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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. It's Robins's first day of school and he doesn't want to go. He makes sure his mother will pick him up and quietly goes into class, but he doesn't;t want to go. By the end, Robin loves school and is ready to go.
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It's the first day of school for little Robin and  he is hesitant but once in, he really enjoys his day! Cool illustrations showing his school on a tree and his classmates like lady bug, mouse, Hedgehog, rabbit, squirrel and many others. Then his teacher, Miss Fox who is nice and sweet. Robin get along quick and looks forward to coming to school again. A great gift for those little ones who would be soon going to school!
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My son started kindergarten this year, but he's still in the virtual learning setting, so we chose this book so he knows what to expect when he finally attends school next academic year. The book portrays the first day of school in a pretty realistic way, which my son really appreciated. 

It takes us through every first day school activity that the little bird, Robin, experiences. Everything from lunch break to recess to each of the classes they have and even potty break. The book gives a pretty clear idea about what children can expect from their first day of school including spending time playing and bonding with their classmates and teacher. I also appreciated that the main character, Robin, is somewhat anxious about starting school but it gets easier as the day goes. The book ends in a high note when Robin is happy to go back home but excited about coming back the next day. 

Lovely book!
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I received a free eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review; thanks to NetGalley and Clavis Publishing for the opportunity.

This charmingly illustrated children’s book follows a day in the life of a young woodland creature as he experiences his first day of school.

My daughter starts preschool in the fall, so we have been looking for books on this subject. I liked this book quite a bit. The illustrations are very well done and full of beautiful details. My daughter enjoyed pointing out all the different activities that the creatures were doing as we went through the story.

The text of the story was fine and I liked the variety of activities the characters experienced.
I don’t know that I was a big fan of the repeated “and what happens next?” as a device but I know some toddlers appreciate such structure in books.

Overall a good read for preschoolers and children who love animal themed books.
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Robin is reluctant to go to school. He doesn't know what to expect and thinks that he will go, take a look around, and return home with his mother. However, once he gets there, makes new friends, and learns his new routine, he doesn't want to leave. 

This book will be wonderful for children who are about to start preschool, children starting kindergarten will need to anticipate a day a little more rigorous than the one presented. As it is described, the school day is built around play and socialization, just what one would anticipate for preschool children. 

The animal characters are adorable. The variety of animals and insects in the schoolroom gives the impression that everyone is welcome at school, a great message that is smartly presented even in an anthropomorphic book.
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This book was a very sweet depiction of the first day of school and a smash hit regarding my 2 year old niece who recently started going to school she loved it and made me read it over and over again . She loved it so much I’m sure I read it 3 times before she let me stop .
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A cute young robin is very, very worried about the prospect of school, but once there gets so wrapped up in the schedule it doesn't even want to go home at the end of the day.  The adult pedant will comment that that's because they've hardly done anything educational, but this is a suitably attractive anxiety-buster for the relevant member of the audience.
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I was intending reading this story after Easter holidays when my class are talking about new schools, I thought I would read it first to check it was ok. 
As it’s American there is the issue with Ma’am rather than using the teachers name. This is just a small observation as on the whole the story is to the point and shows children how fun school can be. Using animals as pupils is another clever way of making it fun snd non threatening. On the whole a nice book.
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Today Robin will start school. What a scary feeling! He will be left alone without mom. But then Robin learns how fun school is, and how he enjoys school so he makes promise to his teacher to come back for more tomorrow.

Beautifully illustrated and so enchanting that kids would love to try being in school. Even I would love to join Robin in that very school. So many fun things to do!
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It’s Robin’s first day at school. Though he doesn’t look forward to it he ends up having so much fun with his new friends; Pig, Mouse, and Hedgehog. 

I really liked the style of the illustrations of this book, which I think complimented the story well. 

