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When I saw that this book was about a modern witch falling in love with a bisexual baker man I knew I needed to read it because it sounded awesome. Sadly, this book didn't do it for me. I mostly liked the main characters, but the first half was too slow and didn't capture my attention and the second half, even if more interesting, found me disinterested.
The conflict wasn't really dramatic, but it wasn't funny as I would expect of a rom-com either. I just didn't feel anything at all.
The magic was cool, but I would have liked to know more about it.
Anyway, I don't think I'll check the next book since I didn't like what I saw of its main characters on this book.
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I'm so glad I picked this book up, it's super fun and delightful to read. it's not your typical witchy book, it's even better. I loved how Titus spoke his mind without hesitation, you don't see that everyday, so that was the highlight of the book for me, aside of course from the cute/funny banter which made me laugh out loud and in public, you can imagine the weird stares I received but it was totally worth it.

This was my first book by Ann Aguirre and it certainly won't be the last.

Thank you @netgalley & @sourcebookscasa for this ARC in exchange for an honest review💕
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This story was exactly what I needed to get into the spooky season feels. 

To have witches fixing up things with magic and a bi-sexual baker mixed up is a great set up! The grandmother who disapproves and the mother who just wants her children to be happy make the mix complete. 

All in all a great story and I would love to see more stories of their world!
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I read and very much enjoyed Strange Love by Ann Aguirre (which is a highly amusing science fiction romance that made me believe insectoid-like aliens and humans could end up together – no really, you should check it out!) and that’s what made me pick up this book. It was a very good decision.

Completely unlike the aforementioned sci-fi romance, this one takes place down here on earth with a quiet, unassuming (but very attractive) baker (known to the women in town as the ‘CinnaMan’) who is down on his luck with partners (he’s bisexual) and has almost given up on finding love when he meets his friendly, neighborhood witch, Danica.  Danica runs a fix-it repair shop, Fix-It Witches (a tongue- in-cheek shop name) with her cousin. Now, Danica and her cousin happen to use old-fashioned magic to repair things but nobody knows that as it’s strictly forbidden for regular humans to be aware of the fact that witches still exist and flourish (especially after all those nasty witch trials that made them go underground).

Our baker hero Titus needs an oven repaired and so he goes over to Danica’s shop and their witty banter  leads to him actually contemplating asking her out – which he does, and she accepts, and they live happily ever after. The end.

Ha! Just kidding, of course that’s not what happens. They date but here’s the thing: Danica’s grandmother really doesn’t want Danica marrying a non-witch because her daughter (Danica’s mother) did and then lost all her powers (or so Grandma says) and she doesn’t want to see that happen to her granddaughter. So Grandma is insisting on setting Danica up with men from proper witch families. Meanwhile, Danica is seeing Titus on the sly (they are both happy with keeping things on the down low as Titus doesn’t want to get his hopes up that this relationship will last, so he’s trying to keep things casual).  Danica’s mother, having followed her own heart and who is perfectly happy in her marriage wants Danica to be with someone she chooses, not someone chosen for her. Caught between her family members’ different opinions and the acknowledged difficulty of making a happy life with a human (without him finding out she’s a witch) Danica makes certain decisions that lead them to their black moment before they find a way to be together, and then yes – they do get their happy ending at last.

The author does a great job of combining humor, interesting and likable characters, swoon-worthy romantic moments, and some sexy love scenes with some touches of magic and fantasy that aren’t over the top. I appreciated the inclusion of bisexual characters (both Titus and his sister – with whom he runs the bakery – are bi), complicated family dynamics (not just for the witches), and creative worldbuilding. There’s a secondary storyline involving a witch hunter and Danica’s cousin that is sure to make the second story in the series just as much fun as this one. Overall, Witch Please is a really enjoyable paranormal romantic comedy that I’m happy to recommend.
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I would like to thank netgalley and SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

This is my first witch romance, and I'm so glad I picked out up. I can't wait to read more from this genre.
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I read Enclave, a YA book by Ann Aguirre and loved it.  I wondered if this is the same author, the books are so different.  Aguirre proves she is a cross genre best selling author with the new Fix-It Witches series.  Book one Witch Please features modern day witch Danica who has an affinity for fixing technology with magic and her cousin Clem.  The two made a pack never to pick sides in the battle between their grandmother and mothers.  They would never fall in love and they would stay away from mundanes (Muggles for HP fans).  

The two run a store in St. Clare called Fix-It Witches.  Danica is called to fix the oven at a bakery run by the CinnaMan, a hunky baker everyone in town has a crush on.  His name is Titus.  Poor Titus tends to hide in the back of the bakery leaving the front counter to his younger sister.  He is unlucky in love and feels like a professional bachelor.  Poor guys has had ladies and gents drop him for really weird reasons, like running away to Iceland with a puffin researchers.  When the two meet it is like something clicks but Danica is  on the rebound and Titus is a mundane.  

