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Repotting Your Life

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Repotting Your Life is a book about self-renewal – recognising when it’s time for try something new, and being brave enough to take the plunge. This was highly entertaining, with all of its plant, nature and gardening analogies. Replanting ourselves so that we can grow and flourish again, whether it’s in a new environment or a new situation. The author uses her own experiences to help you think about who you really are, what you would really love to do, and what you’re capable of doing next. Her step-by-step plan – from wilting and withering and being potbound to making pots and plans, then pulling up the roots and, finally, bedding in – will help to give you the confidence you need to find new pastimes, change your career, move house, find new friends and relationships... An inspirational book for anyone stuck in a rut and looking for a way through the tangled hedging to fresh pastures on the other side.
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I love the idea of this book, about repotting to find space to grow.  Lots of good ideas and useful words of wisdom about how to make and manage changes in your life.
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I really enjoyed this little book which offers a suggested approach to 'repotting' your life.  The author uses gardening metaphors very effectively to encourage you to consider the experiences that have shaped your life so far, define your objectives, see clearly the opportunities ahead of you and take action to grasp them.

Frances Edmonds interweaves her own story into this self-help guide, which brings it to life.  She includes some very funny stories which made me laugh out loud without trivialising the importance of the life decisions that she - and the reader - are considering.  It was both informative and entertaining at the same time.

Most of all I liked that this was a well written, practical book that asked all of the right questions in order to nudge you towards creating your own life plan.  I would recommend reading it slowly and thoughtfully with a pen and notepad to hand to capture some of the personal insights and inspirations that will no doubt emerge.

Even if you don't plan to 'repot' entirely, this book might just help you to flourish and bloom.

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This is good but could be better. Wasn’t my favorite but it’s because I feel it can be edited through once more.
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Repotting your life is a memoir and high level self help book in one.  It is about the author rethinking her life and being brave enough to make big changes after midlife.  This book is very timely and of huge relevance in these strange times.  A four step process is suggested but it is very high level, so you will need to work out the details for yourself.  I like the metaphor and the fact that you can repot yourself time and time again.  Overall a good easy read, perfect for anyone wanting to make a change in their life.
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This  is a very timely book. Many of us I’m sure feel that we have become potbound - searching for the nutrients of life and seeking  light in these strange times. What I like about this book is the the identification of the feeling, the formulation of a plan - be it large or small  and the necessary steps. Identifying what’s important - our rocks, stones and sand in the jar - and how these can change. Thought provoking 

‘Many of us will have experienced how game changing and revivifying repotting benefits can be, but we all need to continue nurturing our new growth and ensure there’s room for further development or we’ll end up becoming potbound again. And if you do, it’s not the end of the world. Just uproot and start over again’ 

A great read
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Repotting Your Life provides readers with a beautiful metaphor for approaching life to flourish. 

The steps to rejuvenate one's life and career outlined in this book are really creatively put! The book makes you consider and reframe things in your life to best achieve what you want.

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