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How Did I Get Here?

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This book! I thoroughly needed this book and the message Christine delivers. With anecdotes and personal examples, Christine reminds us of what is at stake if we drift and how we can fight the drift and stand firm for the Lord. Backed with scripture, Christine supports the importance of not drifting, how to see if we have, and how to anchor ourselves in the Lord.
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Christine Caine is the ultimate hype-girl! If you have been feeling stuck, unmotivated, and somewhat lost in your faith journey... then this is the book for you. 

Christine opens up about her own personal struggle and how she wanted to “ring the bell” (throw in the towel) and stop working for the kingdom as she has done all these years. She makes it clear that she didn’t want to leave her faith, but rather she found herself wanting to “coast” in her faith. “Coasting” offered the false idea of an easy walk, one that wouldn’t force her to endure the difficult elements. 

She shares different facets of the “drifting” or “coasting” that can occur in the Christian life, what it looks like, and how to fight against it. 

This is a great resource for someone who has come to a stagnant point in their Christian walk or has drifted into apathy. Christine encourages followers of Jesus to keep going and finish the race that God has called us to.
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Christine Caine is a well-known Christian speaker, author, and co-founder of A21, a campaign to stop human-trafficking. In "How Did I Get Here?", Caine is speaking to believers who have found themselves drifting away from the Christian faith. In each chapter, she reveals a reason why the reader may have drifted, such as a lack of prayer, a refusal to meet with fellow Christians, and the inability to give up control. I especially resonated with her initial example of faith as an anchor that requires more from us than simply dropping it into the water passively and expecting it to hold. I would recommend this book to any believer who wants to strengthen their faith.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. All opinions are my own.
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How Did I Get Here ? By Christine Caine  is an honest intimate  book.  It is a mix of real life situations and scripture. Different way we can find ourselves drifting from God are identified and most importantly way to stop the drifting abs draw closer to God. It is a timely book after coming out of a pandemic.  Excellent book !!
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It's been awhile since a book has convicted me like How Did I Get Here?, leaving me thinking about my own spiritual walk and if I am currently drifting.  I have been feeling stagnant in my faith for awhile, almost to the point that I'm starting to not even go through the motions anymore, but reading this book lit something inside me, and I felt a spark I haven't felt in a long time...hope.

While I know that change isn't going to happen overnight, my heart is again full of hope, and I have to thank God for using this amazingly deep and raw resource to start to move the stagnant waters of my heart, and help me learn how to once again drop my anchor.

Christine Caine also found herself in uncharted waters, and in one moment, after much soul searching, she realized that she had unknowingly drifted, and this is where me, and many I've spoken to, especially since the pandemic, have also found themselves.  How Did I Get Here? is Christine's personal story, and an invitation for the reader to join her on her journey as she checks each spiritual "link" one by one, prompting the reader to do the same, each link leading to the anchor of Jesus.  

Filled with both heart and gospel, and chock full of Biblical references, and real talk, this resource not only gives sound doctrine to each point that is made, but it also urges you to dive deeper in study on your own, something I very much appreciated.

How Did I Get Here? is such a rich reference that I am already going back and doing a deeper study on my own.  I can see that God is using this resource to reach me, and I can see this publication being a game changer for many.
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With the realness and anecdotes of a trusted friend Christine Caine speaks to those of us who are feeling adrift in life, faith, and the world right now! If the title resonates with you at all this book is for YOU. I would love to selfishly claim that she wrote it just for me but I know that's just not true; especially after last year! Solid as a "set anchor" this book is full of Biblical wisdom, relatable events, and honest challenges. Readers will be rewarded with encouragement and hope.
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I have a hard time describing how I feel about this book. The writing is fine if a bit repetitive, the message is strong, but I didn’t ever really connect with the author as she described her experience, shared relevant stories and advocated for perseverance. There’s nothing wrong with the book, but I guess I was expecting to be inspired and I wasn’t. I truly  hate giving books less than three stars, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. That said if you are looking for a book where you feel like you are listening to a person’s journey, you might love this book.
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I have long admired Christine Caine and when I heard she was doing a book about struggling in her walk, I knew I needed to read it. I have been there and find it brave that such a prominent Christian leader is okay being vulnerable and sharing her story to help others.

