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Letters of Note: Outer Space

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My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher Penguin Group Penguin Books for an advanced copy of this collection. 

For Letters of Note: Outer Space, Shaun Usher has compiled letters and correspondence dealing with space and space exploration. The letters range from a few words to pages and pages in length, with a few digressions along the way. All are again space themed, either in exploration or the science of celestial objects even a letter or two on why man needs to go to space, even with all the problems we have down here. Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Buzz Aldrin and Yuri Gagarin are only a few of the famous names that are included, along with some who are not as well known. That is the nice thing about this collection, it features as many unknowns, as known.

A few letters stand out. The first letter of the collection is from correspondance between a young African American girl with the writer Margot Lee Shatterly, about Ms. Shatterly's book Hidden Figures. The young lady writes how the book has changed her, she made her friends read the book for her birthday party, and how inspiring it was to read about Katherine Johnson helping John Glenn to complete his orbit safely. A beautiful letter because you know the writer truly was changed by a book. Another interesting letter was astronaut Neil Armstrong's writing to a teacher who who wrote about doubts about the moon landing. Cutting and polite with facts to back it up. That's why I always liked Neil Armstrong. 

A very nice compilation of letters from a very varied group. This was my first introduction to the series, there seems to be many more books, and I will have to start looking for other titles to read.
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This engaging volume of letters is an excellent addition to nonfiction collections where space and astronomy titles are popular.
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