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Emotional, sweetly sexy, exciting and action-packed journey filled with interesting and engaging charters, witty banter, heart racing twists, thrilling turns and undeniable passion. Highly entertaining and emotionally thrilling adventure.
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Fierce Cowboy Wolf is the fourth book in Kait Ballenger’s Seven Range Shifters series. Each book follows new characters getting their HEA. Who wouldn’t want to read about cowboys/cowgirls in Montana that are wolf shifters? I know I can’t get enough of this series. 

Storyline/My Thoughts: Two of my favorite things in books right now: Are Cowboys/Cowgirls and Wolf Shifters. I didn’t know how much I needed these two things in books until Kait Ballenger wrote the Seven Range Shifters. This series is helping me while I wait for the Yellowstone tv show to return later this year (2022). 

What did I enjoy about the fourth book in the series?

I loved the FMC in this book. Sierra Cavanaugh is a fierce female wolf shifter trying to be an Elite Warrior, but the pack council will not approve of her becoming one. Why? Because she is a female. Which is BS!! In this book, she is a kick-butt heroine, and even the packmaster and the male elite warriors find that she can be one of the elite warriors. She’s not going to back down from proving herself. She’ll even do the unthinkable and say yes to a marriage proposal from her packmaster, who she has come to be enemies with since he decided years ago to choose someone else to be his mate other her. I loved how she put Maverick in his place several times in this book. One scene, in particular, is when she finally puts him in his place when it comes to the bedroom. That was a very steamy scene. You go, Sierra!!! 
The MMC Maverick Grey is a grumpy, broody alpha wolf, but he has reasons why he’s like that. Everyone considers him a monster like his father was, but he’s not. He was cruel in how he spoke and acted around Sierra, but I saw right through him when I read his POV. You can’t get over on me, Maverick Grey. There are reasons why he is so mean in the beginning, and Sierra and he is enemies. He ended up mating with someone, and he lost her and is still not over it, but truths come to light in this book on why he mated with someone else and what really happened. I will not spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read this book or the series. This male wolf shifter proves himself in the end with Sierra, even when he backs out of something that he promised her in the beginning when they got married.
The pack master is in danger in this book, and it will take the pack to help determine who wants him unalive. There is a twist at the end, but again no spoilers. I liked how the FMC was involved in investigating who was trying to hurt the MMC. 
The book does have spice in it with the FMC and MMC. Just know this, Sierra is a virgin, and this surprises Maverick. He shouldn’t be surprised, though. Sierra has been in love with him for so long that she always wanted it to be him. My favorite spicy scene involves handcuffs. I am not saying anything else about it. There’s also a riding crop engaged in another scene, but the handcuff scene is my favorite. 
I love how Kait Ballenger has the characters from previous books involved in this book and gives hints on couples for her next book(s) in the series. Blaze is one character that I can’t wait to read his story, which I’m doing next. 
I loved how this book had one of my favorite tropes, enemies to lovers. It also has some of my favorite characters; a grumpy/broody MMC with a kick-butt heroine who knows how to put him in his place. Overall, this book gets 4.5-stars, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. 

Standalone or Part of Series: It’s part of the Seven Range Shifters series by Kait Ballenger. Each book follows a new couple, but I highly recommend reading in order because you’ll miss out on previous couples’ HEA.

Steam/Spice: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Trope(s): Marriage of Convenience; Friends to Enemies to Lovers

Would I recommend this book? Yes. I highly recommend this book/series to Paranormal Romance readers who enjoy Werewolf Shifter Romance and love the Enemies to Lovers and Marriage of Convenience tropes.
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Fierce Cowboy Wolf is the fourth title in the Seven Range Shifters series and easily delivers an intense, sexy, tension-filled romance that had me hooked from the beginning straight through to the ending.

Sierra is so close to reaching her goal of being the first female elite warrior in her pack’s history… so close. Until the council put one last item on that list – she had to have a mate. What in the world does a mate matter to this position aside from the old wolves believing that women are weak and men must protect them crap she’s battled her entire life to counter. She wants that position but she doesn’t want the man who offers her a solution even if she’s been hiding feelings for Maverick for years. A marriage of convenience between wolves? Yeah, unusual but doable especially if Mav will let her go on her way and do her thing without interference… which isn’t likely to happen.

I loved Maverick and Sierra together as a couple and individually as well. They’re each fierce in their own way, each stubborn to a fault and beyond, and fit so well together even if they’re not seeing that right away. Hidden feelings, complications from the pack, Maverick’s secret guilt, Sierra’s determination to bring equality to all aspects of pack life… and someone who wants them both dead. All makes for an intriguing plot, sizzling chemistry, and puzzle pieces to fit together in Fierce Cowboy Wolf.

