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A Home in the Sun

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An enjoyable read, transported me to Malta at some points. Sensitively written about the cultural differences between here and Malta.. All in all a good storyline though a little predictable in some places.

My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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I really enjoy Sue's books, they are such wonderful escapism reads with brilliant characters and storylines. And this one was definitely amazing. It was just lovely and such an engrossing read.
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When I am looking for something in the contemporary fiction genre to read this author is one that I know will make me feel good while reading it.

A Place in the Sun starts in Malta, it's where Judith has come to live and work after the breakdown of her marriage. She loves the place and feels settled. Even more so when she meets and falls for a local. After a tragic accident Judith feels alone and unwelcome so returns to her home in England. 

It is when she is back living with her sister and trying to come to terms with her loss that she decides what she wants to do with her life. The first job is moving back into her cottage, not as straightforward as she had initially hoped. 

The author has once again woven a gorgeous story of love, loss and starting over. The gorgeous setting of Malta is overshadowed by grief, but the author transports the author into Judith's story as she begins her life again, back where she started. Everyone has a past, Judith is no exception, she has confrontations with her ex, deals with her sister and worries about her stepson and mum. Even though Judith is trying to heal she is looking out for others. 

The author creates a character with Judith who comes across as strong, motivated and determined but is actually vulnerable and riddled with doubts. The storyline was quite a refreshing one as it has various turns and dilemmas that I wasn't expecting.

One thing is for sure, that you cant deal with the future until you have comes to terms and accepted the past. This is something that only Judith herself can work out. Where is home, where does she feel she can settle, can she deal with the memories or will she hide her feelings while she is busy helping others out!

A gorgeous story with a fabulous cast of characters, some that you will love and some that really need a lesson in manners and respect. This is one for those who love contemporary fiction and romance stories. It is one I would definitely recommend.
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Judith leaves Malta, and her previously happy life there, to return to England to a miserable sister, frail mother ,and unpleasant ex husband. Will she ever be able to settle back in England? An ideal book for holidays and cold days.
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I enjoyed this book for the most part.  It was a slow start and I did relate to the main character being an older woman.  Not a page turner, but an enjoyable, gentle read.
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I have read and enjoyed another book by this author. I found the use of a lead protagonist belonging to the slightly older age group brought out its own variety to the narrative. 
In this story also, we have a lead protagonist who is looking to live a better life now that she has separated from her husband. Judith is living in Malta, and her life is shown in two parts. One is before she meets her partner on the island, and the other is her life before she loses him. The bulk of what we watch unfold is after both those parts come together and then apart. If my review seems a little confusing, I must admit I was too. There is usually a before and an after, but this is the first time that we go back to the before part of the tale.
Judith is an interesting person to follow. She is fiercely independent, but she does not really listen to reason once she gives her heart to something or someone. The position she finds herself in when Giorgio meets with an accident is not a positive one. She feels unmoored, and rightly so. As she heads back to England, the situation does not correct itself. She is forced to make a lot of decisions that change the way she leads life. 
The book is heavy in parts and lighter in others. I found it easy to read, but the story was not completely my thing. I liked some aspects of it, enough to finish the book. I would not know how to categorize this within the genre. Nothing overtly bothered me enough about the way things ended up; I think I appreciated the characters (both good, bad and mixed) more than the story that their lives were. 
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.
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Sue Moorcroft wrote an entertaining, compelling and lovely story full of emotions and fun.
I thoroughly enjoyed and liked the fleshed out characters.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Another fantastic book from Sue Moorcroft. I look forward to her new releases and they never disappoint me. This book is set in Malta. Sue has caught the beauty of this wonderful place. Cant wait to read her next book.
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Really beautiful story that had me in tears numerous times throughout. Judith as a character was so well written, I really related to her and the emotional rollercoaster she endured throughout the book. I won’t give any spoilers away but I really adored this book and I found Judith and Adam’s relationship fascinating. Also, the descriptions of Malta were so vivid that I could almost feel the sun on my face. Just a brilliant story from Sue and one I would highly recommend.
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After an unpleasant divorce Judith left England to live in Malta. With her divorce settlement she had bought a house in her home town which she rented out, and in Malta she bought a share in her Uncle Richard’s estate agency.  So she has a decent job with her uncle, and enjoys her life in the sun.  Her step-son Kieran visits her during his university breaks, and she occasionally returns to Northampton to visit her mother.  Life is good. Then she starts chatting with a young man, ten years her junior. She and Georgio become a couple, but she is warned by her uncle that Georgio has a wife and two daughters. He was married at sixteen, and has not lived with his wife for many years. In Malta there is no divorce, and his parents and other family members refuse to accept Judith, so when they start to live together it is kept as a secret from his family, Judith is never invited to meet them.

Georgio is part owner of a coach tour company, and Judith invests what remains of her divorce settlement into the company to help them buy new coaches, but they don’t think it is necessary to make it a legal agreement. One day their happiness is destroyed when Georgio has a terrible accident and has to be airlifted to hospital. His family gather round and refuse to allow Judith to see him, and she is distraught. She decides that she cannot live there anymore and returns to England. 

