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I really enjoyed the first in this series. The concept is really neat - love a good phoenix story! - but alas, I did not enjoy the sequel that much. It had its moments of goodness, but on the whole, I realised I didn't care for any of the characters, and when you don't really like the characters, the story isn't going anywhere for you.

I still do like the idea, though, hence the 2 stars.
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One of the issues I had with Book One in this series was the lack of world building. That posed less of a problem in Infinity Reaper, since I already had some background from the previous volume. However, I still had the same disconnect with most of the characters. Brighton is not a particularly likeable character, but he remains the one who comes across the best. Emil I find a little too perfect in comparison for me to really accept him, though Ness is more engaging. I was a little put off by the sudden inclusion of a cliched YA love triangle, but I'm willing to wait to see how that plays out in the final installment. Having dealt with the negatives, I want to add the positive aspects. Firstly, I felt the pacing was improved in this second book. For the most part, the story flowed along nicely and was a reasonably quick and easy read despite a 500+ page count. Secondly, I enjoyed the teasing of a morally grey area through Brighton's actions, which gave a little more depth to the piece. Finally, there were plenty of good action scenes that were well described and which you could conjure in your mind with a cinematic feel. Overall, I am giving this book three and a half stars. It has some problems, but it's still an enjoyable read if you are a fan of YA fantasy-adventure tales, and I will certainly read the final book when it releases, as I would like to see how the story concludes.
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Unfortunately this sequel is not as captivating as its predecessor.

I absolutely ADORED Infinity Son and devoured it in 24hrs but I really struggled to read Infinity Reaper. Maybe I would enjoy it more if I did a re-read and really got back into it but I felt there was a lot of dialogue and not much plot progression and I couldn't connect with the characters anymore. 

It sucks because I was so excited for this book. 2.5 stars because it's not badly written per se. Just average.
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If your looking for an urban fantasy, with xmen like celestials and good old queer love triangle this is your book!

Infinity Son was a slow burn however ended on the mother of all cliff hangers, this one was actioned packed from the get go. There are no spoilers for Infinity Reaper however if you’ve not read Infinity Son there are potential spoilers ahead.

They beat the bad guys and get out barely alive. Brighton stupidly drank the reaper blood bringing it would make him immortal, but the position is slowly killing him. Emil the heroic bother he is races against the clock to find an antidote and save his brother.

Enlisting spell walkers to help him Emil wants a cure to rid himself of the Phoenix power to go back to living a normal life. War against their enemies is on the brink and everyone’s out for revenge. Throw in some politics, kidnapping and some family drama and the battle begins.

Emil looses Ness and becomes closer to Wyatt only to find out that Ness is alive and the triangle gets complicated. Emil battles in his own head working out who the real enemy is, he knows what he’s willing to give up but others use their powers for all the wrong reasons.

Bring on book three!
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With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital arc of this book, all opinions expressed are my own.

Infinity Reaper by Adam Silvera is the second book in the Infinity Cycle trilogy. I enjoyed the first book (Infinity Son) and was looking forward to seeing where the story went next.

Infinity Reaper made for an enthralling read. There was excellent characters development, including the building and changing of relationships between characters. There was tingly romance. There was epic battle(s). There was quite restful moments with the Phoenixes. There was an ENDING 😱. 

Safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A fabulous 4 star read.
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Pros: handy glossary at the start as a quick catch up for everything you missed in the first one, Infinity Son. So much more world building. Dystopian fantasy. Diverse representation. All gay love triangle. Phoenixes. Not so subtle digs at recent American politics and people who profit off private zoos (I'm looking at you, Joe). It's the second in a trilogy.

Cons: reprehensible protagonists, huge cast that's hard to keep track of and all blends into one narrative that's very difficult to have any empathy for, common YA tropes, gross and awkward depiction of teen hetero sex, bloated at over 500 pages and it still feels like lots of descriptive stuff was cut out, massive plot lines where the protagonists have problems are always solved easily or instantly by magic.

Read if you liked Infinity Son, are an Adam Silvera completionist, aren't fussed about having deep emotional connections with fictional characters, are a massive phoenix fan, love The Boys on Amazon, have a thing for alternative or flawed superheroes, enjoy fantasy and/or magic and are here for the diversity
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I loved reading Infinity Reaper by Adam Silvera. This was an excellent sequel to Infinity Son and really launched the trilogy forwards, leaping off from right in the middle of the action where Infinity Son left us. Absolutely brilliant action read for what is likely to be a bingeworthy series when all books have been published. 
I'm so glad that this series will be a trilogy as Adam originally envisioned. I just can't imagine having this book fit even more into it. There was so much developed and so much action that the balance would definitely have been disrupted if this was the conclusion to the story. As a second book, it is exquisite. 
The character arcs were excellent and I love the way they unfolded. Nothing felt unnatural, forced or rushed. They all just felt like real people dealing with their circumstances and changing as they moved through the world for both the good and the bad. It was an honest portrayal of the characters and felt true to the world Adam has created. He is a brilliant contemporary writer and I love the way he captures the emotional truths of our world even in fantastical stories. 
I also loved the changing relationships. These were a result of the changing characters so I won't jump into them and share any spoilers, but again they felt honest, fresh and real. 
If you're after an awesome light fantasy with tension, racy plot and ever increasing stakes then this is the series for you. This book was just everything I would want or expect from a sequel.
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