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Hitler and his Women was a salacious read about the many women that played a role in Hitler's life. Phil Carradice did a great job weaving together the anecdotes of how different women affected Hitler in some capacity, but it is worthy to note that many of these stories are not verified with factual evidence.  While entertaining,  I do agree with some of the other reviews that I would be hesitant to source this book in an academic context. Despite this, I was glad Carradice showcased Hitler as a complex and multi-faceted individual, instead of just focusing on the immoral, atrocious acts of which  he was  primarily responsible for committing. It was fascinating to read about why and how so many women were enraptured with him, even if some of it comes down to speculation. Thank you to NetGalley and  and Pen and Sword History for the early read.
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While I understand some may think this dictator had a softer side perhaps they're mistaken by the lack of knowledge of personality trait disorders and misconstrued subtlety for softness.
The idea that someone can MURDER 6 million Jewish men, women, and children and claim to have this other side is sick because this other side was nothing more than Jekyll and Hyde persona.
In fact this individual wore two masks- one in public and one in private and every malignant narcissist with similar personality trait disorders operates the same.
It's this attention, adulation, constant praise and pedestal placement as a God like human being above the law that created this mystique that some fell for as character.
These women in so-called romantic relationships were nothing more than pawns to stroke this man's highly egotistical alpha male needs via supply as targets of his ways.
Based on the DSM manual he falls in the range of NPD, sociopath, psychopath and while some felt he possessed this leadership quality what he possessed was the ability to be believable and credible while stealing the credit from others to claim as his own doing.
He was shy yet, overly full of himself and disliked to be challenged, questioned, or not taken seriously.
His word was gospel to his enablers, followers, and loyal harem and yet with this tough exterior this man hid like a coward in an underground bunker and committed suicide at his own hands.
Imagine that?
This is not a man this is a monster who should have received mental illness treatment 
Phil Carradice did a fantastic job not only in documentation and research but in civility and empathy as I wouldn't have been so kind in this discussion because I've lived this discard and devalue train wreck.
I know the trail of horror these toxic individuals leave behind yet the Goldwater Rule prevents such diagnosis without professional treatment.
What I can tell you is that these individuals need constant ego stroking and will manipulate, threaten, blame, shame, silence, and control their victims through any means necessary.
The author notes: How he could control or manage the switch from raving bully to understanding and considerate friend and manager remains a mystery.
Not for those who lived it because it's quite easy: It's all about power/control and these men will do anything to obtain it even if it means putting on a 'show' as a puppet master to gain so called friends and or loyalty. Yet, the minute these 'friends' no longer serve a purpose they will be tossed without a second notice.
Sure, these toxic people can be somewhat restrained for a period of time but eventually they blow, they react, they lash out against even their own family and friends.
Family to them is secondary and not priority. They cannot love others as they cannot love themselves. They will have sex as a 'mechanical act' but it means nothing and neither do their own partners.
My ex spouse told me he could have sex with anyone (having multiple affairs and children to many women) yet I was deemed his kept woman and business partner never his wife of 11 years, not the mother of his three kids (who nearly died to have them) nor the woman who gave up her career and masters to raise them for twenty years at her own detriment unable to re-enter the workforce.
Which then brings me to the next point that the author showcases the double end of the sword. That his womanizing was two fold. At one point he plays house but at the other end he puts women out of qualified roles in the workplace including preventing them from being judges, serving on jury duty, working a job, but rather being a homemaker.
"Hitler now stated publicly that he intended to take 800,000 women out of the workforce. They would be replaced by men. It was the brutal way of reducing unemployment."
The fact that this individual ever found his way into politics and power is not surprising given our current state of affairs in our own White House with the 45th what's surprising then as is now is why must history repeat itself and when will we ever learn the lessons it's meant to teach us?
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I'm sure this is a wonderful book but it was too stiff and clinical for me. Could only read a few chapters
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This is a fair and honest review done for NetGalley and Pen and Sword History for letting me read early.   "Hitler and His Women" by Phil Carradice is a new type of biography about Hitler than the standard “He’s evil.” Storyline; this goes in-depth about not only his mother, but the many women in his life and how their role in his life shaped him and his outlook on life. 

