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I received an arc in exchange for my honest review.

I looove cookies, so I was very excited to read this! It starts with an intro, baking tips, and needed equipment. The recipes are formatted nicely and the pictures look very tasty! I'm looking forward to trying the tahnini crisps with my leftover tahini. Great recipes to use up ingredients!
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Thanks to NetGalley for my gifted copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. The Cookie Bible is an amazing well thought out book with so many recipes. The color photographs are gorgeous and I cannot wait to actually make all the cookies I have read about!
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One of the best recipe books I have read!! As a lover of baking, I was so excited to read this book and it did not disappoint. So many amazing tips, advice, and recipes!! And beautiful photographs!! I will definitely be purchasing this one to add to my own cookbook collection!
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Beautiful book! The Cookie Bible includes recipes for a wide variety of cookies, each with precise, detailed instructions that make beautiful + delicious cookies feel like an easy task for even the most inexperienced baker. The bulk of these recipes call for the basics: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar.  But even the additional ingredients are mostly staples in any baker's kitchen...chocolate, nuts, fruit, and cream for example. Nothing too crazy needed to complete these recipes! I love that each recipe also includes "baking gems", little tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect cookie. 
Chapter 5, holiday cookies, is my favorite section of the book. Super cute cookies that would be perfect for making memories and becoming a tradition for years to come! & let's not forget the Bone À Fidos, a cookie for the canine in your life! So many extras and love were put into this book! My only wish is that each recipe included its own picture. Thank you to NetGalley and Mariner Books for an ARC of this amazing book in exchange for my honest review. Four delicious stars!
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4.5 Stars

The Cookie Bible is everything I ever hope for in a cookbook. The layout is easy to follow, there are lots of gorgeous images, and the recipes are simple and contain easy to source ingredients. If you are looking for a great starter book for a new baker, or would like a wealth of cookie recipes at your finger tips, this is one book to add to your shelf.

The Contents:

Rolled by hand, dropped or piped
Shaped by hand
Rolled and cut
Holiday cookie cutouts
Bar and cake cookies
Meringues and candies 
Extra specials.

I have so many of these recipes bookmarked and I look forward to giving them a try. I am sure I will be ordering a few copies of this for friends and family. It really is the ultimate book for cookie lovers.
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Rose Levy Berenbaum is a baking legend, with an astounding technical knowledge and creative recipes. This book is an absolute delight-she gives very specific instructions in order to maximize your chances of a successful bake, concisely explains why to do things a certain way, and the pictures are beautiful. Honestly want to try every recipe in this book.
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The stories captured within these pages make this book not just a recipe book, but truly a wonderful keepsake that every baker and lover in the kitchen should cherish.

The photos ALWAYS make a spectacular cookbook better and this book (even as an eBook) was absolutely stunning. Such a great compilation of stories and recipes. Can't wait to buy the physical copy to own it!

A huge thank you to NetGalley, Rose Levy Beranbaum and Mariner Books for providing me with an eARC of this publication which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.
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There’s a reason Rose Levy Beranbaum is a legend to anyone who loves baking. Her recipes are exactingly written, instructions are clear and precise. This book is a great mix of reliable and delicious recipes for everyone’s favorite classics and recipes for cookies that lean more creative than your typical chocolate chip. I am a fairly amateur (but enthusiastic!) baker but the recipe writing guided me well. I can’t wait to have a physical copy of this on my shelf.
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5 Stars - Setting standards for baking books

The Cookie Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum does exactly what it sets out to be. Chock full full of knowledge and information, from basic and advanced techniques, to understanding the physics of ingredients  and baking, to a plethora of recipes for cookies of all types.

The book is organized into chapters, starting out with an introduction that covers ingredients, techniques, and other baking knowledge. 

Then the main chapters are organized by type of cookies: 
1. Rolled by Hand
2. Dropped or Piped
3. Shaped by Hand
4. Rolled and Cut
5. Holiday Cookie Cutouts
6. Bar and Cake Cookies
7. Meringues and Candies
8. Extra Specials

There are many, many recipes (from all over the world) to choose from, most coming with a very appetizing photograph. But what really, really makes the book a Bible is the amazing amount of informatio in the recipes themselves.

All amounts of the ingredients are given in volume and weight, so each baker can choose from their preferred measuring method. Then different techniques to make the dough are covered in very precise detail, rounded out by tips and points to pay special attention to. I have never seen such comprehensive recipes before and since especially in baking, small details can make all of the difference, I really appreciate how Rose Levy Beranbaums shares her knowledge and insights with the reader.

Her writing style is so warm and welcoming while radiating a calm competence that even the most inexperienced baker should feel confident to dive into any of the recipes.

I have only tried one recipe yet, the Koulourakia, (unfortunately, as I cannot wait to try out more) and the cookies taste exactly like they do in Greece!

For anyone looking for THE ONE reference for cookie baking that one can return to time and again, look no further - this is it.
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I was drawn in by the title, I thought it was an Interesting name for a cookbook for cookies. After I did a quick look through I figured out why it was an appropriate name for this book, I mean there is literally almost every type of cookie in here and it makes me want to pray to a cookie God. The recipes are easy to read and the author puts in all the information needed to help bake with her recipes. I loved all the photography used in the book, it really helped to break up the recipes.
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I love checking out cookbooks for inspiration. This one is definitely a keeper. I don't think I've ever seen so many types of cookies before and many of them have tips for experimenting with different ingredients for even more variety. There are so many pictures and they are beautiful. 