I have loved this series so much and will definitely be watching for the next story to come that I haven’t read yet… Cowboy Wolf Outlaw. If you love Paranormal Romance, especially Shifters, and a story that will capture your imagination, characters to root for, and laughter mixed in unexpectedly, then you’ll want to pick up Maverick’s and Sierra’s story right now.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Fierce Cowboy Wolf (Seven Range Shifters #4). By Kait Ballenger. 2021. Sourcebooks Casablanca. (ARC eBook).

This is the second book I’ve read by Ballenger, the first being book 3 of this series, Wicked Cowboy Wolf, which took place primarily outside of the Seven Range Pack. So it was nice to see her world-building within the pack, with the ranks and bureaucracy the pack leader Maverick and warrior Sierra have to contend with. Overall, an entertaining read, with a good blend of action, steam and sweetness. I look forward to reading more of the series.
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Loved it!  I find this series and really great break from realty.  The characters are great & the plots interesting.  I really enjoyed how Sierra's goal to become an elite warrior played into the plot.  I thought it was very clever.  I have always like Maverick & this made me like him more.  I find him entertaining & glad he found love.  I look forward to the next book.
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I absolutely LOVE this author & her cowboy wolf series!!! I don’t want it to end!! I’ve been impatiently waiting for Maverick’s story! It didn’t disappoint! I had some pretty high expectations for my man Maverick! It was so wonderful to get to finally see him get an HEA with his perfectly matched Sierra! What starts out as a marriage of convince soon turns into something more & steamy! Sierra is such a strong but loving heroine. She’s here to prove women are capable & deserve to be a mans equal! I really loved that about her! Maverick is grumpy but he really has a heart gold ready to shine! The poor guy believes happiness and love aren’t for him…but we know differently! This story really had it all, with action, steamy, and emotion. I highly suggest reading all of this series! I can’t wait for the next one!
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Cowboy and Wolf! Oh yes! My two favorites in one book!

I love Sierra who wants to be the first female elite warrior in Grey Wolf history. I like her determination and women's empowerment. It does not make her less in the eyes of the council, who refuse to elect her unless she'll find a mate.

Well, the Packmaster Maverick is willing to be Sierra's mate. Yet, these two characters, who have strong personalities and no one dares to back down, need to unite in order to find the assassin who wants to break the deal, and hopefully they would finally look at the attraction that they have had for ages.

Thank you to Sourcebook Casablanca and Netgalley for the ARC!
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to me via NetGalley. This was just a wonderful book to read and it was just easy to lose yourself in the story. I can’t wait to read more from this author.
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I knew Maverick's story was going to be worth the wait. Sierra is a perfect match for him. Making him rethink just about everything. A bit of suspense in this rollercoaster emotional ride that is Maverick and Sierra's relationship. It's a hot one too! It was a great read.
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4.5 Stars 
A fast paced, well delivered read, Fierce Cowboy is the fourth book in Seven Range Shifter. The characters interaction was engaging and the story one of love, betrayal, and family. This story was well paced and delivered and I recommend if you haven’t read it you put it on your list.
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Wicked Cowboy Wolf is the 4th book in the Seven Range Shifters series by Kait Ballenger and while it could be read as a stand alone, it’s better read as the 4th book in the series because we see the hero and heroine through the whole series making their HEA better when they finally get it.

Maverick is the grumpy packmaster of the Grey Wolf pack and Sierra is the first she-wolf trying to be apart of the warriors team who protect the pack. But it’s hard for a female to hold the position because the old school wolf Council members still think a she-wolf’s place is mating and having pups.

In Wicked Cowboy Wolf we finally get the whole story of why Maverick is so grumpy. Being packmaster is hard and having been told over and over that pack comes before anyone, even a wife or mate has taken a toll on him. He believes he doesn’t deserve to be happy in his personal life when all he really wants is one sexy warrior, she-wolf.

After the Council rejecting Sierra’s application to a be warrior because she’s not mated, and shooting down Maverick’s idea to renew an alliance with the Execution Underground, the packmaster pitches the idea of a marry of convince. Sierra is not on board at first, she wants a real matting/marriage some day and doesn’t want a loveless arrangement with anyone, especially Maverick.

Wicked Cowboy Wolf is a mix of second chance love, friends to lovers, suspense (oh did I  mention there’s a traitor within the pack trying to kill Maverrick and possibly Sierra?) and a funny rooster named Elvis and if that’s not enough there’s a randy horse named Randy. If you’re into shifters, cowboys and or strong heroines who love grumpy alphas then pick up a copy of Wicked Cowboy Wolf! If you’ve not started the Seven Range Shifters series by Kait Ballenger then start with the first book, Cowboy Wolf Trouble.
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Duty and protecting the pack are all that Packmaster Maverick Grey lives for. Sierra has loved Mav all her life but when he married another she puts her energy into becoming a warrior of the first order. Now Maverick is a widower and Sierra has been put in to become an elite warrior. When the elders deny her advancement because she is unmated they put together a “fake marriage” plan. But as any good story goes if you want to make God laugh make plans. I at times wanted to box both their ears for idiocy above and beyond but ultimately loved this tale.
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What's not to like about hot cowboys? Or hunky shapeshifters? So although I hadn't read anything of Kait, I figured this story would be right up my alley, since it is about a shapeshifting cowboy. 

