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The Liar of Red Valley

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There are three rules you must follow in Red Valley, California: do not trust the Liar, do not go in the River, do not cross the King.
When Sadie’s mother unexpectedly dies, the young woman suddenly becomes the Liar of Red Valley. Now, she has to deal not only with her grief, but also with the threats due to this new role.

The Liar of Red Valley is a good book with a quite original plot. It is well written and Walter Goodwater’s pen grips you into the story. Through the path he has created, he is able to make you feel lost enough that you can’t guess the way he is leading you in the course of the story.

However, I would have liked to have a map sometimes. I felt like I read the beginning of a great story and the end of another great story while I don’t really know how I passed from a story to another. Perhaps I would have liked to know more about the Liar and her power. I would also have liked more character development.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it.

Thanks to NetGalley, Rebellion Publishing and Walter Goodwater for an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This book was absolutely thrilling. 

Red Valley is a place infused with magical power that attracted all kind of creatures, good and bad. That's also a place where demons roaming free and can live inside someone's head. 
One day something was wrong and Red Valley's fate laid in the hand of a girl named Sadie (TBH, by the moment I opened the first page and saw her name, I was all excited about this book because of personal reason). And so Sadie's adventure began. She was brave, determined, smart, and cunning. In sums: heroine material.
The setting was simple yet brilliant, and very much enjoyable. The pace was somehow felt just right, not too fast or too slow. Overall, I like this book! 

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Rebellion Publishing for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review, and thank you Walter Goodwater for writing this✨
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Oh this one was wildly entertaining I loved it. I'm not really sure how to describe it - a gothic horror tale with a contemporary twist, featuring more monsters than you can shake a stick at (although I'd recommend running away rather than the whole stick idea) and a main protagonist with a darkly strange gift who may hold the answer to saving a town on the edge of disaster.

Some excellent world building and terrific writing seals the deal, this is clever, immersive and twisted as you like.

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A gripping Southern California gothic about a young woman reluctantly tied to dying, demonic town. This reminded me a lot of Robert Jackson Bennett’s American Elsewhere with a touch of Welcome to Nightvale, though it didn’t dig as deeply as it could have into the electrifying supernatural elements. Most of the magic was very unique: between the concept of the liar and the Liar’s Price, drugs that allow laughing demons to consume minds, and a delightful duo of time-traveling queer Victorian men. Goodwater is clearly a talented writer of thrillers: several chapters had me chewing on my nails in distress as Sadie faced danger after danger with little hope of escape. 

However, the plot is scattered and the conflict contrived. The central drama is twofold: the King of Red Valley and a dangerous lie that Sadie’s mom told on his behalf, and an odious undersheriff who wants to drive the supernatural elements out of town. Both problems were resolved incredibly quickly and disappointingly without too much effort on the side of our protagonist. Furthermore, there is a lot of time spent talking about the King’s enemies and building up to a final battle that never comes to a satisfying fruition. Overall, I wish that either more time had been spent digging into the interesting magical elements (I could have read a whole book about Charles and Thomas) or that the focus of the story had been narrowed, allowing more complexity to evolve within the antagonists.
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This was so good and such an impressing and interesting premise. It really makes you think about how one lie can make a world of difference both for good and bad. I haven't read anything like this before and it was very refreshing and keep me wanting more. This had some good and interesting plot twists that I didn't see coming and kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more. highly impressed with this author and can't wait to see what else he brings us next.
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impossible to predict, dark and tense and full of things that lurk in the dark, this book kept me on my toes until the very end. however there were also lighter moments, heartwarming moments, funny moments. an action-packed fantasy read that i absolutely adored.

random rants:
-absolutely cackled at the police officer being called Hassle
-the freaking PLOT TWISTS why was it so twisty
-the portrayal of loneliness was absolutely stunning
-honestly might go back and give it five stars its so good aaaah
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To survive in the magical town of Red Valley, you must follow three rules: Do not trust the Liar. Do not go in the River. Do not cross the King.

But there's more than meets the eye in this town. There's a powerful King who oversees the land, a sheriff who's determined to bring down the King, mysterious creatures lurking amongst humans, and the Liar—who guards the town's secrets and has the power to reshape the world.

Sadie is Red Valley's newest Liar. She inherited her mother's powers after she unexpectedly passes away. The story evolves as Sadie struggles to accept her mother's passing and comes to terms with her new responsibilities as the Liar.

As Sadie learns more about what it means to be the town’s newest Liar, Red Valley erupts into chaos. It's up to Sadie to get to the heart of Red Valley's secrets and try to restore order.

I was drawn into this story from the very beginning. I was thoroughly immersed in this magical world and didn’t want the story to end. This story was action-packed, creative, and fast-paced— everything I look for in a great novel!

I felt an immediate connection with Sadie. She’s such a strong and independent character which I found to be very refreshing!

