lumpies, Tahini Crisps, Cloud Nines...). This is a great book to revisit, especially if you're ready to try a new cookie, or just get out of the chocolate chip cookie rut (although is it really a rut?!). The instructions are a bit lengthy and again really detailed, but after all, it is a cookie Bible.
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