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A great tale covering how Holly stressed out with her city job decides with her Gran’s background to start a business based on Oranges as she loves Seville Oranges and decides to take her Mum back to the city that she had visited previously. Ella has a secret that she doesn’t want to disclose.. when they arrive in Seville they meet with future suppliers and Ella encounters a face from the past. Meanwhile Holly is trying to avoid being romantically involved but someone gets under her defences. A lovely take full of warm sunshine and romance in a historic setting.
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Perfect summer escapism surrounded by the scent of Seville’s oranges!

Set across two timelines, 1988 and 2018, ‘The Orange Grove’ is a delightfully weaved story of love, romance and secrets. Author Rosanna Ley creates evocative images of Seville through her vivid descriptions of the sights, sounds and smells of the city. The obvious parallels between Holly and her mum’s experiences of Spain and their seemingly innate love of Seville keep the reader gripped to the storyline throughout.

Passion appears as a theme in many forms, from the fiery flamenco, to Holly’s determination to make Bitter Orange a success back home and her obvious attraction to Rafael. Things certainly heat up as the story progresses and, even though it was possible to spot where the two timelines would collide, the ending was still satisfying.

Highly recommended!
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Whilst very descriptive and some lovely writing, this was not one for me at this time. Holly and her mother are living their lives in Seville and battling with their pasts. A bit of romance with a lot of hidden secrets and threats.
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Very descriptive book from the scents,to the colors and the feel of the excitement in the air, of the oranges and secrets locked away.
A family saga we see unfurling as each page flips and we become further involved in the story.
Seville really sounds lovely and it would be a dream to visit here someday.

Pub date 04 Mar 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Thank you to #NetGalley for allowing me to read #TheOrangeGrove by #RosannaLey
When Holly decides to give up her job pursue her dream of opening a shop selling everything orange, there is one place to go Seville the home of the orange.  She knows her parents went there when they were first married but neither of them will ever talk about it. If she can persuade her mother Ella to accompany her, she may find the answers. And for Ella going back may mean reliving what happened there and however painful it is maybe it’s time. An enchanting read.
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I’m a big fan of Rosanna Ley’s work, and this book didn’t let me down. 
Holly and her mum Ella, set off to Seville on a mission to source authentic items for their new venture together in Dorset. 
This isn’t Ella’s first visit to Seville and the story follows a dual time line to tell her story. 
As always, Rosanna Ley writes beautifully, with warmth and creates vivid images in the readers mind. 
An enchanting story that kept me gripped from start to finish. 
With thanks to #Netgalley and 
#QuercusBooks for an ARC of #OrangeGrove@RosannaLey.
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I didn’t know what to expect when going into this book, but after I have devoured the entire book across 3 days. 

The book is a wonderful exploration of familial and romantic love, a captivating setting, strong friendships and of course, secrets! I’ll say no more, but this was such a lovely read. The parallels between the past and present were wonderful and it was lovely to see how the characters dealt with such significant issues. 

This is a perfect book for reading on a sunny day with a gin in hand or by the pool on holiday. I’d recommend an orange flavoured gin, so you’re completely immersed! I feel like this is a book that so many will enjoy,  it would be a gorgeous gift for your sister, your mum, your grandma.. everyone! 

Finally, the setting is just stunning! I have been dreaming of the scents of seville oranges and neroli ever since. I have added Seville to my list of places to visit - it sounds incredible. 

Thank you @netgalley @wuercus and @rosanna for the gifted copy of The Orange Grove.
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After having loved Rosanna's previous novels, Bay of Secrets, Return to Mandalay and The Villa, I was happy and in need of feel-good escapism when I found the Orange Grove on NetGalley. 

Holly lives in Dorset and wants to set up a shop, Bitter Orange. The name is so appropriate since she loves making marmalade. 

Many people know that Seville oranges are great for marmalade. Holly knows what that means...that a trip to get the "real thing" will be needed. 

Her mother loves Seville, but events and secrets are keeping her from going back...

