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This was one of those that I didn’t want to stop reading, but not sure I loved, loved reading it either!  I think it was well done, with an intriguing dual personality character that’s very well done, but also seemed a bit repetitive at times.  Overall, I definitely would recommend to my fellow thrill seekers, as I’m sure they’ll get their much needed thrills, chills, and shocks!  

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First, thank you to the publishers at Random House and Netgalley for this ARC of Lie Beside Me for an honest review.

After reading the plot for this story, I knew it was something I’d instantly love, and I’m happy to say that I wasn’t let down.

Louise has two personalities - Sober Louise, and Drunk Louise, so when she wakes up next to a dead stranger in her own home, you know it’s the fault of Drunk Louise. She can’t remember a single detail, but she knows she has to do something to avoid taking the blame, even if she may very well be at fault.

Shifting between several viewpoints, it doesn’t take the reader long to get to know each of the characters. Louise and the police staff take up most of the storyline, but there are plenty of suspects, and I believe that you’ll be as shocked as I was to learn just who killed the man in Louise’s bed.

I appreciated all of the police proceedings, especially since it takes place in the UK, and up until now, I didn’t know much about how it worked. This story was so intriguing, I felt like I was watching a TV show or movie. It’s absolutely enthralling in every way possible.

I recommend this to anyone who loves books that seem like they could be true crime novels. 5/5 stars from me!

TW: Rape and stalking/abusive partners are found in Lie Beside Me.
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Gytha Lodge can really weave a twisty tale. Lie Beside Me is a great psychological thriller that kept me reading and wondering what was going to happen next. What would you do if you woke up to a dead man in your bed and you couldn't remember anything? That's exactly what happens to Louise. 

Louise wakes up with a head ache, dry mouth, and she can barely remember anything. That's not the only thing that's bothering Louise though. She rolls over expecting to see her husband, Niall...but it's not him. There's another man in the bed, someone she doesn't recognize. There's another problem; he is dead. 

Jonah Sheens thinks Louise is the perfect prime suspect, but it isn't long before there are holes in the evidence. Louise frantically tries to figure out and remember what happened the night before. Was it truly her? Or is there someone out there even more devious than they imagined?

Give Lie Beside Me a read, it's a great thriller and has some good twists!

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Random House for this ARC.
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I liked this book, though I wouldn't say I LOVED it.  It centers on Louise, who wakes up after a night of drinking to a dead man who she doesn't recognize in her bed.  The storyline goes back and forth between Louise's POV and the various police detectives working on the case. 

I liked the police procedural part of the book but I did feel that it went back and forth between a lot of perspectives, and spent a little more time on Juliette's personal life than I cared to read.  I found it somewhat jarring that Jonah was almost always referred to by  his first name while others were almost always referred to by their last names, with some variation here and there; it was just distracting.

Louise's part of the story required me to suspend my disbelief in a couple of occasions and I didn't fully connect with her because she was just so insecure and I wanted her to be stronger.  I did see her grow as the book continued though.

I really liked the ending of the book- I could not figure out who the villain was until it was revealed and thought it was really well done.  There was some other stuff going on as well and the author did a good job of pulling it all together and tying up the loose ends. 

All in all, good book, and I love to be surprised by an ending (which rarely happens these days).  Despite the couple of things I called out that I didn't love, I'd recommend it for those who like police procedurals. Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Lie Beside Me is a good addition to this series of British police procedurals. I did prefer the previous two novels in this series more so than this one and feel like I'd give this novel 3.5 stars if I could.

While the mystery is interesting, I found the constant back and forth between "drunk Louise" and "sober Louise" via diary entries a little hard to take. I eventually began to skip those parts because I disliked them so. 

I will say that while I thought at one point that I knew whodunit, I was proven wrong, which is always fun in a mystery. I don't like to actually have figured it out. The author's handling of the character of April was great. I enjoyed meeting her and wondering is she what she seems to be - just a good friend to Louise or is she evil with an agenda of her own? I think April was my favorite character except for Juliette. Juliette's story of being stalked by her ex was engrossing and I wanted more of that! I loved how it was eventually handled. 