“How Did I Get Here?” is a retrospective journey into Christine’s season of unrest and uncertainty. She details how she found herself there and provides critical steps for anyone else who finds themselves in similar territory to turn it around.

This book can help Christ followers discover peace and know what to do in difficult season of doubt. It can help renew your hope and passion moving forward and show us that it’s okay to struggle. God can handle anything we ask Him. This book is about how to make it through the struggle and to the other side at peace with God.

I highly recommend this book if you are going through one of these seasons, have ever been in one of these seasons, or even if you haven’t, because we can all end up here. Christine has a heart and a passion for Jesus that I admire so much and I’m grateful she felt led to share her story and provide tools on how to move forward when we struggle.
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It is always a pleasure to read anything written by Christine Caine. Somehow she always knows exactly where I am in my life and speaks directly to that. Her new book How Did I Get Here? did the same. I appreciate her honesty and her teaching. It was super comforting to read about her questioning and discovery, to know that I’m not the only one who wonders how in the world I arrived at the place where I’d love nothing more than to ‘ring the bell’. Thank you to both Christine and to the publisher for the opportunity to be a part of the launch team for this title.
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Everyone can find themselves lost in life or their relationship with God. We can become confused, frustrated, disappointed, and discouraged. We can be unsure of our purpose, significance, calling, and path in life. I know I have felt this way in my life and felt like quitting or giving up. This is where Christine Caine's book How Did I Get Here? finds us. Christine wrote this book when she was in a place of chaos, uncertainty, and ready to quit. How Did I Get Here? is a book on drifting in our faith and our relationship with God. Based on Hebrews 2:1-4 this book deals with 8 ways that point to drifting in our faith and away from God - such as "You Know You've Drifted When...You Stop Healing and You Start Seeping or You Know You've Drifted When...You Stop Praying and You Start Talking." The chapters contain personal stories, personal revelation, Scripture, encouragement, and ways to get back on course in our faith. 
This book is an inspiration and encouragement to me letting me know I am not alone when I drift in my faith, doubt God, and find myself frustrated or disappointed in my life. I recommend this book to everyone - those who are lost or disappointed with their lives, those who are ready to quit and ring the bell, and even those who are confident and satisfied with their lives. We can find ourselves in these categories at different times or seasons of our lives. This book can help us be aware of when we get off course in our faith and guide us back to where we are called to be in life and our relationship with God. I received an advanced copy of this book for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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It was an absolute privilege to be part of Christine Caine's launch team for her new book "How Did I Get Here?". Christine wrote her latest book during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the beginning, we see how Christine's teaching gives us practical advice to navigate turbulent waters and the storms of our lives while staying firmly anchored to Jesus. Like Christine's other books, she brings honesty, rawness and vulnerability to her readers. Christine's book encompasses humour, biblical truths, and personal anecdotes in a season where many of us have felt isolated or alone. It is incredibly inspiring, insightful and relevant to the season we are in right now. It poses the simple question many of us have asked at one stage or another of our lives - "How Did I Get Here?". 

I could not put this book down and found myself highlighting many passages and scriptures for future reference. Through reading this book, I realised that I was also drifting in this season. This book reinforced that no matter how far we may be adrift, we can always find our way back to God. By the end of this book, I no longer wanted to "ring the bell" and knew that my anchor is firmly secured to Jesus. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels like they are in unchartered waters and needs an alignment to stay or get back on course.
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Timely encouragement, filled with Biblical truths. Caine writes in a voice that is strong yet humble, challenging yet gentle. How Did I Get Here is a thought provoking read for all that actively desire to be anchored in the truth of God’s Word.
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Christine is a champion of others and a constant source of empowerment to fight the good fight of faith. This book has had a direct impact on my life as I continue to find the God-given assignment over my life. When all else is stripped away, I’m left with Jesus, and that is more than enough. I encourage readers read this book to find their authority in Christ and to walk out whatever comes their way. We all hit roadblocks and this book so beautifully addresses how to push through adversity and choose faith. Thank you Chris!
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I've been a long time follower of Christine so i was super excited to be on the launch team of How did i get here? A question a lot of us asks ourselves a lot but have no answer to most of the time. 
In this book Christine unpacks Faith so relatably  with vivid descriptions and stories sure to stick with well after you've dropped this book. Personally this book was just what i needed and I'm sure it would be as well. If you're struggling with having Faith when things don't go according to plan. I'd totally recommend this book for anyone whether Old or just starting out in their Christian faith. This book is such an encouraging read that i think shouldn't just be read but referenced when you're faith needs encouraging and strength to trust.
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I was part of the book launch team for How Did I Get Here? by Christine Caine.  This book is a great reminder that at some point in our walk with the Lord, we all  lose sight of what should be our goal.  If you have found yourself drifting, questions, not connecting with God as you used to or never have, I encourage you to give this book a read.  I myself over the past year have felt myself slipping away and out of habitats, some to do with the pandemic and for other reasons I can't name.  Thank you Christine for putting everything into perceptive and giving me tools to get back on track.
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This is an excellent read. You will want this book in your library. It builds hope and encouragement through a biblical lens when you feel like giving up.
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Let me start by stating that I'm a fan of Christine Caine. I've read all of her books and been impressed with each. Now let me say, "How Did I Get Here?" is her best book yet.

