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This is book #3 in the DCI Jonah Sheens series. I did not know this as I was reading. I may have been a bot less confused by the amount of characters at the beginning of the book if I had some more background. 
This is the story of Louisa, a married woman who wakes up next to a man who is not her husband, only to find that he is dead, and she has no idea who he is. Louisa must piece together what exactly happened. The book is told in alternating chapters between Louise telling the story in second person (referring to herself as Drunk Louise), DCI Jonah Sheens and his team solving the crime. There are quite a few plot twists that keep the reader on their toes.
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Really enjoyed this police thriller! The detectives were a very small part of the action, for me at least. The victim(s) were clearly center stage...

It was a clever story that was divulged one tiny piece at a time. But it was always intriguing, never strained. I definitely recommend!

**Thanks to NetGalley and publishers for the free advanced reader's copy!
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Overall, I felt kinda meh about this book.  Not necessarily bad, but not particularly memorable either.  Giving it 2.5/5 Stars.
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I received a complimentary copy of Lie Beside Me from NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

This was a great book, that kept me guessing for most of the adventure.  Unreliable, married narrator, Drunk Louise”, tries to piece together her night of debauchery when she wakes with a strange man in her bed, after which, chaos ensues.  Great read with a perfect title!
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Who’s the predator and who’s the victim?

’Drunk Louise’ likes to have fun, is reckless and prone to blackouts. Alter-ego ‘Sober Louise’ exhibits a contrasting and likable personality. One morning, Louise wakes up to a bloody body of an unknown man lying next to her in bed, having no recollection of the night before. This is an excellent murder mystery and police procedural in which multiple suspects are unveiled and the waters get murky. Louise was my favorite character and the heart of this multi-layered and twisty story.
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“And I know you’re going to be certain now that there’s something wrong with me.  That this constant dissociation from myself shows that I’m deeply damamged.  But I’m starting to understand that these parts of me come into being out of necessity.  That life, and the people in it, sometimes just push me too hard.” Louise writes to her husband Niall.  She is, indeed, a troubled young lady who awakes , very hungover with no memory of the preceding night, to a dead man in her bed who is not her husband.  The story takes off from there.  I had some difficulty with the story because I didn’t really find Louise likable or sympathetic, but really more annoying.  She felt as if she was only likable and outgoing when drunk and was spurred on by a new friendship with April, not a good influence.  The book kicked in about half way through and ends with some interesting twists and turns.  I appreciate receiving this copy from NetGalley.
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I loved this one!  Lie Beside Me is the type of book that hooks you from the very beginning and keeps you guessing until the very end.  This is Book 3 in a series but I definitely feel like you can read it as a standalone.  I read the first one a long time ago and don't remember much of it and did not read the second one (yet!).  I don't feel like I missed out on anything.

Lie Beside Me is a multi-layered thriller and I loved all parts of it!

It alternated between the perspective of Louise writing a letter to her husband, Niall, and the investigation.  After a night out drinking, Louise woke up next to a man she didn't know in her bed and he had been murdered!  She blacked out the night before so she has no idea what happened.  Writing this letter, which was in parts throughout the book, was a means of catharsis for her.

The main storyline of the book was the police investigation into what happened that night.  This team was full of interesting characters that I really enjoyed reading about and the list of suspects was long and shady.  Both the investigation and their personal stories were entertaining, especially Juliette Hanson's troubles with someone from her past.

Overall, a 4.5 star read for me and I'm definitely looking forward to more!

CW: infidelity; alcohol abuse; rape
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I enjoyed reading this British police procedural, which is third in a series following DCI Jonah Sheens. I also liked the first book, but my overall discontent with that book remains here.

The story itself, once again, is interesting. A murder has occurred and the process of unraveling what happened is well done, if somewhat far fetched at times. By the end all the coincidences seem to come together for the most part, and there were some nice surprises. It's a little bit of a sad book, with some very troubled characters.

What bothered me about She Lies in Wait were all the POVs of the different police officers, plus all the suspects. None were fully fleshed out since there were too many being focused on. Here, a similar problem exists although the number of POVS is reduced and that is a good step in the right direction. We have our main investigator, DCI Sheens, and his life outside of work, yet the side plot involving constable Juliette Hanson is the one given the most attention (these cops have very dramatic lives). Police procedural series that follow a detective work best when that detective's story is more developed. I don't know if the author was trying to follow a Tana French pattern of moving on to a different detective to focus on, but that's not what happened either since Sheens is still the lead investigator on this case and his life is very briefly explored.

I'd like to read more in this series and to see the author continue to narrow and tighten up the POVs and get some deeper development on our main detective that this series ostensibly is following. It can also be read as a stand alone book -  I missed reading the second book and it didn't affect my ability to enjoy this one..
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Unputdownable page turner! This book kept me from cooking for my family and sleeping until I was done. Everyone is going to love this.
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A faced paced, gripping thriller that kept me engaged and guessing from start to finish. Well written and well paced. Glytha Lodge delivers on masterful crime detective storytelling. Filled with bread crumbs clues that left me not wanting to put the book down.  Lie Beside Her offers that best of dark suspense in the best way possible.
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Waking up with a man in your bed who isn’t your husband and one who is bleeding and dead is what Louise faced one morning.

Yes she had been drinking heavily the night before, but she has no recollection of what happened.​​

The question is:  How did this man get from her bed to her front yard?

​​We meet Louise, her husband, friends of Louise, friends of the victim and the investigative team as we go back and forth from the present situation to getting background on the main characters.

