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Save my daughter 
By Sam Vickey
⭐⭐⭐⭐  4 stars 

A rollercoaster ride of emotions for sure! This book talks about sensitive topics like infertility, IVFs, kidnapping, parenthood, cancer, friendship and betrayal so go prepared to cry. This book hit home more than I expected since it also talks about how hard it is to get pregnant so I found myself not wanting to read it anymore because it hurts, but I finished the book. The reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the last three chapters that even though they were necessary, it changed a bit of the subject that was supposed to be about the baby being kidnapped but I understand and I can't think of another way to end this book. This was my second book by Sam Vickey and she's a great author but I don't know if I would select another one of her books because they are extremely sad and I'm not prepared to read about loss at this moment, maybe later. 

I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Save My Daughter by Sam Vickery brings every parent’s worst nightmare to the forefront. Lily and her husband have three children. Her best friend Hannah has none. When Jon and Lily decide to take the kids to the amusement park, they invite Hannah along to spend time with them and help with the baby so that they can devote more time to the oldest kids, but then Hannah does the unthinkable. She disappears, with Ella, the baby, while they are on the ride. What do you do when one of the people you trust the most betrays your trust in such a devasting manner? There is so much else going on in this story, threads woven in and out, that will make you wonder, and think. Secrets. Hardships. Pain. Misunderstandings.  So what happens now? Read it. You won’t regret it. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the opportunity to review this book.
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What an emotional page turner this is. I loved it even though it tugged at the heart strings. A five star read but with a box of tissues to hand
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A gut-wrenching emotional rollercoaster ride, Sam Vickery’s Save My Daughter should come with a warning: keep a couple of boxes of tissues handy while reading it because this book will make you sob your heart out.

Lily’s life is as close to idyllic as it is possible to get. With two beautiful children and newborn baby Ella, Lily has the kind of family life most people can only dream of. Having giving up her job to be a stay-at-home mother, Lily, wouldn’t trade her life for anything – although in her heart of hearts, she must admit that sometimes she envies her best friend Hannah and the freedom which she takes for granted. Lily’s life might revolve around nappy changes, nursery rhymes and kids tv, but she knows how lucky she is and doesn’t take anything for granted. Hannah is her best friend and she trusts her with her life and her children. But just how well does Lily know Hannah? Could Lily have spent all this time trusting somebody who has not been completely honest with her?

Lily’s perfect world implodes one day when Hannah disappears with her much-loved baby girl. Lily is frantic with worry and her fears intensify when she receives a chilling text message from her that confirms her worst suspicions: her best friend has taken her daughter and she does not intend to come back. As the cracks in the family life that Lily has tried so hard to keep hidden begin to get bigger and bigger, she realizes that Hannah has her own secrets and Lily’s determination to protect the ones she love might end up costing her everything.

Will Lily ever be reunited with baby Ella? Can her relationship with Hannah ever be repaired? One thing is for certain: all of their lives are going to be changed forever.

Sam Vickery’s Save My Daughter is an emotional and dramatic high stakes tale that brings to shocking life a parent’s worst nightmare. Sam Vickery knows to plumb the dark depths of the human soul and explores the the secrets we hide, the lies we tell and the lengths we go to for the people we love in a sensitive, engrossing and heart-wrenching tale that works both as a psychological thriller and a dark and compelling domestic drama.

A haunting tale readers will still be thinking about long after they turn the last page, Jodi Picoult fans need to add Sam Vickery’s Save My Daughter to their must-buy list.
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How can secrets one day become so big someone you trust with everything you hold so dear to your heart turns around and betrays that faith. Hannah decided that Lily is not capable of being the type of mother she think her friends kids need and deserve. So, the day her friend allows her to have the baby she walks away and intends to keep on going!

Yes, Lily and her husband have secrets they have been keeping from Hannah, but to come find out Hannah has been keeping secrets from her best friend as well.

Will Lily get her baby back and now what will happen to her friend, jail! What a quandary this has become because they have not communicated as besties should have in a friendship. 

The author has written a poignant story of secrets and the intrigue of revealing them . It’s about how we take for granted relationships and relating to each other and being open and the author does such a remarkable job of intertwining life choices and drawing the characters together. 

I found the book to be a PageTurner and would definitely recommend this book.
I received a free advanced copy from NetGalley and these are my willingly given thoughts and opinions.
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This is a salutary tale of what happens when people jump to conclusions without finding out the facts first. Lily and Hannah are friends who now lead very different lives. Lily is married to Jon and has three children. Hannah is a single woman with a good career..  They are both sometimes envious of the other's lifestyle especially Hannah as she really wants a child of her own. When Lily is pregnant with her third baby she tells Hannah she might not be able to go through with the pregnancy. Then Hannah sees Lily hugging a strange man and decides that they are having an affair. After baby Ella is born, the family and Hannah are having a day out at a theme park and while Lily and Jon are on a ride with the two older children Hannah disappears from the park with baby Ella.  From the message she sent to Lily it's obvious that she won't be taking the child back to her parents. 

