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An easy, enjoyable read.  Judith encounters a number of personal challenges with the people in her life, which involves emotive decision making. I struggled to completely connect with her and found many other characters too stereotypical, making the plot predictable.
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Thank you to the author, Avon Books UK and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is an emotional read, with ups and downs, grief and joy, and ultimately a happy end. I enjoyed the setting in Malta, and the exposure to the culture and language through an expat's eyes, while the setting in Britain was also very true to life. My only quibble is that it was a bit long-winded in parts, with a lot of description which more than anything impeded the flow of the story.
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A Home in the Sun was a beautiful easy book to read. It’s set between Malta and England.
When tragedy hits Judith’s life in Malta she runs back to the safety of England and her sister and her failing marriage. Judith is reunited with Adam a man she had had a crush on in school. This is the story of Judith moving on with her life but can she leave Malta and her past behind?
I loved the characters in this story and her descriptions of Malta and her life in the sun.
Quite new to Sue Moorcroft but becoming quite a fan.
Thank you to Avon And NetGalley for an ARC of this book.
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Thank you to Netgalley, Avon, and Sue Moorcroft for a gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.

What a great story! I loved traveling between Malta and England, and also loved the contrast of the two places of residence (very symbolic!) 

While it was a slow start for me, I quickly found myself engulfed in the happenings in Judith’s life. We experience her grief, her grieving process, her relationships with those around her, and the ones she created as a result in her change of circumstance.

I love that this story shows that light can come from the dark and you just never know where the road will take you! A great summer read, and another great one from Sue!!!!
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This book is a little more emotional and not as lighthearted as some of Sue Moorcroft's books. This book I discovered was originally published in 2005, and the style of writing has changed a bit since then. It is very well written though and I really enjoyed reading it.
The setting of the book moves from Malta and the U.K. I think that Malta is underrepresented in fiction and it makes a nice change from other more popular European countries.
I liked the character of Judith, I wanted her to have a happy ending. She had gone through so much. This book definitely has some darker themes. There is plenty of romance, humour and heartwarming moments too though which make this book a fantastic read. 
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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Actual rating 3.5 ⭐️

Life as we all know is complicated and in Sue Moorcroft’s Home In The Sun our leading lady, has more than a few crosses to bear. However when we first meet Judith under sunny blue skies on the shores of Sliema, Malta, life is definitely on the upward turn. Following her divorce from husband Tom, Malta is where she’s made her new home, working for her uncle Richard selling properties. She catches the eye of Giorgio Zammitt, owner of Sliema Z bus tour company and within a short space of time romance blossoms. But theirs is far from a straightforward relationship, tainted by the need for secrecy and discretion, a partnership frowned upon by his family. But it is amazing what any of us will forsake in the name of love and Judith is no exception. She accepts these constraints with dignity, the couple living the best life they possibly can under the circumstances until tragedy strikes and Judith is forced to make the excruciatingly painful decision to pack up her life in Malta and return home to the dismal grey skies of Brinham. Once more she faces the challenging prospect of starting life all over again.

Having always fancied Malta as a holiday destination I’ve still yet to experience its charms. Sue Moorcroft does a fantastic job of navigating her readers around this delightful setting, bringing the sights, sounds, smells of this small island and its culture vividly to life. At a time when I feel disinclined to travel, visiting someplace in your imagination is the next best thing! That’s what’s so wonderful  about losing yourself inside the pages of a book, you can literally travel anywhere, no passport required and it’s far more healthy on your bank balance and the climate! I felt quite privileged having my own personal tour guide even if before too long she whisks Judith away from this Mediterranean idyll to begin another new chapter back in England. And what an eventful chapter it is! 

This being only the third book I’ve read by this author, I’m gradually getting accustomed to her style of writing which I think holds particular appeal for the more mature reader, especially on this occasion. Erring on the realistic side of love, life and relationships many of the challenges our protagonist faces are familiar. As an older woman myself I like the fact that someone middle aged is given a spot in the limelight and another opportunity to find her happy ever after. Obviously it helps that Judith is a character who’s fairly easy to like even if I found her frustrating at times! 

