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Another great addition to the Bree Taggert series. Fast-paced, well-written. Love the characters. These books can be read as stand alones but I don’t recommend it. Looking forward to the next in the series. 

Thank you #netgalley and #montlake for the eARC.
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Wow that was totally crazy. This is the best book in this series so far.
Bree’s past has really come back to haunt her. Fast paced with obstacles around every corner preventing her from solving this 30 year old murder. We find out about Bree’s childhood and the trauma she went through. 
Matt is the most patient man.

He wanted what his parents had—a lifetime of connection and friendship—but he understood most people never found anything even close.

We also get a little progress in the romance department and find out why she’s so hesitant to love.

She rested her head on his chest. “I’m not used to needing someone. Not this way.”

I just love this ongoing series and can’t wait to see what comes next.
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Right Behind Her is the 4th in Melinda Leigh's Bree Taggert series. I love just about everything I have read by her and typically give her books 5 stars...this book is no different. It begins with a 30 year old murder and the discovery of a shallow grave containing 2 victims on Bree's old family farm. The same place where Bree's father murdered her mother before apparently killing himself when she was 8 years old. During the investigation Bree is forced to remember more about the events of that night, things she had forced her young mind to forget. Melinda Leigh expertly weaves together current events with the crimes of the past and brings everything to a surprising conclusion.
After the murder of her sister she has assumed custody of her niece and nephew, and they are beginning to put that pain behind them. Bree is settling into a life that includes these children that she loves, she's also growing closer to Matt and is building a strong work team that she trusts. It has been a pleasure watching Bree break from her painful past and embrace her new life.     I look forward to the next book. 
Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I Love Sheriff Bree, and Matt was the perfect complement to her badass attitude. It took a flash from the past to spot their relationship in the spotlight. When human bones were recovered on the sheriff’s family property, the past came rushing in uninvited. It brought with it two dead bodies, discovered buried on their property, and just like that, the truth surrounding the past events of thirty-plus years ago began unfolding. Through it all, Sheriff Bree stood tall, even when faced with corruption within her office. When her niece was kidnapped, she forged ahead with the strong arm of the law behind her with bullets flying in her wake.
Melinda Leigh’s books are truly captivating and must have.
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I was provided an ARC of this book from NetGalley.  This is the fourth book in the Bree Taggert series, and it is another five star book from Melinda Leigh.  In this series, Bree Taggert has become the guardian of her niece and nephew after their mother, her sister, was murdered.  Bree has become the sheriff of the small town that she grew up in after moving back there to raise her niece and nephew.  Bree has struggled in coming to terms with her horrible childhood and the fact that her abusive father murdered her mother.  

Bree's past raises its ugly head again in this book when remains are found on her childhood home's property, which her brother now owns.  She must solve the 30 year old murders, along with some current attempted murders. Bree is assisted with her investigating by Matt, and she grows closer to him.  

This series is a great combination of mystery, family life, and romance.  I recommend that they be read in order because the character development throughout the series plays a big part in the enjoyment of the books.  Melinda Leigh always delivers a great read!
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If I had to name my favorite book series, I would have to put this one at the top.  From the very first page of the first book I knew I would love this series and here I am on book four still loving every second of them.  

Right Behind Her picks up soon after the end of book 3 and begins with the discovery of two bodies on the old family farm.  Are they related to Bree's father or are they new?  As Bree gets drawn into the case she begins to uncover answers from her past but are these answers bringing danger to her present.  

I could not put this one down! While I did figure some of the twists out, I still enjoyed this book so much! I will be recommending this one to everyone I know.
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The Taggert farm has been abandoned for years until Sheriff Bree Taggert’s brother purchases the farm where her father killed their mother and took his own life. Now two bodies, a man and a woman, have been found in a shallow grave on the farm. Bree and her team begin the search for evidence, hoping that the investigation doesn’t once again expose her family’s painful past. Over the years she and Matt Flynn, a civilian investigator and former sheriff’s deputy, have developed a closeness that has finally given her someone she can lean on and trust. After discovering video of the night the woman disappeared, several suspects are identified and questioned. When her eight-year-old niece is threatened, it is a warning to Bree to stop her investigation. However, this makes Bree even more determined to find the killer. If you enjoy a book with a strong female character who as a child saved her siblings from certain death, then this is the series for you. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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Bree’s past has made her who she is but until she deals with it she can’t move forward and she has a lot in her life to move forward to. In Right Behind Her Bree is going to be forced into confronting her past and if she survives embracing her future. Like the others in this series there is an interesting case to be solved and various personalities to be dealt with. I really enjoy this series and loved this installment. Heartily recommend.
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4.5 hearts

I have loved every book in this <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><em><strong>Bree Taggert</strong></em></a> series.  I have also enjoyed the author's <em><strong>Morgan Dane</strong></em> and <em><strong>Scarlet Falls</strong></em> series which are very loosely related to this one.  They are earlier but do not need to be read first. I would read this series itself in order as they are excellent and both the world and relationships continue to develop.