The characters were well developed, but I didn’t really like any of them. The detectives were an interesting lot too.​​

I couldn’t narrow down who I thought the murderer was even though it seemed to point to one person.​​

If you like to keep guessing, LIE BESIDE ME will be a good read for you.

It was a bit confusing, though, with all the characters, but the multiple story lines will keep you reading because of the curiosity about who the murderer could be, how and where the murder happened, and what will happen to the couples keeping secrets and having problems.  4/5​​

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.​​
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I did not find this book a fun read.  I wasn’t feeling much suspense.  And then a rather minor character turns out to be the villain.  The move from one scenario to another was very choppy and distracting.  I don’t know if that is due to the author’s style or editing issues.  I am giving this book a generous three-star.
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I didn't realize that this is the third book in the DCI Jonah Sheens series when I read it. It works very well as a stand alone but I enjoyed it enough that I am going to seek out the other two books in the series. This is a well written British police procedural novel with well developed characters and unexpected twists. Highly recommended
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This book was such a wild ride! I absolutely loved Louise point of view in this captivating thriller! Every time you think you know, I promise you don’t. Such an incredible book!
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Lie Beside Me (DCI Jonah Sheens #3) by Gytha Lodge 

I love this series and now I'll have to wait a year to read the next book. I have to go with the assumption there will be more because I want to see this team for a long time in the future. DCI Jonah Sheens and his team take on a very perplexing crime. The reader knows that a woman wakes up in bed with a bloody, dead stranger. The team arrives on the scene but what they find is a bloody, dead man in the front yard of the house. Right off the bat the woman, Louise, is hiding so very much and not just hiding it but actively covering up the truth. 

This series is one of my favorite police procedurals. We get to watch the tediousness of the paper/computer work, combing through hours or days worth of leads or scraps of threads. Putting in the miles driving from one point to another. There are hours of surveillance although Domnall O'Malley doesn't mind much because this is a great time to indulge in junk food (not that he doesn't do so the rest of the time). Juliette Hanson is still haunted by her abusive, stalking ex and her troubles just add to the compassion she can show to suspects and victims. Ben Lightman, good looking and stone faced, is both a workhorse at tracking down elusive information and at giving suspects a blank wall as he questions them. The team of four works well, whether together or following their separate areas of investigation. 

Scattered throughout the book are chapters by Louise, where she tells her story, wrestles with her memory losses, and allows us to watch as parts of her memory come back to her. As the team investigates the murder, coming against so much evasiveness from those they question and finding trails that go in so many directions, the picture gets fuzzier and fuzzier. The more they know the more perplexing the entire situation becomes. I really couldn't figure out much, there was just so much to think about. All three books have taken us along winding, tangled paths that make the hunt for answers so intriguing. 

Thank you to Random House Publishing Group - Random House and NetGalley for this ARC.
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it was amazing
Wow, this book was amazing. I typically don’t read thriller books, but I could not put this down. You never knew what was going to happen next and just had to keep reading to find out what was going on. And the twist at the end?! Totally unexpected. I figured everything out...right when the cops did. That’s how good this book keeps you guessing! A brilliant read!
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This book has a similar premise to The Flight Attendant.  A woman wakes up from a serious drinking episode with a dead man in her bed.  But the similarities end there.  
The book alternates between Louise, the woman who awakes to the body, and DCI Jonah Sheens and his team, charged with the investigation.  Oh, and by the way, by the time Sheens is called, the body is in the front garden.  Louise’s chapters are told in the second person, as she traces her relationship with her husband and her descent into alcoholism.  She refers to her other self as “Drunk Louise”.  Drunk Louise is the fun one, the one willing to take risks.   But Drunk Louise is getting out of hand.  Now, I can find second person narratives to sometimes be irritating.   But this one worked.  
There are lots of twists here.  Everyone has something to hide.   Lately, I’ve become really disappointed with the psychological thrillers I’ve read.  This is a combo of police procedural and thriller, but it works on both levels.  I was fascinated by Louise’s tale and her ability to observe her own psychological problems.  There are loads of red herrings here and an ending I never saw coming.  I felt so happy to finally have a thriller work for me after reading so many mediocre ones.  Brava to Ms. Lodge.  
This is the third in the Jonah Sheens series but it works fine as a standalone.  The police procedural part of the equation also works well.  We continue to learn more about the team.  In fact, Jonah plays a smaller role than his DS and DC do.  
My thanks to NetGalley and Random House for an advance copy of this book.
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A great, complex thriller with many unexpected twists and turns.  Louise wakes up to find a man beside her, not her husband, and he's dead.  She doesn't even recognize him, has no idea who he is or why he's in her bed.  She panics.

What a horrible realization that would be! She goes out partying with her friend, gets very drunk, and then finds herself in this nightmare of a situation with no knowledge of this man beside her.  What happened?  Did she kill him? Who is he?

There was a rather complicated investigation here with some incorrect conclusions, changing strategy, and surprising revelations going forward.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Thanks to Random House Publishing Group - Random House through Netgalley for an advance copy.
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Y'all just know when a book is going to be good based on the cover? Because you feel excited to read it?! That is definitely this book and wow it was amazing. The writing was excellent and the main character was so intriguing... An amazing thriller!
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This was a fun Brit mystery/police procedural story! It kept me guessing until the end and I have to respect the sheer number of twists and turns that it took to get there! The large cast of characters had me a bit confused at first (as did the British police slang) but I sorted it out easily and found a guide to the terms in the back. That was a clever addition on the author’s part! I definitely recommend, it was a great read! Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my free arc in exchange for my honest opinion. I loved it!
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