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This was a great book. I loved the way she broke down the chapters and told her life’s story. It’s a must read and I definitely recommend it.
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I love Insecure, and have seen Yvonne live so when I heard she was coming out with a book, I knew I had to read it. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I think it was interesting to learn more about Yvonne’s history and to hear about the work she put in to get to where she is. I think the way she ties in her faith is done well, and not like she is pushing her beliefs onto you, but sharing how she believes faith helped her shape her life. 

I will say, this book is written how she talks, and I think I would have enjoyed more to hear this on audio because sometimes I felt like reading it was too much. Either way, I liked this book and would definitely recommend it to people who love Yvonne!
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I had slightly heard of this author before requesting this book, and truthfully have never seen Insecure, but after hearing some chatter about the book, I decided to request it, and I'm so glad I did.  The author uses humor, personal life stories as well as examples in the bible to show some of the benefits of following God.  It was like sitting with a best friend while drinking a cup of coffee and having a much and very needed conversation.  I am going to make sure I have a hard copy and plan on referring to this book, especially when I'm feeling discouraged and defeated, several times in the near future.
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I'm only at the beginning of chapter 4 and swiftly but randomly said "let me gone head and leave my lil review". Whew! First, it's great to hear the perspective of climbing through the entertainment industry from a fearless believer. I know what you're thinking "Damn, sis is churchy" - not even. Yvonne has a refreshing, current, casual perspective on biblical teachings and how were "supposed" to relate to God. Then, tells us how this has lit the way for her journey in her career, which is reflective of her journey with herself and God. Personally, as a professional dancer and believer (who got closer to God once I realized God is the homie and not some dry, impersonable object of repition and complicated prayers *eye roll*) I find this book to be encouraging and realistic. HEAVY ON THE REALISTIC - sis is keeping it a whole buck. Whether you're a creative, believer, corporate person, or stay-at-home mom/dad, this is going to be a funny, refreshing read that is sure to set off sparks in your life. The craziest part is (hence my title) I deadass wasn't even going to read it lol BUT God is interesting. For some reason, I was drawn to this book and later learned she's celibate too! Same! Dis. is. cray. 100% a must cop.
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Stepping out in faith can lead to circumstances that are so good, so glorious and so scary, it can feel as though you’ve been tricked into the things that have led you to that particular moment in time. (Or if you prefer, “bamboozled”… )

In Bamboozled by Jesus, Yvonne Orji gives readers an honest, refreshing look at the idea of living a life of faith and pursuing your dreams. This book is a joy to read, and her words are bound to bless anyone who encounters them.

Before reading Bamboozled, I couldn’t help noticing how Orji’s book was categorized in Netgalley. I’d wondered why it wasn’t listed as a Christian/Religious book. The title alone suggested theological content.  

Yet Yvonne’s book provides a delightful surprise. Although Yvonne is a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving Christian, she’s unpretentious. I remember at one point, she joked about what her stripper name would be—and elsewhere I discovered that this very joke was something that someone cited when they said they didn’t like her book.  Meanwhile, I got a kick out of it. Yvonne’s candor shows that she’s human, and she recognizes her readers’ humanity as well. 

Overall, Orji encourages her readers to remember who and whose we are. Through vivid illustrations from her own life, she illustrates the wondrous things that can happen when we step out and live the life of faith that we are called to experience.
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My favorite quote from this book was, “don’t be afraid to shake up safe. Do something radical that gets God’s attention.” I absolutely loved this quote. 

There was a lot of high points in this book, meaning quotes and sayings that have great meaning and that come in handy when a picker upper is needed. The author has quotes and mantras for days but I didn’t connect with the book like I thought I would. I enjoyed her humor and stories and it is obvious that the author has worked hard at her craft and bringing her journey to the forefront in hopes of helping others. 

