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This book was sent to me on Kindle from. etgalley for review…it is the story of one of the winners of The Voice…I actually watched the show…this book is a true and honest read about a man who took a chance…he won…this book is refreshing in that it does not give false hopes…just real life…great read…
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I did see that season of the Voice and loved Todd. I enjoyed this book and even had tears of recognition when he wondered what would happen when the pandemic had them come home while producers figured out how to work the show.  I recognized that God used him and his family to help us seek direction in that terrible time. Tears flowed. 
The family is just precious and you'll be better for having read their story!!
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This was a very interesting read especially is you are a fan of the Voice on NBC or know someone who is. This is the inspiring tell all story of the season winner. It was so nice reading the journey  of a regular guy and dad make it big and all the life changes that come along with it! I love biographies and reading peoples stories so this was quite enjoyable.
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I loved watching Pastor Todd on The Voice, enjoying every minute of his infectious, positive personality.~ Pastor Todd and Miss Brooke did a wonderful job with their book as well!! I loved getting to know their family and faith through Every Little Win.~ Even when writing about their lifes challenges, the book never felt "down". This book felt like a conversation with a friend over a cup of tea in the kitchen. Cozy, real conversation whilst also making you want to turn the page to see what the Tilghmans are doing next! Highly enjoyable read that I will be recommending to all my reader family and friends.
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Confession: I have never seen 'The Voice.' (That will likely change now that I've read 'Every Little Win,' lol.) I picked up the book purely because it looked interesting, and had zero familiarity with the show or the family. That can have its perks, haha!

Wow. The Tilghmans are truly inspiring, and God's fingerprints are all over their story. They've been through so much and just keep pointing back to Christ; it's inspiring and humbling! And what a witness they were able to have being on 'The Voice' ... a show and a location (Hollywood) in such need of God, and that's even without a pandemic.

The little wins at the end of each chapter were particularly insightful and encouraging, jolts of positivity that any reader can draw upon.

I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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Every little win is the beautiful, honest and lovely journey of Todd and Brooke. It's packed with encouragement, hope and love. It's so inspiring to see how their focus on joy and celebrating every little win has helped them to overcome every chalenge they has been through. It was such a pleasure to read it.
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