Throughout the book, there are several surprising twists that I did not see coming. This helped to keep the pacing feel fast and fresh. I would love to see this novel turn into a movie or TV series. I’d be the first to watch!

Add this to your TBR pile if you love fantasy and mysteries!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Rebellion/Solaris for providing an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Thanks to Netgalley for a advanced copy for an honest review.
II was so surprised when I finished this book because I couldn't stop thinking about the story and the characters!. The story is so differerent to all the stories I read before.  At the beggining I thougt it was a thriller but when you passed the pages I realized It was fantasy, I really like that was fantasy but with a touch of scary story.
Saddie, the principal character was someone who you will see growing in all the book. She started as a sad little teenager but at the end she was such a strong girl who even soesn't know how she will live but she stopped to feel scared.
It was not only one bad guy in this book. It were a lot of evil character that will hunt your dreams even when you finished the story.
For not even one second I felt bored or wanted to skipped pages. The plot, the end was something I never think about it, It got me so surprised.
You should read it,you will feel scared for momments but you will enjoyed.
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Brilliant Southern Gothic told with flare. The author takes the common, expected tropes and delivers them with a fresh twist. Really enjoyed this well paced, folk horror-esque ride and connected with the well-drawn characters. One to re-read.
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This book started off so well, with a great concept. I was really invested in the Liar and the little town where lies could become true. This was the real appeal of the story for me, so I was disappointed that it was quite fleeting and ended up more about fighting demons.

The author seemed to change the story halfway through which was a shame. After so much buildup about the Liar, it would have been much better had there been two parts to it so that Sadie’s huge realisation ended book one and left readers on a cliffhanger. The battle could have been more intense in its own book, providing time to hear more about how the town came into being and where the creatures came from.

It would also have been great to hear more about the inhabitants of the old house and their story, as well as Sadie’s mum and her ancestors. There were many questions left unanswered and I felt the book needed more depth and detail.

Sadie was a great character, yet her story seemed to be fraught with peril in ways in which her mum’s (we assume) had not.

Despite allegedly being so powerful and intimidating, the King wasn’t particularly interesting and again, more backstory and understanding would’ve helped me to be more invested in his role in the town’s history. As it was, he was disappointing and barely contributed, except in the rushed ending.

A great concept and characters, but a rushed ending that left many questions.
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What an absolutely magnificent, unique, beautifully written tale. I don't often stumble across brand new, completely fresh ideas and premises in books but this one is in a league of its own. Full of fascinating magic, vivid characters, dark threats, and a smattering of optimism, this story ultimately is a triumph of hope when all seems lost. Absolutely fantastic read!
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Cover Art: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️/5
Plot: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️/5
Protagonist: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️/5
Ending: ⚡️/5

Plot:In Red Valley, California, you follow the rules if you want to stay alive. But even that isn’t enough to protect Sadie now that she’s unexpectedly become the Liar: the keeper and maker of Red Valley’s many secrets. 
🌈This book features a real, likeable protagonist. In 2021 we have been a little stuck for those, but Lilly is absolutely fantastic. A strong, independent female character who gets over her self doubt and fights for her kingdom. For that reason, you should definitely read this book. 
🌈This book is GRIPPING, until the end when it feels slightly rushed. 3/4 of the way through this book there is a twist that I didn’t even see coming, I didn’t even pick up on the possibility of a twist and yet there it was, leaving me with my mouth wide open, unable to speak. But after that, the book takes a sharp nose dive into boring. Perhaps it lost momentum at that point, perhaps I raised my bar of expectations after reading that. I’m not sure what it was, but, the end did not match the rest of the book. The end felt like the end of a Disney film where the rest felt like a dystopian multiverse. 
🌈One of my biggest pet peeves is unnecessary characters and this book features a couple of them. In my opinion, an unnecessary character is one who does not add to the storyline, one where the re-equilibrium can be reached without us meeting them. Sometimes side characters have short sequences that help us to feel empathy for characters, or build an understanding as to why the protagonist/antagonists act the way they do. But, in this book, a few of the unearthly, magical characters where unnecessary which just feels like wasted time in to the book as we as an audience have to not only spend a page being described them, we also spend time wondering why on earth you’d introduce dementor-like characters but then do absolutely nothing with them. They had potential man, why didn’t the author use it ? Another unnecessary character was the river, the river is drawn on the cover art & in the slogan for the book, but it appears for only a short scene and seems no more dangerous then a non-magical earthly river  

Overall Rating:⚡️⚡️⚡️.5/5
Would I read it again? Y
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I received this book from the publishers via Netgalley for a review. Loved it. What a book great characters with plenty of twists and turns. One of the best books of 2021.
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Everyone raised in Red Valley knew the rules. Everyone knew of the King and not to ever cross him or his men. And everyone knew of one of his workers: The Liar. 