I am giving three stars because I feel that this book had great moments but a lot of it fell flat for me. I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Great book  The cover is very appealing.  The title is very interesting and learning to have faith and wanting to know all about Jesus should be our number one priority.  I enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.
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Most people are familiar with Yvonne Orji from her role on Insecure. As someone, who has only seen a few episodes, I was interested in reading her book based primarily on interviews where she shared about her career,  life, and her relationship with God. I am so glad that I read it!

Yvonne writes in such a conversational tone that I believe fans of her show and stand-up special will instantly relate to her writing but even those who are unfamiliar will be pulled in by how relatable and open she is throughout the book.

In the early chapters, the way that she weaves between her personal experiences and related biblical stories is like a very relaxed but honest bible study. I think it would be great for teens and young adults - especially those beginning or deepening their relationship with God.

I became really engaged in the latter chapters, especially beginning with chapters 10 and 11. From that point in the book, I felt compelled to evaluate my thoughts and choices - are you giving your all and living your best life?

In chapter 18, she dives further into the importance of evaluating your values and remaining true to your character - knowing who you are and making choices that validate that.

The honesty and openness of Yvonne's writing made this a stand-out. Her challenges to the reader were given with genuine concern for the reader and hope that they would take helpful lessons from her stories - along with lots of laughs along the way.

Now, excuse me while I go watch her stand-up special!
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I LOVE Yvonne Orji in Insecure and her stand ups, so I thought this would be a great read. Unfortunately, for me, it was just too much religion. I didn't fully understand what the book would be about and, as an atheist, I didn't really enjoy it. The writing style was good and she is so funny, but just not for me.
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Bamboozled By Jesus was one of the most entertaining Christian books I've read in a good while.  I particularly enjoyed her style and word choice - she was clearly writing very authentically, and I really appreciated that.  

Check out the full video review which goes live 6/7 @9am:
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Yvonne Orji is known to many of us as Molly Carter from the hit HBO show, Insecure. Even though I have a love/dislike relationship with the character of Molly – I love the authenticity that Yvonne Orji brings to the surface.

The moment I fell in love with Yvonne Orji and became her sister in my head was after watching her HBO Special, Momma, I Made It. I grew up in a Liberian household, so I could relate to EVERY SINGLE WORD that Yvonne Orji spoke on stage. My husband looked over to me a few times while I laughed with tears in my eyes, and my response to him was the same… “You didn’t grow up in an African household – so you won’t get it.”

Let me tell you how God works; I listened to Yvonne Orji on my Calm App, then the next day, I find myself reading her book, Bamboozled.

The title Bamboozled by Jesus may take some people by surprise, but before opening the book – I knew what it meant to be Bamboozled by Jesus. I had my son, Dylan, at 42 while on birth control pills. Even the doctor told me I had nothing to worry about at my age because my ovaries were done producing, bamboozled by Jesus! At 47, My husband & I are running around the house trying to catch up with a 5-year-old.

Bamboozled is the book I needed to read, and I’m sure God knew it too. This book had me laughing, embracing some hard truths about myself, grabbing my bible, and highlighting a few passages. This book serves as a reminder to keep pushing through this journey we call life to embrace the beauty waiting for us.

I felt as though I was having a conversation with Yvonne Orji as I read the book. I could hear her voice while I read the book. Memo to self: Buy the Audiobook.

One of my favorite books of the year!

Reviewed by: Orsayor
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I started this book not knowing what to expect and I had to stop partway through because there were so many gems being dropped I needed to own this book, highlight, and dogear it up. The way Yvonne uses humor, the word, and her testimony is what hooked me. I also felt like she was talking to me as I read it. I could literally hear her voice. My story isn't exactly the same but its similar so I enjoyed learning her story. It encourages me to keep my eyes on Jesus and don't worry about what things look like. In other words, walk by faith not by sight.
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I've never heard of the author prior to this, but reading this book is like sitting down with a good girlfriend. Getting real. Sharing laughs. Just what I needed!

