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A Home in the Sun

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I really enjoyed this book, it took me back to my honeymoon which we took in Malta in 1994 and bought back some lovely memories as we stayed in the same area. Beautiful written love story.
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A Home in the Sun is a lovely read and one which deserves the fabulous reviews it is getting.
When we first meet Judith, she is loving life in Malta with her younger man. That is until tragedy strikes, turning her world upside down. I can’t even imagine how devastated she must be, especially given the unusual circumstances of their relationship. My heart truly went out to her. When she moves back to the UK not knowing if it might be temporary or permanent, I felt for her as she faces an uncertain future. She is only in her early 40s and that is no age to have to start all over again, especially after already being divorced from one man, but she has little choice. 
I really liked Judith and I was rooting for her throughout this story. I did want to shake her at times, but I could understand her being torn between her life in Malta (it sounds so beautiful) and the possibility of happiness back home in the UK. I just felt for those on the receiving end of her indecisiveness. It’s difficult to say more without spoilers. If you’ve read it already, I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. 
This book has some lovely characters (and some not so lovely!), all with their own story to tell and who all add depth to the story. It is a romance, but it is also much more than that. 
It’s a story of love, loss, family, and finding new beginnings. I loved it! 
**Many thanks to the author and publisher for my review copy via NetGalley**
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Set in Malta and England. This story was in two parts. Initially in Malta, Judith moves back to England after the death of her partner Georgia . Initially staying with her sister, she gives notice to the tenant who has been renting her house only to find she knew him from their school days
Sue, tackles many different subjects sensitively, The book has “come alive” descriptions of locations, well developed characters , and an interesting plot ! What’s not to like 
A fantastic summer read which I highly recommend 
Thank you to Netgalley, Avon Books and Sue Moorcroft for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review
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This book has previously been published under a different title and one I haven't read, although I have read several by this author.
This story starts in Malta and moves between Malta and the UK and back again to Malta. It follows Judith who is a very likeable character.
The story is uplifting and heartwarming  but is also a little sad in places and numerous in others.
In conclusion this is a delightful and highly recommended rom-com.
Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for this read.
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After a horrible divorce, Judith has begun a new life in Malta working with her uncle. She enjoys her life, the beautiful scenery and the calmer way of life until one day she meets Giorgio. However Giorgio has a secret which over time Judith accepts and they fall in love and begin a happy life. But one day it all comes shattering down, the secret emerges and keeps her from seeing the love of her life. Unable to cope being so close but so far from him , she returns to England. But all is not happy here and Judith begins to question her decision. This story had me laughing and crying but unable to put down.
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A home in the sun was previously published under a different name. It is a lovely beach read with beautiful descriptions of Malta that would make you want to travel there. Judith is a strong character, an English woman living in Malta who falls in love with a married man. When he dies tragically, his family blame her. Broken-hearted she returns home to England. 
Back home, she can’t move into her home until the man renting it moves out. Her ex-husband is unhelpful and positively aggressive over his son’s good relationship with her. 
It’s a book that examines relationships, Judith with her sister, her mother, her ex-husband, her stepson and her employer.  
I loved the characters. Judith deals with her grief and struggles to get on with her life. It is an uplifting read and I would recommend it. 
Thank you to Avon Books and NetGalley for an advance copy in return for my honest review.
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I love all Sue Moorcroft books and this one is no exception.  Set between Malta and England with great characters you are very quickly drawn into the story and really rooting for Judith to find happiness again. Lovely heartwarming story
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I was quickly hooked by this wonderful romance and loved the characters.
A Home in the Sun was a down to earth, emotional read, but in no way depressing. I enjoyed every moment of the world Sue Moorcroft created. She is one of my go to authors if I want an absorbing story that touches the heartstrings and won't let you go until you've read the last page. 
A top romance author and a top romance book!
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This book is like a perfect summer cocktail. A bit of sweetness, a little bit of bitter and full of Maltese sun. Sounds delicious!

I like stories when women save themselves. The stories when they need to focus on their emotions, feelings and have time to heal, to make a decision best for them. This book is exactly this kind.

Judith loses her partner. One accident took the love of her life away and she is lost, grieving, and looking for a better place to heal. Decided to come back home, to England, to totally change the background and forget, even for a moment, about the happy life she had in Malta. 

Coming back is not so simple. Without a home (she is renting her own and need to give him notice at first), she felt like a stranger in her family. Her sister has her problem in the marriage, her mother is in her own life, her ex-husband does not change at all and still is an asshole, and stepson decided to live his own life. Not really warming welcome as she expected.

Slowly, she adapts to this life and looking for a space for herself. Of course, still thinking and dreaming about the past, but step by step she is accepting the fact that she needs to move on. Say goodbye and start again.

A Home in the sun is a book about second chances. To give yourself time to grieve and to start again. It is also about great love - the one and only, about friends and let free the memories and people in your life.

That was beautiful. Just beautiful. A world full of differences, but it was real, authentic. I truly appreciate that this story is something more than just a summer romance. 

Summer must have
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Another book from Sue Moorcroft set in an exotic location. This one is on the beautiful island of Malta.