Sadie’s mom was well known around town as the Liar of Red Valley. People were scared and intrigued by her. When she died, Sadie became the one they feared. Sadie gets thrown into a position she didn’t want or know anything about. Through different encounters, meetings with the King, and all different gods at play for the war of Red Valley, Sadie learns who she really is and what her destiny truly is. 

A fantastic ride of psychological, supernatural, thriller, and science fiction aspects that create The Liar of Red Valley. 5/5 stars. Easily one of the best books that has stuck in my memory. 

#theliarofredvalley #netgalley
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a dark monstrous full of magic book with so many twists and turns. posted my detailed review on my blog link is here.
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What a strange and unique novel - it's lovecraftian with some Americana and a little bit of urban fantasy.  The book revolves around a young protagonist and her inheritance of 'The Book Of Lies' - a way of covering things up for others that comes at a cost.  The plot goes fast, with death, horror, supernatural elements all melding together to a breakneck finish which almost comes too fast.  Hopefully this is the first in a new series - recommended.
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5/5 stars! 

I really liked this book! It was a page turner and I ended up finishing it in 2 days. 

We follow Sadie in Red Valley, California, a small town where weird things happen. Sadie suddenly becomes the Liar of Red Valley, a position where she holds secrets of the many residents of the small town. But not everyone in the town is human or are happy with the changes in the Valley, yet, the Liar has tremendous power. How does she use that power? Well, you gotta read more and find out! If I say anything else, I’ll be spoiling the book. 

I can fit this book into so many different genres, but the top that comes to mind are:  fantasy, thriller, and horror. It’s a dark modern fantasy novel, set in the real world. The book starts off slow, giving you the vibe of a small town thriller, but as the plot progresses, it becomes more. We are introduced to several very interesting side characters who actually affect the plot and are necessary in the overarching storyline.  

Walter Goodwater develops a brilliant story with a wide range of characters, unexpected twists and turns, that I just couldn't put this book down. There are also many unique concepts that I love. Red Valley is fascinating and you definitely get horror vibes from some of the characters.

One small issue, which isn’t an issue per say, I wanted the book to be longer. I really hope the Liar of Red Valley gets a sequel or more books. Walter Goodwater created this wonderful town and concepts that I would definitely pay money to read more about. If you’re looking for a standalone fantasy book with unique concepts, strong female characters, and great plot, please pick this book up! I need to talk to someone about it! :)
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What made me want to read this book was the premise, it interested me from the start and I expected this to be something I’d enjoy. The execution let me down. Everything felt too quick, too abrupt. There was no build up toward the major events that happened and so failed to keep me intrigued. The characters also had no complex motivations or personality; I found it hard to feel anything towards them. This book may have surprised me at some points, but it wasn’t enough to lift my enjoyment unfortunately.
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Do not trust the Liar.

Do not go in the River.

Do not cross the King.

If you live in Red Valley, California these are the rules you grow up knowing to follow in order to live, to survive. But suddenly for Sadie, these rules are not enough. Her mother passes away unexpectedly. But aside from the shock of losing her mother, she then realises she has inherited her mother's mantle as the Liar of Red Valley. For years the Liar has kept and created the town's secrets. The only problem is that her mother never trained her to take over, so Sadie needs to learn on the job, and fast. Because things are happening in Red Valley, that even for their town, are weird. Wrong. Even more dangerous than usual. The monsters are getting more brazen. The King of Red Valley is losing his grip. If Sadie can’t figure out how to fix all of this, then more than just a few people will die - the entire town will be lost.

This book gripped me from the very beginning. A fantastic mix of horror, fantasy and thriller, all combining to make something special. Magic, creatures, horrors of the night. They all feature, and more. It was creepy, it was emotional, it had you vested in the town's survival, in Sadie, and other pertinent supporting roles from the beginning.  The book is fast paced, you really feel like you are running to keep up with Sadies desperate struggle for survival for not only herself, but also for all she cares about.

There was a brilliant mix of characters, some fantastic plot twists, and some very relevant and current themes explored, in a very clever way. I won’t spoil them here, but I will say - read this book. I would love to see it turned into a series. Could we see more from the Liar? And from Red Valley? I devoured this book, much like I imagine The King would devour an enemy!

*I received this book from NetGalley for review but all opinions are my own.
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What if you could make people's lies become "truth"? Red Valley is a mysterious place protected by the King and his Liar. The Liar must protect the secrets of the town. But when the Liar dies, her daughter Sadie is expected to pick up the reins. Only one problem- Sadie has no idea how to be the Liar, and it seems her mom has been lying to her. Sadie must unravel the secrets of Red Valley and face the King. 
The Liar of Red Valley is a fast paced magical realism book with some really interesting magic going on. It was full of twists that I didn't see coming and magical characters that I never would have imagined. 
I thought this book was pretty unique. I enjoyed it a lot!
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a chance to read for review.
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