The author shares life lessons blended with biblical principles. It's NOT your average self-help book! The chapters are short, and the pages fly by. So much wisdom and humor in this book! It's not an autobiography, yet the author does share her detours from being her parents dreams for her as a child to becoming the well-respected comedienne she is. (I'm going to have to go check her out now!)

The book is divided into five sections: The Burden, The Building, The Breakthrough, The Blessing, and The Bonus. So much of this book is relatable, and readers are likely to find themselves nodding and laughing along as they read.

I loved the section entitled "Bamboozled Beliefs." Lots of truths to cling to! I'll be posting some of these where I can read them regularly. I like that there's a reader's guide, as well.
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I love Yvonne and love “Insecure” even more.  This book was alright and had its moments, but as a whole, I just didn’t love it.  It was substantially based in biblical references which surprised me.  3 stars ⭐️.  Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copy.
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While most people stick to the traditional path for success Yvonne Orji found breadcrumbs leading her away. Social events that were merely meant to pass the time lead to opportunities. Turns out those random opportunities were actually stepping stones guiding her to a future beyond her wildest dreams.

This book was so much fun to read. It was funny, inspirational and uplifting. I wasn’t familiar with the author and never watched Insecure, but I was still able to deeply enjoy her story. She is hilarious and it’s a wonder she didn’t realize immediately that she should have a place in comedy. This book offers a deeper look into her experiences and how she reached the current position she is in today. Ms. Orji is firm in her Christian faith but doesn’t force it upon others only using it as a way to correlate experiences in her life to those that relate in the Bible. It takes guts and talent to make DGB fun. She wants readers to go one step further than inspiration and take action. Her journey is highly enlightening and urges readers not to give up on the endless possibilities that we all deserve. I will most certainly be getting a copy of this book and highly encourage others to get one too.
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In Bamboozled by Jesus Yvonne Orji takes us on her journey of self trust while interwoven versus of the Bible pepper her own experiences. As she states in the beginning; this is not a self help book however it is a motivational “guide” to help the reader understand and trust the process.. Though I am not religious and found myself skipping the biblical references I did enjoy her path to trusting gods plan (to be fair I do believe there are greater things than us so this resonated a bit). In her book she describes her struggles ; financially, career and even love and you get a good sense of who she is and the WORK she’s put into her career. Having watched Insecure on HBO and totally finding her character Molly as “everyone best girl friend” I enjoyed reading this book because it was in her own voice; I could almost hear the funny moments in yvonnes voice reading them to me which I found hilarious.
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A huge thanks to Worthy Publishing for my e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. I did scream when I saw the email because wow who wouldn’t?

If you are expecting a book about a very perfect never stumbled and never failed a class human then this isn’t it! In Bamboozled by Jesus Yvonne takes us through lessons from her life infused with Biblical principles and yes it’s not one of those long, boring books that make you snore wild awake and yes you will have an appreciation of those biblical stories you may have forgotten. The chapters are short (so perfect for me) and filled with wisdom and humor. You will be laughing, crying, nodding your head and low-key feel like you are having a conversation with your friend (Yvonne). She honestly depicts her journey from where she started from and where she is. Expect to be bamboozled on the detours she took from a child whose parents wanted her to be a doctor (get the book and call me out) to the well-traveled and respected comedian she is. If you have been struggling to trust God’s process GET this book. I loved this book and know you will too so get this book! I
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I was so excited to be given a chance to read this as I'm a huge fan of Yvonne, especially on Insecure. As I was reading I imagined her voice reading back to me and made the experience that much more enjoyable. I loved hearing about her perspective of her self discovery journey and of her faith, even though I myself are of a different faith. A humorous, fun read!
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Whip smart and laugh out loud funny. I enjoyed this book immensely and appreciated the authors take on DGB ala da good book and life in general. I read most of it in one afternoon which doesn't happen often.
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Wow, this book was so fun and hit so close to home in so many ways. It's always nice to hear about successful and proud Christians. The writing was great and very conversational.
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