Danica's grandmother threatens to hex Titus if she pursues the relationship and Clem is mad at her for considering dating him.  Then a scary biker, who is really a witch hunter, rolls into town looking for Danica.  He can sense Danica's magic and is tracking her.  Clem tries to distract him while her cousin figures out her love life.  

Fans of Practical Magic, The Good Witch, and pretty much any rom-com or Hallmark movie, will love this book.  It is perfect for getting into the Halloween witchy mood.
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Thanks for the opportunity to read and review Witch Please. I really, really wanted to love this one. A big fan of Ann's earlier romances, I was thrilled to learn she was writing more. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into this book, so I won't be writing a full review but I'll give you a few of my thoughts: 

I switched over to audio once it had been released to see if that helped and sadly it didn't. My entire experience with this book might be a case of "it's not you, it's me" and that's okay. I think that was particularly true when it came to Titus. I wanted to love this guy who was supposed to be this bearded, virgin, bisexual, cinnamon roll baker, but I just kept getting a weird vibe. Usually a love it when the male character is the one who is "all in" immediately, but it was hitting me wrong here.
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2.5 stars

There are few things that are more disappointing than an anticipated book not reaching up to its potential.

Witch Please had the makings of a great rom-com: a sassy witch and her small town coven, a sexy mundane baker who falls hard for her, and the struggle to reconcile their love while the world around strives to keep them apart. Unfortunately, the execution of these tropes just never really clicked for me. 

Honestly, a lot of this book was pretty boring and repetitive. After a typical insta-love meet cute, the majority of the book is focused on Danica waffling between whether or not to pursue Titus. It's a trope we have seen before, but it got old REALLY quickly. Considering how aggressive Titus' feelings were for her, it really ticked me off that Danica could treat this person she supposedly cared about so poorly. On top of that, she never really faces any consequences for her behavior because Titus is willing to forgive her anything. The entire book felt like one drawn out miscommunication trope and it just felt a bit lazy.

In a similar vein, Aguirre sprinkles in a bunch of plot points that never really get resolved. Magic is barely mentioned or even used in this novel, making the importance that Danica puts in it feel out of place. A witch hunter is thrown in at about the halfway point to create a different kind of tension, but it never really becomes an issue. The grandmother does some pretty terrible things, but we never see Danica actually confront her about them. For me, however, the worst thing of all was the cursory mention of COVID in an airport scene when it is never mentioned ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE NOVEL.

Every time that the small town charm began to win me over, something would occur that would have me scratching my head. I definitely think that there is an audience for this book, but it ended up not being for me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review!
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Danica is one of the witches who works at Fix-It Witches fixing appliances and tech with her magic. She isn't looking for anything more than a fling and when the owner of Sugar Daddy Bakery, Titus comes in looking for her to fix his oven she gets more than she bargained for. What seems like just a hookup to her is a date to him and the two grow closer (while getting a little steamy). But Danica has big things to worry about, a curse on her family where a witch will loose her powers if falling for a mundane (non-witch) as well as a witch hunter sniffing around town. Trying to please her Grandmother and her coven if tough work while also trying balance her growing feelings for Titus. Titus has his own struggles, he believes he's cursed never having had a successful relationship. He is also dealing with his new step-family and trying to keep his sister happy. The two have everything tearing them apart, but this might be more than a fling. 

This was a sweet romance that I really enjoyed. It does get quite steamy at times and I wasn't expecting that, especially considering that one of the characters is a virgin. The plot was good and the magical world was fleshed out enough to make sense without any plot holes. My only issue was there was just a bit too much crammed into the end of the book. The grand gesture had occurred and there were still quite a few chapters left. Clearly setting up another book, that also probably won't feature Danica and Titus. I am definitely going to read the next one in the series and hope for some kind of queer book in the future.
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This book started off really fun for me, but I quickly stopped enjoying it, because for one, the dialogues were... really weird, by which I mean I had to do a double take several times throughout the book because I thought I must have misread. Aside from that, it was strange to me that there was hardly any world building and the main character didn't really have a big witchy community or anything like that. Because the book has a forbidden romance, in the sense that witches need to keep themselves strictly hidden and tend to hate "mundanes". From that, I would expect the main character to connect with her community more, and also to have more world building in terms of what that community is like, since it's so central to the plot.