The story is told from the perspective of both Lily and Hannah and we discover that they both had secrets they were keeping from each other. 

An emotional and sad story about friendship and loss too. Another gem from Sam Vickery.
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I received an ARC copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. I seriously cannot said enough about this book. Thriller, romance, tears and more tears. So very good. I have never stayed up until the wee hours of the night reading as many books as I do read without falling asleep. I could not put it down. Excellent read!!!!
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Absolutely amazing story about love, friendship, secrets and redemption. Lily and Hannah have been friends for years. Lily and Jon have three beautiful children. Hannah secretly would love to be a mom. But Hannah’s inability to be truthful and to share her struggle with her best friend sends her down an unfortunate path. 
Why would Hannah take her best friends baby? Will Lily ever see her baby Ella again? 

I loved this book from the first page! Thank you Netgalley for complimentary copy. 

Must read unforgettable story.
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This story has so many forms of love from best friends, parent and child, and the best soil mate story.  I loved the relationships in this story there are some ups and downs, relationships put to the test, and some deep bonding. It is definitely a page-turner from begging to end. 
I just reviewed Save My Daughter by Sam Vickery. #SaveMyDaughter #NetGalley
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Save My Daughter by Sam Vickery is a story that will have you emotionally invested from the very start.  I have previously enjoyed the novels of Ms Vickery, and this latest proved to be no exception.

Lily and Hannah have a friendship that has endured through the ups and downs of life.  But Lily has something that Hannah wants, and desperation will drive the latter to take measures that will take the friendship to a place so dark that there can be no easy return.  

This is a beautiful story that explores the ties that bind, and the strength of a mother's live.  Recommended.  4.5 stars

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for an ARC.
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What an emotional and heartbreaking read this is! I absolutely love this author’s books, and this one is just beautiful.

Lily and Hannah are best friends, and even though their lives have gone in different directions, they are so close. It’s hard to believe that Hannah would ever do anything to hurt her friend.

We open in the theme park, having a family day out, and you can really sense the atmosphere there, of people enjoying a warm summer’s day with their children. But the atmosphere is tense as Lily gets onto the ride with her children, as she feels a sense of something not being quite right. What follows is so shocking, and I could not put the book down.

The story is told from both Hannah’s and Lily’s points of view, and it’s hard not to like and empathise with both of them. Although they are very close, each of them has secrets that they haven’t told the other, and it really shows how you can never fully know what’s going on in someone else’s life, and how the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I just loved everything about this book. The author creates such real characters, with such real lives, that you just feel as if you know them. And the plot is just so compelling, I was totally drawn into this story, and really had to find out how it would all end.

An emotional and beautiful read, I was captivated from start to finish. Can’t recommend it highly enough.
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4 Stars

This book was written from the POV's of 2 best friends and starts when one friend steals the baby of the other. 
As the plot unfolds you hear from both friends, things, which they had kept from the other and the events that had led to the awful day. 
I was engrossed in this book and thoroughly enjoyed every page and felt all the emotions that bled out of the story. 
This is an author who I always look forward to reading and I can't wait for her next book.
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Only my second book by Sam Vickery and she certainly does not disappoint.  It had me totally engrossed from the beginning and although an emotional read I found it very difficult to put it down.

A brilliant book, highly recommended and definitely worthy of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Many thanks to Sam Vickery, NetGalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read this ARC for an honest review.
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A heartbreaking yet endearing story of friendship and families. The more I read the more the story opened up to reveal a beautifully written book that covered many difficult subjects. The author manage to capture the pure emotion of every single character. I'm already recommending to fany and friends
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The cover of this book drew me in straight away. I thought this book was going to be about a child being abducted and I thought I knew what sort of path the story would take. But I was wrong. It starts with 2 best friends who have grown apart recently and ends up with one taking the others baby daughter. Admittedly she doesn't take her for long before deciding to take her back where she belongs but during that time we learn so much more about what else is going on in the friends lives which goes some way to explaining actions that take place. 
The story is fast paced and each little twist kept my interest until the very end of the book, It is a story of friendship, secrets, family. Yes it is sad but it is also quite uplifting.
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Lily and Hannah are best friends - friends who have always told each other everything. That all changes when Hannah takes Lily's baby Ella. Why did Hannah kidnap Ella? What secrets have the two women been keeping from one another that would drive Hannah to such a desperate act?