  Never would I have believed there to be a book that spoke such a way about Hitler, such as the way his speeches were akin to slowly built orgasms, or the women in the audience were wet from listening to him; yet here we are.   We tend to forget that many of Hitlers supporters were women and from the upper parts of society, not just men who yerned for power.  He used them as entertainment, friendship, comfort, and in the final case of Eva Braun, as romantic partners.  The women in Hitlers life were there to offer motherly affection and be in awe of his prowess, but never question him or The Nazi agenda. 

While this book is extremely interesting to read, as a college history major I would be wary to use this as a secondary source for an Term Paper. Much of his information is rehashed, unverified, and so scandalous that I doubt that any of the Professors would believe me or my sources if I used this book; however, Hitler and His Women is a wonderful way to introduce new information to students, with “what-ifs” or add-on for this topic, but not as the main textbook.  Overall, this is an entertaining read that will most likely be read once and ever be picked up again, unless its for scholarly research, or for antidotal read.  

  My rating for Hitler and His Women is 4/5, because it is stated that much of the information is unverified and what we already know of Hitler; however the author gives us a new perspective of not only Adolf Hitler but his personal life, with women who personally knew him, and those who cheered for him from the stands.  He used women for comfort, power, and sex; possibly forever ridding the notion that Hitler was gay or asexual.  Highly informative, easy to read, and great to introduce the topic from.
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Author Phil Carradice published the book “Hitler and His Women” in 2021 (May 30). Mr. Carradice has published more than 50 novels and non-fiction books. 

I categorize this book as ‘R’ because it contains mature situations. The book tells of the important women in Adolf Hitler's life. Contrary to what many think of Hitler, he came across as charming to the women he came into close contact with. He flirted and exchanged gossip with them. When Hitler was young he had an abusive father and a mother who doted on him. Many German women supported Hitler and the Nazi party as they rose to power. In his early years, he appears to have enjoyed affairs with many young women. When the Nazis began to control Germany they forced women to abandon the professions and workplace. Instead, they were strongly encouraged to become good German homemakers and mothers. 

At the height of his power, Hitler enjoyed a near-rock-star devotion by the women of Germany. There are several women who were close to Hitler. Some were romantic connections, but many were just dedicated to him and the Nazi party. His long-time mistress and eventual wife Eva Braun is among the most well-known. Less well known is his apparent affair with his 17-year-old half-cousin Geli Raubal. There are many other women discussed in this book. Among them are Mitzi Reiter, Henny Hoffmann, Zara Leander, Magda Goebbels, and Hanna Reitsch. There were also the English aristocrats Unity & Diana Mitford.

I enjoyed the 8+ hours I spent reading this 224-page WWII history. The book paints a different image of Adolf Hitler. It surprised me at how many women fawned over him. I was also somewhat surprised at how many women were dedicated Nazis. I like the chosen cover art. I give this book a 4.5 (rounded up to a 5) out of 5.

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If you enjoyed this book, Nazi Wives: The Women at the Top of Hitler’s Germany may also interest you.
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*Many thanks to Phil Carradice, Pen & Sword, and NetGalley for arc in exchange for my honest review.*
Fine offering by Mr Carradice who focuses on most important women in Hitler's life, beginning with his mother, his female patrons and moving on to his personal life. I have read several books on Hitler but I admit some names were quite new to me. 
One thing which I appreciated while reading was that the author does not dwell on gossips, or at least he keeps the distance from some disturbing information on the dictator's sex life if there is no proof but just a hearsay.
The book is well written and a lot of research went into it.
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I really enjoyed this book. It showed an entirely different Hitler than I was used to. I'm not entirely happy with some of the pop psychology, but on the whole, this book could have been salacious but is instead well research even handed.
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Thanks to NetGalley, Pen and Sword History and Phil Carradice for an ARC in exchange for an honest book review.
This book provides the reader with a well written, interesting and concise look at the women that revolved in Adolph Hitlers orbit. He was influenced by them, his Nazi party was funded by them and they fed him what he craved on several levels.
Hitler was idol worshipped by German females of all ages; teenagers, actresses and aristocrats. To his intimates and his employees he could be kind, considerate and caring. Although Eva Braun is the most famous of Hitler’s lovers, long before her, there were others, his half niece Geli Raubel, shop worker Mitzi Reiter and Henny Hoffman, the daughter of his personal photographer and Hitler’s future secretary. In the early 1930’s British socialite Unity Mitford saw Hitler at a rally in Germany and became obsessed with him and he smitten with her. 
Needless to say, the adoration, dedication and support of these very different women assisted Hitler in his rise to power and prominence. 
The accounts of Hitler’s relationships can often be the opposite of the ranting and violent leader of the Third Reich. Phil Carradice’s book provides yet another dimension to Adolph Hitler and is a highly recommended read.
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This aims to give us a consideration of Hitler – not the routine, pure biography, but something a little different – in the light of all the females he shared his life with.  And so we range from fleeting but mass interaction with potentially knicker-wetting teenagers at his Party rallies, right up to Geli, Eva, and the mother who cosseted him so, and who he lost to breast cancer when he was eighteen.

