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The plot twists and turns were there; however, the character development just did not quite happen for me. The characters felt very flat and extremely unlikeable. The book was very dialogue heavy and, at times, it felt like I was reading a recount of what happened instead of it actually feeling like it happened in real time. Fans of this author’s previous book, may like this book, the writing style just did not work for me.
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Where do you begin to describe the perfect thriller. It never disappoints. Just as you unravel one twists another comes along to confound you. Friends lifelong and life weary have gathered to celebrate,a wedding. The group as all tight groups are conscious of the secrets the years have shielded until now. The momentum of this story keeps you tight in its grip, only to sigh a bit at your release as the truth comes to light and reflection is your only ally. Masterful.
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The Guilt Trip is full of delicious and scandalous secrets that threaten to spoil the destination destination wedding in Portugal. So many plot twists and layers of spicy secrets between the couples you know something is about to be unraveled and soon!

The writing is good, with well thought out characters that have layers of insecurities and secrets. I enjoyed this book very much and was surprised several times, which always delights me! Definitely a worthy read!

Thank you to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press and author Sandie Jones for this digital, free, temporary advance review copy for me to read and enjoy. As always, my opinions are mine and my reviews voluntar
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This was very character driven. Once I got all the characters straight, I could follow the story.
Multiple relationship connections and one wedding. I almost gave up on this one, but stuck with it . It definitely picked up a little more than half way through. What a trip!
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I loved The Other Woman and thought it was so unique with such a great twist that I didn’t see coming. Sandie’s other two books, The First Mistake and The Half Sister, were also solid thrillers, but not quite as excellent as The Other Woman, so I went into The Guilt Trip with high hopes. Unfortunately, this one let me down. All of the characters were pretty unlikeable from the first few chapters and I found myself not very invested in their story. The concept of a wedding weekend going awry also reminded me of The Guest List, so it felt like a concept I’ve read before. Sandie’s other three books were all good reads for me, so it’s fair that one would be a bit of a flop, but I’m still looking forward to what she writes next — hoping it’ll be another Other Woman level thriller!
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC copy of this book! This book was slow at first and I debated about continuing. Around the 50% mark, this book started to make me interested in where it was going. I started to become invested in the characters and their individual stories. The dynamic between the three couples was interesting! It did take a while for me to keep the characters straight but after I understood who was who, I did enjoy the story! I also thought the ending was well done.
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Friends go to Portugal for Ali and Wills destination wedding.  As the wedding weekend unfolds secrets come to light and marriages threaten to to fall apart. Lots of twists and turns in usual Sandie Jones style
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Okay so, there are three couples that travel to a villa in Portugal for a wedding. 
At first, I had a bit of a hard time getting into this book. I wanted to love it so much after hearing a couple of friends rave about it.

For me, the build-up took a bit too long. I really don't even know how to explain this book. It wasn't as much of a thriller as I expected and there was a lot of weird drama, assumptions, and gossip. To be completely honest it just wasn't it for me. While it wasn't for me I can see why others have liked it. 

Thank you to St. Martin's Press for the advanced copy!
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Rachel and Noah are best friends at the university but go their separate ways at the end classes.  Noah goes off on a year long travel to see the world.  Rachel ends up marrying Jack and raising a family.  Noah marries Paige who is also Rachel’s best friend.  When Jack’s brother Will announces his wedding to Ali and invites them to stay in Portugal, there are groans.  No one is crazy about Ali.  They don’t see anything good about Ali.  As they stay at a gorgeous cliff-top villa where the wedding will be held, things start getting difficult.  What happens?   At the wedding reception, a runaway car crashes partially into the villa and ends up in the ocean.  Rachel and Ali end up in the hospital as does Jack.  Where is Paige?  Will she be found?

This is a mystery thriller with soap opera drama which is why this novel is so fun and curious to read.  I say curious because things are hinted at but never told until the end.   The story twists and turns.  The ending surprised me.  I fully expected something else.  It’s a great novel!
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What a wild ride!  Jones did a great job sewing the seeds of suspicion throughout the novel.  The dynamics between the couples, both past and present, were fun to follow, and to figure out where they would lead next.  While it was enjoyable, the three star rating comes from the fact that I found the plot to be fairly predictable, and that there wasn't much "action" involved until the last quarter of the book or so.  If you enjoy thrillers, this one is definitely worth the time.
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this book was like a mix between ‘the other passenger’ & ‘the guest list’, just not as good. 😬

notes & things:
- very character driven; I definitely prefer books that have more of a storyline
- I realize I dislike any story with even a hint of an affair- is that because I’m married now?
- the setting was in Portugal, I think after reading a few books in exotic locales, I would’ve liked more descriptors 

is it weird that I have nothing to say? I was slower to read this one than I’ve been with others, and if I’m honest, it was just ‘meh’ to me. anyone else read this and feel the same? disagree? 

thank you to @netgalley & @stmartinspress for the eARC!
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This book was good. You have racheal, jack, Paige, Noah meeting alli and will in Portugal for a wedding. Only alli is a little hard to handle, when jack, racheal husband starts having bigger issues with Alli, Racheal  is trying very hard to find out what it is and who Alli really is, secrets are uncovered and no everyone is who they seem to be. The past never stays buried for long.
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The Guilt Trip was a roller coaster of a domestic thriller. I really enjoyed the little surprises and twists along the way, it was really hard to put down. The character building was perfect, I loved the development over the course of the book. 