Judith stays with her sister while waiting for her tenant Adam to leave her house, he has two months to find somewhere else. She is uncomfortable at her sisters, Molly and her husband bicker all the time and she doesn’t feel at all welcome.  She needs an income and ends up working on a part-time basis for her tenant, a photographer, unexpectedly finding that she thoroughly enjoys it.

There is a lot of family conflict in this story, and Judith deals with it all without getting too emotionally involved, she has to return to Malta and sort out her emotional ties with Georgio’s family before she can go forward with her life.  There is a lot of sadness in this story, but there is humour too, and many real-life situations that readers can associate with.  A good story, much food for thought, and the descriptions of Malta are delightful.  Well worth reading.
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Having only just recently discovered Sue Moorcroft it’s good to read her first book and see how her writing has evolved..  she always has the ability to get you to empathise with her key characters. She is also really good at setting the scene with her beautiful sun kissed descriptions.

Judith is a woman who seems to have it all but it’s amazing how quick things can change and she finds herself having to start again but is the call of her previous life going to take her back away from her new life
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Great read! Excellent characters and the storyline was very nice and had you rooting for the main character. The writing style of Sue Moorcroft is fantastic.
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A really nice book about Malta, but at the same time I missed a bit from the main charachter! I didn't connect with her, until at least 70 % of the book was done. But I really liked the last bit of the book!!
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I really enjoyed this book, it took me back to my honeymoon which we took in Malta in 1994 and bought back some lovely memories as we stayed in the same area. Beautiful written love story.
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A Home in the Sun is a lovely read and one which deserves the fabulous reviews it is getting.
When we first meet Judith, she is loving life in Malta with her younger man. That is until tragedy strikes, turning her world upside down. I can’t even imagine how devastated she must be, especially given the unusual circumstances of their relationship. My heart truly went out to her. When she moves back to the UK not knowing if it might be temporary or permanent, I felt for her as she faces an uncertain future. She is only in her early 40s and that is no age to have to start all over again, especially after already being divorced from one man, but she has little choice. 
I really liked Judith and I was rooting for her throughout this story. I did want to shake her at times, but I could understand her being torn between her life in Malta (it sounds so beautiful) and the possibility of happiness back home in the UK. I just felt for those on the receiving end of her indecisiveness. It’s difficult to say more without spoilers. If you’ve read it already, I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. 
This book has some lovely characters (and some not so lovely!), all with their own story to tell and who all add depth to the story. It is a romance, but it is also much more than that. 
It’s a story of love, loss, family, and finding new beginnings. I loved it! 
**Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via NetGalley**
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Set in Malta and England. This story was in two parts. Initially in Malta, Judith moves back to England after the death of her partner Georgia . Initially staying with her sister, she gives notice to the tenant who has been renting her house only to find she knew him from their school days
Sue, tackles many different subjects sensitively, The book has “come alive” descriptions of locations, well developed characters , and an interesting plot ! What’s not to like 
A fantastic summer read which I highly recommend 
Thank you to Netgalley, Avon Books and Sue Moorcroft for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review
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This book has previously been published under a different title and one I haven't read, although I have read several by this author.
This story starts in Malta and moves between Malta and the UK and back again to Malta. It follows Judith who is a very likeable character.
The story is uplifting and heartwarming  but is also a little sad in places and numerous in others.
In conclusion this is a delightful and highly recommended rom-com.
Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for this read.
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After a horrible divorce, Judith has begun a new life in Malta working with her uncle. She enjoys her life, the beautiful scenery and the calmer way of life until one day she meets Giorgio. However Giorgio has a secret which over time Judith accepts and they fall in love and begin a happy life. But one day it all comes shattering down, the secret emerges and keeps her from seeing the love of her life. Unable to cope being so close but so far from him , she returns to England. But all is not happy here and Judith begins to question her decision. This story had me laughing and crying but unable to put down.
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A home in the sun was previously published under a different name. It is a lovely beach read with beautiful descriptions of Malta that would make you want to travel there. Judith is a strong character, an English woman living in Malta who falls in love with a married man. When he dies tragically, his family blame her. Broken-hearted she returns home to England. 
Back home, she can’t move into her home until the man renting it moves out. Her ex-husband is unhelpful and positively aggressive over his son’s good relationship with her. 
It’s a book that examines relationships, Judith with her sister, her mother, her ex-husband, her stepson and her employer.  
I loved the characters. Judith deals with her grief and struggles to get on with her life. It is an uplifting read and I would recommend it. 
Thank you to Avon Books and NetGalley for an advance copy in return for my honest review.
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I love all Sue Moorcroft books and this one is no exception.  Set between Malta and England with great characters you are very quickly drawn into the story and really rooting for Judith to find happiness again. Lovely heartwarming story
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