One thing I did love about the book is how the male character is the one who's bisexual. There's so little representation of bi men in books, and there's still a huge stereotype that bi men are secretly "just" gay, so it was great to see a bisexual man in an m/f relationship!
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Unfortunately, although I am a fan of Aguirre's other books, this one just didn't work for me. The writing was bogged down with the minutia of characters' lives and it felt like an actual plot was aching slow to develop because of the moment to moment details of a character walking their dog, or cleaning something, or cooking something. I think many will be delighted by the cuteness of the town and characters and not mind the meandering of the writing, but it didn't work out for me.
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Ann Aguirre's Witch Please is a contemporary witch romance brimming with techy magic, baked goods, and family drama. Danica is from a long line of powerful witches. Between her coven/book club, witch family, and magic tech-repair shop, her life is brimming with charms and spells. She is not, however, charmed when it comes to love. Her last boyfriend from a witch line had everything her grandmother wanted for her, but when he breaks it off and marries a non-magical woman soon after, Danica commits to a no-dating pact with her cousin. Sworn off dating, and unable to marry a non-magical partner without losing her magic, she is unprepared for CinnaMan to walk into her life. Titus is the new baker at Sugar Daddy's, a family bakery run with his sister. His business has been thriving, but his personal life has been less than stellar. After Titus's mother passed, his father quickly remarried a much younger woman and moved to live with his new family. Not to mention his long string of girlfriends who moved to Alaska and boyfriends who left him for a job on a cruise. At this point, Titus cannot help but think he is cursed to be single for the rest of his life. But, when Titus meets Danica, both their family problems stand aside for their undeniable chemistry.
Danica is a messy character dealing with family dating expectations and the prospect of a new guy who is perfect for her. Her grandmother is a wild, emotionally abusive character who insists Danica and her cousin marry witches. Something their mothers did not do. This incredible family divide drives a majority of the plot and leads to Danica consistently flip-flopping between enthusiastically dating Titus and ghosting him. It is honestly painful in the center. If you are not a fan of characters who do not clearly communicate this is not the book for you. Don't get me wrong, it is fun to be thrown around when you know they are going to end up together, but it is a wild ride.
When you get to Titus's perspective the relationship rounds out. His bakery, dog, and sister are all stellar, supportive figures in his life. Unfortunately, he has consistently been abandoned by his partners and recently been abandoned by his father. When you see how into Danica he is you have to root for him. At times, his selflessness gets to him and he gets angry about it. He is not a clean character, but he tries not to mess up the lives of people around him. He is internally messy. It is also fun that people in town call him the CinnaMan. I am always down for a character who is unaware the entire town thinks he is hot.
The book is one in a long line of witch romances being released this fall and I am down for the trend. The coven is a fun way to integrate the magic system into the text without having to include blocks of explanatory information. Also, the concept that her business is the best in town because she has tech magic is fun. It is unfortunate that her grandmother is the worst, but all witches cannot be perfect.  If you are down for some casual magic in a contemporary setting Witch Please by Ann Aguirre might be fun.
Thank you, Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for providing the eARC of Witch Please by Ann Aguirre in exchange for my honest review.
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I am a huge fan of Ann Aguirre's writing and Titus is a wonderful main character. Danica's grandmother on the other hand was the opposite of wonderful and made me want to scream much too often while reading. Danica's complicated family history was hard to follow because she wasn't estranged from her mother. I do think this book did a great job in setting the world up but it left with me with too many questions, which sounds good since it's a series but it felt like Danica and Titus' story didn't get the best chance.

The writing is fantastic and the found family aspects that we're shown (Danica's coven and Titus and his sister welcoming their stepsister) were my absolutely favorite parts of the book!
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A perfect sexy, witchy book for fall reading, complete with a truly adorable cover and catchy title.
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You see, I was facing my biggest reading slump yet when they approved this arc for me, and I wanted to scream because God, this cover is just so beautiful but I couldn't bring myself to read the book. So I decided to take a break and give it the opportunity when I was feeling a little better. And so I did it.

First of all, excuse me if there's any mistakes of grammar or something, this is not my first language and I'm still practicing it. Second of all, I really liked this book. It's not my favorite in the whole world, but it was a cute read to pass the time. I feel like the concept of modern witches was funny and entertaining, and I liked that there was diversity and the story, but there was something so... convenient? Yeah, let's call it that, convenient about all of this. Like, all the stuff with the curse in Danika's family, how they know the truth just until the end? Why nobody asked questions way before?? The grandmother was making all of their lives miserable and they never asked anything about it, I mean... 

Also, I think the romance was so sudden, they were in love way too fast for my liking, but again, they had a reason for that to happen and it's reveled at the end, so I'll take it, but can you see where I'm coming from with the convenient factor thing?

I liked the characters too. I don't know why I didn't feel any deep connections with them, because they were endearing and had hilarious thoughts all the time. Let's blame that on me, I guess. There was something I just didn't click with, and that's okay because it doesn't made me hate it or dislike it. Maybe it was the practically instant romance they had... I wanted angst, pinning and forbidden love, all with funny banter and slow burn... because the premise of the book have all the potential for it. But they were in love since the beginning and Titus wanted to marry her since he saw her for the first time. I think this sounds romantic in the theory... but in practice, not so much.