Caine tackles the topic of "drift". It may not sound like a huge problem, but those of us who call ourselves Christians know the topic too well. It's not that we lose our faith. It's more that our faith loses us. Of course, that's not to blame drift on God. It's all our doing. It's an easy trap to fall into. We're busy. It's raining. My daughter has a soccer tournament. I'm on vacation. Name it and claim it.

When drift hits a person as passionate about Jesus as Christine Caine, you know it can strike anyone.

Ms. Caine deals with the malady honestly and Biblically. She pulls no punches. Scripture is quoted frequently. Real life stories are told candidly.

This is a five star book for any Christian who needs a refresher course in maintaining a spiritual life of excellence.
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This book is important for several reasons.  It reaches a wide variety of readers from any Christian background and talks about a topic that is not talked about a lot in Christian circles.  This idea of the slow drift and the intentionality needed to stay rooted in Christ. 
The author uses excellent imagery through story telling from her own life experiences to firmly root the concepts into your mind and heart.  She also uses humor, which made this hard topic joyful to engage.  If you have ever listened to the author speak or preach you will appreciate this book even more.  You can hear her voice as if she is reading it to you with her zeal, passion and clarity.
Although I am not currently in a season of drifting from Christ and his purposes for me this book was perfect for giving clarity to past seasons of drifting and markers for potential future drifting to avoid unnecessarily.  
If you are looking for a good read that brings joy, contemplation, reflection and renewed commitment to Jesus and his purposes for you - read this book.  If you have forgotten what was always meant to firmly root you this side of eternity- read this book.  If you have lost your desire to engage with God and His people- read this book.  If you are wondering why bother- read this book.  If you want purpose back in serving God- read this book.  If you have fallen into the flow of cultural Christians - doing all the things because you are suppose to- read this book.  
I not only enjoyed reading this book, but I feel it helped ‘set the anchor’ as I grow in my relationship with God and the ministry he has called me into.
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Where do I start?  Christine Caine has provided just the right message at just the right time!  Have you found yourself stuck?  Are you questioning your path and your purpose?  Wondering if you are missing the mark or just feeling not quite right and can't wrap your head around what might be wrong?  Christine shows us that we are prone to drift, identifies the ways we drift and points us straight back to our anchor...Jesus.  

I received an advance copy of the book for an honest review.
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The new book by author Christine Caine, How Did I Get Here, is a timely look at how we drift in our spiritual lives and relationship with God.  Her insights on what causes us to drift touches at places we are all living in right now.  She says you drift when, you stop trusting and start controlling, stop healing and start seeping, stop wondering and start wandering, stop praying and start talking, stop gathering and start insolating, stop hungering and start gorging, stop working and start watching, stop pressing and start coasting.  The year 2020 set us adrift, no doubt about that and this book is a tool to help the reader understand there is an anchor that will hold their lives secure, no matter what the circumstances are around them.  And not only be introduced to the anchor that holds, but also gives insights on how to check the links in the chain that our anchor is attached to, and how to set that anchor firmly so we will not drift.  This book is a user-friendly read, but packed with nourishing protein to build your spiritual bones.   Everyone can relate to the author saying, we drift because our trust gets shaken but paying attention is the antidote to drifting.  This book will guide the reader to what they need to pay attention to and how to pay attention to it. 
I was given an advance copy by the publisher for a fair review.
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