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A Home in the Sun

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With thanks to #Netgalley and #AvonBooksUK for an ARC of #AHomeInTheSun by #SueMoorcroft in return for an honest review. 

I’m a big fan of Sue Moorcroft, so I was thrilled to recieve a copy of this book, that was originally released in 2005 under the title of Up Hill All The Way. It’s had a spruce up and is all ready for a whole new audience in 2021. 

After the death of her partner, Judith fears she has lost evrything. Life keeps dealing her tough blows, but she digs deep and begins to rebuild her life. 

There are a number of sub plots running along with the main storyline, that all intertwine beautifully to bring this engaging tale to life.
The book deals with a whole host of issues and emotions, that are written about with sensitivity, insight and empathy. 
Set between the UK and Malta, this book is drenched with sunshine and ultimately has warmth, charm and plenty of the feel good factor. 

A fabulous read. 
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I love Moorcroft’s female protagonists who face each hurdle with strength and determination. Not only are this author’s characters well-fleshed out and authentic, but the situations they find themselves in are realistic. 

‘A Home In The Sun’ is no different. Although it’s Moorcroft’s first novel re-published, her trademark character development and location setting is still there! This one is a fabulous beach read with characters I was invested in and genuinely interested in what happened to them. Instead of focusing on what she’s lost, Judith accepts her situation and forges ahead rebuilding a new future for herself. She takes pieces of her past, such as her encouraging stepson and some financial assets, and uses them to build a foundation for her future. Judith takes time to consider who she is and what she wants out of life before forging ahead. When it doesn’t work out as planned, she returns to basics and starts over. I loved following her as she processed what life threw her way and tried to make sense of how she was going to use it as a stepping stone to the next adventure! 

Moorcroft highlights financial issues, loss, self-discovery, and issues arising from dealing with an elderly parent, an unhappy sibling, a step-son and an ex-husband. 

I love her location settings with rich, vivid descriptions and her optimistic messages.

Publishes August 19, 2021

I was gifted this advance copy by Sue Moorcroft, Avon Books UK and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.
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This is such a gorgeous story and really stays with you long after you've finished. Well written with some great characters. A gorgeous summery read!
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This was a really good read. Easy story to follow, charming setting and great characters. Really enjoyed it.
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I think I have read every book that Sue Moorcroft has written and enjoyed each one. I love her trademark locations and characters facing the trials and tribulations of life.

Judith, the heroine of this book, has her fair share of problems and heartaches, but I enjoyed following along with her story as she battles on against all that is thrown at her. Believable characters you care about and situations you can imagine yourself tackling. As always, more please!
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Sue Moorcroft is becoming one of my favorite authors! She sets the stage early in the book but the slow build is worth it as the characters come together and explode into a captivating tale. 

My heart wept for Judith over Giorgio but cheered when she found the courage to move on with her life. I enjoyed the tales weaved between each character, especially the relationships between Judith and Adam, as well as with her stepson Kieran. A beautiful, heartbreaking but hopeful story that makes me want to hug my loved ones, then take a trip to Malta!
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A nice summery read set in sunny Malta 
Judith's partner dies in a tragic accident and his family blame her so she leaves Malta and returns to the UK where she tries to move on with her life but things don't work out that way
Plenty twists and turns and unexpected events to keep you reading
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I loved reading this book, my sort of fiction and I felt I was in Malta too. I love all of Sue Moorcrofts books and this was no exception.
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Just want I need somewhere hot to think about! Malta sounds beautiful in this story and was well written. Enjoyed the two different sides as in England abs Malta. Look forward to reading more from this author.
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This novel transports the reader to the sunny shores of Sliema in Malta. The vivid descriptions of the small town take you away on holiday from the comfort of your sofa. In this lovely book by Sue we meet Judith who made her life in Malta with her partner Giorgio. When a tragic accident tears her life apart she flees back to the UK,  but can she find happiness there or is she destined to go back to Malta.
This book is an ideal summer read.
Many thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins publishing for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I enjoyed this book set in England and Malta but was quite surprised because it was a little darker and more emotional than her other books
I loved Judith’s relationship with Adam and her stepson but some of her other relationships made me question her strong, confident character.
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Loved this book, with its well written storyline and wonderful description of Malta I could not put it down.
We follow Judith who lives and works in Malta, falls in love with a separated man much to the disappointment of his family, tragedy happens and Judith world falls apart so she heads back home to England where her life changes for good or bad you will have to read on to find out
Will definitely be reading this author again
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Another brilliant book by Sue set in beautiful Malta. I honeymooned in Malta and love how the setting reminds me. Story of love and tragedy and trying to lay the past to rest to move on with the future. Couldn’t put it down
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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. Judith meets some while in Malta. When she loses him she returns to London to heel.  This book was well written.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books for allowing me to read an advance copy of this book return  for an honest review.

What a charming book this is. Infinitely readable, a perfect “beach read”, best read on a sun lounger in the sun, with a cocktail or wine at hand. 

Judith is a forty something recently divorced woman who has made her home in Malta., far away from the drab surroundings of England. A chance meeting with Georgio, a handsome, charming Maltese man, completely changes her life and future. When disaster strikes, Judith is left with difficult decisions to make, and a choice between love lost and love waiting.
Set in Malta and England, this novel will make you long for the sights, sounds, and smells of Malta, which are beautifully described, bringing Malta alive to me. 

I heartily recommend this book to all lovers of romantic fiction.
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A sweet emotional book with a lovely description of Malta. The way it was described reminded me of my time there and brought back lots of good memories. A book with great characters and good writing that I didn't want it to finish. It is definitely a summer read I recommend!
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Another book set on the wonderful Island of Malta. This time the main character is Judith. For those of you that have read Sue's books before you may recognise this one. It was originally called Uphill all the way. I enjoyed reading it again and can say that Sue's writing has gone from strength to strength since then, hence why I only gave this one four stars, instead of my usual 5. 

Judith has a life in Malta, but it has come to a sudden end, and she no longer feels welcome in Malta. She returns to her former life in England, but several changes have to be made. She has an ex-husband in England and there is a tense relationship there, but a good relationship with her stepson. I loved to see how this relationship developed. Unfortunately Judith encounters several issues whilst back in England, from her life in the UK and also problems associated with her life in Malta. This made it a sad almost depressing read sometimes. 

It was still a pleasant read, with plenty of content, and beautiful descriptions of Malta. I prefer Sue's more up to date novels, but maybe that is because this is an older book and her style and writing experience have progressed a great deal. Still a recommended read from me.
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The book starts in August 2000. Judith has reached a cross roads in her life and has recently moved to Malta to work with her uncle Richard. Recently divorced she meets a local and falls in love. However, due to maltase law their relationship is not an easy one. Fast forward four years and a another life changing event has Judith questioning where she wants to be. She returns home to England and her family. Here she enjoys having a better relationship with her mother and sister, makes  a new friend with her tenant and helps her stepson through a very difficult time.
There are lots of twists and turns throughout the book , quite a few sub plots which all come together and all in all this is an enjoyable read.
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This wasn’t my favourite Sue Moorcroft book but I did enjoy it.  

I really enjoyed the new  love with Adam but I just couldn’t warm to her relationship with Giorgio so I wasn’t heartbroken when it was over.  I didn’t like the way she allowed herself to be pushed away - first by Giorgio and then by his family

I did love Adam, also Kieran and Beth.  They were a nice addition to the story but her husband was another vile man so I got the feeling  that our MC was really downtrodden in relationships which annoyed me when she came off as quite gutsy
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I really like Sue Moorcrofts book and this is a good story even though the lead character she really annoyed me, but i couldn't put it down.
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