I also laughed out loud when they explained why Titus had terrible luck in love since he was young and remain a virgin all that time. Poor guy, he had no idea. But again, all that situation could be handled in a different way... I felt like it didn't have the importance they made it seem to have in the sinopsis, and it was over without much thought. I mean, I guess it's better not to put much idea in it, after all is a social construction and all that, but the concept of a male virgin love interest it's quite rare, and it would be interesting to see it develop the way it is with female ones. Like that would be cool, you know? See the roles reverse just for once.

Overall, like I said in the beginning, it was a cute read. It has diversity, it has family drama and friendships... and I think this series has so much potential. Looking forward to the next one.
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Love this book! I was in the mood for something fun and easy to read and I got it right with this one! Sometimes it all depends on your mood and I was in the right mind frame to be able to enjoy this one.
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In Witch Please, Aguirre give us a laugh-out-loud rom-com full of delicious baked goods. 

Danica Waterhouse is just  a modern witch, running a small repair shop, and fending off her grandmother’s attempts at matchmaking when she gets called to the Sugar Daddy bakery to fix an oven. Not only is Sugar Daddy known for it’s delicious baked goods, it’s also known for it’s handsome owner and lead baker Titus Winnaker. When the two set off literal sparks around each other, Danica gives into her desires and breaks all the magical rules to date a lowly “mundane". But Titus is all in. He’s completely smitten with Danica and is willing to realign the stars to keep them together. 

This is such a fun book! I loved the dynamics between Danica and her roommate/cousin/coworker and the way the coven used a book club as a cover. The rules about witches not dating “mundanes” wasn’t anything new or original and I think it was better that way. This made the characters really work for their relationship and focus on family and friends more than the magic. Plus, it made when Danica’s grandmother kept sending her witchy dating profiles even funnier. 

The banter between Danica and Titus was fun and really well done. They had really great chemistry together and it was such a joy to watch them fall in love with each other.  I really liked how Danica’s magic fritzed out around Titus and she was constantly trying to hide it. The chemistry was literally electric between them! It was also a nice twist to have Titus be a bisexual virgin who just may be under a romantic curse. 

Overall, this a fun, funny, and charming love story. It was a joy to read from the very first page and will keep you giggling for hours. 
Thank you to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read and review this title. All opinions and mistakes are my own.
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Witch Please was a delightful read featuring a romance between a witch and an adorable baker who is cursed in love.

Danica Waterhouse runs Fix-It Witches, a magical tech repair shop, with her cousin and fellow witch Clementine. After their grandmother gets pushy about them settling down with the "right" kind of witch, Danica and Clem make a pact to avoid love. But when Danica meets Titus Winnaker, owner of the bakery down the street from her store, sparks fly both literally and figuratively. As their attraction grows by the day, Danica finds herself in deeper than she expected to be. Soon Danica will have to decide if her newfound relationship with Titus will be enough to overcome the obstacles in their path.

Danica comes from a long line of witches and her magic manifests as technology magics. This means Danica can repair any technology which her repair shop serves as a great cover for. Danica's grandmother is very biased against mundanes and believes Danica should make an alliance with another strong witch family through marriage. It takes Danica a long time to stand up to her grandmother and her meddling but I was so happy when she finally did. Something I enjoyed about her character is that Danica is allergic to cats despite adoring them and often finds them following her around. There's one cat in particular that belonged to her neighbor that would show up far from home to get her attention which I absolutely loved.

Titus is an absolute sweetheart and I really enjoyed his character. Until now, Titus has been cursed in love and he's never had a relationship last long leading to him still being a virgin past thirty. I felt terrible for Titus after learning about how poorly all of his relationships went prior to Danica. Titus does have a lot of anxiety around relationships which causes him to panic a lot about his relationship with Danica but knowing his history, it was understandable.

Danica and Titus's relationship starts out fantastically with some excellent banter. The chemistry between them in their first few scenes together was amazing and immediately drew me in. Initially Danica views their romance as something light and fun while Titus is all in right from the start. Their relationship turns physical fairly quickly and while the steamy scenes are normally my favorites in romances, I didn't completely love the scenes in this book. For example, there's some oddly stilted dialog during their first time together that lessened my enjoyment of the scene. Near the last quarter of the book, their relationship hits a snag but I enjoyed the way the pair worked everything out. There is one thing I didn't like about how the book ended that is a bit of a spoiler. (view spoiler)

Overall Witch Please was an enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend it. I'm looking forward to reading Clementine's book, Boss Witch, when it releases next year.
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This was so cute! The bi hero sold me originally, and the fun setting and adorable fluff kept me.  And it's spicy as heck! A perfect fall read to warm you up while you settle into spooky season.
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Lighthearted, romantic books about modern witches seem to be getting more and more popular. This is a great choice, with engaging characters and a fresh plot. I look forward to recommending it.
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