If you like thrillers that are more character driven and suspenseful, this one is for you!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.

This book is packed with action and a lot of drama in the vein of reality-tv. Overall, I enjoyed it, but think that it may have been a little too over the top for me to a certain degree.

I will be checking out other books by this author though!
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It was supposed to be a fun relaxing getaway for four good friends going to a destination wedding. But the fun never really began and they all seemed to be racked with guilt of some sort. Secrets are exposed, lives will be changed forever and jealousy and revenge will rear their ugly heads. More importantly who is telling the truth? Who do we believe? Unfortunately sometimes it’s not the lies, but the truth which can get you killed.

Rachel and her husband Jack and Paige and her husband Noah have been friends forever. Actually, Rachel and Noah have been best friends since college. Even their children have been friends since birth. The couples are traveling to Portugal for Jack’s brother’s wedding to his fiancee, Ali who used to work for Jack.

According to Jack, Ali has a problem telling the truth. Between embellishing stories, her “stylish” garb and always present smile and flirty demeaner, the group can barely tolerate her. But for Will’s sake, who seems totally smitten, they have decided to look the other way. Until Jack tells them something upon arrival to the resort which changes everything. Ali had been cheating with one of his married employees. He had her fired.

But as Rachel begins to look into Jack’s story, something seems a bit off. Ali begins lying to her. She sees Ali leaving her and Jack’s hotel room with Jack in a towel coming out of the shower. She confides in her best friend Paige that she thinks Jack and Ali may be having an affair. This seems to make the situation worse. But as the weekend progresses we find out other secrets the friends have kept from each other. Rachel wonders why Ali is lying. What does she have to gain? Should she tell Will that Ali is not what she seems? What secrets could Ali know? Will Ali expose any skeletons from their pasts? Can she be stopped?

All these questions will be answered in an explosive, shocking ending in which all their lives will be changed, and the guilt they each hid over the years will become visible. As with all Sandie Jones’ books, just when you think the story can’t get any better, she seems to always be able to save the best for last!

Thank you #NetGalley #MinotaurBooks #TheGuiltTrip #SandieJones for the advanced copy.
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What happens when you mix three couples (with some being ex-lovers), drama, alcohol, affairs, secrets on top of more secrets and a wedding on a cliffside all together? You get a powder keg that is just waiting to explode!

This book was between a 3 and 3.5 star rating for me, but I rounded down. Here's why - the first half of the book didn't quite grab me the way I expected it to. It was a little slow moving, while still interesting. The second half of the book really had me on the edge of my seat with some twists I did not see coming. Basically, nothing is what it seems with this book, which keeps you guessing. The ending was a tad rushed, and the epilogue was a hair confusing which I think was meant to just add to the mystery of what really happened. I'll go back to my previous comment - nothing is what it seems.

Overall a decent book. I enjoyed the premise of the book, and the twists the author throws in there.

My thanks to Sandie Jones, St. Martin's Press/Minotaur Books and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a decent story with quite a few twists.. It’s about six “friends” who are attending a wedding in Portugal. Old secrets and new secrets come out and no one knows who is telling the truth. The story definitely has a climactic ending! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a wild ride. At times you think you know the secrets of the characters but quickly realize you don't know what you think you do. Three couples go away for a trip to see their friends and family marry. Three couples!we who seem tight. Good friends. Good family. Nothing is what it seems though. Pay close attention. Just when you least expect it, the unthinkable happens. 
This was an incredibly awesome book.  I loved how secrets kept being kept and spilled at the same time. The author does a great job at keeping the reader intrigued at all times.
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Rachel and Jack, Paige and Noah, and Ali and Will - these couples are in Portugal for the wedding of Ali and Will.  Secrets that have been hidden for years come to light this wedding weekend and end in tragedy.  

This was my first Sandie Jones novel, but it will not be my last!  I enjoyed this book from cover to cover.  The ending seemed a bit abrupt and left me wanting to go back a few chapters to see if I had missed something.  My to-read list will definitely include more books by Sandie Jones.
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I wasn’t sure if I was gonna give this one a shot. I have read all the authors books, but they haven’t been my favorite. But this one sounded amazing I loved the destination wedding setting so figured I should give this a shot.

Too soapy with no action. I just didn’t find myself invested and found the book overall forgettable. I really did want to love this one, it just never grabbed my attention. I think the problem was the first half of the book is filled with Rachel’s inner thoughts and suspicions, and basically how unhappy these couples are in their marriage. The last half things started to pick up, but by then I was just trying to finish.
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