There are some big themes at the heart of this novel from dealing with grief and loss to learning how to let go. Sue Moorcroft tackles these subjects with tenderness and compassion whilst proving no hill is too steep to climb on the rocky road to recovery. Yes there is an awful lot of sadness and heartache present in Judith’s life which did leave me feeling reflective and rather blue at times but I agree ultimately this is a heartwarming, hopeful and occasionally humorous read. Just wait and see! Judith is a woman carrying around plenty of emotional baggage but she deals with life’s struggles with a pragmatism that is admirable, not easy when your heart is still yearning for a life that is forever lost to you. Back in England she has to contend with a difficult ex still hovering in the background, her bossy not altogether easy to get along with older sister Molly who’s experiencing a crisis of her own as well as an ageing mother living in a care home who’s becoming increasingly more demanding. Don’t even mention the inclement weather! Ex stepson Kieran whom she loves as if he’s her own flesh and blood is one of the few bright spots on a dark horizon but even he’s about to drag Judith on an emotional rollercoaster ride which will really tug at the heartstrings. Wearing her guilt over past events in Malta like a noose around her neck you wonder how well Judith will acclimatise to life back home or whether the temptation to scurry back to Malta is too strong. Thank goodness then for the relatively easy, uncomplicated (to start with!) friendship that Judith’s tenant Adam Leblond offers her whilst she’s temporarily down on her luck. Their burgeoning friendship is by far my favourite element of the storyline. Adam is such a lovely warm-hearted generous spirited character and the reason I so very nearly gave this novel 4⭐️. His name might be more suited to a pop star than a photographer but he wins my approval hands down.  I admit to becoming a teensy bit smitten with Mr Leblond! 

 I’m not entirely sure what stopped me from giving this novel a higher rating. Sometimes the writing is over descriptive; I don’t believe I need to know a character’s attire nor the particular shade of a pillow for example! Plus I felt some situations are given greater significance than they merit but that’s me being super critical! Really there are so many positives about a Home In The Sun with  a welcome slice of sunshine in the Maltese scenes for those missing their summer holidays abroad and a good mix of the sweet, charming characters together with the more gruff, hostile and awkward ones. The seriousness of some of the predicaments Judith finds herself in are offset by a small dose of humour which will make you chuckle and certain scenes make you feel a bit gooey inside! Lessons are learned about forgiveness and the grieving process and the ability to keep moving forward as well as the importance of forging a new life even if it’s not the one we were expecting. Judith gives us hope that happiness is only ever waiting around the corner if you’re willing to be brave and embrace the future. Finally she learns that love and romance can creep up behind you when you least expect it!

Overall this is a lovely summer read. Out of the three novels I’ve read by this author, this is my favourite. 

My thanks as always to the publisher Avon and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read in exchange for an honest review.
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A Home in the Sun by Sue Moorcroft
Pub Date 19 August 2021
Home is where the heart is…but what if your heart is broken?
When Judith loses her partner, she loses her life in Malta too – including the beautiful view from her sun-warmed balcony of the sparkling blue waters of Sliema Creek.
Back in England, Judith finds a spare room in her sister's house where she grew up – but with it comes a whole host of family dramas. Nursing a broken heart, Judith knows she must find happiness again – and rebuild her life on her own terms.
Could an island in the sun be the answer she is looking for?
This enjoyable rom-com is set between Malta and England; it is exceptionally well written. You can visualise Malta's sights, sounds, and smells, which are exquisitely described, bringing Malta alive in your imagination. 
It is a fabulous, emotional read covering complex relationships; it also contains humour and passion between its wonderful, believable characters. 
The writing style is slightly different from Sue's later works as this is a re-release of one of her earlier titles, but what Sue's books always provide you with is an escape from everyday life and a good entertaining read, and this one is no different.  
I recommend this book to all lovers of romantic fiction.
I want to thanks Netgalley, Avon Books UK, Avon and author Sue Moorcroft for a pre-publication copy to review.
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Ah, another enjoyable summer romance! This is the first Sue Moorcroft novel that I've read ( I know, I'm really late urgh) and I'm so impressed with the author's writing style! ❤ Many thanks to Avon Books UK for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. 4/5 ⭐

A Home in the Sun follows Judith's life as she returns to England from Malta after losing her partner of many years. She finds love again in the most unexpected of places, and what a beautiful ride it was to me, as a reader.  This is a heartbreaking yet uplifting story, with many entertaining moments along the way. Basically, A Home in the Sun was a package of everything I love in a book - a resilient female lead, a realistic storyline, and a well-written theme of self-discovery. 

It took me a while to become fully invested in the storyline, but as the story went on, I started enjoying Judith's story. The author's description of Malta was so vivid, I could picture everything perfectly - which was such a BONUS! I have been relying on fictional trips to different scenic destinations since the pandemic makes me stay at home all day - so getting the chance to glimpse into life in Malta was very much needed. Judith's family issues were full of drama, which added a lot of light-hearted moments and I really appreciated that. 

Judith and Adam's blooming romance to me had a very unique touch, mainly because she had her heart broken twice in tragic ways, so seeing her find a new version of herself help made me feel so, so happy. Her character development was definitely the highlight of reading A Home In The Sun. 🥰 If you're looking for a book with a touching portrayal of the "second chance in life and love" theme, I highly recommend picking this book up!
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What a charming book this is. Infinitely readable, a perfect “beach read”, best read on a sun lounger in the sun, with a cocktail or wine at hand. 

