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Letters of Note: Sex

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My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher Penguin Group Penguin Books for an advanced copy of this collection.

Shaun Usher has compiled in his new collection Letters of Note: Sex some of the more spicier, beguiling, exploratory and did I mention spicy letters and correspondence dealing with the subject of S-E-X. Not an erotic collection, though there are some letters that go way beyond simple mash notes, more explanatory and questioning about the subject. Why does it drive us, where does it lead, why does it make us act so dumb.

A few of the letters are about denial, with religion or sheer lack of interest the reason. A few are about first steps. The pieces range in length from paragraph to a whole lot of pages, especially Charles Dickens. Many of the writers are familiar writers in the field, a few are surprising to see here.

Margaret Mead's letter to her sister is a standout, and very forward in her thinking and of the times. Dian Fossey is just funny. Mae West, yes the Mae West in a letter to Dr. Kinsey about his sex studies is surprising in her candor and wisdom. I guess it should not be surprising to see someone who was out-front about her love life be so introspective and wise about what she truly believes, but it was surprising. A very different kind of collection, not quite a pillow book, not quite a formal study, but more of literary overview.

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This was a really great exploration of that thing we love to know about but prefer not to talk about...
It includes everything - and each section is a delight to read!

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