And indeed, it is a very nice read. Maverick is one intense pack leader and Sierra is a feisty warrior. Since this book is the fourth in the seven Range shifters, I probably missed some of the pack dynamics, but it didn't bother me. 

Kait creates a wonderful story full of suspense and banter. Sierra is determined to be an elite warrior, but the elders have an archaic opinion that women never can be warriors. Maverick has always put the pack needs before his own. But now the elders are pressuring him into taking a new wife and creating an heir. His solution is simple: he proposes a convenience marriage to Sierra, who needs to be married to be considered a warrior by the elders. 

But Maverick doesn't know that Sierra was devastated years ago, when he took Rose to be his mate. Because Sierra and Maverick had been best friends and Sierra secretly had a crush on Maverick. Still holding a grudge, Sierra seems to condemn all Maverick's actions and decisions. So, when Sierra declines, Maverick tricks her into marriage. So, now he must face her wrath, despite the sparks flying between them. But maybe Sierra doesn't even get a chance to kill Maverick herself, since there seems to be someone hell bend to murder the pack leader. Well, not on Sierra's watch, since she wants those honors to herself. A fast paced story, about independent women, who stand up for their rights and their silent champions, who want to help them succeed.

Great read, four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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I have never read a book from this Author, but the description was intriguing.  The author did not disappoint, a strong heroine and a stand-up hero, their unrequited love was a stumbling block between them until the truth was revealed.  All it took was an assassination attempt, a marriage of convenience, and true love.  A good book all-around.
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4.25 stars--FIERCE COWBOY WOLF is the fourth instalment in Kait Ballenger’s contemporary, adult SEVEN RANGE SHIFTERS erotic, paranormal, romance series. This is Packmaster / alpha Maverick Grey, and Sierra Cavanaugh’s story line.  FIERCE COWBOY WOLF can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalment is revealed where necessary. SEVEN RANGE SHIFTERS  is a spin off from the author’s EXECUTION UNDERGROUND Series.

Told from third person perspective including Maverick and Sierra, FIERCE COWBOY WOLF follows in the aftermath of the Elder Council rejection of Sierra Cavanaugh’s application as one of the Elite Warriors of the Seven Range Shifters. Believing the Alpha spearheaded the rejection of her application, Sierra will quickly discover that misogyny reigns, and the rejection was based upon her lack of a mate. Enter Packmaster Maverick Grey , the man/wolf Sierra has loved most of her life who offers a marriage of convenience to appease the people in charge. What ensues is the building but heart breaking relationship between Maverick and Sierra, and the potential fall-out as someone has targeted our story line couple.

Packmaster Maverick Grey struggles in the face of a devastating loss, a loss he blames on himself. Believing the ‘alpha’ is unable to protect both the Pack and a family, Maverick has decided it is better to remain single then to fall in love, and lose the woman who has stolen his heart.  Sierra Cavanaugh has never stopped loving our story line hero but years before, Maverick chose somebody else, forcing our heroine to walk away with a broken heart.

The relationship between Sierra and Maverick is an unrequited love /marriage of convenience between two people who have loved one another from afar. Maverick is a ‘tortured hero’ who refuse to accept his own happily ever after, and in doing so, pushes our heroine out of his life. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and seductive but I dislike the use of a certain four-letter word in my romance story lines.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters including Wes and Naomi Calhoun (Cowboy Wolf Trouble #1), doctor Belle Beaumont, and High Commander Colt Cavanaugh (Cowboy in Wolf’s Clothing 2), rogue Grey wolf leader Jared Black, and Maeve Gray (Wicked Cowboy Wolf 3) ; former Wild Eight wolves Silas and Brent: Shifters Cheyenne, Dakota Nguyen and Blaze Carter.  Blaze and Dakota’s story line is next.

FIERCE COWBOY WOLF is a story of family and friendships, betrayal and vengeance; power and control; misogyny, rejection,  and love. The fast paced premise is captivating ; the characters are animated,  dynamic and strong; the romance struggles in the face of rejection but the sexual attraction is palpable.





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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

Wow, lots of drama and action in this one!  I really felt for Sierra who had to work twice as hard as the men at the same job just to be taken seriously and then not even appreciated.  When she was turned down from the job that she deserved and Maverick was being force to find another mate, he thought it would be advantageous to join forces and get married.  Unfortunately, it was still all his way and he really was not being fair to Sierra.