Judith is a forty something recently divorced woman who has made her home in Malta., far away from the drab surroundings of England. A chance meeting with Georgio, a handsome, charming Maltese man, completely changes her life and future. When disaster strikes, Judith is left with difficult decisions to make, and a choice between love lost and love waiting.
Set in Malta and England, this novel will make you long for the sights, sounds, and smells of Malta, which are beautifully described, bringing Malta alive to me. 
To say that reading this book became addictive is a huge understatement.
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I was sent a widget from Hera to review this book and I was very excited because I hadn't read it, even though it's a re-edition of the author's first novel. I love Sue Moorcroft's writing style and the way her story and characters develop, especially female ones, which are always strong, resolute and driven. This book was no exception, highly recommended!!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A search for closure. A good summer romance.
Judith has settled in Malta until her lover Georgio dies then she returns to the UK after a confrontation with his family.
Luke has been renting Judith`s home in the UK so she has to evict him before moving in herself, that isn`t as easy as it seems when they both have problems that intermingle and Judith has to decide on returning to Malta to search for closure or stay with Luke and continue onto another chapter of her life.

Love the description of Malta makes you feel as if you are there, was so looking forward to Luke and Judith ending up together.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Another lovely easy summer read. Super, believable characters and beautifully described locations. Plenty to keep your interest.
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The road to eternal love and happiness is long and troubled, but when Judith met Giorgio in Malta she thought it was a love to last.  Unfortunately Judith retunes to Britain alone and tries to piece her life together again.  Meeting up with friends and family again she is quickly drawn back into family squabbles.  
This is quite a turbulent story with many downs before the ups, although it is littered with humour which lightens the mood. It was very easy to become immersed  in the story as Sue writes about very believable characters and the reader becomes invested in their future.  
Heart breaking at times but this is another hit from Sue Moorcroft.
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I always eagerly await the release of Sue Moorcroft’s latest novel. No sooner have I finished one than I look forward to the next. In this book, I was pleased to be returning to Malta, for at least some of the time, the location for the story being split between that lovely sunny Mediterranean island and the UK. As with Sue’s other books featuring Malta, I enjoyed a tour of the island, sunshine and warmth oozing from the pages as I read. This book is a re-release, formerly entitled Uphill All the Way.

The story centres on Judith, who has moved to Malta following her divorce and is working in real estate in partnership with her uncle. Gradually, she enters into a relationship with Giorgio, a local man who has been separated from his wife for many years. Such a relationship is frowned upon on the island and his family refuse to recognise it. Following a tragic accident, Judith returns to her home in Northamptonshire and a very different life, full of incident mainly involving family members. She finds a new career and a growing relationship with a new friend, Adam.  However, she is always dreaming of her home and life in Malta. 

I very much enjoyed and can recommend this emotional story. I found the content and writing style slightly different from the novels I am used to from Sue Moorcroft, probably explained by the book being a re-release of one of her earlier titles. Judith’s life was filled with personal tragedy, but she could not find the opportunity to grieve properly as extra problems were piled upon her by family events. I felt for her and wished she could be more selfish and leave others to sort out their own lives. She seemed to be faced with lots of unpleasant characters, both in Malta and the UK; even those who should be supporting her seemed to think of themselves first. I couldn’t warm to Adam as a person at all. Although he could be sympathetic towards Judith’s situation, he seemed so needy at times. Although the main character, and indeed some of the others, is put through some hard times, the storyline also contains humour and romance, and I would recommend this book as a summer read.
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Thank you NetGalley and Avon Books UK for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 2/5
Expected Publication: August 19, 2021

This book was hard to get into. It might be because I’m not familiar with any of Sue Moorcroft’s books. I got the idea of where the story was supposed to go, but it was hard to put my full attention to this book. 

Judith, recently divorced, escapes to the island of Malta. There she meets a charming young Maltese man, and they just click. However, years later, she loses him and decides to flee from Malta back to the UK. Judith no longer believes that she’ll be able to be truly happy after everything that’s happened. Will she be able to find what she’s looking for and maybe something more in the end?

Like I said, I got where this book was going, but the writing was a bit confusing for me. It was hard to grab my attention, and I had to go back a couple pages every so often to reread. I honestly believe that I couldn’t get into the book because I wasn’t familiar with the author’s writing style. If you’re looking for a sweet, moving, summer read, this could be the one for you!
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A Home in the Sun by Sue Moorcroft is the ideal summer read.  I am always seduced by a sun-drenched and exotic setting and, having visited Malta and taking away some very pleasant memories, this latest by the popular author was an easy choice for me.