We get murders and missing persons and everything seems to tie in to Bree's family history from 30 years ago.  She has been busy with her new family and new job plus who wants to dig up painful old memories?  But now Bree has to face things from her past she would rather forget.

The people involved seem to be either the top or bottom of society and it seems strange they would be connected in the same cases. You wouldn't think they would associate with each other, but the upper crust has more dishonesty and criminals than one would suspect.  Bree and Matt work the cases with good strategy and careful reasoning from the evidence.

There are some new things happening in Bree's team. She has hired some additional deputies, and some are women.  She has some of the legacy team who is still dragging their feet to cooperate with her.  But there are also those who appreciate her hard work and integrity.  They stand for her when her family is targeted.  Bree also has to navigate the politics in getting funding for her department.

Bree manages to also grow personally. Her relationship with Matt is progressing. She is learning to work with dogs and calm her fears by learning how to be with them.  She makes great efforts to connect and spend time with the children.    Her brother Adam wants to know more about their parents, especially their mother. She tries to share memories with him but it is very difficult for her.  Dana continues to provide support and great food.

I will always be happy to read more. These characters matter to me. We even saw an old friend from another series, Lincoln Sharp who provided some evidence from an old case.  I enjoy the police procedural aspects.  Coming up next is <strong>Dead Against Her</strong> in May 2022., which I'll definitely be reading!
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Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

Another solid mystery and a not apparent baddie. This case is a 30 year old murder and has Bree questioning everything she experienced as an 8 year old. the story delves deeply into who Bree's father was and those people who surrounded him. It gives us readers a lot of insight into the psyche of an abused child and makes Bree the adult a lot more relatable.

Bree Taggert's life is finally achieving some balance. The kids are coming out of their mourning for their mother and beginning to resume normal activities. Bree is getting in deeper and deeper with hottie Matt. The Sheriff's office has five new deputies and beginning to function almost normally. But, all that comes to a sudden standstill when bones are discovered on the old abandoned Taggert farm. It was murder and the bodies were buried in a shallow grave.

As Bree investigated the identities of the victims and how they came to be buried on the Taggert farm 30 years ago, she has to confront the very real possibility that her deceased father was the murderer. But, there is someone in the present who is very much alive that is concerned enough about the investigation that he would kidnap Bree's niece in an effort to make her back off the investigation.
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Sheriff Taggert is forced to confront her own past when remains are found at her parent's house and it looks like her abusive father might be the killer. Let's start out right away acknowledging that in the real world, Bree would not have been involved in the investigation in any manner. However, that wouldn't make for a very exciting book. I liked that she was able to work through a lot of her childhood trauma in this book and I think she will move forward stronger and more willing to welcome others (ie: Matt) into her life. As is the case with most of the books I've read from this author, I appreciate the balance of mystery with romance, since we all know I am not a fan of the later. I also like the solid steps made in Bree's professional life. It feels like this is almost a coming of age series, even though the main character is an adult. Maybe it is more of a coming into your own series? I look forward to seeing where Bree goes next.
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Loved the cover and title! This author never fails to thrill me…the blurb sucked me in but the book was highly enjoyable!

What did I like? Sheriff Bree Taggert has a horrifying family history that drags behind her like a shackle. Her job is so much harder because of it but she is a stellar character. In this one her new relationship with Matt gets a bit steamier, and the murder is a cold case. I enjoyed the facets of the case and how the good sheriff gets the job done. Five stars!

Would I recommend or buy? This is one thriller writer that I would recommend to anyone. The book kept me glued to the pages until the very last page. I love this series and would recommend all of the books.

I received a complimentary copy to read and voluntarily left a review!
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4.5 stars 

Bree Taggert, the Sheriff of Grey's Hollow, is desperate to raise the profile of the local police department.

Having returned after many years away, Bree is working hard to dispel the lingering odour of a corrupt Sheriff and bring the department up to code.

I thoroughly enjoy crime thriller novels and there are none more enticing than where strong female characters take on the male establishment, and win.