I adore fiction novels set in Spain, and this latest one by Rosanna Ley is no exception. The sunny setting and the oranges as well as the culture and way of life are so vivid. 

I was immediately transported to Seville and found myself wanting to travel there. 

This is wonderfully relaxing and has an amazing pace and attention to detail, just like the other ebook and audiobook novels of Rosanna's I own. I definitely need to get more books by her. 

Thanks to Rosanna Ley and Quercus Books for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

5 stars
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I was drawn into this book by the luscious descriptions of Seville and by the stories of Holly and her mother. Most people will associate Seville with the oranges grown there and they are the perfect symbol of the bitter-sweet theme that runs through the book. Rosanna Ley goes beneath the surface of Seville to areas that tourists are usually unfamiliar with such as the 'gypsy' quarter and the story is enhanced as a result.

It is a romantic setting yet not far beneath the surface lay secrets and threats. I could really imagine the gypsy music of this close-set community and loved the parallels between Holly and her mother. Holly's grandmother is a fabulous multi-dimensional character; her love for Holly shows through and now perhaps she is trying to make amends for her past behaviour that has led to a lifetime of secrets. 

If travel were possible, I'd be booking a flight to Seville right now.
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Dreaming of a sunny getaway this summer? Let The Orange Grove transport you to the sunkissed streets of Seville! 

Holly is young yet determined; a budding entrepreneur hoping to get her fledgling business off the ground. Heading to Seville with her mother Ella, Holly has little other than business on her mind. However, it isn't long before a handsome Spanish man and the long-buried secrets of the past threaten to derail her plans. With everything she thought she knew called into question, will Seville finally reveal its secrets?

This is a story of love, loss, family, and making choices, set against the gorgeous backdrop of Seville. With its rich history and culture, this book just oozes the essence of Seville and its people. Holly and Ella explore every inch of the city, from its historic roots to its modern, tourist destinations. In a time when travel abroad is almost impossible, living vicariously through Holly and Ella's exploration of Seville is the next best thing! 

The characters are complex yet endearingly likeable. Whether you're rooting for their romantic endeavours or wishing Holly's business all the success in the world, it's easy to get caught up in their world. This is also a twisty tale, with secrets around every corner and plenty to uncover! It's engaging, well written, and highly readable. 

Stuck inside instead of relaxing by a pool in the sun? No matter - just grab a copy of The Orange Grove and you'll instantly be back in sunny Seville with Holly and Ella.
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This is book is a sensorial experience and I spent part of it craving the bitter orange/almond cake or the other products described. Their description was realistic and mouthwatering and I wanted to taste or smell them as they seemed delicious.
This is another excellent book by Rosanna Ley, another book that makes you travel with your mind and involved in the story of fleshed out characters.
The women in this book are strong and interesting. I liked Holly and liked Ella as they face something that could change their life forever and are able to accept.
Felix is another great character, a man who is able to find a way to fight for his family, to accept and forgive.
All the characters are fleshed out and fascinating. I loved the romantic interests and felt the chemistry between Holly and her love interest.
You can feel the love of the author for Seville and her descriptions make you walk and live in the place.
There’s a secret and I liked how it was discovered even if I guessed it quite early.
It’s an engrossing and entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed.
It’s strongly recommended.
Many thanks to Quercus and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Holly decides to open a shop and having products all mad with Seville oranges. Her love of these oranges started when she was very small and she started making marmalade with them.. She decides to go to Seville to source products and takes her mother Ella. Ella has a secret from the time she went there 30 years ago
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This novel is very atmospheric and obviously written with a great love of Seville.  As someone who lives in Dorchester though it is the parts featuring West Dorset that most resonate, especially as I happened to visit Hive Beach whilst reading the book.

The characters are complex and many seem to be hiding secrets which are unearthed throughout the novel.  The descriptions of flamenco are particularly moving.  A great summer read.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publishers for the opportunity to review this book
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Absolutely gorgeous!!! I loved every page of this book. I’d never heard of this author before but I certainly hope to read more
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My first Rosanna Ley book. I very much enjoyed the read.