DCI Jonah Sheen and his entire team are wonderful and I hope there are many more books in this series. British procedurals have become a strong favorite with me and if you enjoy those or even a solid mystery, check this series out. 

Thank you to Netgalley, the author, and publisher for granting my request for an ARC. All thoughts are my own.
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Jonah Sheens and his team are back! And what a case they are given to solve!  Louise, the main character, wakes up after a night out with her friend April with no memory of what happened, but lying next to her is a man (not her husband) and he’s dead. From here, the team is taxed with trying to figure out the events of what happened. And just as they think the case is solved and closed… it’s not. There are so many interweaving secrets and theories throughout this case. Plus you’ve got the personal lives of Sheens and his team mixed in. I absolutely love this series and these characters. I was sad to finish the last page because I wanted to keep reading what happens to everyone. Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for the ARC!! Thank you to Gytha Lodge for creating these characters and this series! I can’t wait for more to come.
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Intriguing premise but in my opinion was not executed well. There were too many characters and I found it hard to keep track of all of them. The writing style was good! I'm planning on picking up another one of Lodge's books. I think. they are a very talented writer but unfortunately this book was a miss for me.
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This is a very strong entry in what is becoming a fantastic series. In this one, we follow Jonah and his team as they try to get to the bottom of a complicated murder. A woman wakes up with a dead body in her bed--but she has no memory of what happened to get him there. 

A strength of this series is the ongoing background of the main characters' lives. We see some resolution here for the ongoing stalking DC Hansen has been enduring from her awful ex and Jonah's life is about to take a HUGE u-turn with the personal events that unfold by the end of this novel. 

The other thing I really like about this series is the set up for the murders the team investigates. They always start off with a bang and keep you guessing throughout. The only thing that bothered me in this entry was the voice of the main suspect: her diary entries where she consistently and constantly fluctuates between "drunk Louise" and "sober Louise" become a bit too obvious as a vehicle to tell the story. I get what the author is trying to do here, but in novels that otherwise feel so authentic, this contained too much artifice. But overall, a minor, personal gripe. 

I highly recommend this whole series. I'm looking forward to entry #4!
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I really like this series! This is a solid slow burn British police procedural with the same detectives as previous books. The characters were good and the case layered with nuance. I love a murder mystery and this checked every box.
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At just after 50% of this book, I knew EXACTLY who was doing what.  By 80%...I didn’t have a clue.  I just knew that I simply had to keep reading to find out!

Honestly, this is one of those books that almost made me late for work.  I was almost at the end and I had to choose between reading and getting ready to leave.  Yeah…I read and *just* made it out in time.  It was that good.

This is an excellent police procedural mixed with a simply excellent thriller.   Super suspenseful and full of things that surprise you without seeming like gotcha gimmicks.

I loved this.  I’m sorry it’s over.  I want more.

*ARC Provided via Net Galley
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Third book in the Jonah Sheens series can be read alone. Really chilling with lots of twists and turns a really good series.# netgalley #randomhouse
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I really wanted to like this book, I read a couple good reviews and the synopsis looked right up my alley. However, I just couldn’t get into it. The book seems to shift between 3 characters or so but it was so quick and frequent I couldn’t tell. There was no indication I was swapping perspectives until I read a few sentences into the next paragraph. So after getting 5 chapters in and spending most of it confused I stopped. Just not my preferred way to read a book.
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This is my third Gytha Lodge book and I have to say, this series is quickly becoming one of my new favorites! I thought this one was the best so far, it moved very quickly, and I also enjoyed the development of Jonah Sheens and his team. I actually wished the book was longer! The only thing I would change is I would have liked a little more background on the crime at the end, I just always want to know more and I felt like that area could have been a little more detailed.
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Thanks to #netgalley, #RandomHousePublishingGroup and the author for the opportunity to read and review "Lie Beside Me", the third installment in the Jonah Sheens books by #gythalodge. I have read the previous books to this, and I have to say right off the bat that a) Gytha Lodge never fails to suck me right in to the narrative and b) the mysteries are always multi-faceted.