Right Behind Her is a great addition to the Bree Taggert series. She is beginning to gain the trust and respect of her deputies and (some of) the residents of Grey's Hollow and the  County. 

Of course there are leads to follow and people to interview in a bid to solve the latest mystery and, as we've come to expect, it's not as straightforward as it initially seems.

This has an engaging plot with enough added intrigue to keep the reader captured right to the end.

This is definitely turning into a 'must read' series for me and I'm looking forward to see the police department of Grey's Hollow become a force to be reckoned with!
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Every time I read about Bree I wish she was real, she’d make a great superhero.  She’s the town sheriff, best aunt to her sister’s kids, and has the county hunk on her side. She’s learning about her family history with each book, she had a tragic childhood. In addition to that she’s usually got a crime or two to investigate. Each of her books is basically a standalone but if you plan to read them do it in order so the personal storyline makes sense. I’m always excited to get one of her books from Netgalley and provide my honest review.
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I was anticipating reading more about Bree and her family and friends after having read the previous book, Cross Her Heart. If you are new to this series, it is not necessary to have read the other books as the author gives enough back story information without encumbering the pacing. This is a fast paced, action filled read with a minor low steam romantic thread woven in. Not that the story could do away with the romantic connection as it gives more dimension to Bree’s character. For me, the villain was not readily apparent so it kept me fixated to the end. Looking forward to the next in this series!
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Thanks NetGalley and Melinda Leigh for an ARC to review. 
Book 4 in sherrif Bree's series, I didn't find it difficult to follow despite not reading the past books.
A fast paced action packed thriller solving a decades aged murders that touches too close to her personal life's tragedy.
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Right Behind Her is an enthralling read. That sees Sheriff Bree Taggert start to confront her past, as she finally agrees to visit her childhood home, and the memories of the night her father murdered her mother. But what she doesn't expect is to find an intruder on the property and skeletal remains nearby. And so began an investigation into a 30-year-old double murder. That was fast-paced and full of mystery. Not to mention danger as the killer decides to strike at the heart of Bree's family. And with Bree facing so much concern for her loved ones and many unanswered questions about her past. This genuinely was a pulse-pounding page-turner of a story. That truly kept me guessing until the very end.

Would happily recommend.
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Sherriff Bree Taggert's tragic past comes back big time when her brother Adam buys the old family farm where her father killed her mother years ago.  They find bones- the bones of a man and a woman- raising questions about what else their father might have done.  And odd things happen.  It's a quick read with a good protagonist (and love interest in Matt) that twists enough to keep you guessing.  I've only read one of the books in the series and it wasn't a problem to hop in here. Thanks to netgalley for the ARC.
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Takes me out of my world and drops me into a suspenseful thriller, providing intrigue and mystery. The real win is all the time I am caring about Bree, her brother, her nephew, her niece, her friend and retire cop and Matt.  The man who wants to be a part of her life.  The prologue is dark and creepy. Chapter 1, and her brother bought the old house where her dad killed her mom.  He searching for remembrance, family. Bree doesn't understand but wants to be there for him.  Someone is hiding in the old barn and we are off.  Well done mystery, intrigue with ties to the past.  Memories come back in bits and pieces. All of this affects the nephew and niece that she is raising and Melinda shows the struggle of a single women, dealing with  teenager and her job. Matt is beside her and when she finally leans on him, its balm to the soul.  The son, there for his mom dying of cancer. The relationship that is acknowledge. A brother coming to terms with family.  Another brother crushed by memories and drugs. The twisted, evil murderer came as a surprise. The meet up with Lincoln Sharpe - yes!  I am so ready to watch Bree and her family grow as they tackle life and obstacles with hope.  Thank you Melinda Leigh, Montlake and Netgalley for the arc. I freely volunteer my thoughts and opinions.
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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this amazing book

another catch up with this amazing series....

bree, how her life has changed since becoming involved with her family again..taking care of her niece and nephew after her sister and their mom was murdered...being involved with her brother again,. changing her life around to suit them

so when her brother adam askes her for a favour, she cant deny his request and even though it means visiting their old home where her father murdered their mother...she does it

but finding someone there wasnt  part of the plan and neither was the human bones 

and so it begins again...
what a rollercoaster of a ride this one was...with hints of their father being involved and someone else who lurking in the background, could bree find the answers before another murder occurs

wow lost sleep on this one, couldnt put it down at all...cant wait for the next one in this brilliant series
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