Thank you to Esther Van den Berg, NetGalley and Clavis for the ARC of this book.
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I enjoyed this book, though the beginning took a bit to take off. The bathroom scene was funny, probably the most interesting illustration in the book.
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Such a cute book to help future kindergarteners know what to expect when they start school.  Some children are afraid of the unknown.  In this story Robin doesn't want to go to school but once there learns that it can be fun.  The day is full of all kinds of fun activities. At the end of the day Robin doesn't want to go home he wants to stay at school.  
The illustrations are beautiful and add so much to the story.  The animals have lots of character.  The perfect book for the new kindergarten student.
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This cute and colorful picture book encourages young children who are hesitant to start school for the first time. Little Robin is worried about going to school but ends up enjoying it and doesn't want to go home at the end of the day. One thing that is unique and fun about this book is a couple of the pictures are extra tall and printed sideways across both pages. You have to turn the book and hold it so the pages open from top to bottom, then rotate back to holding side to side for the other pictures. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a free digital copy.
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This was such a cute book to show young children what to expect at school! It was easy to follow, and the illustrations were great and colorful!
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I think this book is wonderful either for the first day of kindergarten or for kids who are going to kinder. I liked how it went through the progression of the day and the character experiences everything that a child would on their first day of school. The pictures do a great job of telling the story as well.
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This is Robin's first day of school, and he is not looking forward to it. He is scared and nervous. This book helps children see how the first day of school will be like. It's okay to be scared because in the end it will be a lot of fun and you will meet new friends. The illustrations were fun, interesting, colorful, and related to the story. I really enjoyed this picture book that is catered to 4 to 9-year-olds. I give this book five stars.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers. 

First Day of School is an adorable picture book for children about their First day of school/pre-school.
Starting school can be a scary experience for children and the aim of this book is to help prepare children for what they should expect a day of school to be like.
Robin isn't very keen on going to school but decides to give it a try and ends up loving it so much he doesn't want to go home and is full of excitement for his next day there! 
This book included everything that would happen on a typical day - circle time, playing, drawing and making things, playtime, snack time, lunch time, toilet time, - and is encouraging of respect to others and good manners too. 
I lived this book and think it would be a great benefit to all children starting preschool or school.
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A beautifully and vibrantly illustrated book about Robin the Owl's first day at school. For some reason the part that stuck out most for me was Robin going potty.
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Review to come July 7th to blog/goodreads/etc..

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This cover just drew me in! It is just so gorgeous and pretty and look at all the details! And then I read the blurb and knew I would like it even more! Because this book is about a little bird's first day of school and I can still remember vaguely those jitters, those nerves. How at first you don't want to, but then things turn out to be quite nice and fun.

And this was just soooo adorable and cute! Meet our little Robin, it is his first day at school and naturally he is a tad apprehensive about going! But as we can see school is actually very much fun! We see our Robin meet new friends and see them have a fantastic fun-filled day with plenty of activities and breaks. We see him play. We see him eat. I didn't have to see him go to potty. We see crafts, and so much more. I won't tell you all he does on his very first school day. But I guess with all this fun you can guess how his feelings are when he has to leave after such a fun day. I just laughed so hard when that end of the day came along and then smiled to see him so happy he could go another day. Though, haha, I wonder how much fun he will have when playing turns to learning and studying. While I do love studying/learning new things... I remember that I quite missed those earlier years of playing and just learning by having fun. But for now I guess things are great and that makes me happy. I am sure it is also a relief for the mom.

One thing that I found weird was that during lunch it was said that all beaks made sound... but our Robin was the only one with a beak? The rest had mouths/muzzles/whatever you want to call it.

I loved seeing the variety in the animals, we have a bunny/hare, there is a little lady bug, and several others!

The art, well it was just as good as the cover was. I really love the style and how warm and fun it is!

All in all, I am happy I had the chance to read this and I would highly recommend this one. This is a great one for kids who are about to go to school!
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I think the best part of this book was the pictures.

This is about a little bird, Robin, who goes to school for the first time. He learns that they share stories, play with toys, use the potty, eat, but nothing really educational. I wish it would have included something more in their day that showed school is not all play and fun but also learning.

Robin is always asking what they will do next ma’am. So perhaps it was written to also help children learn to be respectful? Anyway, I am not a fan of the book as a whole.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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