And "Lie Beside Me" is no different. Louise Reakes wakes up with a massive hangover and a dead body in the bed beside her - and not someone she knows! Thus begins a twisted tale of murder, possible infidelity, and deceptions, woven together with the personal lives of some of "Copper Sheens'" compatriots. And they're all present and accounted for: Juliette Hanson, Ben Lightman, Colm O'Malley and the others who we've come to know from the previous books. As a team, they work seemingly morning, noon and night to figure out how Alex Parfitt died, and who killed him and why.

And there are a number of possible perps - Louise herself, who doesn't know Alex but somehow ended up with his corpse in her bed (and in her front yard?!?); Louise's supposedly absent husband Niall and his ex-wife; the murdered man's husband (surprise!) and even Louise's best friend April.

This truly kept me guessing throughout, right up until the very end. A real whodunit. Highly recommended.
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This is another twisty mystery in the Jonah Sheens series from Gytha Lodge. It's great on its own, meaning you don't have to read the books before it. But you should, because it's a top-notch series.
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3.5 stars. 
 Thanks to NetGalley and Random House for the ARC of Lie Beside Me in return for an honest review. I have noticed that several crime stories have started with a similar concept where a person wakes up and discovers a person, maybe a partner or a one-night stand lying beside them in bed, dead and murdered. Once I saw that its author was Gytha Lodge, the author of two of my favourite 5-star police procedurals, I wanted to read it immediately. The two previous books featuring DCI Jonah Sheens were 'She Lies in Wait' and 'Watching From the Dark.' I found these to be enthralling, compulsive mysteries, but this one can work as a standalone. I regret I did not find this book as compelling, but it was still better than many police procedurals I have read.

  Again, Gytha Lodge has written a complex psychological thriller with well-developed, intriguing characters. She shows the cooperative efforts, the numerous interviews, and the drudgery in solving a complicated crime and get to the truth hidden by lies and coverups. I found the characters who had some part in the crime unsympathetic and flawed, and I failed in becoming too involved in the outcome for any of them.

 Louise wakes up one morning after a night of drunken revelry urged on by her friend. She had been an introverted person, withdrawn, and with a low self-concept. This was only one of a series of nights becoming drunk in bars. She liked the Drunken Louise. She feels her friend has made her into a better, more sociable, confident, witty person under the influence of alcohol. She flirts with men in the bars, but she never leaves with any of them, unlike her friend. She has begun to lose control of her drinking and has been suffering from memory loss, unsteadiness walking, and blackouts. Still, she relies on liquor to avoid thoughts of her troubled marriage and other problems.

Now, she is in for a horrifying, inexplicable shock. She awakes to find a man stabbed to death in bed beside her. She cannot recall seeing this dead man before and realizes the police will blame her for his murder. She also fears the anger of her husband, who was away on a business trip. He will accuse her of bringing men into their bed after picking them up in bars while drunk. She drags the body into the yard and lies to the police.

 Louise narrates part of the story through her befuddled memory. She writes about what little she recalls about the previous night and of her husband's growing indifference towards her. The rest of the story is from the perspective of DCI Sheens and his team of police detectives. They begin an intricate police investigation. Of course, Louise is the main suspect for the murder. As the police dig deeper into the events of the night, they realize there are a large number of possible suspects with motives to wish the man dead or to frame Louise. The murder weapon is an unusual knife and must be traced to an owner. 

 This well-written, complex plot is full of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. Recommended!
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I received an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review 

This one took some dark turns. It stays with you for a long time. Not for the faint of heart. Not what you’d expect. Need to shower after this one.
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This is my first rodeo with Jonah Sheens and my first encounter with the works of the author! 