I loved that she had the strength to stick to her convictions in the end, and Maverick really understood what life would be like without her.  Which lead to a great HEA, and totally redeemed Maverick!

Will definitely be looking for more books by this author!
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Wow! I don't know where even to begin... this story was perfect! The heroine (Sierra) is a strong warrior in her pack, loving her Alpha (Maverick) from afar since childhood. Maverick is a strong, super hot man's man (or in this shifter story, a wolf's wolf). The action is fast-paced as is the story. Sierra is fierce, every girl's warrior dreams come true! Sierra and Maverick's chemistry is off the charts as they work hard to uncover the mystery and attacks on their lives surrounding them. I couldn't put it down and was so hot for Maverick and so fiercely proud for Sierra. I was given a free copy of this book and reviewed it voluntarily.
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Another wolf-shifter meets his match in Kait Ballenger’s Fierce Cowboy Wolf! With a strong heroine with lots to prove and a grumpy Packmaster who is convinced that love will make him weak, this best friend’s sister/marriage of convenience/unrequited love story was another great read in the Seven Range Shifters series.

Sierra and Maverick had to work hard to get their happy ever after. There was so much in their way, from pack politics to previous heartaches and breaks, not to mention the assassination threat and the tenuous relationship with the Execution Underground. I did get a bit frustrated with Maverick, it took him way too long for my liking for him to step up and do the right thing - which ultimately was the best thing for the pack. I loved that Sierra never settled, she made tough decisions and demanded the respect and relationship she deserved. There was no lack of heat and steam between these two and I loved Sierra’s list and how that played into their story.

One of the things I enjoy about this series is all the other characters that come into play. I loved the strong group of women who are demanding equal recognition as Elite Warriors as well as Sierra’s core group of girlfriends who take as much delight in supporting her as they do driving her crazy (bridal gown shopping, anyone?) Mavericks core group in the pack are always there with the reality checks he needs as well as bringing some well-timed humor and support.

This book can easily be read as a standalone, but I think it would be more fun to read the series from the beginning to understand some of the character dynamics better. This is what I would consider a darker, more intense shifter romance, with plenty of action and a romance that has to go all ten rounds to be won. Overall, this was a good read but might not work for those who like their romances on the lighter side.
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Since she was young Sierra Cavanaugh wanted only two things, the chance to be an elite warrior for the pack, and  Maverick Grey.  But change comes slow and the pack elders aren't ready for a femaile warrior.  And when given the chance, Maverick chose someone else.

As Packmaster of the Grey Wolf pack Maverick has known that his life and his choices are not his own.  His life belongs to the pack.  Years ago he was forced by expectation, circumstance and the good of the pack to forgo his desires.  He's closed himself off deciding it's better to be alone.  Yet when attempt is made on his life, it's Sierra who steps in to save him.  The Elder's may not think she's capable of being a warrior, but with the possibility of a traitor in their midst, she's not about to leave Maverick unprotected. Maverick isn't one that will take well, to being protected, but he's also not ready to push sierra away.  In fact, if he plays it right, he just might have the chance to keep her.

Sierra is a strong willed woman.  She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it.  She doesn't take anything from anyone, Maverick is the typical alpha, carrying the weight of the pack on his shoulders.  He's tired of his responsibility, he wants something for himself.  The attraction between Sierra and Maverick is undeniable. Their constant headbutting was more entertaining than annoying.  I loved Sierra's strength and determination.  I've been a fan of this series since the beginning and this latest installment didn't disappoint.  While it can be read as a stand alone, the background story strings will be more meaningful if you read the earlier books.  They'll be well worth your time.
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Sierra worked hard to become the first female elite warrior for the grey wolf pack but she was denied by the council because she doesn't have a mate. 

Maverick needs the council to comply with his wishes in order to do what he needs to do. But he never expected to have feelings for another woman after his mate died but here he is about to be mated to Sierra even if he only wants a business arrangement. 

Their mating started out as a mutually beneficial arrangement but when Sierra asks him to tutor her in the art of all things sexual, it's hard for him to keep feelings out of the mix. 

Sierra is a fierce woman and I loved that about her. She's been in love with Maverick for ages and was upset when he didn't pick her to be his mate and instead picked another female years earlier. I liked that she found out why but that didn't change the fact that Maverick is a different guy than the friend she had when they were younger. But as they get closer she gets glimpses of the boy she knew and knows that he still has feelings for her but is scared to love her which melted my heart. These two had a lot of get through in order to be a real mated couple. 

On top of everything else these two are dealing with they also have to contend with someone trying to kill Maverick. I really liked the storyline and watching it unfold as we find out who was behind the attempt on his life and why. I had no idea what was really going on which was fun. This might have started out as a marriage of convenience but as time went on, they both had to admit that they loved each other but watching the trouble they had in order to get there was sad. 

Disclosure: I was sent a free e-ARC via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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