When Hannah looks at her friend, she sees someone living an idyllic life - a woman with a husband, two school-age children and now a new baby. Hannah doesn't have any of those things. In fact, there are things that she wants in life that seem incredibly out of reach. In most kidnapping cases, the parents and the police are rather frenzied trying to locate the kidnapper in order to rescue the child. However, in this case, it is perfectly clear that Hannah took Ella. In fact, she tells Lily in a note that she does not even deserve baby Ella. 

Meanwhile, the story shifts to what is going on behind closed doors in Lily and husband's Jon's life. Difficult, life-changing things are happening, things that Lily kept from her best friend. While coping with their current situation, now they are desperately hoping to get Ella back safe and sound.

While the story is about locating baby Ella, it reaches far deeper. In fact, it touches on some significant issues that each woman faces. What is more is that the secrets they are each harboring just might prove to result in the collapse of the precious friendship that they had for years. This proved to be quite thought-provoking, leading me to wonder how things could have been so very different if trust and communication were stronger between Lily and Hannah. 

This tender story delivers in two effective ways. One is the first person perspective from both Hannah and Lily. Also, there is the past and then way the story is told. This all plays together to create a compelling read that culminated in an evocative conclusion. Save My Daughter is an incredibly sensitive story that was so captivating, so touching and so emotional that I truly connected with Hannah and Lily. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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Save My Daughter turned out completely different from what I expected. I was all set up for a dramatic story of one women’s fight to get her daughter back. Instead, this book is more about friendship; what it means, how it can suffer, and what you can do to make it last. It was really interesting unravelling how Lily and Hannah’s friendship came to a point where one would steal the other’s daughter. It made me reflect on what a good friendship is and how opening up to one another is vital if you want the friendship to be long-lasting.

However, Save My Daughter was even more than a story about friendship and a stolen baby. It also touched on how the grass is always greener on the other side: Hannah is jealous of Lily’s family while Lily would love a career of her own. It is about the burdens we have to carry through life, both the joy and the struggles of parenthood, and what it feels like to lose the one we love.

To wrap up my review, Save My Daughter turned out to be a beautiful, emotional, and heart-warming book, instead of the drama I expected. While I may have been disappointed at first, this was a good book in its own right and I’m glad to have had the chance to experience it.
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This read really touches on so many topics and just had my emotions all over the place. I was hooked from the beginning. Told from the point of view of Lilly and Hannah in the past and present which I loved as you learned so much about each character and there relationship. The author really portrays how miscommunication and what your seeing isn’t necessarily what’s happening can cause upset and ruin relationships. I really enjoyed this book but beware it really pulls at the heart strings. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read and review this ARC that was published on the 1st of April.
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I’ve read and enjoyed other books by the author and was really looking forward to Save My Daughter. I knew I was in for a treat within a couple of pages when you’re thrust into a shocking incident – a woman’s infant daughter has been snatched – by her best friend. Why? Will the police find her and get her daughter back? The book gripped me and refused to let go until I’d finished reading. I had so many questions as I read and most of them weren’t answered until the last few chapters. This is the kind of book where there’s a lot more going on than appears on the surface and Hannah taking the baby is least of everyone’s problems. This is a real tear-jerker.
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I was not sure how, or if, Sam could equal or top her previous release, My Only Child, but she absolutely has.

There are so many things I love about her writing. Firstly, I’m not left waiting for something to happen. The action happens almost immediately, after allowing for just a little character development and scene setting to begin.

This puts the reader off kilter. We don’t know enough about anything to know who to trust, who is right etc. It really helps to build an immensely exciting, dramatic and tense atmosphere.

As the story progresses, we hear from both Lily and Hannah and the book is written in such a way that we are able to feel sympathy for both characters. Like Lily, I know I am one to moan about the every day monotony of bringing up young children. I could totally see where she was coming from because yes, I love them with all my heart, but I don’t like picking up after them, or slaving for ages over a hot stove for them to throw the food on the floor. This is the reality of motherhood. It is the most thankless yet precious and rewarding job in the world, and I think Sam’s exploration of this is really important and realistic.

It is clear that for a number of reasons, Lily and Hannah’s relationship is frayed and I thought that was a really important storyline, showing how family life can consume us and we become disconnected as a result, but when the going gets tough, we truly need our friends.

The book continued to surprise and shock me with twists and turns, and then the ending really took it out of me! It was unexpected and heart-breaking, yet at the same time heart-warming and perfect.

Overall, this book has truly given me all the feels and is a stunning piece of domestic drama that explores many important issues, including motherhood and friendship. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of Jodi Picoult, Amanda Prowse and Nicole Trope.
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