 You may easily catch up Jonah’s backstory, his new relationship and past drama with his ex which don’t directly affect the story’s progression! Because in my opinion this gripping, riveting, definitely unputdownable journey’s one and only star is Louise Reakes! 

She’s struggling alcoholic, drinking her sorrows, insecurities, her flaws, her husband’s disloyalty with his ex! She keeps hanging with April who is bestie/ confidante/ protective sister/ manipulator, drinking more to bring out the best version of herself! 

We read her POV via her letters written for her husband Niall! She just pour out her feelings to those letter with too much honesty which hurt your heart. The outgoing mystery and whodunnit premise of the book may deserve four stars but the POV of Louise definitely earned ten stars from me! Especially the last chapter may be read as heart wrenching epilogue which I truly enjoy! I like complex, wounded, flawed, struggling characters because most of them are the most honest characters who mercilessly criticize themselves, peeling out all the layers they wear to disguise their true identities! I always feel closer to those characters. 
Let’s take a close look to the plot line! Because the premise of this book truly interesting to capture your full attention!

  Just like another usual meeting with her friend April at the bar, Louise drinks a lot but this time she finds herself lying with a dead man she doesn’t recognize in her own bed! Who was the man? Who did kill him? Could she be the one stabbed him? What really happened to her that night? 

  A simple stabbing incident directs the team to different back streets of drugs, lies, sex predators and too many ugly secrets! 

  There are so many unexpected, WTH twists truly surprise you! This book is freaking amazing wild ride! I enjoyed to follow ongoing investigation and team members’ own issues, including a stalking ex who is also member of the squad! 

  The author wrapped up the conclusion smartly. Some parts are unexpected and well played! 

Louise’s story truly ached my heart! For so long she was best written, saddest, most realistic character I’ve ever read which pushed me to give 5 full stars to this exciting, intriguing page turner! 

 I’m planning to read the previous books of the series after realizing the incredible talent of the author! 

Special thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for sharing this amazing digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.
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Put yourself in Beth Hardcastle’s place. Your husband’s late for dinner and it’s time to put your three year old daughter Poppy to bed. You don’t know whether you are angry or worried when the doorbell rings. You open the door, expecting Tom. But it isn’t him, it’s the police.

And when Tom comes home, he’s taken in for questioning. His former girlfriend Katie is missing and he is a suspected of killing her. Of course, he says he is innocent. The next day, he’s arrested and their house is searched. Beth’s life becomes a nightmare as her friends alternate between kindness and suspicion. The press is a constant, annoying and intrusive presence. Beth is supported by Adam, a recent widower with a daughter Poppy’s age. As their relationship begins to grow, Tom is accused of another crime. 

The Serial Killers Wife is a suspenseful, tension filled domestic thriller. You won’t be able to put it down and the final twist will leave you breathless. 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books UK and Alice Hunter for this ARC.
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Thanks you Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group for the eARC.
This is the third in the DCI Jonah Sheens series and the first I've read.  I found it a good standalone.
Louise wakes up with the hangover from hell, cold and sweaty.  She reaches over to huddle against her husband for warmth, but he's cold and...not her husband and also very dead.
The nightmare has only just started for Louise.  She calls the police and they find the dead body on her lawn.  As the story continues we find out how the body ended up on the lawn and that Louise has absolutely no idea who the man was.  She started out the night with her best friend, an American free spirit, but that's all she remembers.  
This is such a twisty, breathtaking story that I had to remember to breathe at times.  Louise is an interesting woman; she has low self-esteem when sober, but becomes a fun life-wire when drunk.  She's insecure about her marriage; her husband is away on business a lot and seems to still carry a torch for his ex-wife.  Which makes her drink even more.
An excellent read that should become a bestseller.  Highly recommended!
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