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When you think about creating wealth, improving productivity and trade, reducing prices and helping the environment, you don't necessarily think about the railways. In fact, I would be surprised if people even give them a thought. 

Railroader is an eye opening book about the industry and Hunter Harrison who created billions in value, modernized the railway and reduced the number of deaths to near all-time low. Harrison comes off as no-holds-barred kind of a guy and I would be surprised if he was not given how tough the industry is when it comes to regulations, pricing, the day to day challenges.

It was an enjoyable and informative read specially in the light of the recent acquisition of Kansas City Southern railways for $25 billion.
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I'm constantly amazed by how many influential and even revolutionary people there are in this world that I've never even heard of. E Hunter Harrison is one of those people. In what some people consider to be an outdated industry, he thrived and showed that the railroad is still of vital importance in North America.

The author does a terrific job of chronicling Harrison's rise to prominence, and his ability to translate his skills from lower-level positions to the very height of management. He peppers the book with anecdotes that give you a real sense of what life under CEO Hunter Harrison was like. I also enjoyed the attention he paid to Harrison's family life and family, which often get overlooked in books of this type.

My one criticism is a minor one. I didn't love the author as a narrator. That said, I didn't hate the narration either. But I feel that a more polished narration would have enhanced the experience for me.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Railroader to anyone interested in the lives of great and influential people, especially in management positions. Very well-written and enjoyable.
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