Judith is loving her life in Malta, but when she loses her partner there, it seems that the allure of the island has gone.  Returning to England and taking up residence with her sister, life becomes a continuous stream of conflict and stress, and Judith wonders if she has lost her only chance at happiness.  Can she ever find the strength to reclaim what she thinks she has lost forever?

This is a lovely, escapist read that will hit the perfect note for the author's legions of fans.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for an ARC.
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This was a wonderful summer read by Sue Moorcroft. It was not my first by this author and definitely won’t be my last. I have loved all her books that I have read and this one was no exception. The story was heartbreaking at times, but also heartwarming and uplifting. I shed a few tears, I smiled and felt warm and fuzzy and I even laughed a couple of times. What more could you want?

The story starts in Malta and moves between Malta and the UK and back again and follows Judith. Judith was an easy to like main character. She’s kind and fun and far from high maintenance, which is what I like. At the start of the story she has recently moved to Malta after a divorce and ends up meeting a younger Maltese man and things start to develop but not without complications. Then something happens to him and she fleas back to the UK to be close to her family and perhaps start life again there.

In the UK she meets Adam the tenant in her cottage and he seems to be there for her for every single crisis she goes through and there were many! There was never a dull moment in this story and the setting especially in Malta is beautiful and really makes you want to go there! 

Here is what to expect in this story:
✅ the beauty of Malta, its people and food

✅ romance, but no graphic sex scenes

✅ complicated family drama

✅ loss and grieving

✅ self discovery

This is a beautifully written story, with everything that I look for in a rom-com, so a story I would highly recommend to those that love a good rom-com and could do with a bit of sunshine.

I would like to thank Sue Moorcroft, Avon Books and NetGalley for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I have always enjoyed Sue Moorcroft's books after finding a few recently. The book tells the story of Judith living in Malta to find a new life for the summer and ends up meeting some new friends, could they turn into lovers? Sue always finds a way to give very detailed descriptions of the town and you're able to transport yourself there quite easily.  I did spend some time settling into the book but was eventually hooked!

This was a fabulous summer read and I look forward to more. I actually did not realize that this was a re-release of her first publication.

Thank you Netgalley and Avon Books for the ARC.
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It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to read and review this new book from Sue Moorcroft; I have enjoyed every book of hers that I have read, as this author seems to have a gift for formulating just the right combination of fun and romance, to make the perfect novel.
I liked the idea of a novel set in Malta; if I can’t go on holiday abroad this year, I shall choose to vacation vicariously through my reading habits! I enjoyed the descriptions of Malta and at times I could almost imagine I was there. Judith was a great character, but I felt for her as her relationship with Giorgio didn’t seem to be what it once was. She seemed to be living in the stark reality of what their life had become after the ‘Shirley Valentine-esque’ advent of their relationship. I really did feel for her though at the reaction of Giorgio’s family to their relationship; even if it was a cultural thing.

Although fate was not kind to Judith, she dealt with its outcome with typical British stoicism and I admired her for that. I also admired the author for the compassionate way with which she dealt with Judith’s situation; she cleverly managed to portray just the right balance of drama, whilst retaining the realism of the story and the situation. I found that I was genuinely sad at the idea of Judith giving up her lovely life in Malta and returning to England.

It transpired that financial affairs were not Giorgio’s forte; however by the time that this became apparent, I had become so invested in Judith’s future, that I was desperate for his financial dealings with Judith to be innocent, albeit ill advised. I am such a romantic and prefer to see the best in people until proven otherwise. This has been my undoing on more than one occasion, but it’s me and I simply can’t help it.

I had the utmost respect for Judith’s relationship with her stepson Kieran; proof that you don’t have to be blood relatives in order to have an enviable Mother/Son connection. Indeed, their connection was more solid than that between Kieran and his Father; the foundations constructed from a combination of love and mutual respect. The power of Judith’s love as Kieran’s ‘Mother’ shone through, with her reaction to the Kieran/Beth storyline. I was equally touched by the rapport between Judith and her Mother, an example being the problem page discussion between them. Their mutual admiration was portrayed simply, yet beautifully.

I garnered great pleasure from the easy going relationship between Judith and Adam and I had great hopes for the two of them. I liked the easy humour between them, an example being when Fingers went missing. I found myself enchanted by the way that their relationship seemed to build up momentum in a perfectly controlled manner.

In all, I found this to be charming, relaxing read, and I cannot wait to read the next offering from the Sue Moorcroft stable
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Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this book.

When Judith’s partner dies she loses her apartment in Malta.  She decides to come back to England and stay in her sisters spare room whilst she waits for Adam the tenant in her own house to move out. She strikes up a friendship with Adam which has the potential to turn int9 more. But, she can’t settle and wonders if a returning to Malts is the answer to all her problems.

Another good book from Sue.
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