Wonderful descriptions of Seville - from the evocative smell of oranges to the sultry flamenco and the mouthwatering tapas. A mother and daughter wrestling with difficult decisions thirty years apart. 

What will remain with me most after reading this book is a that so often we women make a choice not to follow our hearts because of the impact that would have on those we are committed to.
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The Orange Grove is a such a sensory read, from the aromas and settings to the food and culture, this story made my senses come alive! I had a compulsion to dig out my orange aromatherapy oil!

The format works well. Ella, Felix and Holly’s narrations in 2018 and Ella in 1988 tangle and intertwine giving suspense, mystery and intrigue. Some things I thought might be clues to what I was trying to work out but turned out not to be 🙂

The characters are complex and we get to ‘walk’ with them as they figure out and come to terms with the choices they made in the past or are about to make. I had conflicting emotions about Ella because I wasn’t ever sure what I wanted for her, wavering one way then another. And then I felt disloyal …

The three generations are relatable and I couldn’t help but feel for each of them. Their relationships reflect the realities of life (the highs, the lows, the duties and responsibilities) that come from caring about and loving others. They each have their secrets that make an impact.

I loved Holly’s ideas for Bitter Orange. The sourcing of products adds another layer I wasn’t expecting to the trip to Seville. I loved how one of the characters steps up.

I love how Rosanna Ley draws me in to the settings and cultures of her stories. It’s not just how she weaves a story about the facts but how alive the places and the people feel. The flamenco – I had goosebumps. Such a skill to be able to use words to get such an emotional reaction. I feel like I’ve spent time in Seville and Triana and it’s a destination on my bucket list now.

The Orange Grove shows us that no matter how complex and broken a situation might seem there is always hope and understanding. And that sometimes sacrifices have to be made that might be painful but turn out to be the best action we could have taken.
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This was a perfect counter after yesterday’s not so suspenseful thriller. A beautiful contemporary story by author Rosanna Ley took me away from darker lanes into the world of baking and emotions associated with it.

Daughter Holly wanted to open a shop selling orange marmalade and everything orange. She wanted to travel to Seville to source orangey products for her business. And all she needed was her mum Ella by her side. But Ella had a secret buried in Seville. Would both the ladies find what they were looking for?

My first book by this author, I was all enamored by the smell and taste of the cake and marmalade. Added to that was the rich culture and landscapes of Seville. The writing managed the capture the essence of passion that resided in the hearts of the characters.

Secrets that could be easily guessed were revealed slowly as the pages unfurled the past and the present. The father Felix too played an important part as he had to deal with multiple issues on the home front.

The author tried to give equal importance to all characters weaving their parts smoothly into the story. A few rough edges were present but they were negligible. What I wanted as the ending did not happen. But what was the ending was apt for the story.

Well, what can I say? I am a closet romantic, I suppose. Overall, a sweet morning filled with deliciousness and passion. I didn’t find marmalade in my larder, but made do with jam. How our books influence us!!
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I always love Rosanna Ley's books as they take me to great places and entertain with well written stories. I absolutely adored this book! I enjoyed the characters and the story!  The story flowed great and had me reading and finishing the book in no time! I highly recommend this book! Stunning, a page-turner which stays long in the memory!
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The Orange Grove transported me to Seville. A very evocative story with sun, smells, sights and sounds...

Thanks to NetGalley and Quercus for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I have liked all Rosanna Ley's books.  I love the locations and the fabulous descriptions of them. 

I got a bit confused when the chapters switched between Ella and Holly and had to get my brain in gear. I more or less worked out the result of Ella's holiday in Seville and can certainly empathise with Ella as she would have been entranced by  the heady atmosphere of Seville. I have visited Seville myself and certainly fell in love  with it. . I loved the characters and really liked Felix for being a kind, understanding man.

Thank you netgalley for this Arc.
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