Having left an ex-husband behind in England, the protagonist, Judith, is just settling down to her life in Malta. Enjoying the beautiful island life, she meets and falls in love with Giorgio Zammitt, partner of a bus tour company. Giorgio is married and because of the culture, can’t divorce his wife, but he and Judith settle down to a life together. His family are not happy at this, but they manage. Judith plows in some of her savings into his bus company too.

Then tragedy strikes and Giorgio is in a coma as a result of a drowning accident. Blocked out by his family, and just able to sneak a few visits to hospital, Judith decides to return to her former life in England. But her house there is let out to Adam Leblond and he’s reluctant to move out. Judith and Adam develop a working relationship and she finds herself turning to him more and more. But she’s unable to get over her love for Giorgio and makes a couple of visits back to Malta.

Although the book is sad and morose in parts, it’s a very believable story of an older woman, trying to make something meaningful of her life despite all the setbacks she’s had.

I really enjoyed reading about Malta and seeing Judith learning to understand herself better, love herself more and allow herself to be loved.
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"A Home In The Sun": 4⭐

(Unpaid Review: thank you to @netgalley, @suemoorcroft and @avonbooksuk for allowing me to read this eArc copy in exchange for a review.)

I absolutely adore Sue Moorcroft! I've first met her by her Christmas books and immediately fell in love with her heart-felt writing and engaging characters. This one didn't disappoint.

Judith feels like her life in Malta is decading, so she decides to change it. I absolutely loved everything about the characters, how they grow and how they need each other: family is key! Also, Malta is such a beautiful place in the world, it's Impossible not to love it!

Thanks Sue, for bringing such a beautiful story to life: again! 😍
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This was a really nice summer read and centres around Judith who at the beginning of the book is living an almost idyllic life in Malta, working for her uncle, living with a handsome younger Maltese man.  When tragedy strikes and she loses her partner, she flies back to the UK to try and recover and make a new start.

Although this was extremely well written, some scenes felt drawn out and some not needed.  I understand this is the author’s first book that has been updated - I think this story would’ve benefited from a little tighter editing.

Thank you to Avon and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my review.
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A perfect summer escape this was originally published as Uphill All The Way, her debut. I've loved every book I've read and this did not disappoint. There is something so comforting about the style of writing which draws you in, connecting with the location and characters. I could feel the sun on my face in glorious Malta. Judith returns to the UK, rebuilding her life, dealing with many emotional struggles along the way. I loved her strength in character, you couldn't help but connect with her. But where does her heart lie. England or Malta? An emotional, heartwarming escape. A must read. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Avon Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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Fans of this author wont be disappointed by her latest book. The book is engaging and the characters are warm and relatable. The use of language Sue uses when talking about the waves crashing against walls/rocks, if you close your eyes you can imagine being stood in the sea. The story also spends time in England as the main character has to travel back to England after a tragic accident.. its a story of heartbreak and love and one which a thoroughly  enjoyed.
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After a tragic accident leaves Judith feeling she no longer belongs in Malta she moves back home to England. Initially moving into her sister’s spare room Judith has to ask her tenant to move out of her home so she can move back in. Carefully nursing her broken heart Judith tries to put her life back together but with a grumpy ex-husband, a confused twenty something stepson and an ex-tenant who becomes her boss it might be harder than even she expected.
Moving between Malta and London this is a story of love, loss and healing. With relatable characters and a good story line it's a great summer read.
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This is Sue's first book which has been given a make over and spruce up. If I did not know that I wouldn't have known any different. True to form, we are taken overseas to Malta where we meet Judith. But after losing her partner, she loses her home too and returns to England. Another Lovely book
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With grateful thanks  to netgalley  for an early copy in return for an honest review.  I have read other books by this author and this story did not disappoint. I love Malta and Sue really captured the essence of this beautiful island. I loved this story which took us through Judith’s journey of love and heartbreak, beautifully and sympathetically written. It is an excellent book and I would  highly recommend.
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With grateful thanks  to netgalley  for an early copy in return for an honest review   have read other books by this  author  was delighted  to read this early  really was an excellent  book and ca highly recommend.
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Another warm and engaging read from Sue Moorcroft. The characters she writes about are always so engaging and relatable and I loved how we got to know Judith through the different stages of her grief. Sliema sounded perfect and the descriptions of Malta were so vivid and beautiful it made me long to visit again for myself.
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Fans of Sue Moorcroft will not be disappointed. Once again Sue has managed to give us a superb read. It’s set between Malta and England. Whilst in Sliema in Malta, you can hear the crashing of the waves on the rocks and smell the salt from the sea as we follow Judith on her journey. After a marriage breakdown Judith leaves England to settle in Malta, working alongside her uncle in Real Estate. Love soon comes her way. Unfortunately, this is short lived and she decides the only thing to do is return to England. After winding up her affairs she is off. However, she has to stay with her sister and brother-in-law to start with, which is not satisfactory. This is quite a traumatic read in places but Sue has managed to give her readers a wonderful emphatic view of family dramas. I did shed some tears, I laughed and also shouted at Judith on many occasions. The characterisation was wonderful throughout and so believable. Thank you Sue for yet another brilliant book in which to escape into.
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