I was glad the book immediately said it was an almost Pavlovian but very awkward response on meeting any of these women on the page to try and fit them into what we think we know of Hitler's psychological make-up, for I think it would have been a step too far, both for this light, populist history book and for this author.  Equally likely a response is to think 'what if...' - what if one of the intelligent women that scared him off, one of the darling young ingenues from the silver screen, or one of the society dames who gave him maternal help once he was out of prison, had just actually given him what he wanted at some carnal/primal level, and thus altered the course of the war?

It's only fair to say this revolves around several cases of the 'what if', for a lot of it will best the historian now that all the players are dead.  Did he meet with, and give a bastard son to, a young French maiden while he was at the front in France, despite them not speaking the other's language?  Did he have a side to his sexuality that would have stopped him from getting to the top of the power pyramid if proven to the public in time?  Would Unity Mitford, with a bit more gumption, have been able to act as less a fawning starlet and more a proper go-between?

Ultimately, so much of this being a guesstimate as to the facts and speculation as to the psychology, the book is more successful in providing potted biographies of the women, especially when his and her amount of contact and their response to each other is known.  This works better and is more convincingly written, in my mind, when it's informing the curious reader to who exactly Leni Riefenstahl, Eva Braun and her sisters, and THAT niece, actually were.  I still think it a little woolly and unscientific to suggest they meant this or they might have led to that, but they do in some way provide a unique snapshot into the last century's worst.
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Honestly I never gave too much thought to this interesting subject until I recently read Jonathan Petropoulos' captivating " Royals and the Reich" published by Oxford University Press in 2008 when I realized that a large number of Nazi sympathizers were women (especially in the upper echelons of German  of society) and that their contributions to his rise to power were much greater that I had previously thought. 
So this is why I enjoyed Phil Carradice foray into Hitler's relationships with women. Well researched and very concise, this very interesting monograph is the perfect springboard to delve into the subject & to learn more about the Fuhrer's intricate relationships with women at the personal but also political level. 

Many thanks to Netgalley and Pen & Sword for the opportunity to read this very interesting book prior to its release date
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Hitler and His Women is a quick look at the women who influenced him, whether he was sexually intimate with them or not. There were one or two stories I was not familiar with, such as the French girl who claimed Hitler fathered her son. According to the author, DNA tests are inconclusive, so why aren’t they done again until it can be confirmed or denied? I’ve read other works on Hitler and women. His mother, niece, and Eva Braun had the most impact, I think. There were several pictures that were new to me. Carradice does not contribute anything substantially new to this area of scholarship. He simply recycled material that has been hashed over before. He throws out salacious tidbits and then says there is no way to verify the rumors. I would recommend this book for an introduction to the topic, but not for deep analysis.
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I love books about history.  This one is it take on Hitler and his relationships with women which is some thing I’ve actually always been interested in.  Highly informative and easy to read, it kept me entertained for hours. I highly recommend this book.
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I love books about history.  This one is it take on Hitler and his relationships with women which is some thing I’ve actually always been interested in.  Highly informative and easy to read, it kept me entertained for hours. I highly recommend this book.
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