I love the clean and sensible layout. I can see the oven temperature and require baking time at the top without having to go through all the ingredients first. There are instructions for using different methods; food processor, standing mixer, and by hand. I was so excited about this book and while visiting a friend (our cookie lady) I had to show her the book on my phone. Needless to say, she ordered it right away!

Thank you Mariner Books and Netgalley for this ARC.
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I received a free e-copy of The Cookie Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum from NetGalley for my honest review. A beautiful, delightful and fun collection of the most amazing cookies. Sure to please any home.
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If you are looking for a way to begin baking this book is perfect. It includes a lot of basic information that will allow you to comprehend why you must do certain things or do them in a particular order. That way you aren’t blindly following instructions, you are learning. The recipes can be time consuming but, in the end, you get delicious cookies. Luckily the instructions are well written and organized by sections, resulting in easy-to-follow steps.  There are tips in every page to modify the recipes according to personal preference (although they do not include any form of ingredient replacement for people with dietary restrictions).
Almost every recipe is accompanied by beautiful pictures that do a great deal in convincing you to bake. But even though they are professionally produced, the cookies in the pictures look achievable and realistic in a way I don’t see often in cooking books. Maybe in your first try your cookies don’t look anything like the ones in the book but with some practice, and thanks to the amount of details included in every recipe, I'm sure you will get a cookie worthy of a photoshoot. 
Thanks to Net Galley for providing me an E-ARC in exchange for an honest review
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This cookie cookbook is a must-have for anyone who loves cookies, loves to bake, or loves to bake for those who love cookies!  Rose Levy Beranbaum put so much thought, time, and love into this beautiful cookbook and its recipes and it shows. The book is separated into wonderful cookie categories.  I'll list a few different categories so you can get a taste of what to look forward to when you buy this book for yourself ... and, believe me, you're going to want to buy this book for yourself!

🍪 Shaped By Hand includes such tempting goodies as Fudgy Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies and Strudel Cookies ... yes, strudel cookies.  They sound sooooo good!  

🍪 Dropped or Piped includes mouthwatering selections with fun names like Cashew Comforts and Chocolate Phantoms.  

🍪 Rolled by Hand has such beauties as Cranberry Sconettes, Caramel Surprise Snickerdoodles (because Snickerdoodles weren't already one of my favorite cookies!), Cloud Nines, Lemon Lumpies, Oatmeal Favorites, and My Dream Chocolate Chip Cookies that you will actually find yourself daydreaming about.  

🍪 My favorite category would be Bar and Cake Cookies that includes Pecan Freezer Squares and Carmelized Maple Macadamia Squares that both sound beyond decadent.  

🍪 The Rolled and Cut section has wonderful sounding nibbles like Moravian Spice Crisps, Chocolate Sables, and Raspberry Linzer Hearts.  

🍪 There is even an entire Extra Specials section which includes recipes for ganache, jams, curds, and decadent dulce de leche.  

💗 I received an advanced reader copy of this beautiful book through NetGalley and will definitely be purchasing this book to add to my collection ... and my waistline!
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'The Cookie Bible' by Rose Levy Beranbaum has such sharp beautiful photos it makes one want to go through the beginning to the end and make every cookie recipe in this book.  Of course, I had some favorites such as the Baby Cheesecakes and the Scarlet Raspberry Linzer Hearts, and more.  But what I loved so much was that the book is laid out as beautifully also.

For example, the sections are Rolled by Hand, Dropped or Piped, Shaped by Hand, Rolled and Cut, Holiday Cookie Cutouts, Bar and Cake Cookies, Meringues and Candies, and Extra Specials.  Then the cookie titles for each cookie recipe.  The recipes each have a story which I love but to the point and quick. The recipes also have gram as well as common value or imperial measurements. Says the baking time and special equipment used.  I would prefer to have a start to finish approximate time for each recipe but that is not available. But the "Baking Gems" at the end of each recipe is fantastic!  I learned so much. also Rose makes you feel confident and that this is going to be fun, rewarding and you'll learn something along with making a delicious cookie delight.  The storing information is clear as are the recipes on how to make them.  As you can imagine this whole book is a mouth-watering delight.
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If you live cookies and also if you love making cookies then this one if for you. 
I  found this book really well done and yes I tried a few recipes and they were so yummy and easy enough to do
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This cookbook offers great recipes for all your cookie baking needs. Rose Levy Beranbaum is a trusted name is the baking world for a reason. The cookies are delicious and the steps are easy to follow.
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Rose Levy Beranbaum's no-nonsense approach to baking is unfailingly confidence-boosting. She doesn't mince words, never shortcuts instructions, and always lets you know if you're in for a challenge. Thankfully, even the more challenging recipes in The Cookie Bible are still approachable, and well worth the trouble. I can't wait to get my hands on a print copy.

(PS: Oh how I wish this was available as a regular Kindle read....the protected PDFs are so much more difficult to work with!)
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I tried one recipe from this book and I found that it lacked good instructions.  I felt like it wasn't well thought out.
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Do you have one of those books that is essentially falling apart and whose pages are stained with flecks of food because you've revisited it over and over again? I feel like this is going to become one of those go to classics. If you are a fan of this author's Cake Bible, you'll find the same attention to detail, illustrations, and step by step instructions on making cookies and biscuits.
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